Best 50 Free & Top-Rated Android Apps That Are Essential for Every User

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Who says you need to pay to enjoy certain applications on your mobile devices? In the realm of Android, the best mobile apps are always free! Too good to be true? We’ve got you! From your day-to-day business applications to entertaining apps, here are the 50 best and free Android apps that every user should have on their phone for the utmost experience.

To make everyone’s life a little easier, we’ve organized these apps according to their category. And in each category, we’ll break down the best 5 apps for you to choose from.


Best Social Media Apps

These apps are a must-have so you can stay connected with your friends and colleagues and even meet new people!



Facebook homepage dashboard overview
©Photo by official Facebook

Of course, number one on our list is the most popular of them all, Facebook! When you think of social media, the first thing that you’ll probably think of is Facebook. With over 2 billion users worldwide, keeping up with your friends and families is faster and easier than ever. Plus, you can easily source all the pieces of information at an almost instantaneous rate. Regardless if you’re trying to search for a personal profile or a business address, everything you need is just a few clicks away on Facebook.

Not only is this app beneficial for private use, but it’s also useful for business owners who want to stay engaged with their audiences. With the extensive advertising services, business owners can gain more exposure to targeted demographics and locations among the crowds. The best part, it’s absolutely free. Now, you can stay connected and even get your job done on the go.

Download the app here.



If you’re into those aesthetically beautiful photos or simply just want to keep up with your friend’s and families’ activities, Instagram is what you need. Aside from the usual selfies, you’ll also see loads of stunning artworks and plenty of events happening simultaneously in a different part of the world.

Whether you’re using Instagram for personal use or business marketing, this app boasts its user-friendly interface. So, share your stories, photos, and videos now. In the latest update, Instagram also released the dark mode interface that is compatible with Android 10 Toggle and Pie.

Download the app here.



Twitter retweeting dashboard
©Photo from official Twitter Homepage

Want to stay updated on the latest news about your favorite celebrities, sports, or just the daily hot topics? Thankfully, Twitter is here to save the day. Though there’s the danger of fake news as with many other social media apps, overall, the resources you can get here are still pretty legit.

The nature of tweets is to let you stay updated with the news without reading chunky long texts. As a booming popular social media for academics, politicians, and even students, Twitter has become an essential choice for many.

Try Twitter out now.



LinkedIn is the best social networking platform for professionals. With the continuous growth of the app, not only is it becoming one of the best ways to build your CV or to find a new job, but it is also the most effective social media platform for gaining website traffic and leads. If you’re looking to start a new career, you can easily connect with hiring managers and recruiters on LinkedIn. It’s the best modern alternative to the tedious newspaper classified ads.

Even if you’re not looking for a job, LinkedIn can be quite helpful to build your portfolio and get more engagement with professionals across the world.

Try LinkedIn now.




Calling all the youngsters out there! Snapchat is a fun-filled social media app that you should definitely try. Similar to Instagram, the Snapchat-verse is comprised of images, stories, and videos. What makes Snapchat different is its quirky filters and stickers.

Initially focused on private, person-to-person photo sharing, Snapchat now has evolved into a multi-tasking social media app where you can broadcast a live chat and messaging at the same time. Apart from that, there also a designated “Discovery” area that showcases short-form content from major publishers like Buzzfeed.

Another thing that you can find only on Snapchat is its AR-based lenses. It revolutionized the way we connect with each other. Instead of the boring old text messages, with Snapchat, you can spice up the conversation with a few tweaks.

Download the app here.


Best Android Music Players

Everybody needs music, whether you’re chilling, working, or jogging outdoors. Here are all the best music players you can choose from; you should have at least one on your phone!



Spotify music streaming app
©Photo by official Spotify

Spotify was, is, and will always be the greatest music streaming platform of all time. Not to mention, it’s among the most recognizable and reliable music apps ever. It’s justifiable with its extensive music archives, radio stations, and playlists. With the versatility and flexibility to customize your own stations and playlists, Spotify is like a wonder in a pocket.

A premium plan lets you enjoy more perks, but the free version doesn’t come any lesser than the paid version. You’ll still be able to play your desired music but of course, you have to accept the fact that you can’t skip any of the ads.

Get Spotify here.


Pandora Music

Similar to any other music player apps on Android, Pandora Music can come hand in hand with Spotify. As one of the most popular music apps today, the highlight of Pandora Music is its minimalistic design, ease of use, and its cross-platform support.

Though there’s an extensive music library on Pandora, it stood out the most for its podcast choices and the latest music released. However, the only downside for this app is that it’s only available within the U.S. But, I couldn’t speak for the future. Who knows, the next day you’re reading this, it’s already available in your country. So, we shall wait and see what the future holds.

Download the app here.



Soundcloud music player apps on android
©Photo by official Soundcloud

If you’re not keen on those super latest pop music, SoundCloud is another great music player apps. Unlike any other music player apps, SoundCloud features a more unique interface. And although it features plenty of different music genres and podcasts, this music player app allows a user to even upload and download songs from the platform.

The best part about using this platform is that a user can put up their own original content to gain exposure in different verticals. However, for those who are keen on searching for something different, SoundCloud is possibly one of the best music platforms that you can look for original content posted by the general public.

Try out the app here.



iHeartRadio is a great music app for people who enjoy podcasts, talk radio, and comedy shows. It also features AM and FM radio stations that support data streaming, and you can even listen to news and sports. It’s a radio app where you can listen to a variety of stations based on your individual tastes.

Download it here.


Jango Radio

Jango music player apps on Android
©Photo by official Jango Radio

Jango Radio does not have the same level of popularity as the other free music apps but it does pack a punch! It has a variety of music from both big names and indie artists alike. Jango Radio allows independent artists to pay for plays, meaning that you may hear a song that an artist paid to hear. This gives Jango its operating revenue which helps the app to stay free for all.

Get Jango Radio here.


Best Free Movie and TV Streaming Apps

For when you need your dose of entertainment on the go, these mobile streaming apps are the way to go!


Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle free movie streaming
©Photo by official SonyCrackle Homepage

Sony’s own Crackle offers an outstanding number of TV Shows and movies that can be streamed for free. What’s truly awesome about this app is that it doesn’t require you to sign up to stream your favorite movie or video. One thing for you to take note of is Sony Crackle runs the videos on high quality. Hence, to have an uninterrupted experience, you would require a stable internet connection.

Download here.



Tubi is another great free video streaming app that hosts a wide collection of movies and TV Shows. The shows are classified into several genres, and the search option is easy to navigate and it’s definitely mobile-friendly too. If you’re into a more classic yet elegant media playing platform, Tubi project a sleek yet sporty dark theme.

Download here.



Popcornflix Free Movie Streaming Apps
©Photo by official Popcornflix Homepage

Just like Netflix but with a free-streaming option, Popcornflix also offers Popcornflix Originals. This free streaming app is fully devoted to streaming movies and TV shows at your convenience. Featuring a minimalistic interface, Popcornflix highlights different genres of films separated into different sections. The best part, it’s absolutely free, making it a great alternative for Netflix.

Try out Popcornflix here.



Want to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, news, cartoons, or even funny clips? You’ll find them all on Viewster. It may not have an extensive library like the premium media streaming apps, but in case you are into anime and fandom, you can check out its growing collection of anime content.

Download now.



Snag film movie streaming
©Photo by official Snag film Homepage

For people who enjoy documentaries and classic movies, Snagfilms is the best free streaming app for you. However, if you are looking for some TV series and the latest movies, you might be disappointed. This is a dedicated platform that is specifically great for watching classic films. The TV and movie app has a dark theme and offers trailers for each video, which is awesome.

Download SnagFilms now.


Free Photo Editing Apps

If you like taking photos on your phone, these photo editing apps are your essential companion. Use them to enhance your photos before you share them on your favorite social media apps!



Snapseed Photo Edit
©Photo by official Snapseed

Snapseed is Google’s very own photo editing app. It offers extreme versatility, giving you the capability to do a whole lot more than just adding filters to your photos. With this app, you can enhance the balance and tone of your photos, remove unnecessary objects, resizing your images, and more.

The best part, it’s quite user-friendly which is perfect even for beginners. If you want to increase your image clarity, you can; smoothen your skin, no problem too. If you’re halfway across your edits and need some time off, you can customize each aspect of the editing, and save them for later perusal.

Get Snapseed here.


PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt Photo Editor on Android
©Photo by official PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt is an excellent app for you to express the artistic side of yourself. As one of the most popular photo editing software, the app is packed with different functionalities. From stunning ColourSplash and Pop Art to Corrections, this app boasts its extensive functionalities.

If you want to spice up your image, you can easily blend your own image with a library of images provided by PicsArt, letting you convert a simple image into a work of art. It comes with a decent set of features, allowing you to make changes to your photos with just a couple of taps on the screen and draw on your photographs to give it that custom touch.

Download here.



PhotoDirector is a complete photo editing app that lets you do more with your photos as you shoot them with the camera. Using live camera filters and effects, the app allows you to get much more out of your photos as opposed to regular editing. There are standard editing features present here as well in case you want to use them.

Get PhotoDirector.


Airbrush face smoothing editing app
©Photo by official Airbrush

AirBrush, as the name suggests, helps you make modifications selectively to your desired spot or angle without changing the ensemble of it. But if you want to transform the entire image, you can do that as well. Tons of filter options are offered here as well as single-tap transformation features that help you change the look and feel of the picture entirely. Try this app and see how it can transform your face complexity with just a few clicks.

Get AirBrush here.


Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photo editing app
©Photo by official Adobe

Adobe is undeniably one of the most popular developers of photo editing software for computers and mobile devices alike. That being said, it’s no surprise that Adobe Photoshop Express is on this list. It has a minimalistic user interface and access to all the top features that you need from a photo editing app. Whether you want to add filters, adjust the appearance of subjects, eliminate blemishes from photos, you can do all of that and more with this app!

Download the app now.


Android Wear Apps

If you’re using a wearable with your Android phone, particularly a Wear OS wearable, then check out these apps too!



AccuWeather Android Compatibility
©Photo by official AccuWeather

If you’re looking for a great weather app for your Android Wear, this is a great pick. All of the basics you need from a weather app are here, including current temperature, forecast, radar, and weather alerts (the U.S. only.) Plus, this weather app also comes with smaller stats like humidity, wind speed, etc.

AccuWeather can work on both Android Wear and your smartphone. If you’re wondering if it’s worth an upgrade, the free version is almost the same as the pro version despite the ads.

Get it here.


Bring! Grocery Shopping List

Bring! Shopping list app
©Photo by official Bring!

Here’s something handy for your next shopping! The Bring! app basically does what it says. This is a very useful app featuring a great design with plenty of customization options. Plus, it’s also compatible with all Android Wear. Instead of feeling frustrated for forgetting your eggs for your baking session, this app makes sure you’re leaving the mall with everything you need.

The best part, you can also create separate lists for different activities. Also, it uses a card and tile layout. Hence, it’s more minimal and modern than most other grocery app lists available. This is really a must-try!

Download the app now.


Google Play Music

Google Play Music
©Photo by official Google Play Music

Google Play Music is no stranger to the Android Wear ecosystem. It remains one of the best Wear OS apps out there. With this app, you can control your music, listen to stuff, and engage with other parts of the service. The interface of the phone app isn’t that intuitive, but it still looks great though. The Android Wear version is cleaner and feels much better by comparison.

Get Google Play Music here.


Podcast Republic

Podcast Republic
©Photo by the official Podcast Republic

The Podcast Republic is a great and trusted podcast app on Android Wear. It highlights huge archives of both video and audio podcasts. It also features automated downloads, multiple playlists, syncing support, multiple language support, and SD card support. The free version contains ads but besides that, there is no difference in features with the pro version.

Get it here.


Google Maps

Google Maps
©Photo on Android Google Maps

Google Maps might be an obvious choice for our Android Wear apps list, but it is undeniably useful. It’s one of the best navigation apps on a smartwatch platform to date. It has most of the same features as the smartphone version. That includes directions, local business information, and a lot more. This should be one of the apps that you should install first on your Android smartwatch.

Get it here.


Virtual Reality Apps

Upgrade the fun you can achieve with your Android phone through these virtual reality apps!


Google Cardboard

Google CardBox VR
©Photo by official Google CardBox VR

Google Cardboard is intended to help you get your Cardboard VR headset set up correctly and experience basic VR features. With this app, you can download Cardboard-supported apps, load VR videos, and see 3D demonstrations.

Get Google Cardboard here.

YouTube VR

Youtube VR
©Photo by official Youtube VR

You probably know what YouTube is by now. With endless streaming choices, Youtube is possibly one of the most used applications in the whole wide world. Some might think Youtube has reached its peak.

This media platform continues to evolve, and Youtube VR adds an extra dimension to it. To access this feature, it’s simple. All you need is to install YouTube VR, then you can switch to “watch in VR” mode to enjoy cinematic viewing of your favorite YouTube videos.

Get YouTube VR here.



Expeditions VR feature
©Photo by official Expeditions

Students and educators can really enjoy this one! Expeditions give users a chance to virtually explore recorded landmarks across the globe. There are over 900 different tours for you to try out, ranging from mountain ranges to museums. Don’t worry, it’s user-friendly and it’s free too.

Get it here.


Netflix VR

Netflix VR
©Photo by Netflix VR on Android

Does Netflix now have VR mode? Yes, they do! Netflix VR provides you with the flexibility to stick with conventional movie previews or to take things up a notch with the VR mode. The first is a rustic living room experience and offers a static view of your media content. The second mode immerses you in your TV or movie by moving the content to match your eye movement. However, to activate this app, you need the Dream VR controller to function properly.

Download here.


VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

VR roller coaster thrills
©Photo by VR Roller coaster thrills on Android

Who says you have to get out to experience a thrilling roller coaster ride? With VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360, all you need is your Google Cardboard headsets or other VR headsets. Trust us, the excitement, joy, and adrenaline you’re going to get from this are extreme! Do note that this VR is not for the faint-hearted!

Download it here.


Best News Apps

Go paperless and stay updated with news right from your mobile phone with these apps.


AP News

AP Daily News Reading Application
©Photo by AP News

Want to stay up to date with the current news? AP News is a great app that not only gives you the best insights into the hottest topics but its news sources are absolutely reliable. With news covering hundreds of stories from both local and international sources, and topics ranging from business to lifestyle, everything you need is just a few clicks away.

What we like about this app is its interface is practical, clean, and sleek. The easy navigation ensures you get what you without beating the bush.

Get AP News here.



©Photo by Flipboard News

Flipboard allows you to create a custom feed with your favorite news sources, sites, and other places. One major feature that differs Flipboard from others is its interface. Instead of the traditional gray and white outlook, Flipboard’s layout is more flashy and contemporary. So, you’ll find graphics hovering over the board, along with fun animations, large images, and an interface that give it the looks of a digital magazine.

Download it now.



©Photo by official Feedbly News

Feedly is one of the most popular news apps today. In fact, it’s actually an RSS reader. That means you can pull out the articles from a variety of sites and sources. Besides, it is also integrated with Facebook, IFTTT, Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others. If you want to get your job done without losing touch of current events, Feedly is here to feed you with a few dosages of the daily essentials.

Download it now.



Inoreader is one of the newest players in the Android news app game. It includes 28 pre-made topics and features offline support, as well as a decent selection of topics. The app can also track what you read. Like Feedly, you can also customize it to your taste.

Download it now.



Pocket News
©Photo by official Pocket News on Android

Here’s something unique: Pocket! This app doesn’t just offer content but rather saves whatever content you happen to encounter during your day. You can put all the stuff you want into Pocket and then come back to read it later. It has offline support, a decent reading experience, and some discovery features as well.

Get it here.


Best Android TV Apps

Got an Android TV? These apps are the essentials when it comes to making the most out of your screen, from streaming your movies to playing games and even accessing your files!



Netflix movie streaming site
©Photo by Netflix US

Netflix doesn’t need any introduction. When it comes to movie streaming, it highly dominates the market! With plenty of choices from classic movies to informative documentaries, you just can’t get enough of this app. Hence, this app is essential for anyone who invested in an Android TV.

Get Netflix here.


Steam Link

Steam Link Movie Stream
©Photo by Stream Link Official

If you want to stream your Steam games directly to your TV, all you need is the Steam Link app. The app can support 4K resolutions at 60 fps. If you want, you can go to advanced settings to change the resolution to 1080p. However, you might need a faster internet connection to maximize the use of this app.

Get it here.


Google Drive

Want to access your files via your Android TV? Then try the Google Drive app. Installing the Google Drive app on your TV can give you limitless access to all your cloud data while enabling you to see everything on the big display.

Get Google Drive here.


VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player on Android TV
©Photo by VLC Media Player on Android

If you need a media player that supports nearly all video codecs, get VLC Media Player. This supports network streams, most types of audio files, and DVD ISOs. It’s probably the best all-around multimedia player for Android TVs.

Download VLC Media Player now.



Plex streaming on Android TV
©Photo by Plex

Organize your media library on your Android TV by using Plex! The app is clean, fast, and easy to navigate. With this one, you can manage, cast, and control the playback on every screen in your house. This is worth a try!

Get it now.


Widgets Customization Apps

To make your home screen look more like you, use these apps to customize your widgets the way you like it!


Overdrop Weather & Alerts

Overdrop Widgets
©Photo by Overdrop official website

Overdrop Weather & Alerts is one of the best-looking and offers astoundingly accurate minute-by-minute forecasts from the DarkSky service. You get 21 free widgets, plus a further 17 if you upgrade through an in-app purchase. The best part, it’s free of charge.

Get it here.



©Photo by Chronus on Android

Your home screen needs a beautiful minimal clock this year! Chronus offers six awesome widgets. It offers a choice of digital and analog clocks, with added agenda view, weather, stocks, or a news feed.

Download it now.


Google Keep

When it comes to note-taking, Google Keep is unbeatable! It offers two widgets. One is a simple shortcuts bar that allows you to create a basic note, list, voice memo, handwritten note, or photo note, while the other widget allows you to pin notes to your home screen.

Download Google Keep.



©Photo by Month on Android Play Store

Simple, elegant, and functional. That’s what the Month calendar widget is all about! You can choose a classy, transparent, full-page Month view, or go for a more functional Agenda view suitable for busy professionals. It’s fully compatible with Google Calendar as well.

Get Month here.


Flashlight Widget

Flashlight Widget on Google Play Store
©Photo by Flashlight on Google Play Store

Want a simpler way to control and access your flashlight? Flashlight Widget is a straightforward On/Off switch for your flashlight right on your home screen. It has no ads and requires no permissions to make your life a little easier.

Download it here.


Gaming Apps on Android

An Android phone is boring without games! Here are the best games you need on your phone for when you’re bored or just feeling competitive.


Another Eden

Another Eden
©Photo by Another Eden Mobile

Another Eden is an exciting mobile JRPG that’s a step above your usual mobile RPG. You roam around the game world with your friends rather than going into missions like others. Nevertheless, there are still gacha elements and simplified battle mechanics. There are also some throwbacks to smaller scenes from Chrono Trigger. There is no energy limit so you can play as much as you want to.

Download it from the Google Play Store.


Alto’s Odyssey

Alto Odyssey Mobile Games on Android
©Photo by Alto Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey features simple mechanics, gorgeous graphics, and a relaxing style. Players ski down a hill while avoiding obstacles and making massive jumps. Let me warn you, this is highly addictive!

Get the game here.


Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 Touchdrive Gameplay
©Photo by Asphalt 9 on Android

Asphalt 9: Legends is the most recent game in the popular racing series now. It showcases 50 cars, a bunch of challenges, and a bunch of content to play with. It has online multiplayer, single-player, and more. This game uses an auto-go mechanism so you can’t control your acceleration. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea. But still, the graphics and gameplay are top-notch and still very exciting to play!

Download the game now.


PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile shooters available. It features a 100-player battle royale on a small island. Players collect gear, weapons, and vehicles on the island and battle it out. The winner is the last person standing. If you’re really into shooting games, you can’t really miss out on this one.

Download now.

Pocket City

Pocket City Building Mobile Games
©Photo by Pocket City

If you’re a fan of old Sim City games, you would instantly fall in love with Pocket City! In this game, you build a city, create its infrastructure, make sure everybody has enough work and play, and even monitor your environmental impact. Players also get missions for experience points and unlockable buildings as they play. This is a fantastic game that will unlock your creativity! Find out other best city-building games like Pocket City here.

Download Pocket City now.


Final Word

There’s no doubt, Android apps nowadays are getting better and better. Developers are always bringing their A-game, giving users a smoother and satisfying experience every single time but the most impressive part is that they are all free! As the saying goes, the best things in life are always free.