AVG Cleaner Pro APK Download And Installation Guide

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Maybe you’ve noticed your Android phone has been sluggish lately? Or do your apps take forever to load? Is your camera not letting you take photos? Sounds like you need to clean up your smartphone. Clear up system clutter with the AVG Cleaner Pro APK and get your smartphone like it was brand new.

Time to clean up your android phone with AVG’s Cleaner app
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Clean Up Your Mobile Phone With AVG Cleaner Pro


Smart devices, especially Android devices, perform better when clear of junk and other trash files. If a user downloads and installs a lot of 3rd party apps, which can slow down your device. It also drains your battery, too.

Like a car engine, your smart device can get slowed down by junk. Doing a routine check and maintenance not only helps you stay on top of any issues, but it also puts the brakes on developing ones as well.

So keep your android device running efficiently. Clean up using the AVG Cleaner Pro APK.



Cleaning Up your Android Phone The Smart Way


An Essential tool: AVG Cleaner
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Of course, you don’t start deleting apps and files from your phone willy-nilly. You’ve got to be organized about it. Let us walk you through how to clean up your phone.


Back-up your Files

We begin by backing up your files. You can do this by plugging in your phone using a USB cable to your desktop or laptop computer.

Today’s mobile phones, unlike the bulky affairs of yesteryear, are portable computers.  Users keep their confidential information on their phones. Things like bank passwords, work schedules, travel itineraries, and emails are stored on your devices. This makes your device an attractive target for hackers and cybercriminals. Remember: A secure phone is a happy phone.


Restart your Phone

We’ve heard this line a million times when we call technical support. “Have you tried turning it off, then on?”

It feels like a pain to do, but restarting your device is a good start to resolving any phone performance issues.


Move Your Photos And Videos To Your Cloud Storage

Photos and videos often make up the majority of files on a user’s smartphone. You don’t notice it, but keeping a few hundred photos and videos on your phone storage eats up space. A lot of space. Keep your phone storage free by transferring photos and videos now and then to your cloud storage. Google Photos offers 15GB of storage for users and if you need more storage, you can buy extra storage space from Google. 


Get rid of Junk on Your Phone with AVG
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Get Rid Of Unused Apps

People can have a weird fixation towards stuff, and it’s no different when it comes to apps. We can get attached to an app despite not having used it for more than 6 months or so. Let me give you some bad news. Unused apps can end up hogging memory on your smart device.

Go ahead and check your apps. Figure out if any of your apps duplicate each other’s functions, then remove one of them. If you get stuck deciding which one to keep and which one to uninstall, check when you last used the app, and remove the one which hasn’t seen much use. You can also use an app like AVG Cleaner Pro APK to do this.


Free Up Space Using Your File Manager

You can use your Android phone’s File Manager to clear some space from your device. Go to Storage>Settings, then tap on “Free up space”. This lets you go through your files easily. You can also use the  AVG Cleaner Pro APK to do this.


Empty Your System Cache

Apps create cache files on your mobile device when running. A cache file is small bits of data created by the app. The cache is used by an app so that it can run faster. Depending on how much you use an app, a cache can build up in size. Good thing you can safely delete cache files.

Head on over to Storage>Settings>Apps, then check each app to see their cache size. Tapping on “Clear Cache” deletes the app’s cache file. This resets the app to the state it was when you first downloaded and installed it. You may need to log in to the app again if the app requires a login to use. You can also use the  AVG Cleaner Pro APK to complete this task.



The AVG Cleaner Pro APK: Cleaning Your Phone Just Got Easier 


AVG’s Cleaner App takes center stage
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Cleaner apps are a dime a dozen on the Google Playstore.  The question is, which one of them is the best for you? Well, the good people of Cellular News went through the Play Store to find out, and we’re unanimous in our decision. The AVG Cleaner Pro APK is hands down one of the best in the market today.

Developed by veteran computer security company AVG, the AVG Cleaner Pro is packed with features that you’ll love. Here’s a quick rundown of what features to expect:

  • An advanced app remover/app manager- For removing pre-installed apps and clearing the RAM and cache. 
  • Photo Analyzer – Helps you optimize your photo gallery. It helps detect bad and duplicated photos for your removal.
  • Battery Saver – helps users optimize battery life and battery performance. Great for keeping your battery running smoothly. 
  • Device Analysis and Optimization assistant – Helps you clean your phone memory with one tap of a button. 

As you can see, the AVG Cleaner Pro APK is packed full of great features for speeding up your device.


Unlocking The Power Of The  AVG Cleaner Pro APK

While the AVG Cleaner is free, some features are only available to subscribers. Let us show you how to get the most out of this handy little app using the AVG Cleaner Pro APK.

  • Download the APK here
  • Go to your downloaded files and tap on it and select Install. Difficulties installing? Check this handy installation guide
  • Wait for the installation to finish, then log in to the app

And there you have it folks, a simple but powerful tool to help you keep your smartphone in tiptop shape.




This article is for informational purposes only. Use modded APKs at your own risk. We do not condone piracy.