Veigar Build Guide for High Winrate on LOL Wild Rift

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A good Veigar build can add to his strengths as one of the best attack damage carries (ADCs) or support characters in the game. Getting the build right, though, needs some practice to perfect. Have you ever heard warnings not to mess with Yordles? Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil, is definitely one of the Yordles you do not want to encounter. Sure he has “Tiny” in his title, but with the power of the literal cosmos in his staff, you would regret underestimating him.

While he is one of the more recently added champions, he already scores a solid A+ as a mid-lane or ADC in League of Legends: Wild Rift. His strength, easy fight mechanics, and dual roles as a Mid-Support champion make him a popular character choice for Wild Rift players. Those that want to master this character’s versatility and strengths can learn how to create some of the best Veigar builds here!

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Inside This Article

  1. Getting to Know Veigar
  2. Skills and Attacks
  3. Best Item Builds for Veigar
  4. Best Rune Builds for Veigar
  5. Summoner Spells for Veigar
  6. What Next?


Getting to Know Veigar

Veigar Build
Photo from Wild Rift Wiki.

Originally living as one of the many Yordles of Runeterra’s Bundle City, Veigar was far from the Tiny Master of Evil he calls himself now. He is brimming with curiosity and wonder, wanting to learn and master human magic that controlled the very stars. Following this desire, as Yordles ought to do, Veigar wandered his way into an order of mages in the Noxii territories. During his stay in the mages’ city, the world outside Valoran was gripped in chaos. The Iron Revenant, Mordekaiser, was again using his necromantic powers to subdue the living and the dead into his rule. In the destruction created by his vile empire, Mordekaiser realized Veigar’s worth and forced him to serve.

Locked within Mordekaiser’s fortress for an uncountable number of years, the necromancer used Veigar’s magic and Yordle ingenuity for darker purposes. Upon Mordekaiser’s treacherous fall, Veigar had finally set himself free. Through the years of terror, hate, and death, he had slowly been corrupted and had completely lost himself. Now pitch black, the Tiny Master of Evil craves the world’s respect in the only way he knows how; fear! Too bad that even with his past, his understanding of the evil ways isn’t always “evil.”

Veigar was first introduced to LOL: Wild Rift in October 2021 during a 5-day event with 12 missions centering on the character. He is considered one of the best mid-laners and can switch between ADC and support roles as well. One of the stronger long-range mages, his abilities are all magic based and are split into hard-hitting strikes or area damage dealers. This range pairs well with how easy it is to learn his basic attack sequences. It allows Veigar-mains to strike down individual enemy champions one-on-one or do some essential crowd control as support. While he may not be able to single-handedly push lanes or tank through enemy assaults, he can turn the tide of any battle.

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Veigar Skills and Attacks

Skills Effects
Baleful Strike Veigar sends a blast of dark energy that can pass through one enemy unit to hit the target. It deals magic damage to both.
Dark Matter Veigar marks a small circular area where clumps of dark matter will fall and give magic damage to enemy units.

Every 50 stacks of Phenomenal Evil gives a 10% cooldown time reduction.

Event Horizon Veigar marks a large circular area where a ring of dark energy stuns enemies inside it.
Primordial Burst (Ultimate) Veigar fires a black ray of primordial energy at an enemy unit dealing magic damage based on the enemy’s missing health.
Phenomenal Evil Power (Passive) When Veigar hits an enemy champion with an ability, it will give 1 stack of Phenomenal Evil. Killing enemy minions or monsters also give 1 stack of Phenomenal Evil. A champion takedown or kill gives 5 Phenomenal Evil stacks.

Each Phenomenal Evil stack adds 1 Ability Power (AP).

Veigar is a versatile character in LOL Wild Rift and his abilities show it. While his skills are split between champion killers and crowd-control, the first ability to get and upgrade should be Baleful Strike. This ability gives Veigar a decent first strike against enemy champions or a way to push back enemy minions. Your next focus should be on Dark Matter for a proper crowd control skill. Dark matter is also useful for offensives as an ADC or in supporting tanks.

The third focus is Event Horizon which doubles Veigar’s damage control abilities. This lets him be the centerpiece in offensive and defensive actions. You can use Event Horizon to hinder escaping enemy champions or to buy time for your own allied champions to run. Finally, you should get the Primordial Burst ultimate as soon as you can for a strong 1-2 punch when combined with Baleful Strike.


Event Horizon > Dark Matter > Baleful Strike > Primordial Burst > AA

The most common offensive combo for a Veigar player usually starts with the activation of Event Horizon. This leaves enemy heroes stunned and stuck in place so allied champions can land their own strikes before they escape. Aside from that, stunned mobs are the perfect target for the Dark Matter area of effect (AoE) to rack up some Phenomenal Evil stacks. If the momentum is still with your team, you can follow up your attack with a Baleful Strike and Primordial Burst. These last two abilities are best used to pick off weakened or escaping enemy champions. You can also default to Veigar’s basic automated attacks (AA) while waiting for his abilities to finish their cooldown.


Event Horizon > Primordial Burst > Dark Matter > Baleful Strike

Compatible with any Veigar build, his normal defensive combo is a variation of his offensive one. This time, this combo is focused on stuns, powerful blows, and crowd control to let Veigar run away. Starting with a properly timed Event Horizon, the combo should let Veigar get some distance from pursuing champions. While running, Veigar can also fire off Primordial Burst at the nearest enemy champion while waiting for allied help. He can then use his other two abilities depending on whether allies are coming or Veigar is left alone. If he is alone, Veigar can use Dark Matter and Baleful Strike to try and kill incoming enemies. Those doing this should take note of Veigar’s range and the pursuing enemy champion’s range. Should allies be on their way, though, Veigar can pick up his offensive combo starting with a salvo of Dark Matter.


Phenomenal Evil Power

Veigar’s Phenomenal Evil Power passive ability is the strongest ability he has. While it may not directly deal damage or statuses to enemies, the bonus AP alone gives Veigar a big boost. We should also say that Veigar is best played by aggressive players. This is due to quickly racking up champion and minion kills which gives significant Phenomenal Evil stacks. A player with enough power stacks can sustain Veigar’s dominance throughout a game. This is also what makes Veigar competitive and even into the late game.

That said, Veigar players should also take caution during offensives and be one of the first to retreat during defensive plays. This is due to Veigar sharing the same glass cannon weaknesses as other mages — high attack potential but low health and armor. Anyone wanting to master Veigar should learn how skirmishes flow and move accordingly.


Best Item Builds for Veigar

Now that we have covered Veigar’s abilities and ability combo, let us talk about some Veigar builds on items. For this guide, we will share two of the best builds for Viegar — a Veigar mid-build and a Veigar support build. The mid-build is balanced and focuses on strengthening Veigar’s AP while giving him some additional health and mana. Veigar’s support build also focuses on adding to his AP but drops health items for shields and mana.


Veigar Build – Mid

Photos from Wild Rift Wiki.

Items: Luden’s Echo, Void Staff, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Morellonomicon, Infinity Orb, Ionian Boots of Lucidity with Stasis Enchant

As we said earlier, this Veigar build is a balanced one that lets him stay in the fight even against other long-range champions. This build can also see Veigar clear fields of weaker mobs, go toe-to-toe against enemy champions, and do some crowd control against overwhelming numbers. The key item in this Mid-lane build is Luden’s Echo, as it gives Veigar a solid 300 mana, 85 AP, and 20 ability haste (AH). Its best boost, though, is its unique passive Discordic Echo since it gives an additional 100 magic damage against enemies.

Your next item should be Rabadon’s Deathcap for its additional 120 AP and +40% AP Overkill unique skill. Void Staff and Morellonomicon come next to give Veigar another 140 AP and 300 health combined. Infinity Orb boosts these bonuses even more and gives an additional 200 health and 65 AP. Finally, you can equip Ionian Boots of Lucidity to Veigar to give him a better chance of escaping bad situations when combined with the Stasis Enchant.


Veigar Build – Support

Photos from Wild Rift Wiki.

Items: Luden’s Echo, Void Staff, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Morellonomicon, Archangel’s Staff, Ionian Boots of Lucidity with Locket Enchant

Veigar’s support build has only two main points switched from his Mid-balanced build. These two are Archangel’s Staff and the Locket Enchant, which were switched for Infinity Orb and Stasis Enchant, respectively. While the other items serve the same purpose of raising Veigar’s AP or mana, the traded items give up his health for AH and AP. Archangel’s Staff gives Veigar an additional 35 AP, 500 Mana, and, most importantly, 25 AH.

When Archangel’s Staff’s 25 AH is combined with Luden’s Echo’s 20 AH bonus, it makes Veigar a complete glass cannon. He can fire off hero pummeling abilities one after another but remains squishy with low health. This Veigar built is best used in support of either tanks or ADC heroes but can serve as a suitable Veigar ADC build when properly supported by allies.


Best Rune Builds for Veigar

Veigar Build
Photo from Wild Rift Wiki.

Similar to Veigar’s item builds, we have also split our suggested rune-sets into two — one for the Mid build and another for the support build. These rune builds are designed to support their corresponding item builds and strengthen their bonuses.

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Veigar Rune Build – Mid

Photos from Wild Rift Wiki.

Runes: Electrocute, Gathering Storm, Nullifying Orb, Hunter-Genius

This rune set is in support of the Mid-focused item build for Veigar that gives him a balanced amount of bonuses. The keystone rune, Electrocute, targets an enemy with a lightning strike that deals adaptive damage of 32 to 189 (mainly based on level and AP for this build.) Gathering Storm, meanwhile, gives an increasing AP bonus every three minutes. Meanwhile, Nullifying Orb lets Veigar have a protective shield that absorbs 80 damage and +50% AD or 30% AP if his health falls below 35%. Finally, Hunter-Genius gives a maximum of 25 AH.


Veigar Rune Build – Support

Photos from Wild Rift Wiki.

Runes: Electrocute, Weakness, Bone Plating, Pathfinder

Veigar’s Support Rune Build also has Electrocute as its keystone and focuses on supporting allies. Electrocute has the same 32 to 189 adaptive damage (based on level and AP on this build) it gives in the Mid build. Weakness is the main support rune for this build as it holds or slows enemy champions for five seconds and makes attacks on them have an additional 5% damage. This rune is best used in combination with other hero abilities and Veigar’s Primordial Burst ultimate ability. Bone Plating and Pathfinder, meanwhile, are meant to keep Veigar in the fight. Bone Plating reduces damage dealt by enemy champion abilities, while Pathfinder increases Veigar’s movement speed in the jungle, bush, and river terrain.


Summoner Spells for Veigar

Now that we covered runes for your Veigar build, let us move on to the compatible summer spells for these builds. Compared to the previous parts that have different parts of the build, both the mid and support builds need the next two spells to support Veigar.


Flash and Barrier

As we said earlier, both of these spells are meant to keep Veigar alive as long as you can. Flash can be used to teleport Veigar a short distance and has both offensive and defensive uses. Barrier, meanwhile, is a must for the Mid-lane Veigar build. This spell can absorb 100 to 450 damage (level-based) for two seconds and is vital in the early game.


What’s Next?

There you have it, a short guide to having a solid Veigar build for mid-laners and support carries. While League of Legends: Wild Rift may be one of the top games in the genre when you want something else, there are a lot of games like League of Legends out there!