Gogopdf: Why it Might Be the Best PDF Conversion Tool for Mobile


Mobile devices nowadays, may it be smartphones or tablets, are more than capable to process documents only computers are able to before. However, the more documents we manage on the go, the more apps we need to open different types of files. They sometimes clutter up your app drawer let alone eat up a chunk of your storage space. Thankfully, there is one online tool that offers a solution to this dilemma – the Gogopdf.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the tool; its features, how they work, and their benefits. Ultimately, we’ll also see if it makes up for its price. But, let us first get to know GogoPDF before reaching a verdict.


What is Gogopdf?

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GogoPDF is a web-based online PDF converter tool that allows its users to open and edit PDF files even in the comfort of their trusted mobile companion. It makes managing your documents easier by allowing you to convert any file types to PDF, so you won’t need to download multiple apps to open them. That aside, converting your files to PDF makes them less vulnerable to distortion regardless of the platform you use to read them. This is a helpful feature especially for critical documents whose data shouldn’t be modified such as contracts and financial reports.

PDF files are adored by many because of their read-only nature. However, there are also instances that you might need to edit a PDF file and that’s where GogoPDF can show its flexibility and utmost convenience. Aside from being able to convert documents to PDF, GogoPDF also allows reverse conversion to any file types so you can easily modify them when the need arises.

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What Can You Do With Gogopdf?

GogoPDF may appear as one of many ordinary PDF tools out there but we stand by saying that it might be the tool that you can conveniently use. It offers over 20 PDF functions and here are the top ones.


1. Convert PDF to Word

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It’s a disappointment when you wait for an important document all day and when it arrives — it’s a PDF. There’s no way to edit it.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to retype everything unless you have time to waste. The best thing to do is to convert PDF to Word document using an online converter so you can make the necessary edits you want. GogoPDF can carry out that task for you easily using your phone. Just upload the PDF file you want to convert, wait for the conversion to finish, then download the converted file. In a matter of seconds, you’d have a word document from a PDF that is ready to be edited.


2. Convert PDF to PowerPoint

You have an important pitch coming up but you only have a PDF file to present. Now, you can turn that boring PDF to life by converting it to a PowerPoint Presentation. After the PDF to PPT conversion, you can add animation and transitions you like to make every slide interactive.


3. Convert PDF to Excel

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There are PDF files that are better to be in Excel formats such as financial reports, sales inventory, or student grades. Instead of making a new document, you can convert the existing PDF to Excel with the right data accurately sorted in their respective column.

If you are skeptical about uploading important data on the internet, you need not to fret as GogoPDF keeps your files secure. All documents uploaded on the site get deleted one hour after the conversion.


4. Convert PDF to JPG/PNG

Yes, GogoPDF converts PDF files to any type of document even to image formats. Whether you need a high-resolution JPG image or a PNG logo, GogoPDF can accomplish the job gracefully. Whether it’s from a PDF to JPG file, or PDF to PNG file, it derives high-quality images that are on par with photoshopped graphics in terms of clarity and crispness. Talk about versatility!


5. Convert Office Files to PDF

If converting PDF opens different ways how you manage office files, converting these files to PDF has also some benefits of its own. For one, converting your documents to PDF makes them secure from unintended changes when you open them. PDFs can also be viewed easily on mobile devices because of their lightweight nature.

That said, the ability to convert files to PDF using GogoPDF is a nifty feature. It supports the conversion of a multitude of office file formats to PDF, from Word and Powerpoint down to Excel and HTML.


6. Repair and Optimize PDF

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Most PDF services solely allow you to convert files into different formats – this is where GogoPDF comes superior to others. With added functionalities, it allows users to fully optimize the power of PDF.

When a file is damaged, which may happen if it’s been sitting in your storage for quite some time, GogoPDF can fix it using its repair PDF tool and get them back to their original form. It can also delete or split irrelevant pages to the file as well as merge multiple PDF files. If you need to send a PDF to someone and the file is too heavy, you can compress it to make it manageable to attach to email or send via the internet. All that in a single platform!


7. Secure and Encrypt PDF

This article repeatedly mentions PDF being less prone to unauthorized edits – GogoPDF has more to that, apparently. Aside from PDF’s read-only nature, GogoPDF adds other encryptions to secure your files.

For one, it allows you to attach your signature on your files using its online signature generator. It also allows you to add watermarks on your PDF so no one else can claim ownership of your files. Lastly, you can use GogoPDF to encrypt passwords on your files, so no unauthorized people will be able to view them.


Things to Love About Gogopdf

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A PDF converter is an essential tool all thriving organizations should have. While it’s easy to find one for you, Gogopdf might be the one to give your money its value. Here are a couple of other things to love about the tool.


1. Lots of Tool in A Single Platform

If it isn’t yet too obvious, GogoPDF is a one-stop-shop for your PDF conversion needs. As laid down above, GogoPDF isn’t just a file converter but a versatile tool that can merge, split, and edit files. If you are someone who wants to manage your file in one place, then GogoPDF is for you.


2. No App Download Needed

GogoPDF completely relies on the web. That said, you won’t need to download an app to use this tool which could slow down the performance of your mobile phone. And since it is designed mainly for browsers, it seamlessly works on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and more importantly on mobile devices. There’s no strict system requirement for you to use this PDF service — just your mobile browser and you are set to go.


3. Fast and High-Quality Conversions

Given that you have a working network connection, GogoPDF converts your files in a speedy manner while ensuring their optimum quality. It transforms one PDF at a time to give you a  high-grade output for each conversion you make. Then again, the upload and download speed of the file you convert still depends on your internet connection. So, you might want to check your internet speed first before you use the file.


4. Easy Sharing of Files

GogoPDF’s unique mechanism of sharing your files is another thing to rave on. Instead of having to download them on your local storage, you can directly share them to your colleagues using a unique link through email or social media. Though the shareable link could expire, you can always request for a new one anytime. That aside, you can also save your converted files to your cloud storage, such as Dropbox and Google Drive to conserve space on your mobile phone or tablet.


5. Security at its Finest

Usability is one thing, security is another – luckily GogoPDF was able to combine these two. The site itself has a Secure Socket Layer or SSL protection which encrypts and secures all the personal data you transmit online. The website does not store files, including your credit card number and security code, so no one can snoop on and potentially steal your data.

Since the PDF converter is entirely web-based, it eliminates the risk of your mobile device being exposed to malware that comes along with software installation. Though you can use VPNs for Android and iOS, you won’t really need them with GogoPDF.


Should You Subscribe to GogoPDF Pro?

The best things in life are free and that’s true for GogoPDF. You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to give this tool a try. You can instantly get a hand from it and experience its handful of features without even creating an account. On top of this, you can also get a 14-day trial of the service’s pro version.

However, subscribing to GogoPDF Pro comes with a bunch of benefits as well. For one thing, pro users will have unlimited access to all the tools. They also no longer have to wait patiently while they are converting one file at a time as they can do multiple files simultaneously. Annoying ads will no longer be a problem as well, plus you’ll get priority assistance whenever you encounter technical issues.

The question of whether you should get a GogoPDF Pro or not still depends on your needs. If you are someone who needs to manage a handful of documents on the go, or a small business owner, getting a pro version of the service might help you streamline all your PDF needs with no frills.


The Downside of GogoPDF

Like any software service, GogoPDF is not entirely rainbows and unicorns. It also has minor setbacks that you might want to consider before using the PDF converter.  If we have to nitpick on GogoPDF, the only area where it falls short is the offline capability. Since it’s based on the web, you will need an active internet connection every time you use the tool. That said, it is of no use when your mobile device is cut off from the internet.

If that’s a major turn-off for you, then here are few other PDF converter tools that might just work perfectly for you.



Photo from PDFbear

PDFBear is a PDF converter that resembles a lot of GogoPDF. Similarly, it’s a web-based platform that you can access from different platforms anytime and anywhere. It also has a range of features that allows users to split, merge, and edit PDFs, alongside converting them.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

When it comes to PDF processors, no one can go wrong with Adobe Acrobat. It’s a brand that dominates the digitization of documents may it be for large-scale businesses or individual use. It’s easily one of the best PDF editors for its ability to insert a signature, add watermark, and split pages among others.

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Wondershare HiPDF

Edit PDF files with HiPDF
Photo from HiPDF

Wondershare HiPDF is a PDF converter specifically made for Word documents. In case you already have the Microsoft Word app on your device, you can easily convert your PDFs with this tool to start editing them.

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Verdict: Is Gogopdf the Best PDF Conversion Tool?

GogoPDF is surprisingly a great PDF tool that converts your files quickly and securely with zero frills. What’s more, it’s completely free to use with added perks for pro subscribers with its ad-free, unlimited service. But regardless if you use the free or the paid version, GogoPDF might still be the best PDF conversion tool that is hard to match.