Is Pokémon Sleep Canceled? Here’s the Truth About Its Release

Mobile Games

In May 2019, The Pokémon Company has announced that they are coming up with a new mobile game that is practically like Pokémon Go but for bedtime. That mobile game was supposed to be titled Pokémon Sleep with a 2020 release date window. But, three years have already passed and the project seems to be sound asleep. Is Pokémon Sleep canceled? We have tried to analyze that here.

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What Is Pokémon Sleep?

The Pokémon Company hyped Pokemon Sleep back then as a product that will turn sleeping into entertainment — much like how Pokémon Go did it for walking in 2016. The idea is simple; it will track the user’s sleeping time with the help of Pokémon Go Plus’s iteration, the Pokemon Go Plus+.

According to the company, Pokémon Go Plus+ will work as a standard Pokémon Go Plus during the day. As per usual, it will notify users when there are Pokémon and PokéStops nearby to make catching and getting items efficient. At night, it will track your sleep using an embedded accelerometer and send information to the Pokémon Sleep app.

The Pokémon Company did not exactly reveal how they will use the sleep information they will collect or what the Pokemon Sleep gameplay would be like. They did however vaguely say that it will help users train their Pokémon even in their sleep.

Neither the Pokémon Go Plus+ nor the Pokémon Sleep has hit the stores, though. To make things worst, The Pokémon Company has been silent about the project since and seems to have already slept on it.


So, Is Pokémon Sleep Canceled? When Is the Pokémon Sleep Release Date?

People have long been waiting for the Pokémon Sleep release date to no avail. By this time, it would have been easy to say that The Pokémon Company has dumped the project and forgotten about it. But, we can’t say for sure.

A pandemic happened and it put many development teams in a coma — that may include the team behind Pokémon Sleep. Some games also need more time polishing before they become ready for the public. The Pokémon Go itself took at least two years of development but turned out to be a big thing.

Either way, we can’t say that Pokémon Sleep is canceled unless the word comes from the horse’s mouth. As for Pokémon Sleep’s release date, we will update this article when new details come out.