How to Remove a TikTok Filter from Videos With Ease

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TikTok is an example of a great video-sharing platform because of the many filters and effects that are so fun to use. However, some of its beauty filters may sometimes make you not recognize yourself. If you are asking how to remove a TikTok filter from your video, you have arrived at the right place.

How to remove a tiktok filter


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  1. How to Remove a TikTok Filter from a Video Before Posting?
  2. How to Record TikTok Videos Without Filters?
  3. Can You Remove TikTok Filters from Your Draft Videos?
  4. Can You Remove TikTok Filters on Someone’s Video?
  5. What TikTok Filter Remover App Works?


How to Remove a TikTok Filter from a Video Before Posting?

You’ve heard of the tips and tricks that people use to remove TikTok watermarks. That aside, you can also magically remove a TikTok filter from videos you record. However, it’s only possible when you haven’t posted the TikTok video.

Once a TikTok is posted, it becomes permanent and almost impossible to edit unless you’ve kept the raw footage. However, you can easily remove a filter on TikTok when you’re still creating drafts:

How to remove tiktok filter
Screencap from TikTok App
  1. In the video editing interface of TikTok, select Filters in the side panel.
  2. Drag the slider to the left if you want to weaken the filter effect but don’t want to remove it all the way.
  3. Click the no icon (a circle with a line through it) if you want to remove all TikTok filters from the video.


How to Record TikTok Videos Without Filters?

Let’s say you want to record a brand new video for your planned TikTok playlist. However, you don’t want to apply any default filters to yourself while recording. Fortunately, while filters are fairly prominent in the app, they’re not necessary. You can easily remove filters before recording a TikTok video.

How to remove tiktok effects
Screencap from TikTok App
  1. Before pressing the record button on TikTok, press the “Filters” icon on the top-right edge of your screen.
  2. Select Portrait the pick Normal.
  3. Select Effect beside the record icon and pick none.
  4. Navigate to the Beautify section.
  5. Set everything to level zero using the slider in the Face tab.
  6. In the Makeup tab, set all settings to level zero with the slider.

Now, you are ready to record TikTok videos without any filters. You also no longer need to worry about adding adjustments or effects later on in the editing stage. Post and you’re ready to proceed.


Can You Remove TikTok Filters from Your Draft Videos?

No, you cannot remove filters from your TikTok videos saved on drafts. TikTok does not allow removing effects, including filters and beautification, that are enabled as you record. You can only clear filters before recording or those you added as you edit a video.


Can You Remove TikTok Filters on Someone’s Video?

Unfortunately, you cannot remove a TikTok filter from someone else’s posted video. There’s no way to peer through the filter to know what’s happening in the initial shot. No matter what others may say, you cannot do such a thing.

TikTok itself also does not allow this as a feature. That’s because doing so would violate the user’s privacy. Moreover, it would eliminate the whole point of adding filters on TikTok. If people could remove filters so easily, adding them in wouldn’t be as fun.

Of course, you may be able to remove a filter from a saved TikTok video if you’re a well-versed video or photo editor. However, it will only be limited to subtle filters, like those that may add noise or grain. It won’t apply to anything more complex, like those that reduce the subject to a silhouette.


What TikTok Filter Remover App Works?

Numerous apps out there assert that they can remove filters from videos and photos. However, these apps are usually hoaxes and cannot truly extract the raw footage for you. They may be able to do some guesswork and fill in some blanks through AI.

Alternatively, they may also use a different filter to make the output seem “unfiltered.” However, there are currently no apps that can do so in the way you want. Current technology cannot achieve that yet — and it might not at all if we value privacy.

With that said, we advise you to stay cautious when looking for or downloading apps that claim to do this. That’s because most of these apps are malicious and serve as undercover spyware. Some of them may introduce malware to your phone or computer.

Moreover, these apps may steal your information or track you without consent. Data miners are all too familiar with mobile platforms, whether iOS or Android. Hence, remember to be careful when trying out apps like these.


The Bottom Line

Learning how to remove a TikTok filter isn’t too difficult as long as it’s your own. However, you must accomplish this before you post the video. Otherwise, you can no longer retract what you’ve done and remove the filter after post-publishing.

Furthermore, you cannot remove a filter from someone else’s posted TikTok. That is unless you’ve somehow managed to gain access to their account. However, that would be illegal and a breach of TikTok’s community guidelines. Doing so will certainly ban you from the platform unless the user consented.