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Many of us are familiar with the PlayStation Portable (PSP) by Sony. It is one of the most sought-out handheld consoles back in the mid-2000s. With an estimated 80 to 82 million units sold worldwide, there is no doubt about it: it is one, if not the most, popular handheld consoles of all time. Too bad the said console is not being produced anymore. It has aged well and it still is a great console up until now. The great news is that you can now get the best PSP emulator for your Android phone. At long last, you can relive those memories of playing and twisting your fingers on your PSP through your Android phones.

In this article, we’ll dive into the best PSP emulators and the games you must play with your PSP emulator.


Inside This Article

1. PPSSPP Free 6. Sunshine Emulator 11. Emulator for PSP Games
2. PPSSPP Gold 7. Enjoy PSP Emulator 12. OxPSP Emulator
3. Rapid PSP Emulator 8. Goldenn PSP Emulator 13. Ultra Emulator for PSP
4. RetroArch 9. PSPlay Emulator 14. AwePSP Emulator
5. Rocket PSP Emulator 10. Damon PS2 Pro Simulator 15. PSP Emulator Pro


What is a PSP Emulator?

ppsspp emulator
Photo by PPSSPP from Emuparadise

Emulators are already around since the advent of PCs. These programs imitate how your operating system or consoles work. This software is usually made on platforms outside the gaming world such as phones and PCs. You can even emulate the Android system on your PC.

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Since PSP and Android phones differ in hardware and software architecture, expect your PSP emulator to run differently on your Android phones. This may run slower on your Android phone, but the experience of reliving those memories will never be the same. And if you want to add up more nostalgia, you can download PS1 emulators for your Android phone as well.


Best PSP Emulators

Without further ado, we bring to you our top 15 picks for PSP emulators. Get ready to experience the best PSP games on your Android phone today!


1. PPSSPP Free

ppsspp logo
Photo from PPSSPP

PPSSPP has established itself to be the gold standard of PSP emulators for Android. Up until now, PPSSPP is still the number one PSP emulator out there. The majority of developers even emulate this emulator, thanks to its almost-perfect rendering of any PSP game. This emulator may be ad-supported, but it is almost perfect for your PSP gaming.

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2. PPSSPP Gold

PPSSPP gold logo
Photo from PPSSPP

When you want to unlock the full potential of PPSSPP, you can buy the PPSSPP Gold for $4.99. It removes any ads displayed on the app and there are more benefits to it. It lets you unlock a faster emulation speed, enhanced graphics, and a turbo button for timely RPGs. This will hasten your gaming experience with slow-to-play RPGs.

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3. Rapid PSP Emulator

Photo by Rapid PSP Emulator from the Play Store

If your phone can’t take the heavy resource of PPSSPP, then Rapid PSP Emulator is the right emulator for you. It has a lighter interface than the PPSSPP and support for external controllers. It also has an option to save states that can help you save many instances on your game. Best of all, it is free. You don’t have to encounter any hiccups when playing your old PSP games on your phone.

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4. RetroArch

Photo by Libretro on Google Play Store

RetroArch is the all-in-one PSP emulator for your Android device. It has all the good classic consoles that can be emulated from the SNES to the PSP. Just ensure that you download the right plugin, particularly the PSP plugin, and you’re all good to go. We just wish more PSP games will be compatible with this emulator. This all-in-one emulator holds great potential for any retro console games out there.

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5. Rocket PSP Emulator

Photo by Emul World Ltd from the Play Store

Rocket PSP Emulator is a budding PSP emulator based on the open-source software PPSSPP. It has got the same features as the PPSSPP: save states, software controller, and great compatibility with most of your PSP games. Since it is still brand new, expect it to be somewhat buggy. But this can be a good backup emulator if things go wrong with PPSSPP.

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6. Sunshine Emulator

Photo by Sunshine Emulator from the Play Store

Emulators tend to have the impression of having slow graphics rendering and laggy gameplay but not with the Sunshine Emulator. It provides an impressive experience when playing PSP games with it. You can get HD graphics when playing games with this emulator. What’s more impressive is its backward compatibility with older versions of Android. So, if you got an old backup Android phone, this emulator will give it the second life it needs.

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7. Enjoy PSP Emulator

Photo by Emul World Ltd from the Play Store

Lightweight does not mean it’s not powerful. The Enjoy PSP Emulator is one of the best lightweight options for your Android phone. It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, meaning this is one of the most accessible PSP emulators for most Android users. On top of that, it can gain a high FPS that can imitate the likes of the original PSP. That is one great PSP emulator for your gaming fix.

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8. Goldenn PSP Emulator

Photo by Goldenn PSP Emulator from the Play Store

Forgive that mistake in spelling, but the Goldenn PSP Emulator gives you a great PSP gaming experience. The Goldenn PSP Emulator features compatibility on most PSP games plus HD features for games that need intense graphics. You can also play online along with other PSP players. Just make sure your game allows online gaming for PSP.

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9. PSPlay Emulator

psplay emulator logo
Photo by PSPlay from Apkpure

You might find it hard to play PSP games with a touchscreen. Your game will somewhat be blocked despite adjusting the opacity. The great thing is that PSPlay Emulator supports external Bluetooth controllers. This provides you the PSP-like experience you need for your PSP gaming experience. It also has a save states option that will let you save instances on your phone. Rewind and replay your difficult boss fights with this neat feature.

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10. Damon PS2 Pro Simulator

Photo by Damon PS2 from the Play Store

One of the most accessible PSP emulators out there is the Damon PS2 Pro Emulator. It can emulate almost any console from the Sony family, especially the PS2 and PSP consoles. It emulates not just the PSP. As the name implies, it emulates the PlayStation 2 as well. Now, you can insert and play all of your PS2 and PSP games on your phone. Since this emulator can play PS2 and PSP games, this will come at a price. At $9.99, we think this is reasonably priced for its worth.

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11. Emulator for PSP Games

Photo by Freddie Labs from the Play Store

Your PSP games will never be the same thanks to the Emulator for PSP Games. It does the job of your typical PSP console with added extra features. You’ve got yourself a PSP emulator that can run homebrew games. You can also enable cheat codes with this emulator, thus giving you the power to breeze through that boss fight you struggle with. Now, you don’t have to deal with that pesky boss you have hated for the longest time.

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12. OxPSP Emulator

oxpsp logo
Photo from OxPSP

OxPSP Emulator gives you the power to cheat the death of your character. Cheat codes are allowed with this emulator, thus giving you more power to breeze through almost impossible-to-finish games. Not only does it allow you to use cheat codes, but it also lets you play like your typical PSP console. Save states, accurate touch controls, 3D graphics — what more can you ask for?

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13. Ultra Emulator for PSP

ultra psp emulator
Photo by Eximia Ltd from Apkpure

The Ultra Emulator for PSP is another great option when you are finding the right PSP emulator. It features interconnectivity with other PSP emulators through Bluetooth or WiFi, thus enables you to play with other nearby players. It also allows you to play in high definition graphics. Just make sure you’ve got at least a midrange phone to enjoy playing in high definition.

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14. AwePSP Emulator

awepsp emulator
Photo by AweEmulator from Apkpure

Get in awe with the AwePSP Emulator. You can get network gaming which is one of the basic features of the PSP. Play online with other players all over the world with this nifty feature. At last, you won’t feel alone playing your PSP games. Compete with other players online with this PSP emulator.

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15. PSP Emulator Pro

Photo by LabDev from the Play Store

The PSP Emulator Pro might be the last on our list, but it performs well with most of your Android devices. This emulator runs on Android 2.3 which is great, especially if you’ve got an old phone with you. This emulator can also play homebrew games. One of its adored features is the customizable button placement. So, if you’re not used to the typical placement of your PSP, you can tweak this for your playing comfort.

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Can I Use PSP Emulators Legally?

Before you get giddy on playing your PSP games on your Android emulator, you should know the repercussions of playing these games on your Android device, including some legal stuff. It is pretty obvious that PSP games may be difficult to play, from hardware compatibility to legal issues. You may stumble upon law enforcement when using PSP emulators on your phone.

So we should ask ourselves, “Is it legal to use a PSP emulator on my phone?” Yes, it is completely legal to use PSP emulators and play games on your phone. An emulator only imitates what the PSP console can do. But it does not fully copy PSP’s software architecture. This will not require you to purchase the original console. Playing and downloading PSP ROMs are also completely legal. Just don’t sell them online through third-party vendors or you can face legal charges. You can be charged for piracy if you do such an action.


How to Use PSP Emulators?

PPSSPP - PSP emulator – Applications sur Google Play
Photo from PPSSPP

Now let’s get into action. Using these PSP Emulators are easy. Gather all your PSP games and get ready to replay your favorite PSP games. Firstly you need to gather these files:

  • PSP Android emulator of your choice
  • A phone that has at least 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, and an octa-core processor (Snapdragon preferred)
  • PSP ROMs with a.iso or .cso file extension
  • PC (optional for safer file transfer)

Once you have collected these files, do the following steps:

  1. Compile your games into one folder, then put it on your phone or external storage. If you are using a PC, copy the folder where your games are stored and transfer it to your phone through a USB cord.
  2. Open your Android emulator. Allow the emulator to access your local storage when the prompt appears.
  3. Open the .iso or .cso file, then enjoy playing the game.

Unlike its other bigger brothers, there is no need to download any BIOS file on your phone. This lessens the complication of playing your PSP games on your phone. Just play hard and game hard.


Best PSP Games for Your PSP Emulator

If you are still unsure where to start, here is our compiled list of the best PSP games you can play. You’ll never drop your phone as you play these games.

1. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Photo by PlayStation

Play as Kratos, the god of war in Greek Mythology in this game series, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Get your vengeance as you recall the bitter memories of your past life. Engage in a bloody war against your enemies—humans and gods alike, with a storyline full of twists and surprise elements.

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2. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Photo by Rockstar Games on Amazon

Living a gangster life is the main theme of all games under the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, and GTA: Vice City Stories is no exception. This spin-off from the original GTA: Vice City is the most perfect GTA game for the PSP, with all the best graphics and topsy-turvy storylines. Fight against all odds in building your vast empire.

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3. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Photo by Square Enix on Amazon

A prequel to the original Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is a role-playing game (RPG) that lets you fight with melee weapons or magic spells. Join Terra, Aqua, and Ventus on their adventures to find Master Xehanort. Jump into the action with its immersive Command Link and D-Link mechanics that unlocks the full potential of this game.

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4. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Photo by Square Enix on Amazon

Another RPG we recommend is Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. It lets you play the character of the deadly Zack Fair. Perfecting the control combinations is the key to completing the game. As challenges get more difficult, you will have to face tougher enemies and a more intense pressing of your countrols. Defend the Shinra Corporation against the people of Wutai with Zack Fair.

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5. Patapon 3

Photo by PlayStation Store on Amazon

Combine the popular rhythm game for PC “osu!” with the elements of RPG, and you’ll get Patapon 3. This rhythm game lets you fight with the Patapons against the Seven Evil Archfiends. But this is not the typical RPG that lets you just fidget random buttons. As we have already said, fighting against the Archfiends will depend on your rhythmic beats. Have fun brawling against the Archfiends while enjoying the beat of the drum.

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Where to Download PSP Games

Here are the safest websites where you can download the best PSP games for your PSP emulator. These sites offer an extensive library of games, not just for your PSP emulators but also for your PS1, PS2, and Nintendo DS emulators. The best thing is that most of these websites let you download these PSP games for free.


One of the websites you can browse on is CoolROM. Don’t get intimidated by its dark-themed website, for it stores a large number of PSP games at your disposal. It also looks like you are back from the mid-2000s, but who cares about that when you got an extensive library of PSP games.


Another website where you can download PSP games is Emuparadise. Just like the first website, this ROM library takes you back to the mid-2000s, but it has a stash of a ton of PSP games you can download on your phone.


Gamulator’s library may not be extensive yet, but you’ll get your games safely with a unique virus and malware scan before every download. No need to worry about putting some sneaky snoopers on your phone.

Rom Hustler

This website provides customer reviews for each PSP ROMs. It gives you a perspective of what to expect in the game plus the overall experience with the game when used with emulators. No more worrying about being scammed by unstable PSP ROMS.


Pspshare.org offers a clean interface when downloading PSP games. This website is a purely dedicated website for PSP ROMS. Here you can download games for your PSP emulator, and it provides alternative links for downloads.



Reeling from the success of PSP comes emulators for your Android phone. With a load of games catered to the PSP, these games will surely give you a new experience for your Android device. The graphics may not be at par with modern devices, and the controls may be confusing to your eyes, but these game mechanics allow you to relive that nostalgia you once had in your childhood days. These emulators also allow you to play games you have once dreamt of playing. At last, you don’t need to bring out a lot of money just to play these “dream games.”

If you want to play PS2 games on your Android devices, check out our guide on the best PS2 emulators. Prepare your stash of PlayStation games and play them in the palm of your hands now.



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