Resy vs Open Table: Which Restaurant Reservation App is Better?

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Making a restaurant reservation has become easier in recent years. Gone are the days when patrons have to call the restaurant to reserve seats or walk in only to be met with disappointment when they find out that tables are no longer available. In situations like pandemics, it’s also become essential to book tables in advance. This is because seating capacity has become more limited than before and it’s difficult to secure tables at restaurants. Luckily, you can now use a reservation app to make your reservations without having to worry about running out of tables. Resy and Open Table are two of the best apps that you can count on for such things. But what exactly sets them apart from each other?

Find out which reservation app is better to make your reservations with in this Resy and Open Table breakdown.

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Resy vs Open Table: A Quick Glance


Compatibility Desktop, iOS, Android Desktop, iOS, Android
Pricing Free; Pre-payments may be required for certain reservations Free; Some experiences might require pre-payment
Reservation Management In-app reservation management and cancellations In-app booking, cancellation, and reservation modifications.
Rewards Program Available Available
Restaurant Coverage 26 US States and 4 International locations such as France, Italy, Peru, and Spain 20 US States and 20 International locations including Tokyo, South Australia, Glasglow, and Vancouver
Next Step Visit the Website Visit the Website


Resy vs Open Table: Making Reservations

In terms of making reservations, both apps showcase similar features. However, Open Table might have the upper hand when it comes to getting in contact with the establishment that you are making the reservation with.

resy app
© Photo by Resy

With Open Table, customers can get in touch with the restaurant before or after (within 14 days) of their reservation. This is so they can ask questions, inform the restaurant about dietary preferences, and coordinate with the restaurant in the event of forgotten items. The restaurant will respond through Open Table. As of writing, Resy doesn’t have a similar feature and you will have to get in touch with the restaurant yourself if you have any specifications or if you need to coordinate with them.

Moreover, both apps allow you to book, modify, and cancel your reservations. Remember to make reservations responsibly. Otherwise, you are at the risk of having a negative status on your account.


Resy vs Open Table: Cancellations

Resy and Open Table both require patrons to cancel their engagements at least 30 minutes in advance. Those who fail to cancel their engagements in advance will be considered “No Shows”.

In this case, both apps reserve the right to take necessary actions against users who continuously violate their reservations.

Bear in mind that cancellation policies will vary from restaurant to restaurant. Resy and Open Table do not have control over the terms of these restaurants. There might be restaurants that require more than a 30-minute cancellation notice. There might also be restaurants that charge a fee in the event of a cancellation. In such cases, patrons may settle their fees through their respective apps.

Customers must review the terms made by these restaurants when they make their booking to avoid charges and the like.


Resy vs Open Table: Payments

When using any reservation app, it’s important to review their terms when it comes to payments. Both Resy and Open Table clearly state in their terms that some restaurants require pre-payment before the reservation can be confirmed. As mentioned, some restaurants may also charge a cancellation fee if the customer chooses to cancel a reservation. As such, patrons might need to input their credit card details to make payments. This applies to both Resy and Open Table.

If the establishment does not require pre-payment, you can simply proceed to the restaurant and pay after you finish your meal. Payment methods will vary for each restaurant.

open table app
© Photo by Open Table from the Play Store

If a pre-payment is required, don’t forget to wait for a confirmation that states that the reservation is successful. Bear in mind that certain terms and conditions will apply when you book with either app, so it’s important to review their respective reservation policies.


Resy vs Open Table: Coverage

Both apps feature a variety of restaurants and locations. Resy has over 4,000 restaurants and Open Table has around 54,000 restaurants. Both dinner reservation apps are available in the United States and a few international locations.



Resy’s coverage is mostly limited to the United States. They offer reservations for at least 200 cities in 26 States. Most of their customers come from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London. Resy also offers reservations for restaurants in Europe, including France and Spain. If you’re staying in cities like New York, you might want to reserve a restaurant with Resy as you might have a better chance of getting a table with it.

Open Table

Contrary to Resy, you can make more reservations with Open Table. The restaurant booking app is available in 20 US States and locations such as Tokyo, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The app caters to more international destinations than Resy. If you travel a lot, Open Table might be the better app to make your restaurant reservation with as it caters to more locations.


Resy vs Open Table: Booking for Others

Both apps allow their users to book on behalf of others but there are a couple of differences in the process. Ideally, for both apps, this feature is reserved for professionals and for business purposes. You cannot book for others with a personal account.



To book on behalf of others with Resy, you will need access to Concierge Tags. These are tags given by establishments to certain parties so they can book for other people. This feature, however, is not available on the app itself but Resy OS — the management programs for restauranteurs. This is not a feature that patrons can readily access through their apps.

Resy concierge
© Photo by Resy

If you have Resy OS and want to make allow a guest to make reservations for others, you can simply follow the steps below:

  1. On the top left corner, click on the restaurant name.
  2. Click on Settings and then Tags.
  3. Locate and tap on Guest Tags or Visit Tags.
  4. You can either edit an existing guest tag or you can opt to create a new tag.
  5. On the tag creation page or the edit page, tap on Concierge as the tag type.

Once done, they will now be able to create bookings for others.


Open Table

Before you can make a booking for others in Open Table, you need to register for an Administrative Professional account. This is ideal for assistants, planners, and the like to create reservations on behalf of others.

If you’re signing up for a new account, simply fill up the form as usual and check the box at the end of the form that states ” I am an administrative professional who books reservations for others.”

© Photo by Open Table


On the other hand, if you want to convert your existing account into an Administrative Professional account, you can simply follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your existing account.
  2. Locate the Profile Icon in the upper right corner and tap on My Profile.
  3. Select Account Details on the left side.
  4. Locate the check box that states “I am an administrative professional who books reservations for others”.
  5. Tick the box and save your changes.

Once done, you can now book or reserve tables for others. You will need to add the list of names of the diners that you will be handling through the website before you can make reservations. Adding diners to your Administrative Professional account cannot be done on the app and must be done with a desktop. Reservations, however, can be done using the Android or iOS app.


Resy vs Open Table: Special Experiences

Resy and Open Table have a couple of special features that set them apart from each other. These offers also add to the dining experience of their user and enhance them according to their preferences.

The great thing about Resy is that it shows users the special events and experiences that they might want to try out that are in proximity to their location. From tasting menus to musical performances, they have a calendar of events that users can access and check out if ever they want to experience something new in the city that they are in. They also have unique restaurant categories that separate restaurants from each other in case you’re looking to dine at specific ones like women-owned restaurants and vegan restaurants.

© Photo by Resy

Open Table, on the other hand, shows a list of Private Dining experiences. This category helps eliminate the hassle of locating private rooms for dining events. They list available private dining restaurants on one page so that you don’t have to look all over the Internet for them. Both apps also have similar categories to the ones that are on Resy but theirs is not as specific. They also don’t have an events calendar.

Though, the good thing about Open Table is that you can narrow down your search for restaurants and dining experiences in terms of neighborhoods and landmarks so you won’t have a hard time exploring the area.


Why You Should Choose Resy

Resy is the perfect restaurant reservation app for you if:

  • You are more of a local traveler or if you’re traveling within the United States.
  • You are a fan of exploring different localities and experiences.
  • If you don’t need to have a wide range of restaurants and prefer dining experiences that are closer to home.


Why You Should Choose Open Table

Open Table is the reservation app for you if:

  • You are a frequent traveler and dine out in the countries that you visit.
  • You want a dining experience that is near to the landmark that you are in or if you’re looking for a restaurant in the neighborhood that you’re in.
  • If you’re a foodie who wants to discover the best-hidden gems around.


Resy vs Open Table: The Verdict

Resy VS OpenTable
Photo by Cellular News


Resy and Open Table are two of the best reservation apps in the market today. Both apps are free, easy to use, and accessible across different platforms. The apps also make it easier to book a restaurant and experience unique dining experiences. The apps each have their share of loyal users and are well-loved by them.

Like other apps, these Resy and Open Table aren’t perfect. Each of them has its flaws. Depending on what you want as a user, one app might be better than the other. Nonetheless, both apps are continuously improving their services for the endearing public to try.

In terms of which app is the best, it’s up to you to decide. Both apps provide users with different experiences and are great for certain situations. If need be, you can download both apps to see the difference for yourself. That way, you’ll have more access to restaurants in and out of the United States. That said, always be responsible when making your bookings. Don’t forget to read the terms and policies so that you can be a responsible diner.