15 Impressive Phone Brands You Must Know in 2020

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Over the past decades, smartphones have become an integral part of human lives. From sending messages to managing a business, these devices allow us to do our daily tasks more easily. Today, smartphones have evolved to meet our growing needs. It has more storage, warp-speed processing, longer battery life, advanced lenses, and more. Some are even dedicated gaming phones to fulfill your gaming needs. Regardless of your needs, it all comes down to which phone brand you should go for and if it’s durable enough for the money you’re about to spend on it. 

To save you from the hassle, here are the most popular and impressive phone brands you should be looking into. It highlights their reliability, status, and some of their strengths to help you make a better choice. 


15 Impressive Phone Brands You Must Know in 2020

Whenever you’re considering getting a new phone, Samsung, Huawei, and Apple always come to your mind. Yet, there are cheaper smartphone brands that distribute the same quality phones. They may not be as popular as the said cell phone brands, but their products are worth checking out.


Here are some of the best phone brands you should look into this 2020:



Asus has been around in the technology industry for more than 30 years. It has produced products, ranging from graphic cards, laptops, and other peripherals. With years of prominence and solid technology down the line, Asus flew into the smartphone industry and delivers some of the best phones in the world.

An example of its phone line is the Asus Zenfone. It’s a series of Android smartphones that lives up to the tight smartphone competition. Like other phone brands, it boasts high-end features from the design, and camera, up to the chipset. Don’t worry about the performance since Zenfone employs amazing technology. It has Intel Atom, Qualcomm Snapdragon, and MediaTek processors. These ensure solid speed and performance. It also comes with the sleek Zen UI, an interface developed by Asus.

If you’re looking for a powerful Android device on the planet, you can find it from Asus. The Asus Phone II Ultimate is the breakthrough smartphone of the company. Moreover, it touts unique technological advancements compared to other phone brands. Its features and components lean towards giving users exciting gaming experience.

Depending on the model and features, the prices of Asus phones vary from $100 to $800.



Despite being listed as one of the youngest companies in the 2019 Fortune Global 500, Xiaomi proves its capability in producing superior quality phones. It started as an electronics company. It caters a variety of products such as laptops, bags, earphones, fitness bands, and more. The company entered the industry and took the global market by storm a few years after its arrival. At present, Xiaomi is the fourth-largest cellphone manufacturer after Huawei, Apple, and Samsung.

Xiaomi has produced over 140 smartphones in the market, each phone containing unique features and innovations. Moreover, this brand has something to say when compared to Samsung and Apple. If you aspire to own an Android phone with high-end bells and whistles, Xiaomi phones should sit at the top of your list. Besides, where else can you find premium phones without denting your pockets? That’s right, only with Xiaomi.

Thus, whether you’re a gamer, a mobile photographer, or someone who’s looking for a reliable phone brand. Your heart rests with Xiaomi. You can get a sleek 108-MP smartphone for only $400 on Amazon. There’s also an all-rounder phone that suits an everyday worker: get the Mi 9T Pro on Amazon for $679.



You’ve known Sony for PlayStation game consoles and televisions. But, the company is also famous for smartphones. Phones with impressive processor performance and outstanding mobile camera.

Founded in 2001, Sony has come along way in the electronics industry. Back when the company was still Sony Ericcson, the manufacturer released the P800, its first Symbian-powered smartphone. Yet, the P-series didn’t prevail in the market at that time. Thus, the company decided to drop the mobile. Years after, they introduced the Xperia range, a steadfast legacy of the company up to date.

Not to mention, the Xperia phone line is also known for its style, power, and durability. Hence, people across the globe patronize the products for their upscale capability and sleek design. If you’re wondering which Sony Xperia phone suits you best, you can try its latest release of Sony Xperia 1 II on Amazon. It runs on the latest Snapdragon 865 chipset and has a phenomenal quad-camera. The only drawback is that this latest phone costs more than $1,000



Founded in 2009, Vivo is a newcomer in the smartphone league. However, the company gained recognition as it entered the global market in 2015. Today, the company has ticked over a hundred countries for its worldwide expansion. Now, what makes Vivo special among the other phone brands on this list? Remember this: Vivo is known for budget phones that render superior specs for the mid-range category.

The company has proven its potential in developing cutting-edge smartphones. In fact, Vivo means “life” in Esperanto. That’s why it lives up to its focal point of delivering smartphones designed with life and top-grade components. As of late, Vivo has produced over a hundred smartphones, including several concept phones that blew the international market

If you’re looking for a good selfie phone, you can try one of Vivo’s V series. It’s the flagship phone array of the company, and these are regarded as the best selfie shooters for the average users. Take a look at the Vivo V17 which was released in December 2019. The phone’s quad-camera can give you amazing shots, and it costs more or less $400. However, if you’re more into gaming, there’s the recently released iQOO Neo3 5G. It’s equipped with the fastest processor as of late and it speeds up your connectivity through 5G.



There are many kinds of smartphone users. There are aesthetical people who are always on the lookout for the snazzy handsets, while others prefer average presentation but with powerful protection. If you’re the latter kind of person, Cat is the phone brand just for you.

On the other hand, among the most reliable cell phone brands, Cat definitely is a headstrong competitor. Its products are rugged phones designed to survive any foreign body from permeating and damaging the units. The company operates under the license of Caterpillar Inc., and its gamut of smartphones run on the Android operating system. 

Cat phones are made specifically for adventurous people who dare to go the extra mile. These devices are made with a military-grade exterior and can be dropped onto concrete from up to six feet. They also come with an IP68 and IP69K rating for waterproofing, and dust and water pressure resistance. 

Another noteworthy thing from the Cat lineup is the Cat S61. It was the first smartphone to feature a thermal camera. The phone detects a higher temperature range and shows it through greater image contrast.



Another front-runner in the top phone manufacturer competition, Oppo shelters some of the best-selling phones in the global market. 

Oppo is a Chinese consumer electronics company based in Guangdong, China. It also operates under the BKK Electronics Corporation along with Vivo, OnePlus, and Realme. Its products include smartphones, Blu-ray players, and other devices. The company’s legacy doesn’t rest on average. In the first place, Oppo was the 2019 best phone company in China, and later on, seized the fifth spot in the world. 

Still, you have plenty of reasons why you should buy an Oppo phone. Among those include great value for money, modish phone design, competitive operating system though ColorOS, and flagship specs. As of writing, Oppo has over 128 devices, and its recently released unit is A92s.



Rising from a humble beginning, Lenovo is the world’s largest personal computer vendor as of March 2019. It was first founded as Legend in 1984, and its products include personal computers, laptops, work stations, servers, smart televisions, and more. The company entered the smartphone industry in 2012, releasing the first phone model as Lephone. Today, Lenovo holds the reputation of being one of the top phone brands in the global market for unmatched efficiency and performance. 

Like Asus, Lenovo has been gracing the world with the finest tech merchandise for a long time. You can find almost 203 smartphones under its name, and they are all well-received by consumers. Most of its smartphones employ Rollcage magnesium-aluminum alloy proof frame to ensure the utmost protection even for daily hard use. 

Here are some of the best Lenovo phones that dominated the global market: Lenovo Z6 Pro, Lenovo Z5 Pro GT, and Lenovo K10 Plus.



A list of the best cell phone manufacturers isn’t complete without Nokia. The contemporary era may not remember much about it, but the company played a huge part in the mobile telephone industry. In fact, it was the Nokia phone that introduced the facility of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) in the world. After its disappearance in the global market, Nokia returned to the scene after being sold to a new company named HMD. 

Today, there are over 400 smartphones under its name. Nokia 9 PureView is the latest flagship phone of the company. It’s equipped with high-end specs, including a five-sensor rear camera which is the highest trend of the smartphone industry as of late. 

Other phone models include such as Nokia 8.1, Nokia 8, Nokia 6.1, and Nokia 7 Plus



Everyone thinks the Taiwan-based smartphone manufacturer, HTC, is a goner. After pioneering some of the best smartphones in the early years of Android, rising competitors with more advanced phones put the company gasping at the back of the competition. However, it is revealed that HTC still proves it has what it takes to compete in the current trend of smartphone league. 

Furthermore, HTC is rumored to be working on a new phone called Desire Pro 20. There are only limited details about this phone as it’s still on the making. But one thing is for sure: HTC might redeem its legacy once the device comes out.

Here are some of the best HTC phones you can check out: HTC Exodus, HTC U12 Plus, HTC U11 Plus, and HTC U19e.



Google’s Android OS is currently the king of all operating systems in the smartphone industry. It is a member of the Big Four technology companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. The company specializes in Internet-related services and products, but its trajectory changed when it entered the smartphone industry in 2006 in the form of Sooner.

Today, you can find a number of flagship phones under the Google Pixel family. The first smartphones released in this hardware line is the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are the company’s recent release as of October 2019.



South Korea is home to the biggest tech rivals in the world — Samsung and L.G. Although the former tops the smartphone global competition, L.G. has brought some of the best innovations in the tech world that often goes unnoticed. 

LG, meaning “Life’s Good,” produces a variety of products such as telecom, chemicals, and electronics. It aims to give consumers a convenient way of living through the accompaniment of its environment and user-friendly products such as smartphones. These include the company’s G-series, the flagship phone line that remains prominent in the global market.

From powerful processors to stylish designs and a great camera, the LG G-series got everyone loving the handsets. Its contributions to the smartphone industry were affirmed when L.G. has overtaken Apple in the second largest market share in the US on January 20, 2013.



Back in the days, Blackberry was among the strongest phone brands in the US market. Selling over 50 million units, the Canadian telecom company was almost an unstoppable force. In addition, Blackberry has stopped manufacturing its own phones, but its handsets remain a legend in the smartphone industry.

Here are some of the company’s greatest feats: Blackberry KEY2 LE, Blackberry KEYone, Blackberry DTEK60, and Blackberry Motion.



Like Nokia, Motorola isn’t as famous as the other phone brands on this list. However, its contribution to the smartphone industry will never be forgotten. In fact, Motorola handles creating the first handheld mobile phone in the world. If you’re wondering what makes Motorola stand out among the crowd, the answer lies on the price tag.

What’s more, the company is owned by Google and Lenovo. Thus, you can expect better features on future releases. Here are some of Motorola’s best phones: Moto E6 Plus, Moto G7, Moto G7 Play, and Moto G8 Power.



Some of you may know Yezz at a minimal level, while some might not recognize the company at all. We can’t blame you. Yezz smartphones are sold exclusively through Amazon in the states, and not widely advertised on different platforms. 

Moreover, Yezz products include Windows phones under the Billy line and Android-based phones under the Andy line.  The specs are not much compared to the different phone brands on this list but they work well for average smartphone users. Lastly, the price of its phones ranges from $140 to $250.



Another excellent phone brand is ZTE. It is a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and systems company in Guangdong, China. Some of its leading smartphones aren’t available in the US & UK region, but the phone brand still shelters up to par handsets that are cheaper than the other brands in the market. 

Here are some of the best ZTE phones available: ZTE Axon 9 Pro, ZTE Blade V9, ZTE Blade Max 2S, ZTE Axon 7 Mini, and ZTE Blade V8 Pro.


Bottom Line 

As you can see, there are oodles of contenders in the smartphone industry aside from Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. Some of these phone brands deliver supreme phones with tweaked components down the line, while some are new phone brands that consistently produce new phones for the average Joe. Nonetheless, they all have a different story to tell but a single aim to meet: provide users with an outstanding mobile experience.