How To Turn Your Photos Into Artwork On IPhone (Prisma App)

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Are you tired of the same old filters on your iPhone that make your photos look like everyone else’s? Do you long for a way to transform your pictures into unique and breathtaking pieces of art? Look no further than the Prisma app. This revolutionary app uses the power of artificial intelligence to turn your ordinary photos into stunning works of art. With a wide variety of artistic styles to choose from, you can unleash your creativity and give your pictures a truly distinctive touch. In this article, we will guide you through the process of turning your photos into artwork using the Prisma app on your iPhone. So grab your phone, prepare to be amazed, and let’s dive into the fascinating world of digital art!

Inside This Article

  1. Downloading and Installing Prisma App
  2. Selecting and Importing Photos
  3. Applying Artistic Filters
  4. Adjusting and Customizing the Artwork
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

Downloading and Installing Prisma App

Prisma is a popular mobile application that allows users to transform their ordinary photos into stunning works of art. Whether you are an amateur photographer or just someone looking to add a creative touch to your images, Prisma is the perfect app to unleash your artistic side. Follow these simple steps to download and install Prisma on your iPhone:

  1. Open the App Store: Locate and tap on the App Store icon on your iPhone’s home screen.
  2. Search for Prisma: Once you’re in the App Store, tap on the search bar at the bottom of the screen and type in “Prisma”.
  3. Select Prisma: From the search results, tap on the Prisma app icon to open its app page.
  4. Install Prisma: On the Prisma app page, tap the “Get” button to start the installation process. You may be asked to authenticate your Apple ID or use Face ID/Touch ID to proceed.
  5. Wait for the Download: Once you’ve tapped the “Get” button, the app will begin downloading onto your iPhone. Depending on your internet connection, this process may take a few seconds to a couple of minutes.
  6. Open Prisma: After the download is complete, the “Get” button will change to an “Open” button. Tap on it to launch the Prisma app.
  7. Grant Permissions: Prisma will prompt you to allow access to your photos. Tap “OK” to give the app permission to access your camera roll.

That’s it! You have successfully downloaded and installed Prisma on your iPhone. Now you’re ready to turn your photos into captivating artworks with just a few taps.

Selecting and Importing Photos

Once you have installed the Prisma app on your iPhone, open it to begin the process of turning your photos into stunning artwork. Follow these simple steps to select and import your desired photos:

1. Launch the Prisma app from your iPhone’s home screen.

2. On the app’s main screen, you will see a camera icon at the bottom center. Tap on it to access your camera roll and photo library.

3. Browse through your photos and albums to choose the image you want to transform into artwork. Simply tap on the photo to select it.

4. After selecting the photo, Prisma will automatically detect the orientation and size of the image. You can make adjustments and crop the photo, if desired, using the on-screen tools.

5. Once you are satisfied with your selection, click on the “Next” button at the top right corner of the screen to proceed to the next step.

6. Prisma will now start processing your chosen photo, applying various artistic filters to give it a unique and creative touch.

7. Depending on the complexity of the chosen filter and the size of the image, the processing time may vary. Prisma will display a progress bar, indicating the status of the transformation.

8. Once the photo has been transformed into a mesmerizing artwork, it will be displayed on the screen. You can now further customize the image by adjusting parameters such as intensity, brightness, and contrast.

9. If you want to edit another photo, simply tap on the back arrow icon on the top left corner to go back to the photo selection screen and repeat the process.

10. In case you wish to start over, tap on the “Cancel” button. This will take you back to the main screen of the Prisma app.

Now that you know how to select and import photos into the Prisma app, you can move on to the next step of transforming them into captivating pieces of artwork.

Applying Artistic Filters

Once you have selected a photo for editing in the Prisma app, it’s time to unleash your creativity by applying artistic filters. Prisma offers a wide range of filters inspired by renowned artists and art styles. These filters can transform your ordinary photos into stunning pieces of art, immersing them in various aesthetics and moods.

To apply an artistic filter to your photo, follow these easy steps:

  1. After selecting a photo, swipe left or right on the screen to browse through the available filters. Each filter is presented as a thumbnail with the respective art style or artist’s name.
  2. Tap on a filter thumbnail to preview how it will affect your photo. The preview will be displayed in real-time, allowing you to see the changes as you scroll through the filters.
  3. Once you find a filter that complements your photo, tap on the ‘Apply’ button to transform your photo with the selected filter.
  4. Prisma will process the photo and apply the chosen filter. The processing time may vary depending on the complexity of the filter and the resolution of your photo.
  5. Once the filter is applied, you can further customize the intensity of the filter by using the sliding bar at the bottom of the screen. Slide left to decrease the intensity or slide right to increase it, depending on your preferences.

By experimenting with different filters and their intensities, you can create unique and captivating artworks from your ordinary photos. The Prisma app truly allows you to explore your creativity and transform your photos into masterpieces.

Adjusting and Customizing the Artwork

Once you have chosen a style for your photo and applied it using the Prisma app, you can further customize and adjust the artwork to make it truly unique. Here are some of the options available to you:

1. Intensity Adjustment: Prisma allows you to adjust the intensity of the applied style. You can increase or decrease the level of artistry to suit your preference. If you want a more subtle effect, dial down the intensity. For a bold and vibrant look, crank it up.

2. Crop and Resize: If you want to focus on a specific area of your photo or change its dimensions, Prisma lets you easily crop and resize the artwork. Simply use the cropping tool to select the desired area and adjust the dimensions accordingly.

3. Alter Filters: While Prisma offers a wide variety of artistic filters, you can also customize these filters to suit your taste. You can adjust the saturation, brightness, contrast, and other parameters to achieve the desired effect.

4. Add Text or Watermarks: Another way to personalize your artwork is by adding text or watermarks to it. Prisma gives you the option to include your name, a caption, or even a watermark to protect your work from unauthorized use.

5. Brush and Erase: For more precise customization, the Prisma app offers a brush and erase feature. This allows you to selectively apply or remove the art style from specific areas of your photo. It’s perfect for highlighting details or creating interesting artistic effects.

6. Overlay Effects: In addition to the art styles provided by Prisma, you can also overlay different effects on your artwork. Explore options like textures, gradients, and light leaks to add an extra touch of creativity to your photos.

7. Fine-tune Details: If you’re not satisfied with the overall result, Prisma allows you to fine-tune specific details of the artwork. You can adjust the sharpness, noise level, and other parameters to achieve the desired outcome.

8. Undo and Redo: Making a mistake while customizing your artwork is no problem with Prisma’s undo and redo functionality. You can easily backtrack or repeat actions, ensuring that you get the perfect look for your photo.

By taking advantage of these customization options, you can turn your ordinary photos into stunning pieces of artwork that reflect your personal style and creativity.

The Prisma app is a powerful tool that can transform your ordinary photos into stunning works of art. Its wide range of artistic filters and effects give you the ability to create unique and visually captivating images right from your iPhone. With just a few taps, you can turn a simple snapshot into a masterpiece that rivals the work of famous artists. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast looking to add a creative touch to your photos or simply want to explore the world of digital art, Prisma is the perfect companion. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and let Prisma take your photos to the next level.


1. Can I use the Prisma app on my Android phone?
Yes, the Prisma app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. You can easily download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Does the Prisma app require an internet connection to function?
Yes, the Prisma app requires an internet connection to process your photos and apply artistic filters. The app uses cloud-based technology, which means that the image processing is done remotely on Prisma’s servers.

3. Can I create my own unique styles with the Prisma app?
Currently, the Prisma app offers a wide variety of pre-designed artistic filters for you to choose from. While you cannot create your own custom styles within the app, you can experiment with different filters and settings to achieve the desired artistic effect.

4. What image formats does the Prisma app support?
The Prisma app supports various image formats, including JPEG and PNG. You can easily import photos from your camera roll or take new pictures using the app’s built-in camera feature.

5. Can I share my Prisma artwork on social media?
Absolutely! The Prisma app allows you to directly share your transformed photos on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Simply select the artwork you want to share, choose the sharing option, and follow the prompts to post it to your preferred social media account.