8 Best Instagram Downloader for Saving Posts and Stories

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Instagram has completely turned the table as one of the best, if not the best, social media apps there is. With the recent updates on the social media titan, such as map search, a new video format, and the hashtag platform, Instagram is adding new experiences for its users. However, one thing remains the same — downloading videos and photos from the platform is nearly impossible without using Instagram downloader apps.

With almost 100 million photos and videos uploaded on Instagram daily, it’s not hard to find a piece that you would want to keep. Even though Instagram won’t explicitly allow it, there are ways to do so. We’ve covered how you can view Instagram Stories anonymously and search without an account. In this article, we’ll teach you how to clutch photos, videos, and even stories from the platform using the best Instagram downloaders.


Inside This Article

  1. What Are Instagram Downloaders?
    1. Reposter for Instagram
    2. FastSave
    3. Saver Reposter
    4. Regrann
    5. QuickSave
    6. InstaGet
    7. Repost 〇
    8. Inflact
  2. Is Downloading From Instagram Legal?


What Are Instagram Downloaders?

Sometimes, you just want to save photos and videos of other users on Instagram. It can be a selfie or video of your favorite artist, or just really anything interesting to you. Or maybe, the auto-save feature was turned off, so you weren’t able to. Unfortunately, Instagram’s “Bookmark” feature can only allow you to view your “bookmarked photos” on the app. The platform has yet to allow saving content directly on your phone. Taking a screenshot of an image is probably the easiest way to save a photo from Instagram. But this will take a toll on the image’s quality.

Instagram downloaders are your best shot at doing this. They are third-party apps that can help you save content from Instagram without having to sacrifice the quality. What they do is that they download the media file, which ensures good quality.


Best Instagram Downloaders for iOS and Android

In this section, we’ve hand-picked the best Instagram downloaders for iOS and Android mobile users. All apps that we’ve featured work well with the most-used mobile devices so that you can save photos and videos directly on your phone.


1. Reposter for Instagram (a.k.a Regrammer)

Photo by Reposter for Instagram on App Store

Reposter for Instagram, formerly Regrammer, is one of the most popular photo and video downloaders for Instagram. You can use it to repost photos and videos of any user on Instagram. All you need to do is copy the link to the post on the Regrammer app and view it there. From there on, you can easily repost it to your Instagram feed. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to share content from other users. The good thing with Regrammer is that signing in is not required, which makes it very easy to use.

You won’t get any Regrammer watermark on photos and videos. And lastly, you can even download and repost Instagram TV (IGTV). Here’s how to download photos and videos from Instagram using Regrammer.


How to Download Photos and Videos Using Reposter for Instagram:

  1. Go to the Instagram app and get the link to the post containing the video or photo you want to download. You can do it by tapping the three-dot button at the upper-left corner of the post, then “Copy Link.” A pop-up message should indicate that the link was copied to your clipboard.
  2. Launch Regrammer and the link should be automatically copied to the app. If not, you can manually paste it into the text box.
  3. Tap on Preview and wait for the video or photo itself to appear then tap on the share button. There are several options to do from here; select  “download video” or “download photo” to save content on your device.

Download Reposter for Instagram from the App Store 


2. FastSave

Photo by FastSave on Google Play Store

FastSave is a popular browser-type Instagram downloader for Android and iPhone. Using this app, you can browse Instagram and quickly download photos and videos from your favorite influencers. It provides good quality downloads; and what’s more, you don’t need to worry about any pesky watermarks that can ruin the photo or video. The best part of FastSave is that there is no limit on how many photos and videos you can download. You can download as much content as you want as long as your Smartphone’s memory has ample space.

The only complaint we have for FastSave is that it won’t allow you to download content from Stories. We won’t mind the spammy pop-up ads; after all, the app is free to use.


How to Download Instagram Posts Using FastSave:

  1. Launch FastSave on your mobile phone and log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Go to the Instagram profile of the person whose photos or video you want to download.
  3. Click on the post with the content you want to download to activate the download icon at the lower right corner of your screen. Click on the download icon next.
  4. If the post contains an album, select the particular items you want to keep before finally clicking on “Fast Download.”

Download FastSave from Google Play Store

Download FastSave on App Store


3. Saver Reposter

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Sometimes, you also want to be able to copy captions and hashtags on your favorite content on Instagram, aside from just the photos and videos. The Saver Reposter is the a great Instagram downloader app that can do all of this with ease. Saver Poster allows you to move between the app and Instagram in one click. You can also download content even if you run the app in the background.

Using Saver Poster can’t get any easier. We only wish the app is also available for iOS.


How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos Using Saver Reposter:

  1. Open the Instagram app using your mobile phone and copy the link of the content you want to save.
  2. Switch to Saver Reposter and paste the link inside the text box. If you are downloading an image, tap “Save image.” If you are downloading a video tap “Save video.”
  3. Wait for the download to complete. All the videos and photos you save will be available within the app under the “Download” tab.

Download Saver Reporter from Google Play Store


4. Regrann

Regrann is an Instagram downloader that’s fast and easy to use. Besides downloading content from photos and videos from posts, you can use this app as an Instagram story downloader. It also allows you to repost without having to close the Instagram app.

By default, content you download using Regrann won’t have a watermark. But for courtesy, you can choose to activate the credit watermark, which will display the owner’s username and profile picture. You can also add custom signatures to the media that you have downloaded.


How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos Using Regrann?

  1. Once you have installed Regrann on your device, go to the Instagram app and find the content you want to download.
  2. Click the three dots icon in the post to open the options. Select “Share to” and choose Regrann.
  3. Regrann should automatically open, showing the media post. There are few selections from here; you can repost, share, and save.
  4. Tap on the icon that looks like an SD card to download the Instagram photos and videos you want.

Download Regrann from Google Play Store


5. QuickSave for Instagram

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Every other Instagram downloader app we’ve mentioned are very similar in terms of features. But the thing that makes QuickSave stand out is that it lets you edit images and videos. You can choose from a variety of filters and editing tools that it has. You can do more with Quick Save because of its added grid styling and photo-split features. The user interface of the app is very stylish, too!


How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos Using QuickSave:

  1. Launch QuickSave on your device and click on Open Instagram. This will automatically launch your Instagram feed.
  2. Copy the link to the post you want to download. You can copy multiple links at a time.
  3. Go back to QuickSave. It will show you the posts you have copied in grid styling like how it looks on the actual Instagram app.
  4. Below each photo is an option to report, share, and save. Click on the downward arrow to download the photo or video you like.

Download QuickSave from Google Play Store


6. InstaGet

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InstaGet is an Instagram downloader you can use directly on the Instagram app. It’s one of the easiest and straight-forward downloader apps out there. It also lets you copy hashtags as an added feature. Here’s how to use InstaGet for downloading Instagram content.


How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos Using Instaget:

  1. Launch Instagram on your device and copy the link of the content you want to save.
  2. Proceed to InstaGet right after. The app automatically recognizes and downloads the link you copied, so there’s literally nothing for you to do but wait for the download to complete.
  3. Go to your camera roll and the video or photo you recently save must be on top of the list.

Download InstaGet from Google Play Store


7. Repost 〇

Photo by Repost 〇

Repost 〇 is one of the few Instagram downloaders dedicated to iOS. As the name suggests, it’s an app for reposting a photo or video from Instagram which, along the process effectively, allows you to download them. However, there’s more to this app than meets the eye. Besides letting you repost and keep the content of other users, it allows you to add your personal touch by way of hashtags and collages. It also has multiple filters for enhancing and giving new color to the pictures your repost.


How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos Using Repost 〇:

  1. Open Instagram on your mobile phone and copy the link of the post your want to repost or download.
  2. Launch Repost 〇 and paste the link on the space provided.
  3. Select repost. An option to save photos or videos should then appear.

Download Repost 〇 from the App Store


8. Inflact (a.k.a. Ingramer)

Inflact instagram downloader

If you are running out of space to install an Instagram downloader app, using a web-based service is your best bet. Inflact, formerly Ingramer, is one that excels in this department. Since it’s accessible on virtually any web browser, device compatibility wouldn’t be a problem. Whether you are using an oldie-goodie Linux laptop or the latest Apple Mac, as long as it has a working browser, running Inflact should work just fine.

This online Instagram downloader is a very simple tool. Like most apps you use to save videos from Instagram, all you need to do is to copy the link of the post with the content you want to download. Running the link Inflact would scan all the downloadable photos and videos it has. However, you can only download an item at a time. To get an entire album in one pack, you have to create an account.

Aside from being an Instagram Downloader, Inflact is a true social media management tool. With its premium service, you can set auto-messages, schedule posts, and get auto-likes.


How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos Using Inflact?

  1. Copy the link to the Instagram post that contains the item you want to download.
  2. Go to Inflact’s website. It will show you different tabs pertaining to the type of content you can download such as photos, videos, and stories. Switch the tab based on what you need to download.
  3. Paste the link to the post you want to download inside the text field. Click on “Search” after.
  4. Download the items one by one or get them in a single pack.

Visit Inflact


Is Downloading from Instagram Legal?

Instagram implements intellectual property rights seriously. This is the most logical reason why it doesn’t allow downloading photos, videos, and other content directly from the app. However, it doesn’t mean that using a third-party Instagram video or photo downloader is illegal. As long as you do not intend to recopy and redistribute the content you have obtained, there are no legal repercussions to worry about. If you wish to repost an Instagram photo or video afterwards, make sure to seek approval from the owner and credit the profile properly.

You can get into trouble if you claim ownership of content that’s not actually yours. What’s more, you may get yourself into other worse issues if you don’t give proper credit to the creator or original poster. Always give credit and never claim someone else’s material or work to be yours.



We’ve wrapped up our top picks for the best Instagram downloaders. We hope this article helps you in finding which app is the best for you to save and repost your favorite Instagram photos and videos. While there are loads of other Instagram downloaders online, these are the best you can get.