Battlefield Mobile Release Date: Everything You Need to Know

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Porting PC and console games to mobile is the new fashion nowadays, making some of the most played titles more accessible. In May 2022, Electronic Arts brought the best Apex Legends characters to a new market with its mobile release. But if you follow the game company closely, you would know that it’s not the sole mobile port of a first-person shooting game it plans to release this year. Many are also anticipating the Battlefield Mobile release date.

Battlefield Mobile is the 12th installment of the franchise. The first game, Battlefield 1942, was released back in 2002 while the last one, Battlefield 2042, came after 19 years. Battlefield Mobile will mark the franchise’s 20th year.


When Is Battlefield Mobile’s Release Date

Battlefield Mobile
Photo by EA

Battlefield was first announced to be arriving on the mobile platform in April 2021, but the development of its prototype has already started way beforehand. Based on EA’s initial projection, the mobile version of the warfare game should arrive somewhere in 2022.

Rumors became even more enthusiastic when Battlefield Mobile had a brief beta test in autumn 2021 in the Philippines and Indonesia. Fandom suggested that it might arrive before April 2022, but we already know that didn’t happen. Instead, more exclusive early access to the would-be best battle royale game is underway.

A closed alpha test for Battlefield Mobile happened in March 2022 for Android phones in India and Thailand. This is followed by another batch of alpha tests in Mexico, Colombia, Egypt, and Iraq in May.

Given the rate of its development, we are hopeful that EA will stick to its early plan of releasing the game in late 2022. However, an early 2023 Battlefield Mobile release date is also possible as indicated by EA CEO Andrew Wilson during their earnings call on May 10.

Responding to a 2023 release window for Battlefield Mobile, the EA chief said, “We might look toward the end of this year, beginning of next year for a global launch.” He added that the possible shift in schedule is brought about by the tuning and balancing work they need to do after the testing phase of the game.


What to Expect in Battlefield Mobile?

Battlefield Mobile
Photo by EA on Google Play Store

There’s no exact picture of what Battlefield Mobile would look like, but we may get more details leading to it. One thing EA assures, though, is it is capturing Battlefield at its core.

So far, the exclusive tests revealed that the Grand Bazaar map will be available along with the classic mode, Conquest, maintaining its FPS trademark. The game’s Google Play listing also shows three additional maps: a snowy map and two other locations that look like an abandoned residential complex and factory. EA did not confirm whether these three are making an appearance in the actual game.

In addition, there are also mentions of multiplayer, where players had to squad up and pick a player character. Like in Apex Legends, players can pick from different roles such as assault, support, engineer, and recon. The game is likely to be completely online.


Who Develops Battlefield Mobile?

Like the rest of the Battlefield titles, DICE is the team behind developing the mobile version of the warfare game. However, they are getting the help of Industrial Toys this time, an EA-acquired game studio notable for developing the Midnight Star shooting game. Electronic Arts will still be the one to publish the Battlefield Mobile.


Is Battlefield Mobile Cross-Play Compatible?

Battlefield Mobile is a completely different game made exclusively for mobile devices from the ground up. If you are wondering whether Battlefield Mobile players will be put against Battlefield console and PC players, the answer is no. These games run on different engines and putting their players against each other won’t be a level playing field.


Is Battlefield Mobile a Free-to-Play?

Yes, Battlefield Mobile is a free-to-play game except that it has optional purchases. It includes cosmetic items, battle passes, and other unlockables you may need to buy with real money.


Where to Download Battlefield Mobile

Only Android users can download Battlefield Mobile during access; however, it will be available on Google Play Store and App Store upon global release. The playtest requires at least Android 7 or higher, 3GB RAM, and at least Exynos 8 Octa/ Snapdragon 660 chipset. The developers have yet to reveal device requirements for iOS.