How To Connect Phone To Infiniti Qx50

Mobile Phone

Connecting your phone to your Infiniti QX50 allows you to seamlessly integrate your mobile device with your car’s infotainment system. With this connection, you can enjoy hands-free calling, access your favorite apps, and listen to your personalized music playlists right from the comfort of your car.

Whether you’re looking to make hands-free calls, stream music, or use navigation services, connecting your phone to your Infiniti QX50 is a straightforward process. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to establish this connection and ensure that you’re making the most of your mobile device’s capabilities in the car.

So, get ready to enhance your driving experience by learning how to connect your phone to your Infiniti QX50 and take advantage of all the features and conveniences it offers.

Inside This Article

  1. Compatibility Requirements
  2. Connecting Phone via Bluetooth
  3. Connecting Phone via USB Cable
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

Compatibility Requirements

When connecting your phone to the Infiniti Qx50, it’s important to ensure that your device meets the compatibility requirements. The Infiniti Qx50 supports connectivity with a wide range of mobile phones, but there are a few key factors to keep in mind.

First and foremost, your phone should have Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth is the most common method of connecting your phone to a vehicle. It allows for wireless communication between the devices, enabling you to make hands-free calls, stream music, and access other phone features through the car’s infotainment system.

Additionally, check if your phone’s operating system is compatible with the Infiniti Qx50. The car’s infotainment system may have specific requirements for iOS or Android versions. Be sure to check the model year of your Qx50 and review the compatibility list provided by Infiniti to ensure that your phone’s operating system is supported.

Furthermore, if you wish to use wireless Apple CarPlay or wireless Android Auto, your phone must be compatible with these features. Wireless Apple CarPlay enables iPhone users to seamlessly integrate their device with the car’s infotainment system without needing a physical connection. Similarly, wireless Android Auto allows Android phone users to access their apps and features on the car’s display wirelessly.

It’s worth noting that even if your phone meets these compatibility requirements, it’s always a good idea to keep your phone’s software up to date. Software updates often include bug fixes, security patches, and performance improvements that can enhance the connectivity and overall user experience when connecting your phone to the Infiniti Qx50.

Connecting Phone via Bluetooth

Connecting your phone to your Infiniti Qx50 via Bluetooth is a convenient way to access various features and functions hands-free. Follow the simple steps below to establish a Bluetooth connection.

  1. Start by turning on the Bluetooth feature on your phone. This can usually be found in the settings menu.
  2. Next, ensure that your Infiniti Qx50’s Bluetooth is turned on. You can do this by navigating to the infotainment system settings.
  3. On your Infiniti Qx50’s infotainment system, go to the Bluetooth menu and select “Pair New Device.”
  4. From your phone’s Bluetooth settings, search for available devices. You should see your Infiniti Qx50’s name appear on the list.
  5. Select your Infiniti Qx50’s name from the list on your phone to initiate the pairing process.
  6. A passkey or confirmation code may appear on your infotainment system and phone. Confirm that the codes match and proceed.
  7. Once the pairing is successful, you will receive a notification on both your phone and infotainment system.
  8. Your phone is now connected to your Infiniti Qx50 via Bluetooth! You can now make hands-free calls, access your phone’s contacts, and stream music wirelessly.

Remember to keep the Bluetooth feature on your phone turned on and within range of your Infiniti Qx50 for a seamless connection.

It’s important to note that the specific steps for connecting your phone via Bluetooth may vary slightly depending on the model year and system version of your Infiniti Qx50. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact your local Infiniti dealer for detailed instructions tailored to your specific vehicle.

Connecting Phone via USB Cable

Connecting your phone to your Infiniti Qx50 via a USB cable is a simple and convenient way to integrate your device with your car’s entertainment system. Follow these steps to establish a seamless connection:

1. Check Compatibility: Ensure that your phone’s operating system is compatible with the Infiniti Qx50’s USB connectivity feature. Most modern smartphones, including iOS and Android devices, should work without any issues.

2. Gather the Necessary Equipment: Make sure you have a USB cable that is compatible with your phone. It should have a USB Type-A connector on one end to plug into the car’s USB port and the appropriate connector for your phone on the other end.

3. Locate the USB Port: In the Infiniti Qx50, the USB port is usually found in the center console or the dashboard. It may be labeled with a USB icon. Plug the USB cable into the port.

4. Connect Your Phone: Connect the other end of the USB cable to your phone’s charging/data port. Depending on your phone and cable, you may have a USB Type-C, Lightning, or Micro-USB connector.

5. Enable USB Mode: Once the cable is connected, your phone should prompt you to select the USB connection mode. Choose “File Transfer,” “Media Transfer,” or a similar option to allow the car’s system to access your phone’s media files.

6. Access Your Phone’s Content: With the USB connection established, you can now access various features and functions through the car’s entertainment system. You can listen to music, make hands-free calls, and even use voice commands without touching your phone.

7. Keep Your Phone Charged: A significant advantage of connecting your phone via USB is that it charges your device while it is connected. This ensures you have a fully charged phone during your drive and can continue using it even after you reach your destination.

It’s important to note that some advanced features, such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, may not be available when connecting via USB alone. These features may require a wireless or Bluetooth connection. However, for basic phone integration and media playback, connecting via USB cable is a reliable and straightforward option.


Connecting your phone to your Infiniti Qx50 is a seamless process that allows you to integrate your digital life with your car. Whether you want to make hands-free calls, play your favorite music, or access navigation apps, having your phone connected to your vehicle can enhance your driving experience.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily pair your phone with your Infiniti Qx50’s Bluetooth system. Remember to ensure that your phone is compatible, enable Bluetooth on both devices, and follow the prompts to establish a connection. Once connected, you’ll have convenient access to various phone features directly from your car’s infotainment system.

Enjoy the convenience and functionality of connecting your phone to your Infiniti Qx50 and take full advantage of the seamless integration between your digital world and your car.


1. How do I connect my phone to Infiniti QX50?

To connect your phone to Infiniti QX50, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on both your phone and the Infiniti QX50.
  2. On the Infiniti QX50, go to the Settings menu and select “Bluetooth.”
  3. On your phone, go to the Bluetooth settings and search for available devices.
  4. From the list of available devices, select the Infiniti QX50.
  5. You may be prompted to enter a PIN or confirm a pairing code. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process.

2. Can I connect an iPhone to Infiniti QX50?

Yes, you can connect an iPhone to Infiniti QX50. The process is the same as connecting any other phone via Bluetooth. Simply follow the steps mentioned in the previous question to establish the connection between your iPhone and the Infiniti QX50.

3. What features can I access when my phone is connected to Infiniti QX50?

When your phone is connected to Infiniti QX50, you can access various features, including:

  • Hands-free calling: You can make and receive phone calls using the car’s audio system.
  • Media streaming: You can play music and other audio content from your phone through the car’s speakers.
  • Contacts synchronization: Your phonebook contacts may be synced with the Infiniti QX50’s infotainment system, allowing you to make calls directly.
  • Message notifications: You may receive notifications for incoming text messages or other messaging apps on the car’s display.
  • Voice commands: Some Infiniti QX50 models support voice commands, allowing you to control certain phone functions using voice prompts.

4. Can I connect multiple phones to Infiniti QX50?

Yes, you can connect multiple phones to Infiniti QX50. However, keep in mind that most car infotainment systems allow only one active Bluetooth connection at a time. If two or more devices are paired simultaneously, the system will prioritize the most recently connected device. To switch between devices, simply disconnect the current phone and pair the new phone following the same process as before.

5. Is there a way to connect my phone to Infiniti QX50 using a cable?

Some Infiniti QX50 models offer the option to connect your phone using a cable. This is usually done via a USB port that allows for both charging and data transfer. To connect your phone using a cable, look for the USB port in the car’s console or infotainment system. Connect one end of the cable to your phone and the other end to the USB port in the car. This method is particularly useful for accessing additional features like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which provide enhanced connectivity and control over your phone’s apps and functions.