LOL’s Jinx Build Guide: Best Runes, Items, and Spells to Use

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Jinx is a popular character in the League of Legends (LOL) franchise, more so in Wild Rift. She is best known for dealing high amounts of damage and for her trap abilities. She is somehow easy to use even for beginners. However, you will need a formidable Jinx build to unleash her full potential as a marksman. To do this, you’ll have to know which runes, spells, and items are the best to use for her. If you’re looking for a Jinx build that will help deliver the highest win rate, this guide is for you.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best Jinx builds that you can use in League of Legends: Wild Rift.



Getting to Know Jinx

jinx build
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Known as the “Loose Cannon”, Jinx is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift. She’s an outlaw from Zaun who wreaks havoc without a single care in the world. She has an arsenal of weapons and explosives that never fails to leave terror and panic in her trail. Jinx is her own brand of chaos that many players love her for.

Jinx is a Marksman who stays in the Dragon Lane. For the most part, she is quite easy to master, but it might take a while for beginners to figure out how to use her efficiently. She carries a moderate difficulty rating and her skills might take a while to master. However, once you master her skills, she’s easily one of the most formidable champions you can use to win battles in the game.

Because of her skills, Jinx plays the Dragon Lane where she can effectively take down bots and win the lane. But of course, she can’t conquer this lane alone because she will need strong support to help her through. Much like Vayne, she will have to collaborate with another champion to master the Dragon Lane, which happens to be the hardest lane to master in the game.

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Jinx is a character that mostly relies on the player’s experience in the game, apart from her build. She stays at a moderate difficulty because she is easy to master, but it does require a certain amount of experience to use her skills to their fullest potential.

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How to Use Jinx’s Skills Properly

jinx wild rift
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Switcheroo! Jinx switches between Pow-Pow (minigun) and Fishbones (rocket launcher) to modify her basic attacks. When you attack with Pow-Pow, you’ll have bonus attack speed. Using Fishbones will grant Area of Effect (AoE) damage, drain mana, and gain a longer range.
Zap! Zap is Jinx’s second ability that uses her pistol the Zapper. It allows her to deal physical damage and slows down the first enemy that it hits.
Flame Chompers! Jinx will throw a line of grenades that explodes after five seconds. The grenades will bite and stun enemies who will walk on them.
Super Mega Death Rocket! (Ultimate) Jinx’s super rocket will fire across the map. The rocket gains damage as it travels and will explode upon contact with an opponent. The rocket deals more damage when the enemy is missing health. This attack can also cause damage to other enemy champions who are near the target.
Get Excited (Passive) Her passive grants her massive amounts of movement and attack speed when she assists or destroys the opponent’s epic jungle monster or structure.

After unlocking all of her other skills, focus on maxing out “Switcheroo!” first before moving on to other skills. You’ll be using Switcheroo during the earlier stages of the game so you might want to focus on this skill. After maxing it out, you can move on to Zap! and then Flame Chompers.

Once the ultimate becomes available, you should unlock it and upgrade it whenever you can. Focus on her other skills first and only level up the ultimate whenever upgrades are available. Don’t save resources for the ultimate because Jinx’s other skills are just as important.

If you want to get the most out of Jinx’s skills, here are a couple of combinations that you might want to try using:


1.) Switcheroo! > Auto Attack > Zap! > Flame Chompers!

This first set-up is best for the earlier parts of the game. Jinx is weaker at the start of the game so you’ll want to use Switcheroo! to help her get around first. Use her auto attacks to continue poking down enemies in your lane. Use Zap! whenever necessary or if you need to push back your opponents. Lastly, use Flame Chompers! to trap them and orchestrate an escape.


2.) Basic Attacks > Zap! > Flame Chompers! > Super Mega Death Rocket!

If you’re a seasoned player, you can forgo using Switcheroo! because it takes up mana when left unsupervised. Your aim at the early stages of the game will be to conserve as much mana as possible so, you might want to use your basic attacks first. Once you’ve gathered your core items in the game, use Zap! to slow down your enemies. Use Flame Chompers! to further stun opponents before using Super Mega Death Rocket! to deal a devastating blow.


Best Item Build for Jinx

While Jinx doesn’t necessarily depend too much on her items, you should still consider building them to your best abilities because these will make Jinx deal more damage on the field. She benefits a lot from attack damage and attack speed items, so you should focus on items that have these properties to get the best results. Ideally, you should study your available items to see if they match her skillset because your Jinx build can either make or break the character.


A.) Damage Build

damage jinx build
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Blade of the Ruined King – Gluttonous Greaves – Infinity Edge – Runaan’s Hurricane – Rapid Firecannon – Mortal Reminder

This is the item build that most players use for Jinx. This Jinx build focuses on single target attacks and her Area of Effect (AoE) DPS.

With Blade of the Ruined King, you’ll be able to increase your damage output because it works well with Jinx’s high attack speed. Infinity Edge allows her to deal large amounts of damage and critical strikes, more so when her passive, Get Excited!, is active. Runaan’s Hurricane and Rapid Firecannon complements the damage made by Jinx’s weapons and grants them bonus damage and range. Mortal Reminder increases the damage against tanks and those who have added armor. Lastly, Gluttonous Greaves helps to sustain Jinx in the field while she doesn’t have any vamp items as this will grant her bonus life-steal that should be enough to help her through the early stages of the game.


B.) Defense Build

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Blade of the Ruined King – Runaan’s Hurricane – Quicksilver Enchant – Statis Enchant – Infinity Edge – Phantom Dancer – Guardian Angel

Jinx’s item build for defense focuses on sustainability. This Jinx build will include shields and revives among others. For the most part, you will have to stay away from the frontlines and only attack opponents closest to you.

For this build, keep Blade of the Ruined King and Runaan’s Hurricane in your roster as these will help you with attack speed and deal critical damage. Infinity Edge will give you a massive amount of damage if you manage to crit. Quicksilver Enchant and Statis Enchant grant a burst of movement speed to evade enemies and help you dodge a skill. Phantom Dancer will give you a shield and Guardian Angel restores 50% base health when you take in lethal damage.

While this build still showcases Jinx as a damage dealer, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get the most out of her skills with this build. Remember that this is a defensive build that won’t give you tons of damage. However, it will sustain you if you aren’t confident enough in long games.


C.) Pro Build

pro jinx build
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Infinity Edge –  Gluttonous Greaves – Runaan’s Hurricane – Bloodthirster – Phantom Dancer – Mortal Reminder

For Pro builds, this is the item build that most players use for hard games.

Infinity Edge and Runaan’s Hurricane stay in the item roster because these will help deal massive amounts of damage as the game goes on. Mortal Reminder helps to increase the damage against tanks and those with armor. Gluttonous Greaves and Bloodthirster work hand-in-hand to increase your sustainability as they are both life-steal items. Finally, Phantom Dancer takes its place in the roster as an extra defense measure for its shield.

This build offers a balance between defense and damage that will be helpful for pros and long games. Not only will you be able to deal massive amounts of damage but it will also keep you alive until the end of the game.


Best Rune Build for Jinx

Runes play an important part in how your champion will perform in the field. Wild Rift Runes have two categories: the Keystone Runes and the Secondary Runes.

Keystone Runes directly affect your champion’s performance by providing offensive and defensive effects. Secondary Runes, on the other hand, boosts or complements abilities that are already there.

Wild Rift Runes
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Runes are very important to Jinx’s build. Since she is mainly a damage dealer, choosing runes to compliment her nature can be difficult for beginners. The same goes if you want to build Jinx for another role. It’s best to have an idea of what role you want to play using Jinx before you start building her because it will affect which items, runes, and spells you’ll use.


Attack Jinx Rune Build

Attack Jinx Rune Build
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Keystone Conqueror
Secondary Gathering Storm, Loyalty, Sweet Tooth


Use Conqueror as your Keystone Rune for this Jinx build because it will increase her damage with each attack. This compliments her skill set’s existing stacking nature and will help to further boost it. Gathering Storm helps Jinx in the early stages of the game by providing bonus AD since she is weak at the start of the game. Loyalty is a great rune to have because you will be working closely with an ally in Dragon Lane. The rune grants additional defense that will be helpful during the laning phase. Lastly, Sweet Tooth gives bonus healing and gold. You might want to consume as much fruit as you can for the gold bonus and the healing.


Defense Jinx Rune Build

Defense Jinx Rune Build
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Keystone Aftershock
Secondary Weakness, Adaptive Carapace, Sweet Tooth


For a defense Jinx build, you might want to start with Aftershock as your Keystone Rune as it compliments Jinx’s Flame Chompers ability. Aftershock grants bonus armor and bonus magic resistance when you immobilize an enemy. Weakness marks an enemy champion and makes them take 5% more damage. Adaptive Carapace grants bonus health and an increase in defense when you’re below 50% health. Lastly, Sweet Tooth will grant an extra healing and gold bonus that will help sustain you through the game.


Support Jinx Rune Build

Support Jinx Rune Build
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Keystone Font of Life
Secondary Weakness, Loyalty, Pack Hunter


Jinx isn’t usually built for support but if you want to explore the possibilities of a support Jinx build, we recommend using Font of Life as your Keystone Rune as it marks an opponent when you attack them. Whenever you or an ally damages the marked enemy, you and your allies will be healed. Weakness is also useful because an enemy champion is marked when they are immobilized. Marked Adversaries will take 5% increased damage when they are marked with Weakness. Loyalty grants you and your nearest ally bonus armor and magic resistance which can be stacked for better defense in the long run. Lastly, Pack Hunter grants 2% bonus movement speed if you are near an ally. You also gain bonus gold when you participate in a takedown with a unique ally.


Best Summoner Spells for Jinx

Summoner spells grant special abilities to your champions. Not only do they help them get health points but they also help with defense and speed. You can only equip two summoner spells to your champions so it’s best to choose wisely.

summoner spells
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That said, these are the summoner spells that you might want to consider for your Jinx build:


A.) Heal and Flash

Heal is a staple summoner spell for champions, especially Marksmen, who stay in the Dragon Lane.  It grants a small movement speed bonus and heals you and your support. Flash is a staple summoner spell for Jinx simply because she mostly works as a stationary champion who doesn’t move a lot. Flash allows her to teleport in short distances to secure kills or to evade attacks.


B.) Flash and Barrier

Flash, as mentioned, is a staple spell for Jinx as it grants her mobility to escape attacks and secure quick skills. Meanwhile, Barrier is a summoner spell that shields your champion from damage for up to four seconds. In most cases, you will need Heal more than Barrier. But if your support is a healer, you can take Barrier as your summoner spell.


C.) Flash and Ghost

Ghost and Flash are summoner spells that greatly focus on movement. Flash allows her to teleport while Ghost will grant her a burst of movement speed. This is a summoner spell combination that will help Jinx with her mobility. However, she cannot heal or protect herself from enemy champions. Only choose these summoner spells if your support can heal and shield the both of you. Otherwise, Jinx might not last long on the field.


Choose a Build for Jinx

Jinx is one of the most formidable characters in Wild Rift. Not only does she deal massive amounts of damage but she can also effectively facilitate crowd control in her lane. When following a Jinx build, it’s best to focus your attention on builds that highlight damage and sustainability so that your champion can last for long periods in the field. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t restrict yourself to one build alone. There are many runes, items, and spells that you can try to create a custom Jinx build that will work for you. The best thing about Jinx is that she deals great amounts of damage as long as you build her correctly.  In any case, there is always room for improvement when it comes to building characters in League of Legends: Wild Rift.