Google VPN: 10 Things That All Android Users Must Know


Knowing how to use the Google VPN is something that every Android user should master. This is because being able to do such allows them to achieve all the benefits that Google VPN is proven to provide. Unfortunately, not all Android users are aware that Google VPN is already in existence. Due to their lack of proper knowledge, they end up not being able to use the service and enjoy the benefits provided by doing such. So, to help Android users to become acquainted with what the Google VPN is all about, this article provides some of its important aspects.


What is Google VPN?

Google VPN is a service option offered by Google to its users. This virtual private network allows you to route all the traffics you are making into the Google VPN. When this happens, all your traffic will become encrypted when it goes in or out of your phone. Thus, the network provider will not be able to monitor the things that you are up to.

However, using this VPN option enables your traffic to go into Google’s servers. This means that Google will have direct access to your traffic information particularly the sites that you are visiting. Although this information is regarded by a lot of users to be true, Google via a blog post stressed that your traffic is not tied to your Google account or phone number so your anonymity is still upheld.

Google VPN Benefits
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Benefits of using Google VPN

The use of Google VPN has been a popular topic among Google users as soon as it was rolled out. This is because Google VPN offers several benefits that the majority of the users are very much interested in achieving. Among the most significant of these are the following.


1. Improved Security

Improved security is the most significant benefit that those who want to use this VPN want to enjoy. Just like most virtual private networks, the Google VPN provides you with the opportunity to make your traffic encrypted and cannot be monitored by your ISP provider. Due to this setup, you will boost your anonymity online and will only worry about the possibility of Google tracking your traffic.


2. Remote Access to Information

Another important benefit that using Google VPN provides is the opportunity to access the information you need remotely. This particular feature is quite useful for companies since it increases the productivity of their employees by allowing them to access the information they need to accomplish work when they are at home or in other places.

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3. Enhanced Anonymity

Using Google VPN boosts your online anonymity. This is because all the traffic that comes and goes inside your phone or other device is encrypted. Thus, those who are interested in tracking your online activity, as well as your traffic history, will have a hard time doing the check. In most cases, the said checks become impossible. Given this, the sensitive information you are accessing online will not be easily seen by other parties including hackers and other unlawful groups that operate online.


4. Access to Blocked Websites

The Google VPN can also be a good option if you need to access blocked websites as well as those that are using filters that must be bypassed first before the site can be used. This particular benefit is viewed as one of the main reasons why the demand for VPN services continues to increase especially in areas where there is strict internet censorship.


5. IP Address Change

Using Google VPN can allow you to change your IP address. This particular function is proven to be useful for Google users who are in constant need of IP addresses from other countries.


How to set up Google VPN on your Android phone?

Given the long list of benefits that using Google VPN could provide, it is important for you to learn how to use and set the service up on your phone, the device that you usually use for internet browsing. To do this, you need to consider doing the following steps.

Google VPN For Android
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Step 1. Unlock your phone

The VPN set up commonly starts by unlocking the phone. You need this because you will not be able to access any app on your phone when it is locked.


Step 2: Open your phone’s settings app

Open the “Settings’’ of your phone and access the section intended for the “Wireless & Networks.” Upon locating the section, navigate all the way to the “More” icon and tap it. Look for the “VPN” icon and select it. Look for the “+” sign on the topmost right portion of the phone and tap it.


Step 3: Collect the essential VPN information

Upon accomplishing the second step, your network administrator will step in to provide the VPN information you need. Collect the said information, enter this when prompted by the phone, select the protocol you wish to use, and hit the “Save” button.


Step 4: Try connecting to Google VPN

Upon accomplishing the first three steps, try to test if the VPN works. In most cases, you will be asked to provide some information to proceed. In most cases, you will most likely be requested to enter your username or password.


Step 5: Make Google VPN your primary VPN option

Make sure to set Google as your phone’s primary VPN provider. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy the protection, privacy, and other significant benefits that Google VPN can provide.

The use of this VPN is designed to allow users to have a more convenient and secured user experience. But, it is still important to note that you can still be tracked. 

Thus, it is very important to refrain from accessing sensitive websites and other similar content. Always remember that the traffic information is still accessible to the company whenever they need it. Thus, use the VPN with utmost caution.


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