CCleaner Alternatives: The Best Ones to Use for Android

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Freeing up space and cleaning your Android phone can be a chore. Fortunately, there are phone cleaner apps that can save the day in just one tap. Android users have surely heard about the good and the bad of CCleaner. While many still love the app, some would rather switch to CCleaner alternatives in search of the ideal cleaner app for them.

ccleaner alternatives for android
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What exactly makes CCleaner alternatives different from CCleaner? This article will discuss that and give you a rundown of the best alternatives to CCleaner that you should consider.


CCleaner: What Is It?

CCleaner is a maintenance tool that first began as a cleaner for Windows. Now, it’s an app that helps free up space on Android phones. It deletes cache, removes junk files, and even cleans your device’s RAM. Apart from that, it has additional features that include getting rid of temporary files, cleaning your call log and messages, and emptying your browser history among others. It’s a helpful tool to have especially if you’re looking for an app that does more than just clean your device.

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CCleaner also has an App Manager that allows users to choose multiple apps for purging and a System Info page that shows users a summary of their phone’s RAM and CPU.

In all, the app is great if you’re looking for something multifunctional that allows you to clean, analyze, and control your device in one convenient place. However, whether CCleaner is safe to use or not remains a question.

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Why Switch to a CCleaner Alternative?

There are many reasons as to why a user would shift to CCleaner alternatives than keep the app. It could be because CCleaner isn’t exactly doing its job or because the app isn’t what they hoped that it would be.

The reason why users shift to CCleaner alternatives varies from person to person but most of the time, it’s because the app doesn’t live up to its promises of allowing the user to fully control their device. Often, reviews state that the device doesn’t clean out their phone the way that it should. Others opt to shift to an alternative because to them, CCleaner is a waste of space as it doesn’t work properly or it lacks features that they need.

Regardless of the reason, whether a person decides to shift to CCleaner alternatives is up to them as they might need an app that’s more functional and more suited for their needs.


CCleaner Alternatives: What Are Your Options?

If CCleaner is not doing the job for you, you might want to consider these CCleaner alternatives. These are some of the best Android cleaners in the market today that will surely help you clean and manage your phone. Note that while these apps might have similar functions and features, you will still have to consider your immediate needs to find the ideal cleaner app for you.


AVG Cleaner

AVG anti virus mobile security
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Kicking off the list of CCleaner alternatives is AVG Cleaner. It’s a smart device manager that has most of what you need in a phone cleaner and more. Not only does it help your device run faster by cleaning junk files, but it also clears up your device’s RAM and cache.

Moreover, AVG Cleaner is also able to analyze your device and detect which apps are taking up the storage. A noteworthy feature of the app is its image optimization tool that will help clear your gallery from badly taken and duplicate photos that you might not know you have. In all, it’s a great app to have for cleaning and boosting your phone.

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Avast Cleanup & Boost

avast cleanup
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The Avast Cleanup & Boost app might have the same features as most phone cleaners, but what makes it unique is its “Quick Clean” feature that allows users to see files such as hidden cache, empty folders, app data, and empty folders that they can clear. The Avast Cleanup app can also show users an overview of what items are eating up storage as well as the items that are draining the battery. Essentially, it’s a great app to have and one that you should consider if you’re looking for CCleaner alternatives.

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Norton Clean

norton cleaner
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Norton Clean is one of the best CCleaner alternatives in the market today. It helps users in optimizing their phones, deleting junk, clearing cache, and ensuring the phone runs smoother than ever. Further, Norton Clean can also detect residual files, remove pre-installed apps, and even recommend which apps to delete. It’s a great app to have if you’re looking to deep-clean your phone and make it faster by getting rid of the apps and files that you rarely use. Moreover, it’s also a great app that will help you detect and remove viruses from your phone to help it run properly.

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All-in-One Toolbox

all-in-one toolbox ccleaner alternative
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Just as its name implies, All-in-One Toolbox is a popular Android phone cleaner that does everything from optimizing memory and clearing out junk. It has a set of over 30 widgets that will help your device to reach the best working condition that it possibly can. Apart from cleaning your phone, this app can also compress photos, scan QR and barcodes, and even boost your phone’s performance with a tap. Moreover, it has a comparatively small app size that won’t make a dent in your storage like other apps. If you’re looking for CCleaner alternatives that promise more than just cleaning, All-in-One Toolbox is the app for you.

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SD Maid

SD Maid Cleaner
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SD Maid is well-loved for its ability to deep-clean junk files. Apart from that, the app is also equipped with tools that will help you manage your files. SD Maid can detect duplicate files, clear cache, clear residual files, and manage your existing apps in one place. Further, the app is equipped with a storage analyzer that provides users with a detailed summary of their device’s storage. The app is also equipped with more widgets that will help make device management easier. The only downside of the app is its interface, which might be confusing for first-time users but it will get easier once you get used to the app.

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Files by Google

files by google android
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While Files by Google is meant to be a file management app, it’s also a great app to consider if you’re looking for CCleaner alternatives. Files by Google helps to clean storage space by removing old photos, getting rid of duplicate files, erasing unused apps, clearing cache, and more. Further, it also helps users to clean their SD cards to make room for more storage space. Files by Google also offers safe file sharing, cloud integration, and file management so that you’ll always be in control of your files.

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Ace Cleaner

ace cleaner for android
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Next up on CCleaner alternatives is Ace Cleaner. It might not be as popular as the other entries on this list, but it’s just as reliable and capable as the others. Its most notable features include clearing junk files, removing duplicates, and saving battery. Apart from that, it also allows you to remove apps in bulk which helps if you want to quickly get rid of apps that you no longer use. Ace Cleaner also has a clean, simple, and minimal user interface that’s beginner-friendly.

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Droid Optimizer

droid optimizer cleaner app
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Droid Optimizer is another popular choice for cleaner apps. It has many functions that won’t just clean your phone but also optimize it and make it a tad more private. It has a “One Touch Clean” feature that will immediately free up your storage, stop apps that are running in the background, and clear cache in one go. Further, you can also do things manually by choosing which files to get rid of and allowing the app to do its trick. It also has an App Manager that will scan your apps and point out which ones you should delete to improve your phone’s performance. Lastly, it also has a Privacy Detector that checks app permissions and stops the apps that have unwanted access to your data.

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1Tap Cleaner

1Tap Cleaner android
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Simplicity and ease of use are what puts 1Tap Cleaner on this list of CCleaner alternatives. The app clears out the cache, browsing history, and even your call logs with one tap. What’s also great about 1Tap Cleaner is that it automatically cleans your phone at scheduled intervals; a feature that you can only access in other cleaners if you pay. Additionally, it’s also lightweight and won’t occupy too much of your phone’s memory.

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Systweak Android Cleaner

systweak android cleaner
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Systweak Android Cleaner is a powerful cleaner app that will clean your phone and do a lot more with its many features. The app can clean your phone, boost RAM, and even save your battery. But that’s not all; Systweak Android Cleaner allows users to remove junk, hibernate apps, and even archive hidden files. Additionally, it also has a game booster that helps improve the gaming experience if you’re heavy on gaming.

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Go Speed

go speed ccleaner alternatives
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If you’re looking for a lightweight but reliable cleaner app, Go Speed is one that you should check out. It cleans your cache, cleans background processes, and even gets rid of bloatware. The app is also a great CPU cooler and battery saver, which means that you’ll be getting the most out of your device with this app. There isn’t much to this app that makes it ideal for beginners as they’ll be able to easily navigate through the app.

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Nox Cleaner

nox cleaner for android
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Last but not least on this list of CCleaner alternatives is Nox Cleaner. It’s an app to consider if you’re looking for one that also doubles as an antivirus tool. With Nox Cleaner, you’ll be able to clean your phone, optimize its performance, and keep it protected at the same time, with just one app. It does a great job at keeping your phone clean and managing it to make sure that your device is running at its best possible state. Further, the app is also easy to use, which makes it ideal for everyone.

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Pros and Cons of CCleaner Alternatives

Like CCleaner, these alternatives aren’t always perfect and might not work for everyone in the long run. Hence, it’s important to remember the pros and cons of using CCleaner alternatives.


  • Wide range of alternatives to choose from
  • More reliable options
  • Wide range of functions aside from cleaning


  • Not all apps have the same features as CCleaner.
  • If not assessed properly, alternatives could just be the same as CCleaner.
  • Without hands-on experience, it would be hard to compare CCleaner alternatives to CCleaner.

Remember that CCleaner alternatives exist so that users will be able to find an app that’s best suited for them. It’s recommended to study the apps first and review their features before downloading them and deciding which one to use.



Whether you love or dislike CCleaner, there are many reasons why you should consider using CCleaner alternatives. It would be safe to explore the alternatives before deciding on which one is best suited for your needs and have the features that will help your phone run better and save you storage trouble. However, it would also be recommended to explore CCleaner first before looking for alternatives to it. If you’re a new user of the app and can’t get a grasp of it, you might want to spend time testing it first before you look for an alternative to it. Likewise, if you’re an old user and want something new, you might want to thoroughly explore CCleaner alternatives first and then decide on an app to replace it.