How to Get HBO Max for Free in 2022

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HBO Max is one of the largest and most popular streaming platforms or apps for watching various shows. However, with so much congestion in the streaming industry, not everyone can afford another subscription. As a result, many people look for ways to get HBO Max free of cost. What are the methods to do so? In this article, we’ll share what you can do to get a complimentary HBO Max subscription.


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  1. Is There an HBO Max Free Trial?
  2. How to Get Free HBO Max
    1. AT&T Unlimited Plans
    2. US Mobile Unlimited
    3. Cricket Wireless
    4. Cable Service
    5. Hulu + HBO Max Free Trial
  3. How to Get a Discounted HBO Max
    1. Annual Subscriptions
    2. Promos and Deals
    3. Share Account With 5 Profiles
  4. How Much is HBO Max?
  5. Best Shows on HBO Max
  6. How to Register for HBO Max
  7. Where Can You Access HBO Max?
  8. HBO Max vs HBO Go vs HBO Now


Is There an HBO Max Free Trial?

Can you get HBO Max for free? Find out here
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Nowadays, most digital services have dropped the one-time fee business model in favor of subscriptions. This was highly praised initially due to the monthly subscriptions’ affordability but has become tiresome for many. That’s why many present-day subscription services usually come with free trials — users can try things first without commitment.

With that said, does HBO Max offer a trial that’s free for potential subscribers? Unfortunately, while the HBO Max free trial did exist at one point, it’s no longer available in the US.

That’s because HBO Max only released the free trial to gain a head start in the said country back in May 2020. The seven-day trial only lasted eight months and was eventually discontinued after more people subscribed. Of course, the HBO Max free trial is available in some locations where the service is still new. However, you won’t get that seven-day trial of HBO Max free in the US right now. You’ll have to find other means if that’s your main goal.


How to Get Free HBO Max

There are various legal ways to get HBO Max free
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Just because the HBO Max free trial got discontinued doesn’t mean there aren’t alternative ways to get the service for free. In fact, there are numerous – albeit roundabout – ways to go about it. We’ll discuss each method below.

AT&T Unlimited Plans

Most cellular or internet service providers have third-party services bundled with their subscription plans to entice potential subscribers. Some provide a three or six-month subscription to other services and even throw in multiple perks. With AT&T, it might entail a limited-time subscription to HBO Max free of cost.

Of course, the said perk isn’t included in all of AT&T’s subscription plans. The plans that have it are the Unlimited Elite Wireless, Internet 1000, DIRECTV PREMIER & LO MAXIMO, and DIRECTV STREAM PREMIER packages.

If you’re subscribed to any of the mentioned packages, you can get HBO Max free of cost right now. Simply go to and select “Sign in with a provider.” Afterward, go through the sign-in process, and you can access HBO Max free.


US Mobile Unlimited

Subscribing to US Mobile could also get you HBO Max free of charge. Like AT&T, the provider has a bundle that the streaming service is part of. US Mobile offers it only to Unlimited plan subscribers, though.

If you subscribe to the Unlimited plan, you’ll have to choose HBO Max as your included perk. Consequently, you’ll be foregoing other offers such as Disney+ or Spotify subscriptions, and more. That said, you could get four lines instead of three in your plan which would give you one additional perk.


Cricket Wireless

You can also get HBO Max free of cost through a Cricket Wireless subscription. The company offers the service as part of the $60 monthly plan, although the HBO Max version is ad-supported. Nonetheless, if you already subscribed to the plan, it’s an easy way to get HBO Max free. Just sign in with the said provider on HBO Max’s website and enter your account details.


Cable Service

You might think discussing cable TV is outdated nowadays but, admittedly, the service does provide perks. One of which is potentially getting HBO Max free of charge. Yes, some cable services already include HBO in their bundle. Thus, they offer HBO Max subscriptions too. How can you get hold of those, then? You can go through many cable services, including Verizon, DirecTV, or Dish. Simply sign in with a provider on the HBO Max website and log in through your account.


Hulu + HBO Max Free Trial

Technically speaking, the HBO Max free trial no longer exists on HBO’s website. But there are loopholes to this rule – one of which is the Hulu with HBO Max free trial.

The said offer from Hulu gives you a week’s worth of streaming at no cost. It includes access to HBO Max content. Simply hit “start your free trial” on the Hulu with HBO Max webpage, and you can begin streaming.

Keep in mind, however, that there are a few caveats to this. For example, you have to be a new subscriber to the Hulu + HBO Max plan. In addition, you must already have a Hulu base plan subscription to avail of the trial.

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How to Get a Discounted HBO Max

HBO Max sometimes has discounts
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If you manage to get HBO Max free, that’s great. However, free trials and bundles usually only give you limited-time access. Thus, it’s better to consider subscribing to the service altogether if you want to access HBO Max indefinitely. What’s the cheapest way to do so? Here are some nifty ideas:

Annual Subscriptions

The simplest way to get a more affordable HBO Max subscription is by opting into the service annually. This shaves off 16% from the monthly subscription and provides you with quality content for one year. Of course, it isn’t technically “discounted” because it’s part of HBO Max’s regular packages. Nonetheless, it does save money for those willing to commit.


Promos and Deals

HBO Max also provides discounts and promos on its own during certain seasons. In fact, its recent discounted deal on both the ad-supported and ad-free plans just finished in January 2022. Before that, there was a 30-day HBO Max free trial bundled with Roku during the holiday season. If you backtrack to September, the platform even offered a 50% discounted deal for six months to new subscribers.

Given that, the next deal or promo might come in a couple of months. Only HBO knows when that will drop exactly, so you’ll have to catch it when it happens.


Share Account With 5 Profiles

Thankfully, streaming services usually provide users with multiple profiles in one account. With HBO Max, you can create a maximum of five profiles and have three concurrent streams. That means you can share the account – and the bill – with friends or family who want access to the platform. Of course, this isn’t exactly a discount provided by the platform. Regardless, it’s a pretty good idea for saving money if the price is a bit too much for you.


How Much is HBO Max?

Think subscribing to the service the best option in the end for you? If yes, we know what your next question is going to be. How much is the service?

When it comes to pricing, know that HBO Max packages come in two forms: ad-supported and ad-free. Thus, the costs vary depending on the plan. The former will set you back $9.99 monthly while the latter is $14.99 monthly. If you’re fine with a long-term commitment, you can also choose an annual billing cycle. This will incur you $99.99 yearly (ad-supported) or $149.99 yearly (ad-free).

Both packages provide access to all of HBO Max’s content – including that of Warner Bros. Moreover, those give you up to five profiles and curate your experience equally. However, only the ad-free version allows you to download titles for offline viewing (up to 30). In addition, it’s the only one that allows you to stream in 4K UHD.


Best Shows on HBO Max

There are many popular and original titles you can watch
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The biggest edge any streaming platform will have over a rival platform lies in its media offerings. So, which shows can you look forward to if you sign up for HBO Max? Let’s find out.

The best TV shows you can look forward to are some of the biggest titles in the last decade. Those include Game of Thrones, Westworld, Veep, Barry, and more. Even the new Game of Thrones Prequel will be on the website if you sign up. In addition, you can anticipate popular shows from various media libraries, including those of Cartoon Network, TNT, CNN, and more. You can even look forward to classics like Friends, Pretty Little Liars, and others.

Furthermore, HBO Max isn’t a streaming platform that’s strictly limited to Western shows and movies. That’s because it also houses a decent library of foreign media. It even offers famous anime you’ll usually find from Crunchyroll such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Re:ZERO, to mention a few.

As for movies, HBO Max might even top Disney+ or Netflix when it comes to big titles. That’s because it offers some of the best from Warner Bros. Of course, new titles won’t come out on the theatrical release date. That was the setup last year but Warner Bros. has since revoked that ruling as of 2022. Nonetheless, new Warner Bros. movies can release on HBO Max as soon as 45 days have passed since their theatrical debut.

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How to Register for HBO Max

Whether a streaming platform is worth it to you or not will all depend on what you want to watch. Given that, how can you register or sign up for HBO Max if you’re already convinced you like the platform? Here’s a guide:

1. Open your browser and go to
2. Hit the “Sign up now” button.
3. Choose a plan (ad-supported or ad-free) and a billing cycle (monthly or annually).
4. Enter all the personal details required and hit “Create account”.
5. Input your payment details and select “Start subscription”.

After these, you can start watching HBO Max content on the website or app.

Download HBO Max on Android

Download HBO Max on iOS


Where Can You Access HBO Max?

The service can be accessed on various devices
Photo from WarnerMedia

You can stream all your favorite shows and movies through multiple platforms and devices. Here’s a summary of all the possible options:


You can access HBO Max on most major smart TVs. These include Samsung TV, LG Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and even VIZIO SmartCast TVs. Moreover, you can experience the service via streaming boxes and sticks like the Google Chromecast and Roku. Of course, you’ll have to access HBO Max through the official app within each operating system.



HBO Max is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. You can watch the service’s content on any computer browser that can open the website.



HBO Max is accessible on Sony’s most recent PlayStation consoles – the PS4 and PS5. You can utilize the service via the app provided in the said platforms’ store. Don’t have PlayStation but own an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S? You can still watch HBO Max content on the latter platform. If you’re on the Nintendo Switch, though, the streaming service is not available.


Mobile Device

You can access HBO Max on most phones and tablets that use Android or iOS. It’s also available on Amazon Fire Tablets.


HBO Max vs HBO Go vs HBO Now

You might have heard about HBO Go and HBO Now on top of HBO Max, and have come out confused. We don’t blame you because HBO isn’t exactly the “king of clarity” in the streaming service industry. With that said, what distinguishes HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO Max from each other? Here’s a quick overview.

HBO Go and HBO Now were roughly the same, content-wise. The only thing separating the two was the medium you would watch either service on. HBO Go came with your cable TV provider as part of a bundle. On the other hand, HBO Now was a standalone streaming service similar to Netflix and HBO Max.

However, HBO already discontinued both HBO Go and HBO Now in favor of a more streamlined approach. This is where HBO Max comes in. The service serves as HBO’s only premium subscription service and now includes WarnerMedia titles. It also has original content that’s exclusive to the platform.


Enjoy Free HBO Max Today

With the know-how on getting HBO Max free or discounted, you can now save some money for more important things or test the service first. Whatever your goal may be, we hope this guide helped you. If it did, feel free to share this with your friends or family who are also interested in the streaming service. Enjoy HBO Max with them today!