LOL’s Vayne Build Guide: Best Runes, Items, and Spells to Use

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Vayne is one of the notable heroes that you can play in League of Legends: Wild Rift and one of the champions that is a bit hard to master. Her vulnerability and short-range attack skills make her a bit harder to use for beginners, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work around it. To maximize her skills, you need to know what items, runes, and spells go well with her. That said, if you’re looking for a Vayne build that you can use to fight your way to the top, this article is for you.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the best Vayne builds in League of Legends: Wild Rift.


Inside This Article

  1. Getting to Know Vayne
  2. Skills and Attacks
  3. Best Item Builds for Vayne
  4. Best Rune Build for Vayne
  5. Summoner Spell for Vayne


Getting to Know Vayne

vayne build lol
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Vayne is one of the champions that you can use in League of Legends: Wild Rift and in other games of the franchise. She is the type of character that takes pleasure in the destruction of anything related to the dark arts — may it be practitioners or the creatures created by the craft.

She is a Demacian monster hunter who is in search of the demon that murdered her family. Vayne is one of the game’s marksmen/assassins. Because of this, her weapon of choice is a crossbow that she uses to rain fire from the shadows.

Vayne is primarily used in the Dragon lane, which is the lane is for marksmen and support champions. Compared to the two other lanes (Baron and Mid), the Dragon Lane is a 2v2 lane that requires teamwork. As this is the lane closest to where dragons spawn, the marksman and support would have to work together to farm dragons and items and keep the lane at bay. They would also need to protect the Jungler if necessary. The Dragon Lane is one of the hardest lanes to master in Wild Rift. As such, you can expect that Vayne’s difficulty as a character is at a high level of difficulty.

Vayne isn’t a difficult character to master because she has many abilities. Add to that her short-range skills and she can be easily kicked out of her lane. She heavily relies on experience and items. She also has low mobility that might not be helpful at the start of the game. However, if you give her time, her abilities will scale and she’ll be able to become a formidable fighter.

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How to Use Vayne’s Skills Properly

Vayne Skill information page
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Skills Effects
Tumble This ability allows Vayne to tumble a short distance. Tumble also increases the damage of Vayne’s next auto-attack. When her ultimate, Final Hour, is activated, Tumble also gives her invisibility.
Silver Bolts This is Vayne’s DPS skill. True damage is dealt with at every third consecutive damage attack. The amount of damage will be based on the target’s max HP. Once activated, the skill also increases the attack speed bonus and heals her for every true damage dealt with by Silver Bolts.
Condemn Condemn stuns the target once you pin them against a wall. You can use the skill anytime but it deals more damage if your target is against a wall. It’s recommended to use this ability if you’re confident enough to use it as a failed attempt might allow your opponent to escape.
Final Hour Final Hour is Vayne’s ultimate ability that grants bonus attack damage and buffs to Tumble and Night Hunter. When it’s active, Final Hour also increases your mobility and damage output. Further, every takedown that you make when the skill is active extends its duration that increases as the ability is leveled up.
Night Hunter (Passive) This passive skill allows Vayne to move faster when she’s charging at enemy champions. If Final Hour is activated, Night Hunter gives her the chance to stick to her targets and ambush them with basic attacks.

When it comes to unlocking and upgrading Vayne’s skills, your primary focus should be on each skill until they are at their max level. Once they are at their highest level, you can move on to the next ability and focus on that. It’s also important that you unlock and upgrade the ultimate ability whenever it’s available.

To get the best out of Vayne’s attacks, there are a couple of combinations that you can use to make her more effective:


1. Final Hour – Basic Attacks – Tumble – Basic Attacks – Basic Attacks – Tumble

This first setup allows you to use Vayne without having to rely on the use of Condemn as it is an optional part of the combination. By activating Final Hour first, you can heavily rely on it for extra buffs, damage, and invisibility. With this combination, you’ll have to properly time your use of Tumble to attack and evade. This is a great combination to follow if you’re just starting in the game because it doesn’t rely on using Condemn, which is a harder skill to master.


2. Final Hour – Silver Bolts – Tumble – Condemn – Basic Attack

For this setup, you might need to have more experience in using Vayne as this uses her third skill, Condemn. As mentioned, the skill is tricky to master, especially in terms of timing; it deals great damage if done right. First activate Final Hour for the increased damage and buffs, next activate Silver Bolts to increase your attack speed and so that you can heal yourself. Use Tumble to sneak up on enemies and pin them against the wall, after that, use Condemn to strike a devastating blow. You can then follow on with basic attacks once the buffs and bonuses from Final Hour and Silver Bolts have finished.


Best Item Build for Vayne

Like other MOBA games, a character’s build can make or break their performance in a battle. In this case, Vayne has a couple of builds that you can try so that you can find one that you’re most comfortable with using. Keep in mind that she is a character that relies heavily on the your experience and the items that you equip her with so you might want to choose carefully before choosing a build that you want to use for her.


1. Damage Build

Vayne Build Damage Items
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Blade of the Ruined King – Gluttonous Greaves – Phantom Dancer – Infinity Edge – Runaan’s Hurricane – Guardian Angel – Stasis Enchant – Ward

As Vayne is fairly weak at the start of the game, you want to be able to equip her with items that increase her damage output. If you intend to follow a Vayne build that is focused on dealing high amounts of damage, this is the item build that you should follow.

For this damage build, you want to have Blade of the Ruined King as your first item as this will give you +30 attack damage and +30% attack speed. After the Blade of the Ruined King, you want to have Gluttonous Greaves there for an increase in your movement speed and more physical vamp.

Next, Phantom Dancer will grant you +35 attack speed and a +25% critical rate that is important for damage builds. Add Infinity Edge for more damage and an increase in your critical rate. The next items are widely up to you but you must build Blade of the Ruined King, Phantom Dancer, and Infinity Edge as your core items as these will give you the most additional damage.


2. Defense Build

Vayne Build Defense Items
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Blade of the Ruined King – Gluttonous Greaves – Mortal Reminder – Phantom Dancer – Runaan’s Hurricane – Guardian Angel – Quick Silver – Ward

For Vayne’s defense build, you’ll want to build Blade of the Ruined King and Gluttonous Greaves because you’ll need to be able to counter tanks and champions with a lot of armor. Switch Phantom Dancer with Mortal Reminder as the third piece of your core items. This will give you +45 attack damage and +30% armor penetration that will wound enemy champions regardless of armor.

With added damage and armor penetration, this Vayne build will allow her to be more effective at defending her lane even if she has to go against tanks.


3. Pro Build

Vayne Build Pro Items
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Blade of the Ruined King – Gluttonous Greaves – Statis Enchant – Phantom Dancer – Infinity Edge – Runaan’s Hurricane – Ward

As Vayne is an Attack Damage (AD) carry, she is a primary target of assassins. Vayne herself is a marksman/assassin, but her skill set and her primary role are still that of a marksman. For this build, you’ll go against champions of the same type, and you’ll need to be able to counter them. For this, include Blade of the Ruined King in your build as well as Gluttonous Greaves. You’ll want to include Statis Enchant as this will help you dodge their ultimate attacks. You might also want to place Phantom Dancer in your build as this will grant you additional attack speed, critical rate, and a shield.

This Vayne build is great for pros who are looking to use her for more offensive measures. This build is only recommended for pros because they will need to be comfortable with using Vayne.


Best Rune Build for Vayne

Wild Rift Runes
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Like items, runes also play an important part in your champion’s performance in the game. Keystone runes have significant offensive and defense effects that largely affect the champion’s overall performance. Secondary runes, on the other hand, complement the champion’s already existing abilities. In summary, Keystone runes affect the champion’s performance while Secondary runes just complement or boost what is already there.

For a Vayne build, here are the runes that you should consider using. Keep in mind that different roles require different runes so it’s best to figure out what you intend to use her for before you start building your runes.


1. Attack Vayne Rune Build

Attack Rune for Vayne
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Keystone Fleet Foot Work
Secondary Brutal, Adaptive Carapace, Hunter Genius


This particular set of runes pays particular focus on damage and movement. As the Keystone is Fleet Footwork, basic attacks and abilities will allow you to accumulate energy points as you go on. Once you accumulate 100 points, the next attack that you make will heal you. This set of runes deals heavy damage to opponents while restoring your health. Because of this, Vayne can spam attacks while she’s on the field.


2. Defense Vayne Rune Build

Vayne Defense Rune
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Keystone Summon Aery
Secondary Gathering Storm, Conditioning, Sweet Tooth


With Summon Aery as your Keystone rune, you’ll be able to deal bonus adaptive damage. This is great for Vayne, especially early in the game, as she won’t be able to do much damage. You’ll also be able to get bonus armor and Magic Resist with this build because of Conditioning.  Lastly, Sweet Tooth will also provide you with additional healing properties and some gold.


3. Support Vayne Rune Build

Support Vayne Rune
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Keystone Font of Life
Secondary Weakness, Second Wind, Pack Hunter


Vayne’s Support Rune build starts with Font of Life as its Keystone. Because of this keystone, you’ll be able to mark an enemy by hitting them with an attack or ability. When marked enemy champions are damaged by allies or yourself, you’ll be able to heal. For the secondary runes, Weakness will allow you to deal 5% percent more damage when you impair the movement of your target. On the other hand, Second Wind will allow you to regenerate 1.5% of your missing health when taking damage from an enemy. Lastly, Pack Hunter will give your allies 2% bonus movement speed and gold for both of you. This support build provides your allies with healing and a boost in speed which will help the latter parts of the battle.


Best Summoner Spells for Vayne

Summoner spells are special abilities that players can equip on their champions. They assist your champions to gain health points and shields or help them move faster. Typically, only two summoner spells are allowed per champion in each match.

summoner spells
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That said, here are the summoner spells that you can use for your Vayne build:


1. Flash and Heal

These summoner spells allow your character to move faster and propel yourself in a certain direction. Heal also restores health and even grants more movement speed to the champion and their allies. This is a combination that is great for support builds because it allows Vayne to move faster and help her allies.

2. Flash and Barrier

These summoning spells allow for better mobility and extra defense. With Flash, you can move faster to escape bad situations or deliver a finishing blow. Accompanied by Barrier, you’ll be able to get additional defense while you plow through your lane. This is a great Summoner spell build for defense builds.


3. Ghost and Smite

This build is ideal for Attack builds. While this isn’t a combination used by most players, this Summoner spell gives players a large burst of movement speed with Ghost. Smite deals true damage to monsters and minions and restore health. This is best for an Attack Vayne build because it allows them to deal damage while restoring health.


Build Your Champions

There many things to consider for a Vayne build. However, you are not restricted to common builds. You can explore different builds to see which ones are the best for you. The builds suggested above are common builds that most players start with when they are new to the game. There are many items, runes, and summoner spells that you can use for your champions to make them formidable in Wild Rift. The great thing with a Vayne build is that it has room for improvement because the character itself has much room to get better.