One Hand Clapping Is Out Now! Here’s How to Get It

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Take your singing prowess to the next level as Bad Dream Games releases the 2D musical game One Hand Clapping on all platforms, including mobile. The game was initially exclusive for PC and consoles like Nintendo Switch and PS4. But as of this writing, the game is already available for download out of the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Google Stadia, and PlayStation Store. One Hand Clapping is available for Android and iOS at $9.99 and $14.99 for other platforms.


About One Hand Clapping

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One Hand Clapping is a vocal 2D platformer game where players get to solve puzzles through the use of their voices. Players are required to sing their voices out to save a fantastical universe from the threat of being swallowed by eternal silence. Developers Bad Dream Games packages the game as a new way to enjoy singing comfortably and confidently.

It might sound rogue-like game where players have to battle their way out and destroy enemies but developers say it is not. However, Bad Dreams Games says the game would create a strong connection between players and their vocal capabilities.

International indie-publisher HandyGames is releasing the game.

Download One Hand Clapping for iOS

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One Hand Clapping Will Utilize the Power of Your Voice

Essentially, the game focuses on vocal inputs to advance through the stages of the game’s vibrant world. Along the way, players would be able to meet various characters cheering and inspiring self-expression.

Additionally, the game involves the following elements that make up its vibrant gameplay:

  1. Solve Puzzles with your voice
  2. Play through six expansive, vibrant biomes
  3. Sing, hum, and beatbox to change the world
  4. Meet three whimsical hermits who aid you throughout your musical journey
  5. Grow confidence in your voice
  6. Sing your song
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Game Development Background

One Hand Clapping was a small student project back in 2016 before it became a large student project in 2018. Since then, the game has undergone massive iterations to reach its current form. Developers Bad Dream Games tested the game in July 2020 as an early access game on Stadia. The demo game was received with positive acclaim and many Youtubers shared their experiences online.

In a video released in July 2020, One Hand Clapping art director Tamara Chang says the graphics in the game drew inspiration from Mesopotamian and early Islamic architectures — all playing with nature as its background. Chang adds the game also utilizes instruments from around the world.

Moreover, since the early access demo on Stadia, One Hand Clapping has been available on the following platforms:

  1. Steam
  2. Epic Games
  3. PS4
  4. Xbox One
  5. Nintendo Switch
  6. PC

Fans are excited to try out the game on their mobile devices and excitement has been mounting since the developers announced its eventual addition on Android and iOS devices.

With its positive reviews, developer Bad Dream Games aims to replicate or get more positive ones as the game makes its way on mobile platforms. We have yet to see what future plans the developers have for the game but for now, it has made a leap by giving us access to the game on mobile.