OfficeSuite: A Look at The Top Mobile Office Suite Application

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 OfficeSuite is one of the top Microsoft Office alternatives in the market right now. Today, we take a look at this useful little app and dive into its features. Let’s go!



A Brief History Of OfficeSuite


OfficeSuite was developed by MobiSystems. Released in 2004, OfficeSuite was at first an app exclusive to Palm OS. It featured the company’s productivity tools (Quick Spell, Quick Check, and Quick Write). MobiSystems released a Symbian-compatible version the following year.

Up until 2009, OfficeSuite was used as a document reader. Electronics giant Sony had different plans. The Japanese firm inquired about a full-fledged office application suite from MobiSystems. They asked for results in 12 weeks. MobiSystems didn’t back down from the challenge, producing the newly developed OfficeSuite. Sony preinstalled the app on all their mobile phones on all their Google-based devices in 2009.

OfficeSuite would release an iOS version in 2013 and would debut on Microsoft Windows in 2016. Google would award OfficeSuite with its Android Excellence Award in 2018.

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What Is OfficeSuite?

Get OfficeSuite now and boost your productivity
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OfficeSuite is a great productivity tool suite for your Android and iOS devices. Similar to Office, this app offers several office tools. These include word processing, spreadsheet, email tools, presentation, and PDF editor and reader.

The app is available as a free download on the iOS App Store You can upgrade the app via purchasing a license for it. In-app purchases are also available, for added utility tools. 

OfficeSuite licenses go for $29.99 a year for a personal license, which gives you access to the full spectrum of useful features for OfficeSuite. A big plus is the inclusion of 50 gigabytes worth of cloud storage with MobiSystem Drive. A personal license allows one user to have the app on two mobile devices and one computer.

A group license costs $49.99 annually. This license allows 3 users to use the app on 1 computer and 2 mobile devices separately. Just like the personal license, the group license comes with a 50GB cloud storage solution. 

OfficeSuite also offers a PC-only lifetime license. The license goes for $99.99 but is only available for the PC. It comes with a 5GB cloud storage solution.

The app also offers licenses fit for business use. A single-user license is $3.99 per month. Business owners can get licenses for up to 200 users. And gain access to 50GB worth of cloud storage. The single-user license lets the user have the app on 5 PCs and 10 mobile devices.

Business owners can also customize their license plans. Check with MobiSystems about their Enterprise license to get a custom user experience for employees.



OfficeSuite Features


OfficeSuite: Your one-stop shop for Productivity apps
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OfficeSuite offers great features that make it one of the best productivity apps on the market today. Let’s take a gander at what you can expect from the app.


Cross-platform compatibility

OfficeSuite’s app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The app also works across multiple file-formats. The most common file formats and languages are supported across each version of OfficeSuite.


PDF Integration

You can convert PDFs to Word, Excel or ePub compatible formats. Users can also scan documents using your mobile phone’s camera. OfficeSuite also supports certification and markup. This includes digital signatures support, permissions management, text to PDF, and document annotations.


Document Password Protection

You can now secure documents by adding a password to documents you edit or create, keeping prying eyes away from your docs.


Cloud Storage

Sometimes, a good productivity app is all you need. Enter OfficeSuite.
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MobiSystems offers its Cloud storage solution. The app also works well with other Cloud solutions like DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, OneDrive, and SugarSync. You can also share documents by way of email, Bluetooth, and messaging app. 


Tracking Edits and Changes

This is a pretty sweet feature. If you’re working in an office environment, documents can go through several revisions. Now, changes to a document can be tracked easily. Comments can be added in a snap, making collaboration on documents as easy as pie. 



Another useful feature for business and enterprise users is the Chat feature. This feature helps make workplace collaboration even easier. Keeping in touch with co-workers is a breeze with this feature.





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We took OfficeSuite out for a spin, checked out a few features, so here are our impressions so far:

The first thing users will notice is the clean and well-designed user interface. Bringing the app up displays a screen that allows you to select what type of document you wish to work on. It displays options for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentation slides. Simple, but very effective.

Cloud storage integration is well done, with documents opened via cloud showing up in the Recent Documents section. Opening a document also displays Cloud options, a good sign for users who save most of their documents on a cloud.

Another plus in our books is the inclusion of a pretty good file browser. The browser lets users select a default location for their documents the first time it starts up. 

Working with images is a bit iffy, and could use a few more improvements. One difficulty we noticed was in resizing images. The new version is still head and shoulders above older versions from OfficeSuite.



In Conclusion

OfficeSuite gives users a lot of bang for their buck. It is an excellent alternative to using Microsoft Office. It has great features and flexible price points for its features. Best of all, you can get its basic version for free.

If you need an excellent productivity app that covers all your needs and fits your budget, then MobiSoft’s OfficeSuite is definitely for you.