How To Turn On Night Mode On IPhone 12



**The Night Mode feature on the iPhone 12 allows users to capture stunning low-light photos with enhanced clarity and detail. Whether you're exploring a vibrant cityscape at dusk or stargazing under the night sky, Night Mode empowers you to immortalize these moments with breathtaking imagery. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of activating and optimizing Night Mode on your iPhone 12. From understanding its functionality to harnessing its full potential, you'll gain valuable insights that will elevate your photography experience. Let's embark on this enlightening journey to unlock the captivating capabilities of Night Mode on your iPhone 12.

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What is Night Mode?

Night Mode is a feature available on the iPhone 12 that enhances low-light photography by capturing brighter and more detailed images in dimly lit environments. This innovative technology utilizes advanced algorithms and computational photography to reduce noise, preserve natural colors, and optimize exposure, resulting in stunning night-time shots without the need for a flash. Night Mode is particularly beneficial for capturing beautiful scenes, cityscapes, and portraits in low-light conditions, providing users with the ability to unleash their creativity and produce impressive photographs even in challenging lighting situations.

By intelligently analyzing the available light and adjusting the camera settings accordingly, Night Mode empowers iPhone 12 users to capture visually striking images with improved clarity and sharpness, allowing them to preserve precious moments and create captivating visuals regardless of the time of day or lighting conditions. This feature represents a significant leap forward in mobile photography, enabling individuals to express their artistic vision and document their experiences with exceptional quality, even in the absence of ample natural or artificial light.

How to Enable Night Mode on iPhone 12

Enabling Night Mode on your iPhone 12 can significantly enhance low-light photography by capturing more details and reducing noise. To activate this feature, follow the steps below.

First, open the Camera app on your iPhone 12. When the camera is active, look for the Night Mode icon, which resembles a crescent moon. This icon will appear automatically when the camera detects low-light conditions, prompting you to engage Night Mode.

If the Night Mode icon doesn’t appear automatically, you can turn it on manually. Tap on the Night Mode icon to activate it. You can then adjust the exposure time by tapping the Night Mode icon and using the slider that appears. This allows you to control the duration of the exposure, which can impact the brightness and overall quality of the photo.

Once Night Mode is enabled, your iPhone 12 will automatically determine the ideal exposure time based on the available light. It’s important to keep the device steady while taking a photo in Night Mode, as any movement can result in blurriness. Additionally, using a tripod or prop to stabilize the iPhone can further enhance the clarity of your low-light images.

After capturing a photo in Night Mode, you can view the stunning results and appreciate the enhanced details and reduced noise in your low-light images. Experiment with Night Mode in various low-light settings to discover its remarkable capabilities and elevate the quality of your iPhone 12 photography.

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Using Control Center

One of the quickest ways to enable Night Mode on your iPhone 12 is through the Control Center. This feature allows you to access essential settings and functions with just a swipe and a tap. To activate Night Mode using the Control Center, simply swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to open the Control Center.

Once the Control Center is open, look for the brightness slider. You’ll find the Night Mode icon located next to the brightness slider. Tap on the Night Mode icon to turn it on. The icon will typically resemble a crescent moon symbol, indicating that Night Mode is now active.

It’s important to note that enabling Night Mode through the Control Center provides a convenient way to quickly adjust your iPhone 12’s display settings, making it easier to use your device in low-light conditions without straining your eyes.

Using Settings

Enabling Night Mode through the Settings app on your iPhone 12 is a straightforward process. To start, navigate to the “Settings” app on your home screen. The icon resembles a gear and is typically located on the first page of apps.

Once in the “Settings” app, scroll down and tap on “Display & Brightness.” This option allows you to adjust various display settings, including Night Mode.

Within the “Display & Brightness” menu, you’ll find the “Night Shift” option. Tap on “Night Shift” to access the settings for this feature. Night Shift is the predecessor to Night Mode and serves a similar purpose by reducing blue light emissions from the screen.

After tapping on “Night Shift,” you’ll be able to adjust the schedule and color temperature of the display. While Night Shift is not the same as Night Mode, it can still be beneficial for reducing eye strain during nighttime usage.

Scheduling Night Mode

If you want to ensure that Night Mode is automatically activated during specific hours, you can schedule it on your iPhone 12. This feature is especially useful if you have a consistent bedtime and want to minimize exposure to blue light during nighttime hours.

To schedule Night Mode, begin by accessing the Settings app on your iPhone 12. From there, tap on “Display & Brightness” to access the display settings.

Next, select “Night Shift” from the list of display settings. Here, you can choose to enable Night Shift manually or set a schedule for it to turn on and off automatically.

When setting a schedule, you can specify the time range during which you want Night Mode to be active. For example, you can set it to turn on from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM, aligning with your typical sleep schedule.

By scheduling Night Mode, you can seamlessly reduce the amount of blue light emitted by your iPhone’s display during the evening and nighttime hours, promoting better sleep and reducing eye strain.

Utilizing Night Mode on your iPhone 12 can significantly enhance your low-light photography experience, allowing you to capture stunning, well-lit images in challenging lighting conditions. Understanding how to activate and optimize Night Mode ensures that you can make the most of this innovative feature. By harnessing the power of advanced computational photography, your iPhone 12 empowers you to preserve precious moments with remarkable clarity and detail, even in dimly lit environments. As you continue to explore the capabilities of your device, mastering Night Mode will undoubtedly elevate your photography skills, enabling you to produce captivating and professional-looking photos effortlessly.


  1. What is night mode on iPhone 12?
    Night mode on iPhone 12 is a feature that allows you to capture stunning low-light photos with enhanced detail and reduced noise. It automatically activates in dimly lit environments to deliver brighter and more balanced images.

  2. How do I activate night mode on my iPhone 12?
    To activate night mode on your iPhone 12, simply launch the Camera app and point it at a low-light scene. If the night mode icon appears, indicating that the feature is available, the camera will automatically activate it. You can also tap the night mode icon to adjust the exposure time manually.

  3. Can I use night mode on all iPhone 12 models?
    Yes, night mode is available on all iPhone 12 models, including the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. This feature is designed to optimize low-light photography across the entire iPhone 12 lineup.

  4. Does night mode work with the front camera on iPhone 12?
    Yes, night mode is supported by the front camera on the iPhone 12. This allows you to capture impressive selfies and group photos in low-light conditions with improved clarity and detail.

  5. How can I adjust the night mode settings on my iPhone 12?
    While night mode is designed to activate automatically, you can adjust its settings by tapping the night mode icon in the Camera app. This allows you to control the exposure time and fine-tune the brightness of your low-light photos for optimal results.