How To Add Watermark To Photos On IPhone

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The iPhone is not only a powerful device for capturing high-quality photos but also offers various features to enhance and personalize your images. One such feature is the ability to add watermarks to your photos directly on your iPhone.

A watermark is a subtle, distinctive mark or logo that is overlaid on an image to signify its ownership or to protect it from unauthorized use. Whether you are a professional photographer looking to protect your work or someone who wants to add a personal touch to your photos before sharing them, adding a watermark can be a great way to achieve both objectives.

In this article, we will explore different methods to add watermarks to your photos on your iPhone. We will guide you through various apps and built-in settings that allow you to customize and apply watermarks with ease, helping you make your images stand out and stay protected.

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  1. What is a Watermark?
  2. Why Add Watermarks to Photos?
  3. Adding Watermarks Using Built-in Tools
  4. Adding Watermarks Using Third-Party Apps
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

What is a Watermark?

A watermark is a visible overlay that is applied to an image, typically in the form of text or a logo. It is used to identify the creator or copyright holder of the image and serves as a way to protect the image from unauthorized use or reproduction. The watermark is often placed in a corner or across the image in a transparent or semi-transparent fashion, ensuring that it does not obstruct the view of the image but is still easily noticeable.

Watermarks have been used for centuries, originally in the form of stamps or seals on physical documents to prevent forgery. In the digital age, watermarks have become a popular method of protecting digital media, such as photos, from being copied or distributed without proper permission.

Watermarks can vary in design and style, ranging from simple text displaying a name or website address to more intricate logos or patterns. Some photographers and artists even create custom watermarks that are unique to their brand and help to maintain their professional identity.

In addition to serving as a form of protection, watermarks can also have a marketing purpose. By including a logo or website address in the watermark, creators can promote their business or website and potentially attract new customers or followers. This can be particularly useful for photographers who share their images online and want to establish their brand.

Overall, a watermark is a valuable tool for content creators who want to protect their work and maintain their online presence. Adding a watermark to your photos can give you peace of mind and ensure that your images are recognized and credited to you.

Why Add Watermarks to Photos?

Adding watermarks to photos is a crucial step in protecting your creative work in the digital world. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding watermarks to your photos:

Preventing Unauthorized Use: Watermarks act as a visual deterrent, making it harder for others to use your photos without permission. By adding a prominent watermark, you are essentially branding your work, making it clear that the photo belongs to you.

Increasing Brand Recognition: If you are a professional photographer or a business owner, adding a watermark can help build brand recognition. By including your logo or signature, you are associating your photos with your brand, making it easier for viewers to recognize your work.

Promoting Your Portfolio: When your photos are shared on social media or other platforms, a watermark can serve as a form of advertising. If someone comes across your photo and likes it, they can easily trace it back to you and discover more of your work.

Protecting Against Image Theft: Unfortunately, in this digital age, image theft is a common occurrence. By adding a watermark, you are making it more difficult for others to copy or claim your photos as their own. It adds an extra layer of protection to your creative content.

Establishing Credibility: Watermarks add a professional touch to your photos and can help establish your credibility as a photographer or content creator. It shows that you take pride in your work and have a level of professionalism.

Legal Protection: In case someone uses your photos without permission, having a visible watermark can strengthen your legal case. It serves as evidence that the photo belongs to you and that you are the original creator.

Respecting Copyright Laws: By adding a watermark, you are signaling to others that the photo is protected by copyright laws. This can discourage individuals from illegally using or distributing your work.

Overall, adding watermarks to your photos is a valuable practice that can help protect your intellectual property, build your brand, and establish your credibility in the digital world.

Adding Watermarks Using Built-in Tools

One convenient way to add watermarks to your photos on an iPhone is by utilizing the built-in editing tools available in the Photos app. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open the Photos app on your iPhone and locate the image you want to add a watermark to.

Step 2: Tap on the photo to open it in full screen, then tap on the “Edit” button located at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: At the bottom of the editing screen, you’ll find various editing options. Tap on the three-dot icon to access additional editing tools.

Step 4: From the menu that appears, tap on the Markup tool, which looks like a pen tip inside a circle.

Step 5: The Markup tool allows you to draw and annotate on your photo. Tap on the “+” icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and select “Text” from the options.

Step 6: A text box will appear on your photo. Tap on the text box and enter the desired watermark text, such as your name or a copyright symbol.

Step 7: Customize your watermark by adjusting the font, size, color, and position. You can also rotate or resize the text box as needed.

Step 8: Once you’re satisfied with the watermark, tap on “Done” to save your changes.

Step 9: Tap on “Done” again to exit the editing mode and return to the main screen of the Photos app.

That’s it! You have successfully added a watermark to your photo using the built-in tools on your iPhone. You can now share or export the photo with the watermark intact.

Adding Watermarks Using Third-Party Apps

If you want to add a watermark to your photos on your iPhone, there are several third-party apps available that can make the process quick and easy. These apps offer a range of features and customization options to help you create a professional-looking watermark. Here are a few popular apps that you can consider:

1. Watermark Studio X: This app allows you to add text, logos, and signatures as watermarks to your photos. It offers various fonts, colors, and opacity settings, giving you complete control over the appearance of your watermark. You can also adjust the positioning and size of the watermark to suit your preferences.

2. iWatermark: With iWatermark, you can add both visible and invisible watermarks to your photos. The app supports text, graphics, and QR codes as watermark options. It also offers features like batch processing, metadata editing, and custom presets to streamline your workflow.

3. eZy Watermark: This app provides a simple and intuitive interface to add watermarks to your photos. You can choose from text or image watermarks and adjust their size, color, and position. The app also allows you to create custom templates, making it easier to apply watermarks to multiple photos.

4. A+ Signature: While primarily designed for adding signatures to documents, A+ Signature can also be used to add watermarks to photos. The app offers various signature styles and customizable settings to make your watermark unique. It also allows you to adjust the opacity and position of the watermark for a seamless integration with your photos.

Before choosing a third-party app, consider factors such as ease of use, available features, and user reviews. You can also explore other options available on the App Store to find the perfect app that meets your specific requirements.

In conclusion, adding a watermark to your photos on an iPhone is a simple and effective way to protect your work and showcase your ownership. With the help of a reliable app like Watermark Photo, you can easily customize and apply watermarks to your photos, whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who wants to add a personal touch to their images.

By adding a watermark, you can deter unauthorized use and ensure that your creations are credited to you. Remember to balance the size and opacity of your watermark to maintain the visual appeal of your photos. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your photos are secure and proudly display your ownership. Give it a try today and make your photos stand out with a professional watermark on your iPhone.


Q: Can I add a watermark to photos directly on my iPhone?
A: Yes, you can! There are several apps available on the App Store that allow you to add watermarks to your photos directly on your iPhone. These apps offer various customization options and make it easy to create professional-looking watermarks.

Q: Are there any free apps for adding watermarks to photos on iPhone?
A: Yes, there are free apps available for adding watermarks to photos on iPhone. While some free apps have limited features compared to paid ones, they can still be a good starting point if you are new to adding watermarks or have basic requirements.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the watermark?
A: Absolutely! Most watermark apps for iPhone allow you to customize the appearance of your watermark. You can usually adjust the font style, size, color, opacity, position, and even add additional effects like shadows or borders. This gives you the flexibility to create a watermark that suits your personal branding or preferences.

Q: Can I add a watermark to photos I have already taken?
A: Yes, you can easily add watermarks to photos you have already taken on your iPhone. The watermarking apps generally provide an option to choose an existing photo from your camera roll and then let you add the desired watermark to it. This allows you to protect and brand your existing photos effortlessly.

Q: Will adding a watermark affect the quality of my photos?
A: Adding a watermark to your photos does not affect the quality of the original photo. The watermark is usually added as a separate layer on top of the image and does not alter the pixels or resolution. However, it is recommended to use an app that maintains the original quality of the photo and offers high-resolution output options to ensure the best results.