Forgot Hulu Password? Here’s How to Reset It With Ease

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You got a paid or free Hulu account because there’s a new show you have been waiting for with excitement. But all of a sudden, you are stuck on the login page. You forgot your Hulu password for the streaming account and cannot watch the show that is currently the talk of the town.

You can't get past the login page if you forgot your Hulu password
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Now, don’t fret! We will share with you how to get back into your Hulu account quickly. Keep reading to see the ways to reset your Hulu password and regain access to your account. We will also provide some tips so you won’t forget your credentials again.


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  1. Ways to Reset Your Hulu Password If You Forgot It
    1. Use Hulu’s Forgot Password Tool
    2. Try the Hulu Account Recovery Page
  2. Tips to Not Forget Your Hulu Password Again


Ways to Reset Your Hulu Password If You Forgot It

There is more than one way to reset the Hulu password you forgot. So, feel free to follow the method you think will work best on your end.

Use Hulu’s Forgot Password Tool

Forgetting a password is common, whether your memory is good or bad. Fortunately, Hulu knows that. As a result, it already has a “Forgot Password tool” or rather a webpage that you can utilize for changing your password after you have forgotten it. To use it, follow the steps below:

Via Browser

1. On your mobile or web browser, head to
*You are on the Hulu Forgot Password tool if you already see the “Trouble accessing your account?” box.

Hulu has an online tool for recovering a password you forgot
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2. On the box’s empty field, input the email address linked to your Hulu profile.
3. Hit the Send me a reset link button afterward.

Through the Hulu App

1. From your mobile device’s app dashboard, access Hulu.
2. On the login page, find and press forgot password?.
3. Enter your email address on the Trouble accessing your account? box.
4. Press Send me a reset link.

Now that you have initiated Hulu password recovery, you should be getting the password reset link from Hulu via the email address you indicated. Expect the link within 15 minutes, and use it within three hours, or else it will be invalid, according to Hulu.

What if you did not get the reset link for the Hulu password you forgot? Do not panic yet. Instead, do any of these:

1. Look for the email in your other email folders (e.g. in junk or spam).
2. Repeat all the steps from the tutorial after three hours and see if you will receive the email.


Try the Hulu Account Recovery Page

If you still cannot receive the recovery email or you forgot not only your Hulu password but your associated email address too, do the following:

1. Head back to the Forgot Password tool via the link we’ve given or the app.
2. Under Send me a reset link, click I don’t remember my email address.
3. Fill out the account recovery page.
*You will be asked to indicate the last four digits of your Hulu-linked credit card, the card’s expiration date, your billing zip code, and birthdate.

If you forgot your Hulu password and email, recover the email first
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4. Press Continue once you have double-checked your information.
5. Wait for Hulu to display the email address you previously linked to it.


You need to submit the form correctly within three attempts; otherwise, your email address that is linked to Hulu will not be shown to you.

6. After seeing your email address, go back to the Hulu Forgot Password tool to input it.
7. Request for the reset link just like in the previous tutorial.
8. Set a new password via the said link, then log in to the Hulu app to start streaming.


Tips to Not Forget Your Hulu Password Again

After you forgot your Hulu password, make sure you back up the new one
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If you forgot your Hulu password, you can always reset it and go back to watching your much-awaited shows. Although that is good, it is better to not forget your Hulu password again. Here are some tips to make sure your problem does not occur again:

1. Come up with a strong password that’s easy to recall

The strongest passwords are difficult to guess even when you forget them. However, if you have poor memory, it is better to create a strong code that you can still remember easily.

It is typical advice to avoid using words from the dictionary, and words associated with your basic information (birthday, relative’s name, etc.) You can opt not to follow that or set a very random code but make sure the word is mixed with at least another word (e.g. your invented words/personal slang) or a few symbols. The password should also be long enough, as recommended by the platform. That way, the credentials might still be easy to recall on your end.


2. Utilize password managers

Hesitant to use password managers before because they seem complicated to install? There is now no reason to think so. The latest password managers come in the form of apps that are quick to set up and get used to.

With most mobile password managers, all you need to do is to recall one password to access their “vaults” that keep your passwords for various platforms. In some cases, the apps can even fill login details for you. Password managers also have strong protection or encryption methods for your credentials. Here are some examples that are worth trying:


Photo from Nord Security on Google Play Store

One of the best password managers to use is Nordpass. The app incorporates XChaCha20 encryption, which works faster and simpler than AES encryption, but is also secure. NordPass has auto-fill features for various platforms and is accessible offline, unlike other password manager apps. Best of all, it can be used with many types of devices and does not save any sensitive information. Install the app today using the download buttons here.

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LastPass incorporates AES 256-bit encryption, the same security protocol banks use. Besides the safety protocol, one more LastPass feature that stands out most for mobile use is the support for filling passwords on websites with one tap. You can learn more about the password manager app via the buttons below.

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The 1Password app adopts end-to-end encryption that is also secure. Besides that, it can help you come up with strong passwords, input them automatically, and share them with the people you trust (e.g. family). What’s more, the stored passwords are accessible on all your registered gadgets, unlike with other vaults by other password managers that are no longer useable if you lose your device. Interested? Hit any of the buttons below to set up 1Password on your gadget now.

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3. Back up your password on a logbook

Using a physical password logbook does not hurt nowadays, as long as you know how to secure it. Keep your notebook somewhere hidden from others. Also, do not tell anyone where your written password copies are unless you trust them. No matter how traditional the method is, it lets you recover a Hulu password you forgot hassle-free.


Reset Your Hulu Password Now

Forgetting your Hulu password can lead to indefinitely being unable to use the streaming platform. Thankfully, you can reset it in a few steps. Now that you know everything about Hulu password recovery, it is time to reset your password and catch up with the new shows you might have missed!