10 Most Effective & Best Adblocker For Android Devices

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Websites and various companies thrive on creating advertisements as a primary way of getting leads to convert into sales to avoid it. Let’s admit, it can be quite annoying. Hence, here’s some best Adblocker for android to save the day.

To avoid these ads, you can subscribe to the premium version of the apps you’re using. But what if these Adblocker apps can remove them effectively without you spending a single cent?

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There are many reasons why your device’s performance deteriorates. But one of the reasons can be the high frequency of ads that affect the overall usability. Hence, these ads must be taken care of for a smooth streaming experience. Luckily for Android devices, there are different ad blockers that can help you sift through the good or bad ads and some even capable to block them entirely.

Now, most of the ad blockers listed here might be free, but some might take a little effort to activate it. But we promise that these efforts are worth it. Get started with the list of best Adblocker for android for you to stream without those annoying ads!

Take note that some of these apps will require a decent smartphone, that way it’ll ensure that these adblockers run smoothly.


1. Ad Blocker Browser

The first app is the AdBlocker Browser, it is one of the best Adblocker for android. Now, this is no longer found on the Google Play Store, but you can find the Android version on their official website. Just download the APK file and you’re good to go. Ad Blocker Browser intends to install browsers on your Android device and will cover most browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

For Firefox, there’s an add-on that you can install on the browser instead of installing it on your phone. Both will work the same, so if you’re using Firefox for your browser on your phone, then install the add-on. Phones with limited memory and CPU may want to go for the add-on.


2. AppBrain

best Adblocker for android that manage apps like a killer file explorer /task manager
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AppBrain Ad Detector is one of the best Adblocker for android due to its different approach to blocking pop-ups and ads. The software goes as far as sniffing them out by predicting which sites or apps installed on your phone have ads. So it goes out on its way to block them first before they even show up. AppBrain Ad Detector is easy to use and configure, so newbies won’t have a hard time configuring this software.

Concerns are one of its nifty features designed to see any incoming harm via ads and pop-ups. It could hinder your phone and its connectivity. You’ll find AppBrain Ad Detector on the Google Play Store and it’s free to install and use.


3. AdAway

best Adblocker for android that add exceptions to your whitelist, blocklist and rules for redirects!
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Another strong and best ad blocker for android on this list is AdAway, however, it might be a hassle to install since this involves rooting your Android OS. AdAway’s setup has its host files hitting any ads heading into your network by changing its direction. This redirection process effectively blocks pop-ups, banner ads, and any ads that could hinder the app’s functionality. also, AdAway affects mobile games and its ads so you’ll have non-stop gaming all throughout.

AdAway is the best Adblocker for android since it has has a Whitelist feature that lets you support ads by letting them through the blocker so they’ll display. AdAway is free to download from F-Droid, but just a reminder, you’ll need Root Access to install the app. Thankfully, the site will contain instructions on how to do that. There are also legitimate sources out there that will help you root your device.


4. AdGuard

best Adblocker for android that block ads & speed up website loading time
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Sometimes simple adblocker is not enough to block some pop-ups, but AdGuard makes sure that no ads come in. This makes AdGuard one of the best Adblocker for android on this list because it does a good job of providing you an ad-less browsing experience. Just like AdAway, AdGuard is also capable of blocking ads within mobile games. AdGuard also installs a firewall and provides additional protection through their phishing and malware protection features.

There’s also a built-in VPN that’s not found in any of the ad blockers on Google Play Store. However, AdGuard is no longer available for installation via Google Play Store but you’ll find its APK on its official website. There is a “content blocker” app that comes from the same company as AdGuard found on the Google Play Store.


5. AdBlock Plus

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AdBlock Plus is also a popular and best Adblocker for android on this list that’s effective at getting rid of online ads. It also comes with a free extension that’s made available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Android for PC and laptop users. AdBlock Plus has added features such as tracking and blocking domains that known to spread malware and other malicious files.

You can also create filters based on your requirements, so it’s kind of like a Whitelist feature but not exactly a Whitelist. Unlike the other ad blockers, AdBlock Plus is not that intuitive. Since it relies heavily on the initial configuration from the user before it can start running. The user has to configure the filter list first.


6. TrustGo Ad Detector

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Some ads are popular for collecting personal information once they display and prompt the user to input the said information. The companies that do this will sell your information to the market. Research companies and sales companies so they can pester you with spam emails or cold calls.

TrustGo Ad Detector functions both as an ad blocker and a privacy information protector. It does a good job of identifying information leaks that could occur once the ad is displayed within an app. Not all ad blockers are popular for protecting personal information and keeping them safe, but TrustGoAd Detector is one of them.


7. Disconnect Pro For Android

protect your entire device from trackers and other threats
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Disconnect Pro for Android is one of the best Adblocker for android that comes with a price, but it’s premium features are worth paying for. It is also great at blocking ads and can even protect your personal information as you surf the Internet using your mobile device.

It also comes with its own VPN, so that makes it even more secure for browsing. VPN’s are design to hide your IP address so you won’t track by other sources. VPN’s give you a different IP address when it’s activated. It comes with a price tag of $40 and is design to work with Samsung phones and other android devices.


8. AdBlock Fast

Considered as the best Adblocker for android of 2019, Adblock Fast works with older smartphones and for older browsers (up to Samsung Internet 4.0). Adblock Fast doesn’t need a rooted device to work, so it’s easy to install. Adblock Fast is the app that has its own optimized filtering rulesets to help web pages load up faster. On top of that, Adblock Fast consumes less disk space, CPU cycles, and memory compared to other ad blockers. Adblock Fast is also free to download and is quick, safe, and easy to use. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose utility app, then Adblock Fast should your go-to adblocker.


9. Adblock Plus Samsung Internet

Probably the only brand-specific ad blocker on this list. The Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet allows you to browse and surf faster and free from ads. The app is designed to help save battery life by loading the important content, so even ads embedded on browsers are also gone (Goodbye, Adsense ads). The app also comes with its own privacy protection feature with anti-tracking.

It also blocks region-specific ads for when you’re traveling to other countries. The Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet is 100% free and comes with the best customer service possible. If you’re a Samsung phone owner, then this ad blocker is definitely for you.


10. Turbo Browser

Turbo Browser Ad Blocker on Android
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While not exactly an ad blocker, the Turbo Browser is on this list because of its built-in ad-blocking feature on the browser. The browser is popular to load pages quicker and gives you access and download multiple files at high speeds.

The Turbo Browser is designed for maximum data saving, so you’re only getting the content that you need. Ads are blocked on this browser, so that makes browsing faster compared to regular browsers. Because of its ad blocking capabilities, Turbo Browser helps conserve mobile data usage and battery life.



There you have it. Our shortlist of the best ad blockers for Android in 2019. These ad blockers will work on any Android OS and will work on any brand of a smartphone (with the exception of the Samsung-specific Adblock Plus).

But remember, it still boils down to the user on how well ad blockers work. If you surf through suspicious websites frequently, then ad blockers can only do so much before something gets to you and your personal information. It’s also worth mentioning that adblockers may not work 100% of the time as intended as well due to how some of the malware is programmed to avoid them.

Regardless you can’t go wrong with either of the apps listed above.