10 Best Pixel 4a Case for Your New and Shiny Google Phone

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OtterBox Commuter Series Case (Best Overall)

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kwmobile TPU Silicone Case (Best Budget-Friendly)

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Google Pixel 4a Case (Best Luxury)

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Do not ignore the need to give your Pixel 4a the protection it requires from bumps and falls. Yes, the phone costs less than its flagship, and yes it’s not glass finish and all but it still deserves some TLC. With its mobile performance and powerful camera that rivals that of phones that cost thousands, it’s enough to argue that it deserves attention and an accessory like a Pixel 4a case.

Any phone is susceptible to damage. That is why in this article, we cherry-picked the best Pixel 4a cover options from the best phone case brands. We even took the liberty of categorizing it for you for an easy shopping experience. Because at the end of the day, choosing the right Pixel 4a cover is an essential you can’t and should not ignore.

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Best Pixel 4a Case

Here are our top picks for the best Google Pixel covers ranging from the best overall, budget-friendly, down to rugged and leather.

1. OtterBox Commuter Series Case 6. Spigen Rugged Armor
2. kwmobile TPU Silicone Case 7. Silverback Sparkle Glitter Case
3. Google Pixel 4a Case, Basically Black 8. ESR Metal Kickstand Case
4. Folmeikat 360 Case 9. HOOMIL Wallet Case
5. Lanhiem Pixel 4a Case 10. Spigen Ultra Hybrid


Kick-starting our list is the OtterBox Commuter Series case which combines polycarbonate material and synthetic rubber to form overall protection for your Pixel 4a phone. The use of these materials produces a Pixel 4a case that has dual-layer protection capable of absorbing and deflecting impacts from falls or bumps. An added feature the dual-layer protection offers is the wireless charging capabilities. 

To avoid dust from entering the delicate areas of your Pixel 4a phone, it has rubber flaps that cover the ports when not in use. With proper use, these flaps should stay hinged with the case itself. Additionally, it has raised edges that are strategically placed to protect the camera of the phone suffering scratches from bumps.

The OtterBox Commuter Series case could easily pass as a 360-cover for your Pixel 4a phone but if you read further, we have an option for you if you are looking for a 360 Pixel 4a case.


For a budget-friendly case, the kwmobile TPU Silicone Case offers a number of ups that many Pixel 4a phone users will find appealing. For one, the TPU silicone material makes this Pixel 4a case soft and self-limiting of fingerprints. Moreover, the silicone rubber coating offers protection from shocks, falls, drops, scratches, and bumps — a feature one should not compromise when it comes to cases.

You can’t have too much from this case other than it comes in fun and matter-finish color options. It’s not similar to the OtterBox Commuter Series case that has flaps for the ports. It might come slipper to the touch for some Pixel 4a phone users but there’s always an option to add additional mobile phone accessories like a phone ring to prevent the phone from falling out of your hand completely.


If you are looking for a sturdy and soft-to-the-touch case, then this Google Pixel 4a Case is for you. What makes this case unique are the materials used to form the perfectly knit case that will surely fit your phone. Made from Recycled polycarbonate (PC) and Recycled polyester (PET), the case has raised edges and a microfiber lining, which protects the phone from scratches. It also comes off as stylish and even washable.

It’s sold for a price compared to the other Pixel 4a case options we have listed in this list. But luxury is not always what we thought it is; luxury does not have to be harmful to the environment. And this case proves that thesis with the way it is produced.


If you are considering all-deal 360-degree protection for your phone, we suggest the Folmeikat 360 Case for very obvious reasons. For one, the Folmeikat 360 Case combines the detailed protection one could hope to give a Pixel 4a phone.

The case is composed of three materials we have already encountered in the first three options we have listed here so far: Stainless Steel, TPU, and Polycarbonate. These materials come together cohesively to form a rugged and sturdy 360-degree protective Pixel 4a case. The surrounding bezels form a square edge, giving the phone protection from significant damages as a result of falling or bumping. At the rear of the case comes a phone ring where the middle finger can be slipped when in public or used as a stand when watching a video clip.

Furthermore, the deal comes with a screen protector that complements the 360° protection your Pixel 4a craves so much. 


The Lanhiem Pixel 4a Case is a certified IP68 waterproof case. And any product with an IP68 certification is a product deemed to withstand dust, dirt, and sand. Furthermore, these products have been tested and proven to be resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater. Such is the case for the waterproof Pixel 4a case. 

The product is made from TPU material with hard plastic, which makes the phone waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof when this case is slipped on. Additionally, the Lanhiem case is military-grade and can withstand any outdoor activities. The case is clasped front and back, giving any Pixel 4a phone 360-degree waterproof protection. 

Contrary to common misconception, the case does not impede the phone’s ability to read fingerprints to unlock. And finally, the case also comes with flaps that cover the charger port and headphone jack.


Rugged-looking wearables and devices, such as rugged smartwatches, are in trend due to their sturdy design. And it is no surprise that such a design niche would eventually migrate to mobile accessories such as phone cases. Poetic Spartan Case is a rugged phone case dedicated to Pixel 4a.

This case is mostly made out of leather materials. Hence, there is no doubt in terms of protection that this case can offer. Aside from the strong and sturdy design, the case can easily pass as a 360-degree phone case due to the built-in screen protector that is also scratch-resistant. But that’s not the only built-in feature in this case; the Poetic Spartan Case also has a kickstand for hands-free convenience at the rear side of the case. And round the design front, there are raised edges around the biometric sensor and cameras to protect them from potential damage when the phone is dropped or scratches.


Now here’s an option for the adventurous and bold-going Pixel 4a users. Don’t let this thermoplastic polyurethane-made case lead you to believe that it will make your phone bulky to the touch or heavy. The materials used to produce this phone case ensure your Pixel 4a is scratch-free, lightweight, slim fit, and shock-resistant. However, a thing one can’t deny is that this case is loud, shiny, and full of glitters.

This Silverback case makes a Pixel 4a phone easy to bring with its built-in phone ring at the rear of the case and a kickstand for easy hands-free viewing. Furthermore, it does not only protect the front and back. It covers even the important parts of the sides; the case corner comes with button protection made air-cushioned soft TPU.

The Silverback case combines design and security in one. If that’s not overselling this case to you, we don’t know what is.


This ESR Pixel 4a case combines a flexible polymer with stainless steel to give phone protection from falls and drops. These materials are essentially better and sturdy compared to using plastic materials. The stainless steel is dedicated to the rear kickstand which supports portrait and landscape hands-free viewing options. Furthermore, the raised screen and edges provide extra protection for the camera as well.

The case is transparent and slim fit; it pops the phone’s color which is ergonomics in design at its finest. It’s not busy on the eye and manages to give a professional and elegant finish to your phone. And if you have an accessory that enables your Pixel 4a to charge wirelessly, this case gives no exception. Also, this case supports wireless charging.


Nothing makes anyone look sophisticated and elegant other than leather. And the HOOMIL Wallet Case makes a perfect illusion for anyone with a Pixel 4a phone. The PU leather and flexible TPU finish exude reliable phone protection from accidental drops, bumps, dust, and scratches. It also comes as a multifunctional protective case because inside the front flap are pockets where you can insert your ID and cards. Furthermore, its elegant look is wrapped up with a double-sided magnetic clasp, ensuring your phone and cards are secured.

However, those aren’t the only feature this leather case boasts. The front flap can also serve as a kickstand for hands-free viewing when flipped over with the clasp serving as a hinge as the case forms a raised mini-platform where the phone can rest.

Sturdy, functionality, and design define the HOOMIL Wallet Case as one of the best leather case for Pixel 4a.


We have previously covered a case perfect for anyone brave and bold when it comes to mobile accessories. This time, here’s our top choice for something simple yet uncompromising when it comes to mobile phone protection.

The Spigen Liquid Crystal case is made of TPU material and has a good track record in protecting phones from scratches and damages as a result of falls, drops, and clouds of dust. Its simple, clear crystal design pops the native color of your phone and gives it a glossy and elegant finish. On top of that, the case has reinforced buttons on the sides that are responsive to volume adjustments and such.

You can’t have much from this case but this case works and delivers as it should.


How to Select the Best Case for Pixel 4a

Selecting a case for your Google Pixel phone is a subjective matter. The majority of considerations come from personal selections like your taste, your reason for wanting one in the first place, aesthetics, and so on. If you’re a professional like a businessman or a teacher, you would likely go for a case that is simple and respectable. In that instance, you might want to try our choice for the best leather or transparent cases. However, if you’re in your teens and you’re always out-and-about, you might want to go for the rugged case or the bold-and-brave glittery case.

However, if none of these apply to you and you just don’t want to risk your phone suffering from damages, then the best case would be the 360-degree coverage option. It’s uncompromising and delivers the best protection for your phone.

Again, the choice largely depends on your personal preference because while cases do offer protection, they also ramp up a phone’s aesthetics.



The best Google Pixel phone cover doesn’t have to be the most expensive and luxurious ones. It doesn’t even have to be bold and loud; it simply has to be the one that will suit your needs. The top 10 best Pixel 4a cases we have listed here aren’t the only ones available in the market; there are a ton of options out there. But we always put your shopping at ease at the forefront of our interest, so we hope this article helps you out in shopping for your Pixel 4a accessories.