Google Chrome On IOS Gets 6 New Features To Take On Safari

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Google Chrome on iOS has recently received several new features that aim to compete with Safari and enhance the browsing experience for users. These updates bring a host of exciting functionalities to the mobile browser, making it a strong contender for iOS users seeking a seamless and feature-rich browsing experience.

With these new additions, Google Chrome aims to further cement its position as a top choice for iOS users, offering a range of innovative features that enhance productivity, privacy, and convenience. From improved tab management to enhanced privacy controls, these updates cater to the diverse needs of users and provide an intuitive and customizable browsing experience.

In this article, we will delve into the details of these new features and explore how they can revolutionize the way you browse the internet on your iOS device. So, whether you are a loyal Safari user looking for a change or simply curious about the latest updates in the mobile browsing arena, let’s dive in and discover what Google Chrome has to offer!

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Enhanced tab previews

Google Chrome on iOS has recently introduced several new features, including enhanced tab previews. This feature offers users a convenient way to preview and switch between tabs without losing their browsing context. With the enhanced tab previews, users can simply swipe down on the address bar to reveal a thumbnail preview of each open tab.

This visual preview allows users to quickly identify the content of each tab and select the one they want to switch to. It eliminates the need to rely solely on the tab titles, making it easier to find the right tab, especially when multiple tabs are open. Whether you’re browsing articles, shopping online, or managing multiple tasks, the enhanced tab previews provide a more efficient and intuitive way to navigate through your tabs.

Moreover, the enhanced tab previews also offer a glimpse of the page’s content, making it easier to locate and differentiate between similar-looking tabs. This feature is especially helpful when dealing with tabs that have similar titles or when you want to quickly refer back to a specific webpage without interrupting your current browsing session.

The enhanced tab previews in Google Chrome on iOS not only streamline the tab-switching process but also enhance the overall browsing experience. It offers users a more visual and intuitive way to manage and navigate through their tabs, saving valuable time and effort.

Built-in password manager

One of the new features that Google Chrome on iOS has recently introduced is a built-in password manager. With this feature, users no longer have to rely on third-party password managers or remember complex passwords for various websites.

This built-in password manager securely saves and autofills passwords, making it convenient and efficient for users to log in to their favorite websites and apps. It eliminates the need to constantly type in passwords or struggle to remember them, saving time and reducing the risk of forgetting login information.

The password manager also ensures the security of users’ login credentials. It encrypts and stores passwords securely, protecting them from potential breaches or unauthorized access. Plus, it allows users to easily manage their passwords, including creating strong and unique passwords for different services.

Another advantage of the built-in password manager is its seamless integration with the browser. Users can access their saved passwords directly from the browser settings, without the need for additional apps or extensions. This integration makes it even more convenient to manage and use passwords on iOS devices.

Furthermore, the password manager has a cross-platform functionality. It syncs the saved passwords across devices, so users can access their login credentials on different iOS devices. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an iPad, you can enjoy the benefits of the password manager and have your passwords readily available whenever you need them.

Overall, the built-in password manager in Google Chrome on iOS is a valuable addition to the browser’s features. It simplifies the login process, enhances security, and improves user experience. With this convenient tool at their disposal, users can easily and securely access their favorite websites and apps without the hassle of typing in passwords.

New privacy features

In its latest update, Google Chrome on iOS has introduced several new privacy features to enhance user security and protect personal information. These features ensure that your browsing experience remains confidential and safeguarded from potential threats.

One of the key privacy features is the enhanced control over website permissions. Users can now easily manage which websites have access to their location, camera, microphone, and other sensitive data. This control empowers users to grant or revoke permissions as per their preferences, giving them full control over their privacy.

Another notable privacy feature is the introduction of the privacy sandbox. This feature aims to protect user data by isolating it from websites, preventing cross-site tracking. By creating separate sandboxes for each website, Chrome ensures that your browsing activity is kept separate, offering a more secure and private browsing experience.

Furthermore, Chrome has implemented stricter cookie controls to prevent websites from tracking your online behavior. Users now have the option to block third-party cookies, limiting the ability of advertisers and data collectors to monitor your activity across different websites. This feature enhances privacy by preventing data leaks and reducing targeted advertising.

Additionally, Google Chrome now offers improved options for clearing browsing data. Users can easily delete their browsing history, cache, and cookies with just a few taps, ensuring that no traces of their online activities are left behind. This feature allows for a fresh start each time you browse, adding an extra layer of privacy and security.

Last but not least, Google Chrome on iOS has integrated enhanced phishing and malware protection. The browser automatically identifies suspicious websites and alerts users before they visit potentially harmful sites. This proactive approach helps safeguard against phishing attacks and protects users from inadvertently downloading malware.

With these new privacy features, Google Chrome on iOS reinforces its commitment to user privacy and security. By providing more granular control over permissions, isolating browsing activities, and offering robust protection against tracking and malicious websites, Chrome ensures a safer and more private browsing experience for iOS users.

Support for new web standards

With the constant evolution of the internet, new web standards are introduced regularly to enhance the browsing experience and offer improved functionality. Google Chrome on iOS is committed to staying up-to-date with these standards and ensuring compatibility with the latest technologies.

One of the key advantages of Chrome on iOS is its support for new web standards. This means that users can enjoy all the benefits of the latest features and enhancements that web developers implement on their websites.

By supporting new web standards, Chrome on iOS allows users to have a seamless and consistent browsing experience across different platforms. Whether you are using Chrome on your iPhone, iPad, or desktop, you can access websites with cutting-edge features and optimized performance.

Additionally, supporting new web standards enables Chrome on iOS to take advantage of advancements in web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. These technologies empower developers to create interactive and engaging web applications that offer a native-like experience.

With support for new web standards, Chrome on iOS ensures that users can leverage the full potential of the latest web technologies. Whether it’s streaming high-definition videos, playing web-based games, or using advanced features on web applications, Chrome on iOS provides the necessary support for a smooth and immersive experience.

Furthermore, as web standards continue to evolve, Chrome’s support for them ensures that users can stay ahead of the curve. New web standards often introduce optimizations for performance, security, and accessibility, which Chrome on iOS actively embraces to deliver an enhanced browsing experience.

Overall, Chrome on iOS’s support for new web standards underscores its commitment to providing users with a top-notch browsing experience. By staying updated with the latest technologies, Chrome on iOS ensures that users can harness the power of the web and enjoy the full potential of innovative websites and web applications.


With the recent updates to Google Chrome on iOS, the popular web browser is ready to take on Safari head-on. These new features provide users with an enhanced browsing experience and added functionality that was previously lacking. Whether it’s the ability to manage tabs more effectively, use voice search seamlessly, or enjoy the convenience of customizing your start page, Chrome has made significant strides in improving its mobile app.

Google Chrome’s new features not only make it a strong competitor to Safari but also cater to the needs and preferences of iOS users. With the increased adoption of mobile internet usage, having a powerful and feature-rich browser is essential for productivity and convenience on the go. So, whether you’re a loyal Chrome user or a Safari aficionado, it’s worth giving the updated Chrome app a try and experiencing the improvements firsthand. Who knows, you might just find a new favorite browser!


Q: What are the new features added to Google Chrome on iOS?
A: Google Chrome on iOS has recently introduced 6 new features to enhance the browsing experience. These include tab previews, a reading list, grouped tabs, customizable shortcuts, a password generator, and improved privacy settings.

Q: How do tab previews work in Google Chrome on iOS?
A: Tab previews allow users to see a snapshot of each open tab by simply tapping and holding on the tab button. This feature makes it easier for users to navigate between tabs and quickly find the content they are looking for.

Q: What is the reading list feature in Google Chrome on iOS?
A: The reading list feature in Google Chrome allows users to save articles, blog posts, or web pages to read later. It provides a convenient way to organize and access content that you want to revisit without cluttering your bookmarks.

Q: How does the grouped tabs feature work in Google Chrome on iOS?
A: The grouped tabs feature in Google Chrome on iOS allows users to organize related tabs into groups. Users can create and label custom groups to easily manage and switch between different sets of tabs, increasing productivity and reducing clutter.

Q: Can I customize shortcuts in Google Chrome on iOS?
A: Yes, with the new customization shortcuts feature, users can create personalized shortcuts for their favorite websites or commonly used actions. This allows for quicker access to specific sites or frequently performed tasks, improving efficiency and user experience.

Q: How does the password generator enhance privacy and security in Google Chrome on iOS?
A: The password generator feature in Google Chrome on iOS automatically creates strong, unique passwords for different websites. It eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords and helps users protect their accounts from potential security breaches.