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Are you looking to grow your Instagram account organically? If so, you may want to utilize the best Instagram followers app to aid you. These can include services that help you analyze your followers and account statistics to better understand your demographic. You can even use apps that track who follows and unfollows you on Instagram. Regardless of your intention, there should be an Instagram followers app that’s perfect for you and your situation. The task only requires that you choose the right app.

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Inside This Article

  1. Crowdfire: Social Media Manager
  2. Follower Reports for Instagram (Android-only)
  4. Followers & Unfollowers By FollowTech Apps
  5. One Tap Labs’ Followers & Unfollowers
  6. FollowMeter
  7. Iconosquare
  8. InsTrack
  9. Organic Followers by Assist
  10. Social ScanApps
  11. Followers Track (Spy Followers)
  12. Unfollowers & Followers Track
  13. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers
  14. Unfollow Users by Unfollow Soft Team


14 Best Instagram Followers App

Perhaps you’ve searched “Instagram get followers app” on Google to see if an app that helps you gain followers exists. However, while some apps claim to provide you with free followers, they’re usually unreliable and malicious. Hence, the best Instagram followers apps we can recommend are social media manager apps that help you analyze your data and create content that people would engage with. Here are the best Instagram follower apps to use.


1. Crowdfire: Social Media Manager

Crowdfire social media analytics app
Photo by Crowdfire

Best Features:

  • Works with multiple devices and operating systems
  • Suggests relevant content for your target audience
  • Includes a Chrome extension for easier navigation and management
  • Allows you to generate and schedule interactive posts


Crowdfire is one Instagram follower app that offers several features that can let you grow your following. For example, the app gives you handy photo and article recommendations that might interest your target audience. As a result, you can publish targeted content that can gain you more followers.

In addition, it allows you to track the users who follow and unfollow your account. You can also use the app to make interactive posts that you can post on a schedule. It’s certainly one of the best Instagram followers app recommendations we can give if you’re having trouble managing your account.


  • Free for two accounts
  • Works with several different social media apps
  • Provides recommendations for posts


  • Hides the most beneficial features behind a paid subscription
  • Only provides a bot for customer support

Crowdfire for Android

Crowdfire for iOS


2. Follower Reports for Instagram (Android-only)

Follower Reports
Photo by Mafusto

Best Features:

  • Bulk unfollowing of accounts
  • Shows unfollowers and accounts that have blocked you
  • Provides detailed analytics


Follower Reports For Instagram is a reliable Instagram follower tracker app that has several different features. It allows you to view followers in different segments. For example, it can show you accounts that interact with your profile the most and who views your stories.

You can also see those that don’t follow you back and those that unfollow your account. The app even claims to reveal the accounts that have blocked you. The app then condenses these analytics to give you an overall view of your statistics.

Finally, the app also lets you unfollow accounts en masse if you’ve followed too many.


  • Handy analytics tools and summaries
  • Lets you unfollow multiple accounts at once


  • Annoying ads
  • Requires payment after a free trial

Follower Reports for Instagram



Followers+ Track for IG
Photo by Followers+ Track for IG

Best Features:

  • Tracks accounts you don’t follow back
  • Offers handy analytics tools
  • Tracks your performance and engagement


Followers+ is one of the best Instagram followers app tools we can suggest. That’s because, like most other apps, it provides plenty of analytics tools that can help you grow your account. With it, you can track the followers you lose and those who don’t follow you back. Moreover, you can even look for followers whose accounts you don’t follow back.

If you want an app that will help you understand how wide your Instagram account’s reach is, Followers+ could also be the best app for that too. The app lets you keep tabs on your posts’ performance and engagement data. You can also get reports and charts on likes and interactions. If you have multiple Instagram accounts, you can hook them up all with Followers+ so you can manage both your personal and professional accounts.


  • Provides plenty of useful analytics features
  • Multiple account support
  • Shows you a list of followers who don’t follow you back or who you don’t follow back


  • Requires a premium subscription for advanced features

Follower+ for iOS


4. Followers & Unfollowers by FollowTech Apps

Photo by FollowTech Apps

Best Features:

  • Provides insights on various kinds of followers and unfollowers
  • Free to use
  • Post analytics
  • Tracks who ghost followers, top fans, unfollowers, and blockers


One of the best Instagram followers app you can get is Followers & Unfollowers by FollowTech Apps. Like the others, this app is free and provides you with all kinds of insights related to your account. For example, you can track followers, ghost followers, and even admirers.

Moreover, you can also understand more about various accounts including mutual followers, followers you don’t follow back, and recent unfollowers. It also supports multiple accounts so you can grow both your personal and business account.

Lastly, the app offers analytics that allows you to see your most and least popular content. You can segregate your posts based on how many likes and comments each one has. Hence, you’re more able to find out what kind of posts earn more engagement.



  • Useful analytics tools
  • Showcases various types of followers
  • Allows you to watch stories anonymously
  • Provides insights and analysis on post performance


  • The app sometimes has errors and crashes
  • Hides advanced features behind a paywall

Get This App for Android


5. Followers & Unfollowers by One Tap Labs

Photo by One Tap Labs

Best Features:

  • Bulk unfollowing
  • White list for people you don’t want to accidentally unfollow
  • Provides analytics for various accounts


The best Instagram followers app should provide tons of useful information to grow your account. Luckily, Followers & Unfollowers by One Tap Labs fits the bill perfectly. That’s because, like other apps, this one allows you to unfollow accounts that don’t follow you back in bulk.

However, what distinguishes it is that you can “white-list” special accounts so you don’t unfollow them. As a result, you won’t accidentally unfollow celebrities and public figures just because they’re accounts that don’t follow back.

In addition, the app provides insights on various accounts including mutual accounts, those you don’t follow, and recent unfollowers. You can also log in with multiple accounts so you can manage both your personal and commercial profiles.



  • Supports multiple logins
  • Includes a white-list feature


  • Doesn’t include analytics tools for your performance and engagement

Followers & Unfollowers by One Tap Labs for Android


6. FollowMeter

FollowMeter instagram follower app
Photo by FollowMeter

Best Features:

  • Growth tracking tools
  • Tracks your posts and stories
  • Easily unfollows your followers


FollowMeter is one of the best apps to get Instagram followers. No, downloading it won’t instantly earn you followers. However, the app does have tools that will help you with the task if you use them the right way.

Through FollowMeter, you gain insight and information regarding all sorts of things about your Instagram. For example, you can find analyses for post likes and comments. You can also track the performance of your Instagram Stories and your profile as a whole.

With these tools, you can see which posts perform well and which ones aren’t so hot. As a result, you can tailor your content more easily to earn more engagement. Furthermore, you can even manage your follower activity more easily because the app allows you to unfollow people in bulk.



  • Handy tools for tracking growth and poor-performing content
  • Allows you to easily unfollow accounts
  • User-friendly interface


  • Requires a paid subscription

FollowMeter for iOS


7. Iconosquare

Photo by Iconosquare

Best Features:

  • Manages multiple profiles from different social media platforms
  • Includes insights and analytics
  • Accessible on multiple operating systems
  • Offers posting time suggestions
  • Post scheduling
  • Hashtag and competitor tracking


Iconosquare is the best Instagram followers app if you need something cross-platform, which means you can use it across multiple devices regardless of what kind of phone you have. It has all the features you require to grow your account. For example, it provides you with analytics tools to thoroughly analyze your profile.

Iconosquare isn’t just about the numbers as it also helps users with social media strategies. For example, the app tells you when the best time to post is to maximize engagement. Combine this feature with the post scheduler and you’ve got maximum efficiency when it comes to managing your account. In addition, the app even lets you track hashtag performance and how well your competitors are doing. It also lets you easily reply to comments and posts all in one place across multiple accounts.



  • Offers you suggestions for the ideal time to post
  • Provides a handy post scheduler to manage your account
  • Includes multiple account support
  • Provides useful insights on hashtags and engagement
  • Supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn


  • You cannot modify the app’s timezone
  • The interface isn’t always user-friendly
  • Requires payment after a two-week free trial

Iconosquare for Android

Iconosquare for iOS


8. InsTrack

Photo by InsTrack

Best Features:

  • Provides statistics and recommendations based on performance
  • Shows areas of improvement
  • Includes visualizations of your progress
  • Offers predictions and goals to motivate your growth
  • Schedules posts for easy feed designing
  • Multiple account support
  • Notifications for follower activity


Analytics tools are great for influencers and businesses, but useful insight is more than just statistics. The best Instagram followers app downloads should also offer suggestions based on those numbers. Otherwise, those figures will be useless to someone who doesn’t quite understand figures. This is why we consider InsTrack one of the best Instagram followers app options available.

InsTrack not only provides statistics but offers recommendations on what to do as well. With it, you can see how you’ve performed, identify your areas of improvement, and know what to do better when posting content. The app also provides you with easy-to-read visualizations of your engagement rate and performance.

Best of all, the app also provides predictions regarding what you might accomplish based on your current trajectory. It’s certainly one of the best Instagram followers app options if you need something robust and insightful.



  • Offers suggestions based on analytics
  • Includes a post scheduler and follower activity tracker
  • Provides you with concrete goals and performance predictions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports several accounts


  • Not available on Android
  • Complex login system
  • Requires payment to access certain tools

InsTrack for iOS


9. Organic Followers by AssistApps

Photo by AssistApps

Best Features:

  • Finds accounts that will follow you back
  • Helps you focus on a specific audience and niche
  • Offers helpful hashtags and keywords
  • Manages your unfollow list


Getting the best Instagram followers app can be useful if you want to grow your account. However, sometimes your problems don’t occur because of poor account management. At times, it’s because you don’t know your target niche or what content to post.

If this is your problem, we recommend trying Organic Followers. This Android app is handy precisely because it helps you define your preferred audience. Afterward, you can grow your following and engagement by using targeted hashtags and keywords.

In addition, the app is distinct in that it allows you to find accounts that are likely to follow back. This makes it easy to grow your account by simply following a few different people.



  • Handy for gaining followers quickly
  • Helps you focus on targeting an audience unlike other apps
  • Includes an unfollow list


  • Outdated interface
  • Requires you to watch ads to access certain features

Organic Followers by AssistApps for Android


10. Social Scan

Social Scan: Followers Tracker
Photo by Social Scan: Followers Tracker

Best Features:

  • View stories anonymously and after 24 hours
  • Analytics for your profile and Instagram stories
  • Favorites board
  • Create videos from stories
  • Reposting content on your account
  • Viewing unfollowers, blockers, and those who don’t follow back


Social Scan is the best Instagram followers app if you want something that can do almost everything. That’s because this app can provide you with a detailed profile analysis along with a plethora of other features. For instance, you can view unfollowers, blockers, and story analytics.

You can also view stories anonymously, find people who don’t follow you back, and repost content on your feed. The app even has a favorites board, so you can save all your favorite posts and stories.

In addition, the app is unique in that it lets you view stories even after 24 hours. This is handy if you want to bypass Instagram’s traditional restrictions and view other people’s stories more often.



  • Provides useful analytics for various features
  • Views unfollowers, blockers, and those who you don’t follow back
  • Handy story-viewing tools
  • Includes re-posting and video-creating features
  • Supports multiple accounts


  • Requires a subscription

Social Scan for iOS


11. Followers Track (Spy Followers)

Followers Track for Instagramº
Photo by Followers Track for Instagram

Best Features:

  • Offers summaries and information regarding post performance, engagement, and followers
  • Provides ideal timing for posting content
  • Showcases the best hashtags to use on your account


Followers Track (formerly Spy Followers) is the best Instagram followers app if you want a robust tracker. That’s because it can summarize almost all of your profile information. Hence, you can see your likes, views, tags, best content, and follower information.

The app also lets you track followers and the daily changes to the performance of your media posts. You can also gain some insight regarding the highest-performing hashtags and the ideal time to post content. It doesn’t do anything especially unique but it certainly gets the job done.



  • Provides plenty of information and summaries
  • Offers suggestions regarding hashtags and post timing


  • Outdated user interface
  • Only provides a 3-day free trial

Followers Track for iOS



12. Unfollowers & Followers Track

Unfollowers & Followers Report
Photo by Black Ace Media Inc.

Best Features:

  • Analytics tools for followers, lost followers, new followers, and more
  • Lets you find blockers, ghost followers, and secret admirers


Unfollowers & Followers Track is the best Instagram followers app for tracking different kinds of account interactions. With it, you can see your stalkers, new followers, mutuals, those who don’t follow back, lost followers, and unengaged followers. Moreover, you can even see who’s blocked your account.

Furthermore, the app provides simple charts and analytics tools to track every kind of follower you have. However, it doesn’t have other features that help you with post engagement or improving your performance.



  • Showcases every kind of follower and account based on interactions with you
  • Provides simple analytics for followers
  • User-friendly interface


  • Lacks other analytics tools not related to followers
  • Doesn’t provide performance improvement solutions

Unfollowers and Followers Track for iOS


13. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

Photo by Unfollowers & Ghost Followers

Best Features:

  • Shows your best-performing content
  • Lets you see your unfollowers and ghost followers
  • Includes a whitelist
  • Offers promotion features


Unfollowers & Ghost Followers is the best Instagram followers app if you need something simple. With it, you can see your unfollowers, fans, mutual followers, and recent followers. Apart from these, you can also set a whitelist so you don’t accidentally unfollow important accounts.

Moreover, while the app may seem simple at first, it does have more advanced features that most others don’t offer. For example, the app lets you promote your account through a global or media shout-out.



  • Shows information regarding different kinds of followers
  • Lets you use a whitelist, so you don’t accidentally unfollow important accounts
  • Allows for account promotion


  • Outdated user interface
  • Lacks more advanced features

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Android


14. Unfollow Users by Unfollow Soft Team

Unfollow Users
Photo by Google Play Store

Best Features:

  • Reveals those who don’t follow you back
  • Lets you unfollow people en masse


The best Instagram followers app doesn’t have to be feature-rich. That’s because sometimes, something simple is the best option if you only have one goal. If you prefer these kinds of apps, we recommend Unfollow Users.

With this app, you can find accounts that don’t follow you back. It also lets you unfollow these users in bulk so you don’t waste time unfollowing them individually. This makes sure you only follow the people who truly want to interact with you.



  • Straightforward to use
  • Lets you unfollow multiple accounts at once


  • Poor user interface
  • The app is slow and laggy

Unfollow Soft Team for Android

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The Bottom Line

There are plenty of apps that can help you gain followers on Instagram. These apps usually provide you with analytics tools or insights regarding different kinds of followers. However, apps can only go so far when it comes to growing your account. You’ll still have to do the groundwork yourself to earn followers and boost engagement.