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If you do not know it yet, Showbox has already been banned in many countries following pressures from movie studios with claims of intellectual rights breaches. This has left many users reeling and while Showbox tried to relaunch itself under a different name, access has not been easy to come by. While other Showbox alternative apps have popped out, they are also plagued with issues like malware and viruses.

Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO Go are great streaming services and offer a good variety of movies and TV shows to stream. And these apps do good when it comes to offering the best digital content for streaming in a timely period. However, not all of us are able to sustain the plans they offer. If you are one of those not wanting to resort to their prime capitalism terms and conditions to watch your favorite TV shows and movies, you have come to the right place if you are looking for other free Showbox alternative streaming services. And if you are still one who uses Showbox to watch, you might want to give these alternatives a try.


What Is Showbox?

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ShowBox is a movie streaming application and has a wide variety of movies and tv shows in its library. Aside from mainstream movies and TV shows, you can also stream various genres of movies and the latest TV shows. Moreover, Showbox allows patrons to stream channels at the highest resolution possible.

The ShowBox app was supported by casting apps like Chromecast and AirPlay. You can also stream the Showbox using different screens. Despite the issues surrounding the app in terms of intellectual property, this third party app was 100% safe to use.


Why is Showbox not Working?

As far as we know, Showbox has shut down for good because of the copyrights claims it is facing. Rumor has it that it’ll make a come back but there is no certainty to this yet, and it will gonna be a long process for sure.

Similarly in 2018, many people have reported that Showbox has stopped working but that was because of software issues. With few updates, it was later able to come back, alive and kicking. This time though, Showbox is coming up against more serious litigation — no less than copyright suits. This is the main reason why it stopped working on global servers.

Other people say that Showbox didn’t really shut down but moved to a new app and website. We won’t confirm this either as many third-party apps are claiming to be Showbox, asking fee for access to contents that are not even close to the original Showbox. If you find a Showbox APK, download at your own risk, and be wary of malware that comes along when you install apps from unknown sources.


15 Best Showbox Alternative for Mobile

So, what options do you have when Showbox is not working in your country and the need to watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show is nagging you deeply? Today, you will not run out of Showbox alternative apps to help you get by. Here are our top alternative picks to get your binge-watch party started in no time.


1. Movie Box

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This app is popular among iPhone and iPad users but works just as well for Android devices and personal computers. This app is almost similar to ShowBox in terms of its of its programming, which means any ShowBox user will not find it hard to shift to MovieBox. It should be on anyone’s top list for Showbox alternative apps because it has a wide range of TV series and movies in its library.

Most streaming apps use P2P torrent technology. MovieBox uses P2P  torrents to deliver movies and TV shows. Using torrent has its pros and cons; a positive is you will be able to download large files quickly. However, a danger to using torrent is you contribute to the sharing of a highly potential pirated file. Nonetheless, MovieBox guarantees the best viewing experience.

Download MovieBox APK for iPad and iPhone

Download MovieBox APK for Android


2. Titanium TV

Showbox alternative app, Titanium TV
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Titanium TV is notable for its wide range of catalog. But that is not what makes this Showbox alternative app one of the best choices. Titanium TV comes as an impressive choice due to its video quality playback. It even allows users to sign with Real Debrid for the best viewing experience possible when using the app. Signing with Real Debrid is also something Cinema APK offers. The app also makes suggestions based on your usual viewing genre of choice, as well as suggestions for new releases out of its catalog.

Download Titanium TV APK for Android and iOS


3. TVZion

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TVZion prides itself as the best ShowBox alternative that is safe against malware. That is a good pitch for those looking for a streaming app where their device and personal data are not compromised. With a wide catalog and simple interface, TVZion is not that bad and is a decent app to use, but is not necessarily the best. In terms of video quality playback, TVZion pales in comparison with Titanium TV but in spite of the lack of playback quality, it does offer a good viewing experience. TVZion supports Chromecast, perfect for hosting a viewing party.

Download TVZion on Google Play Store


4. Playbox HD

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Playbox HD is quite similar to ShowBox when it comes to its interface and does offer a good catalog of movies, TV series, and even animes which you can stream on full HD. The app’s streaming servers are all stable, which means viewing should be uninterrupted by any buffers unless you have a poor Internet connection. Access to the app is quite easy and can be done by sideloading using iOS emulators and Android emulators like Bluestacks. The most notable Playbox HD feature is being able to stream safe content for children by toggling Kids mode.

Download Playbox HD APK for iOS, Android, and PC


5. CinemaBox

Cinema Box interface
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CinemaBox has an open-source nature which makes it good for any Android device but works just as well on iOS devices. It is also perhaps the perfect clone of Showbox in terms of interface and how it behaves like an app. It has a good array of catalog which can be streamed in full HD. But what makes it one of the best Showbox alternative apps is it offers any user the ability to download movies or TV shows to binge-watch when the Internet connection is unstable. One downside of this app though is it’s not a constant presence on the Google Play Store, which means users have to download the APK file to enjoy the benefits of this app.

Download Cinema Box for Android

Download Cinema Box for iOS


6. Tubi TV

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Tubi TV offers 100% free viewing of movies and TV series in full HD. It has an impressive content catalog with new releases available on its platform every week. Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks is that the service is only available in the US. But if you are a tech geek, though you do not really have to be one, you would know that getting the best VPN for Android and iOS would help you bypass the geoblock in place and access the service right away by connecting to servers in the US.

This app has also been made a legit pick after FOX acquired Tubi for $440 million, which effectively increased its active users by approximately 25 million.

Get Tubi TV for Android

Download Tubi TV for iOS


7. Stremio

Stremio by SMART KOD OOD
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Stremio is a Showbox alternative that allows you to stream content legally. You read that right! This has been made possible when Stremio branched out to popular streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Videos, and others to gather data from their library and have them all streamed without a legal hitch. This is also quite convenient for those with already paid subscriptions but having a hard time looking for their favorite TV shows or movies. Also, the app is free to download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You’ll definitely have fun with this app. After all, this app supports subtitles and Chromecast.

Download Stremio for Android

Download Stremio for iOS


8. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time
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Users have been indulging in a digital course of movies and TV series for free through Popcorn Time. This Showbox alternative is an app that dodges spamming and cheap advertising through its multi-platform and open-source streaming system. Popcorn Time is perfectly legal but there have been issues in the past that involving storing or downloading digital content, which ended some users facing copyright infringement issues. But with the use of a good VPN service, Popcorn Time can substitute Showbox easily and with no legal issues waiting to knock on your door. On top of it, it supports a Smart TV connection. One downside of the app is it often crashes which is something developers have not found a workaround just yet.

Download Popcorn Time on Android and iOS


9. Crackle

Crackle, a Showbox alternative app
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So far, every Showbox alternative we have on the list is fairly similar to one another with the exception of some standout features. Crackle does stream movies and TV shows for free in HD. But oftentimes, it gets cumbersome to look for your favorite content. Crackle allows users to create a playlist of favorites to resolve this issue for many users. Among the alternatives we have listed, Crackle is an official app and is owned by Sony, erasing any need for a VPN service to access digital content. Noting that it is an official app, it is available for iOS on Apple App Store and Android on Google Play Store.

Download Crackle for Android

Download Crackle for iOS


10. CyberFlix TV

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CyberFlix TV is quite similar to Titanium TV and is even considered the perfect clone to Terrarium TV, which is now defunct. You might be wondering why is it here in this list if it’s just a clone? The answer is simple: it gets the basics of streaming services right. It has a wide catalog of digital content which is updated timely. CyberFlix TV also offers several streaming servers which allows users to have the best option when it comes to quality playback. But given each country or locality has its own copyright and intellectual property policies, it is still recommended to use VPN clients to mask your IP address and bypass any restrictions.

Download CyberFlix TV APK


11. Megabox HD

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MegaBox HD is a streaming app that is a carbon-copy of PlayBox HD. It is Android supported and has a catalog of HD contents and does not specializes in low-quality streaming contents. However, this Showbox alternative app has multiple streaming server links to choose from that allow anyone with a slow Internet connection to continue streaming content in low quality.

Like mentioned, Megabox HD is a carbon-copy and has no feature in particular that makes it a standout among the apps we have on this list. However, it also means that Megabox HD has no glaring issues that could hinder anyone from getting a good viewing experience. On the downside, iOS device users are yet to get an app that is iOS-supported.

Download Megabox HD for Android


12. TeaTV

Teatv user interface
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TeaTV is regarded as the best alternative option for the notable streaming apps like Terrarium TV and Showbox, now that both are defunct. It stands out not just because of the basics, but also because of its well-designed user interface for the mobile version. The basics are still there; this Showbox alternative app offers a catalog of movies and TV shows which are 100% free to stream on iOS, Android, and even Amazon Firestick. While the playback is a bit slow in comparison to the other apps we have on this list, the experience is still good.

Download Teatv for Android and iOS


13. Cat Mouse APK

Cat Mouse APK logo and interface
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Cat Mouse APK works wonders when connected to a good Internet connection. Its catalog is updated timely, as well as the streaming server links to ensure top-notch playback quality directly from your Android device. This Showbox alternative app supports different languages and has a wide array of settings to explore on its video player. On top of that, users can install Cat Mouse APK to their Amazon Firestick and Firestick 4K. All features of this app are 100% to use. However, a fair warning on a feature that allows uses to download content directly to their devices: use a good and working VPN client to avoid getting into trouble.

Download Cat Mouse for Android


14. FreeFlix

FreeFlix, a Showbox alternative
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FreeFlix offers 100% engagement right in your livingrooms with fresh content added in their digital catalog every day. This app also has the ability to stream any content in 1080p and project on a widescreen using Chromecast. And as if streaming on-demand movies and TV shows are not enough, this app is the perfect companion for any WWE and anime fans; the app has 5000+ anime content in its catalog. One downside of the app, which, if developers decide to fix can put the app on this list’s top five, is its playback quality and speed which is slow and could hinder a good quality watching experience.

Download FreeFlix for Android


15. Cinema APK

Cinemak APK user interface
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Cinema APK is one the best Showbox alternative and the best replacement for Terrarium TV after it went defunct. As usual, it checks the boxes of the basics in streaming apps – it has a huge catalog of movies and TV shows to choose from for binge-watching. This digital catalog is also updated frequently, meaning users can enjoy fresh content in a timely period. Moreover, Cinema APK allows playback qualities in high definition with resolution up to 720p and 1080p. Its user interface is also easy to use and looks elegant. However, since this is a direct APK, users have to exercise caution when installing it on their Android phone or tablet due to some risks.

Download Cinema APK for Android


One Last Thought on Showbox Alternative

These Showbox alternative apps are free to use but it is still recommended to exercise extreme caution. Now that you have 15 of the top options, every stream on these apps would be visible on your ISP and trackable by the Government. That means to say, you still have to use a good VPN client to thwart online surveillance, ISP throttling, and content geo-restrictions if the app is not an official streaming app. Otherwise, these options are here to substitute your Showbox and other plan-based streaming apps.

There are certainly many Showbox alternative apps to secure your binge-watching plans and it may take time to sift through every app we have listed here. Nonetheless, go ahead and give these apps a try and see what will work best for you.