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A Kindle is as good as any physical book. It’s the go-to device for many bookworms because of the diverse content that can be read through it, as well as its sturdy and ergonomic build. Although the eBook reader already looks durable from the outside, you still want it to last longer than it should. That is why it is worth looking into Kindle cases for extra protection.

Kindle Cases for Paperwhite 2019
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Must-Buy Kindle Cases

Your Kindle e-reader deserves the best TLC it can get, especially if it’s going to stay for the long haul. Here are our top Kindle case picks for you in 2022.


Nothing beats a fabric touch on a protective case. It does not only give an extra layer of cushioning because the fabric can act as a shock absorber; it’s also lightweight and sturdy.

Kindle cases with fabric textures are in demand because they also add water resistance to the device. Of course, if you have purchased the recent Kindle Paperwhite, you’d know the device itself is waterproof. Nevertheless, cases that give double protection are good to have.

Moreover, fabric Kindle cases allow your eBook reader to automatically wake up when the front flap is turned over and go to sleep when the flap is clasped back. That saves you from pressing the power button repeatedly, which can cause damage over time.

The Amazon Fabric Kindle Cases are available for the following:


You might be wondering why this case has “origami” on its name. That is because the flap can be folded to serve as a back stand for your Kindle device. And many Kindle users are keen on getting this type of Kindle case because of the comfort they get when reading.

Another noteworthy thing about the Fintie Origami Case is its designs that deviate from the usual. In contrast to the classic fabric finish that everyone digs because of its simplicity, the Finite case comes as a good alternative for when you want to shake things a bit.

While the Fintie cases are essentially designed for Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation 2018, some of their versions have already been produced to fit other Kindle models. And similar to the fabric case, the flaps make it easier to wake up or put your Kindle e-reader to sleep.

The Fintie Origami Kindle Cases are available for the following:


Folio cases are great if you want your Kindle to look more like a physical book. They are appealing to many not only because of the appearance but also the protection given thanks to the flaps.

The back and front flaps of the cases are usually made of synthetic leather material that protects the device from falls, bumps, and scratches. In comparison with other cases, the Fintie Folio Kindle cases have a pouch-like bag inside. That compartment secures the Kindle e-reader in place and has cut at the bottom for you to still be able to access the charger port and power button.

It’s common for folio cases not to have the magnetic clip to clasp the front flap because the pouch-like bag inside already secures the device’s position.

The Fintie Folio Kindle Cases are available for the following:


Kindle e-readers are seen more like a book than a tablet PC or phone; therefore, there is no need to accessorize them too much like the latter.

That is exactly why you might like MoKo cases. The accessories “dress” your Kindle up in a minimalistic way. Moreover, the PU leather material in the cases adds protection to the device without adding more bulk to it. That means you can hold your gadget for a long period of time without feeling weighed down. Also, the black leather finish matches the simple aesthetic well.

As regards the front flap on each case, it serves as an alternative to waking the device or putting it to sleep by flipping it over or back on when you’re done reading.

The MoKo Leather Kindle Cases are available for the following:


Amazon itself offers its own fleet of leather cases for its Kindle e-readers. That is good to know if you just bought your own Kindle and are not sure where to buy good Kindle cases or what brand to choose. Amazon already has you covered.

Amazon offers premium leather covers for Kindle that are sturdy yet lightweight. Those products give the whole protection your e-reader needs without compromising convenience.

In terms of pricing, the official cases are not cheap but are more likely to stay sturdy for a long time. When it comes to designs, they are simple sans the straps one could find in other cases. Despite that, Kindle users have eye-catching colors to choose from, including black, merlot, plum, sage, and twilight blue.

Amazon’s leather cases are available for the following:


CoBak cases for Kindle e-readers check many of the boxes for what makes protective cases good. They are sturdy, fit snuggly, and not bulky to hold. But what makes the cases more worthy of being picked is the flexibility in terms of design. That said, their typical target market isn’t just lovers of minimalism but those who like to shake things a bit and make reading more fun as well.

The CoBak leather cases for Kindle are made from waterproof and light faux leather materials that make them travel-friendly. Additionally, the microfiber interiors prevent the e-reader device from being scratched due to movement.

CoBak offers cases for the following Kindle types:


CoBak also offers Kindle cases that might appeal to you if you prefer reading while sitting on a barstool in a café or living room. Those are the CoBak Kindle cases with stands.

The stands are covered with the same materials used on the cases: microfiber and PU leather. That means the risk of the Kindle e-reader falling on its back and suffering bumps is minimal.

As regards design, the cases are made fun and appealing to many buyers through various colors and designs.

The CoBak cases with stands are available for:


Ayotu cases’ best feature is the ability to repel water droplets to protect the Kindle while you are on the go. What makes that possible is the premium anti-skid PU leather exterior and scratch-resistant microfiber interior.

The cases are also clasp-free, but the magnets keep the flaps from flipping over necessarily and the Kindle in place. They do fit snuggly and prevent your Kindle from falling out of the clutch.

Additionally, the accessories are inexpensive. They are good to buy if your Kindle already has a waterproof feature.

The Ayotu cases come in variants suitable for the following:

There are cases for the regular Kindle, Paperwhite, and Oasis as well.


Here’s a product that defies our common agreement of what a case should look like. This MoKo case for the Kindle has no flaps, no clasps, and magnetic absorption; it’s a plain sleeve. Nevertheless, the accessory is perfect if you are a risk-taker who prefers only having a case for the Kindle while it is in your bag or not in use.

In terms of what makes up the product, high-quality felt was used for its exterior and a soft lining was applied to its interior. The lightweight materials make the case easy to carry around.

This MoKo case comes in 6 and 7-inch variants and is compatible with the following:

  • Amazon Kindle (1st Gen, 2nd Gen, 5th Gen, 7th Gen, 8th Gen, and 10th Gen)
  • Kindle Oasis
  • Kindle Paperwhite (6th Gen, 7th Gen, and 10th Gen)


Caseable is another reliable brand and shop of Kindle cases. The products they offer come in varying patterns and colors. What’s more, the fun is that you can customize them.

While the cases are exceptional in design, they are not lacking in protection. Many are made with shock-resistant polyester with fine pores and elastic straps that keep everything in place.

There are Caseable cases for the regular Amazon Kindle that come at the same price as that of the Paperwhite variants.


Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Oasis

Launched in 2007, the Amazon Kindle has developed a strong reputation as the eBook reader for bookworms on the go. It saves you from buying physical copies of books, especially the hard-to-find titles these days. Moreover, the user experience is still like that when you are reading a real book. That is because the display looks like paper — thanks to e-ink technology.

Through the years, there have been many Kindle e-reader models released already to suit various types of readers. That is also why there is a wide array of cases nowadays.

If you are picking a case in advance for a Kindle model you are not yet sure to buy, this section is for you. We have provided an overview of three of the best Kindle models here: regular Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Oasis. You will find out their differences in designs, specifications, and prices below, so you can finalize your buying decision.

Kindle Type Design Specifications Price
Photo of a Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is characterized by the equal size of bezels on all sides. Compared to a regular Kindle, the Paperwhite edition has a glass screen.

  • 300 ppi glare-free display
  • Waterproof
  • Comes in 8 GB or 32 GB memory
  • Good battery life
  • Built-in adjustable lights for reading ease
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Photo of a regular Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

In contrast to the Kindle Paperwhite, the Amazon Kindle has an off-centered screen protected by its bezels. Additionally, it does not boast a glass screen seen on the Paperwhite. Nonetheless, it has a sturdy look.

  • 167 ppi glare-free display
  • Adjustable brightness for reading ease
  • Good battery life
  • Only comes in an 8 GB memory version
  • Supports highlights for notes and word search
  • Supports Audible
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Amazon Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis is lightweight with an ergonomic square body. That feature separates it from the Paperwhite and Amazon Kindle that both feature a rectangular shape. Moreover, this is a rugged-looking Kindle with a metal back.

  • 7-inch, 300 ppi flush-front Paperwhite display
  • Adjustable light for reading ease
  • Waterproof (IPX8)
  • Latest e-ink technology
  • Displays on the lock screen the cover of the current book you are reading
  • Supports Audible
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Some people prefer a tablet PC such as the iPad as their e-reader instead of a Kindle. Depending on your purpose for getting an e-reader device, the Amazon Kindle might or might not be the better option for you. To help you make a wise choice, check out our Kindle vs. iPad review.


Choose Your Kindle Case Now

There is no doubt that it’s fun to accessorize the Kindle through a case because of the many style options out in the market. Picking from a plethora of products might be challenging, though, so we hope this buying guide will help you find the right Kindle and Kindle cases for you. Pick one from our list now and enjoy shopping!