COD Mobile Has Reached Over 35 Million Downloads


COD or Call of Duty might be the premier brand when it comes to first-person shooting games. Made famous by releases such as Modern Warfare 1 and 2, COD is easily one of the most recognizable franchises in console and PC gaming. However, with the rise of mobile shooters, it was only a matter of time until COD Mobile is downloadable into our mobile devices.

Fans were eagerly anticipating the COD Mobile release date in anticipation of mobile devices finally having a premier title on board. There have been shooting games that you can download right now on your phones but none have the gravitas that COD Mobile has. Fast forward to October 1, 2019, and people were now able to download COD Mobile into their devices. This offering from Activision Blizzard is available for both Android and ios devices.

How has the reception been so far? Are there any reports of game-breaking bugs? Lastly, is it worth it to download on your mobile devices? Let’s find out as we talk about the first week of this triple-A mobile title.


The First Week


Let’s start with the details, COD Mobile needs at least 1.5 GB of your phone’s memory. This is a pretty big chunk of your internal memory and can deter future parties from downloading it. Then there were reports of the game freezing and not working after the launch. published an article that reports a huge number of players could not play the game after launch. This prompted Activision Blizzard’s support team to tweet regarding the issue and that they are investigating it. Patrons of the Call of Duty Franchise are known to be very vocal and the same article has reported about players being unhappy.

Another gaping issue is the lack of controller support for COD Mobile which the article touched on as well.

Since then, the functionality of the game has improved and players are now starting to feel the game being more stable. This has allowed players to finally enjoy the game and its contents. Activision has since released updates to further improve the flow of the game.


COD Mobile Reaches 35 Million Downloads


COD Mobile can now be played on your smartphones
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If you’re wondering about how many downloads and installs are there so far after the launch, we’ll the numbers are astounding. Call of Duty: Mobile’s official twitter page announced that the game has reached 35 million downloads. Within the same tweet, Activision Blizzard thanked everyone who downloaded the game even after the reported bugs.

With that achievement, COD Mobile was the game that finally threw Mario Kart Tour from its number one spot., however, has reported that the game is still not available in some countries such as Mainland China.

If the game can finally get a release on a large market such as China, then the download numbers will continue to skyrocket.

Call of Duty: Mobile was released on October 1, 2019, and is available for ios and Android devices. This mobile version of the beloved shooter franchise is free to play with in-app transactions.