Google’s ‘Just A Line’ Lets You Draw On The World Around You

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Are you an aspiring artist looking for a unique way to express your creativity? Look no further than Google’s “Just a Line” app. This innovative mobile application allows you to literally draw on the world around you using augmented reality. Whether you’re sketching on a building, adding doodles to your surroundings, or creating masterpieces in mid-air, “Just a Line” brings your imagination to life in real-time. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with your smartphone’s camera, this app opens up a whole new world of possibilities for artistic expression. So grab your virtual paintbrush and get ready to transform your surroundings into your personal canvas with “Just a Line” from Google!

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Understanding ‘Just a Line’

‘Just a Line’ is a fascinating mobile app developed by Google that allows users to draw on the world around them using augmented reality (AR) technology. With this app, you can use your phone’s camera to drag a virtual line through physical space, creating a 3D drawing that appears to exist in real-time and real space. It’s like having a magic pen that turns your surroundings into a canvas.

The concept behind ‘Just a Line’ is simple yet incredibly innovative. By combining the power of AR with the convenience of mobile devices, Google has created a truly immersive and interactive drawing experience. Whether you’re doodling in your living room or sketching on the streets, this app brings your imagination to life in a whole new way.

While ‘Just a Line’ may seem like a simple drawing app, it actually harnesses advanced technology to achieve its mesmerizing effects. It utilizes ARCore, Google’s platform for building augmented reality experiences on Android devices. This means that the app can accurately track the movement of your device in real time, ensuring that your drawings stay in place as you explore the environment.

Beyond just drawing lines, ‘Just a Line’ also allows you to experiment with different colors and line thicknesses, giving you the freedom to express your creativity in various ways. You can even record videos of your drawings to share with others, capturing the moment and the immersive nature of your creations.

Moreover, ‘Just a Line’ proves that drawing is not limited to a piece of paper or a digital screen. With this app, you can break free from traditional boundaries and merge your artistic ideas with the world around you. It opens up a realm of possibilities, where creativity knows no limits.

Exploring the Features of ‘Just a Line’

Now that we have a basic understanding of ‘Just a Line,’ it’s time to dive deeper into its features and discover the endless possibilities it offers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features that make this app an absolute delight for creativity enthusiasts.

Real-time Drawings: One of the standout features of ‘Just a Line’ is its ability to create real-time drawings. With the app, you can draw anything you can imagine directly onto your phone’s screen and see it seamlessly integrated into the real world through augmented reality. Whether it’s doodling on a table or creating a masterpiece on a wall, the app brings your imagination to life.

Collaborative Mode: ‘Just a Line’ also offers a unique collaborative mode that allows you to connect with friends and create drawings together in real-time. This feature opens up a whole new realm of creativity, as you can collaborate with others from anywhere in the world and create stunning augmented reality artworks together.

Recording and Sharing: Another exciting feature of ‘Just a Line’ is the ability to record your drawings and share them with others. Whether it’s showcasing your artistic prowess or simply sharing a fun doodle with your friends, the app allows you to capture your creations and share them instantly on various social media platforms.

Multiple Colors and Brush Sizes: The app offers a wide range of colors and brush sizes, allowing you to unleash your creativity with precision. Whether you prefer bold strokes or intricate details, the app gives you the freedom to choose the perfect color and brush size for your creations.

Integration with ARCore: ‘Just a Line’ seamlessly integrates with ARCore, Google’s platform for building augmented reality experiences. This integration ensures smooth performance and accurate tracking, enabling you to create stunning drawings that blend seamlessly with the real world.

User-Friendly Interface: ‘Just a Line’ boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced artists to navigate and create. The intuitive controls and layout ensure a seamless drawing experience, allowing you to focus on unleashing your creativity without any hindrances.

Compatibility with Android and iOS: Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, ‘Just a Line’ is available on both platforms, ensuring that you can enjoy its mesmerizing features regardless of your device. This cross-platform compatibility makes it accessible to a wider audience, fostering creativity and collaboration across different devices.

With these incredible features, ‘Just a Line’ empowers users to explore their creative side and merge the digital and physical worlds through the magic of augmented reality. So, why wait? Grab your device, download the app, and let your imagination run wild with ‘Just a Line’!

Use Cases and Possibilities of ‘Just a Line’

Google’s ‘Just a Line’ app opens up a world of possibilities for users, allowing them to unleash their creativity and interact with the world around them in a whole new way. From doodling on everyday objects to creating virtual artwork, the app offers a range of exciting use cases. Let’s explore some of the most interesting possibilities of ‘Just a Line’.

1. Augmented Reality Drawing: The primary use case of ‘Just a Line’ is to draw in augmented reality. Whether it’s adding a fun sketch to a real-world object or creating an immersive virtual artwork, the app allows users to merge their creativity with the physical environment. Imagine turning a boring wall into a vibrant canvas or bringing your doodles to life on any surface.

2. Collaborative Art: ‘Just a Line’ enables users to collaborate on art projects in real-time, making it a perfect tool for remote collaborative work or creative sessions with friends. Multiple users can join in and contribute their drawings, allowing for a dynamic and interactive artistic experience.

3. Education and Learning: The app can be a valuable educational tool, especially for subjects like geography and history. Students can use ‘Just a Line’ to annotate maps or visualize historical events, bringing learning to life in a fun and interactive way. Teachers can also incorporate the app into their lessons to engage students and encourage creativity.

4. Marketing and Advertising: Businesses can leverage the ‘Just a Line’ app to create unique and engaging marketing campaigns. From interactive storefront displays to augmented reality advertisements, the possibilities are endless. This innovative approach can capture the attention of customers and leave a lasting impression.

5. Creative Self-Expression: ‘Just a Line’ allows individuals to express their creativity in a personal and unique way. Whether it’s creating digital artwork to share on social media or leaving a playful doodle in virtual space, the app empowers users to explore their artistic side and leave their mark on the world.

6. Entertainment and Gaming: With ‘Just a Line,’ the world becomes a canvas for interactive entertainment. Developers can integrate the app’s drawing capabilities into games, allowing players to interact with virtual characters or draw obstacles within the game environment. This adds a new dimension of interactivity and creativity to the gaming experience.

7. Event and Venue Decoration: ‘Just a Line’ can transform any event or venue into a visually stunning space. From live doodles projected onto walls to interactive art installations, the app can bring a touch of creativity and excitement to conferences, exhibitions, and parties.

8. Virtual Storytelling: The app can be a powerful tool for creating immersive and interactive storytelling experiences. By overlaying drawings onto real-world objects or using the app’s features to add animated elements, storytellers can transport their audience into a whole new dimension where imagination comes to life.

As you can see, the possibilities with ‘Just a Line’ are extensive and diverse. It’s not just a drawing app but a gateway to explore the intersection of art, technology, and the real world. Whether you’re a student, artist, marketer, gamer, or simply looking to unleash your creativity, ‘Just a Line’ offers an exciting platform to engage with and reshape the world around you.


In conclusion, Google’s ‘Just a Line’ is an innovative mobile app that allows users to draw on the world around them. With its simple interface and endless creative possibilities, this app is a game-changer in the world of augmented reality. Whether you want to leave a personalized message for a friend, add some artistic flair to your surroundings, or simply have fun doodling, ‘Just a Line’ makes it all possible.

This app bridges the gap between the digital and physical realms, unleashing the user’s creativity in an interactive and immersive way. It offers a unique and engaging experience for users of all ages, making it a must-have app for anyone looking to explore the possibilities of augmented reality.

So, why wait? Download ‘Just a Line’ today and let your imagination run wild as you draw on the world around you. It’s time to unlock your creative potential and bring a touch of artistry to your everyday life.


1. What is ‘Just a Line’ by Google?
‘Just a Line’ is an augmented reality (AR) mobile app developed by Google. It allows users to draw on the world around them using their smartphone or tablet. By using the device’s camera and AR technology, ‘Just a Line’ enables users to create 3D drawings that appear as if they are directly in the real world.

2. How does ‘Just a Line’ work?
‘Just a Line’ uses Google’s ARCore technology to generate a virtual canvas in the real world. When you open the app, you can see the camera view on your screen, and by using your finger or a stylus, you can start drawing on the screen. The app instantly renders your drawings as 3D objects that stay in place as you move your device around.

3. Is ‘Just a Line’ available for both Android and iOS devices?
No, ‘Just a Line’ is currently available only for Android devices. It is compatible with devices that support ARCore, which is Google’s augmented reality platform for Android. Unfortunately, iOS users cannot download and use the app at the moment.

4. Can I share my drawings created with ‘Just a Line’?
Yes, you can easily share your drawings with others using ‘Just a Line’ app. Once you have created a drawing, you can capture a photo or record a video of your creation in the real world. You can then share the media files through various social media platforms or messaging apps to showcase your artistic creations.

5. Are there any limitations to using ‘Just a Line’?
While ‘Just a Line’ provides a fun and creative way to interact with your surroundings, there are a few limitations to keep in mind. The app requires a device with ARCore support, so not all Android devices will be compatible. Additionally, the drawings created with ‘Just a Line’ can only be seen by the person using the app, unless they are shared as photos or videos. Lastly, the app relies on a stable internet connection for optimal performance.