13 Vision Board Apps for Easy Goal Tracking

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Thinking about your goal is easy, but remembering and doing everything you need to set that goal in stone and reach it isn’t. Thankfully, there are plenty of vision board app options on mobile nowadays to rely on when striving to achieve your hopes and dreams.

On this list, you will find the best vision board apps on Android and iOS and get quick overviews of how they work. Our goal, in the end, is for you to differentiate them from task or habit tracker apps and make an easy yet wise choice when it comes to your vision board options.


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  1. Vision Board App vs Habit Tracker: Which Is Better?
  2. Our Best Vision Board App Picks
    1. Visuapp
    2. Vision Board by Olga Lunakova
    3. Goal Setting Tracker Planner
    4. Success Coach
    5. Coach.me
    6. Life Goals
    7. Tally
    8. Higher Goals
    9. Artful Agenda
    10. Miro: Online Whiteboard
    11. My Vision Board
    12. Vision Board by Psect
    13. Canva


Vision Board App vs Habit Tracker: Which Is Better?

A vision board app can track life goals instead of just habits
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

First, you might be asking why you need a dedicated app for all your goals, no matter how easy or difficult they seem to achieve. Why use a vision board app when you might already have a task or habit tracker on your mobile phone? What is the difference between the two?

Here’s the answer. The best productivity apps for habit tracking would usually help you reach a goal you envision on a short-term basis through reinforcing or changing your routines. But having a vision board app is better. That is because the latter also factors in long-term or life goals. A vision board app is good for anyone who feels in need of a direction in life or seems to have no aspirations. It is also ideal for someone who already has a plethora of goals to set and track.

Many vision board apps for Android and iOS have preloaded or customized goals and support fun ways to set and track those and highlight your achievements. For example, you can append or “pin” images to your digital board to recall or mark a milestone, just like the classic cork vision board past generations are more familiar with.


Our Best Vision Board App Picks

To learn more about what the best vision board apps have to offer, dive into our roundup below. We list 13 of the most popular and versatile releases you can try straight from your mobile device.

1. Visuapp: Vision Board and Gratitude Journal Free

Visuapp is a vision board app that supports meditation
Photo from SmartHumanApps on Google Play Store

When trying to achieve your life goals, it is important to have a sound mind. Clear thinking and an unwavering focus will propel you faster to what you want to achieve. That is why our top pick for the best vision board app is Visuapp Vision Board, which encourages you to meditate.

Visuapp is an all-in-one tool that not only lets you set, track, and mark your goals through text and photos. It also keeps your mind focused and in a good state while reaching your hopes and dreams. To elaborate, the app will remind you when to meditate through its neat calendar and timely notifications. Moreover, you can fully immerse yourself into a good mood via its soothing music catalog, slideshows, and feel-good quotes. You will also appreciate life more as you list your affirmations and things you are thankful for via the app.

All features considered, Visuapp is a vision board, meditation app, and gratitude journal rolled into one. Excited to try it? Experience the vision board app on your Android or iOS device now. It is free, although it offers in-app purchases.

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2. Vision Board by Olga Lunakova

Vision Board has unlimited boards on its paid version
Photo by Olga Lunakova on App Store

Don’t get fooled by the simplicity of this vision board app’s name. It has a lot to offer on the table.

Vision Board by Olga Lunakova is a free app that features scheduled meditation, motivational sayings, and customizable affirmations. But its best-selling point is arguably the support for unlimited vision boards in-app. You can get that feature for a small fee. That function being loved by users is not surprising because it is good to have many dreams and always be motivated, right?

Apart from what is mentioned, the vision board app lets you upload your photos as the goal thumbnails, customize the theme color, and set specific deadlines. The app’s versatility does not end there. Vision Board also allows you to password-protect your goals or take screenshots of those for sharing – regardless of being a solo or team achiever, you will love these.

If you do find yourself loving the app now, you can opt for weekly, monthly, or yearly paid subscriptions. Get Vision Board’s free version and check out the pricing tiers via the clickable buttons below.

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3. Goal Setting Tracker Planner

Goal Setting Tracker Planner shows tasks to do per goal
Photo from Success Wizard, Inc. on App Store

Short- or long-term goal? No matter what it is, Goal Setting Tracker Planner has your goal setting, tracking, and development needs covered.

The all-around vision board app not only shows your aspirations in neat tiles. It can break those down into specific weekly or daily milestones and activities with percentage completion status indicators for a full roadmap to success.

Apart from its comprehensive progress tracker layout, Goal Setting Tracker Planner also has calendar and journal interfaces, which let you stay on track the way you want. The latter even incorporates photos you upload, unlike note-taking apps that are often only text-based.

Goal Setting Tracker Planner is a free vision board app. Its advanced version requires a paid subscription, but you get more goal categories and unlimited entries.

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4. Success Coach – Life Planner

Success Coach is a vision board app that doubles as a mood tracker
Photo from Success Wizard, Inc. on App Store

From the developer of Goal Setting Tracker Planner comes another app of the same caliber, Success Coach.

Success Coach almost has the same interface as the previous entry on our best vision board app list, but it offers in-app well-being tips and mood tracking. That means the app is somehow like a life coach already.

With the vision board app, it would be a breeze for you to not only set, monitor, and accomplish your goals. You can also get fast answers to your questions and easily keep your feelings in check – because what is success if you are not well emotionally?

If you agree that success and emotional wellness go hand in hand, try Success Coach on your mobile device today.

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5. Coach.me – Instant Coaching

Coach.me supports interaction with life coaches
Photo from Coach.me on Google Play Store

Want life coaches or fellow achievers to guide you in reaching a goal? If yes, Coach.me is the right vision board app for you.

Coach.me’s goal-setting and -tracking interface is simple. There are health, mind, career, productivity, and relationship categories you can tap on it to pick specific goals. Also, checkmarks are available for each once done to get rewards. But the meat of the app is the interactive community and coaching experience.

With the vision board app, you can post questions regarding the goal you are trying to reach and expect fellow users to comment answers or opinions. You can also seek advice from professionals, but you have to hire them for a fee in-app. The idea behind the integration of these features is that it is easier to achieve something if you have a support group or friends trying to achieve the same feat.

Whether this vision board app will work will depend on your experience, so get it now on the Google Play Store or App Store.

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6. Life Goals – My Goal Planner & Affirmations

Life Goals is a modern-looking vision board app
Photo from SR Group on Google Play Store

Interface-wise, Life Goals may be the best vision board app on this list. It looks eye-catching thanks to its modern aesthetic.

On the app’s home dashboard, you can easily select how you want to visualize your dream. Upon picking a goal, you can indicate your target accomplishment date for it. The goal will be on the Pending section if ongoing or on the Completed section once done. It is that simple to use Life Goals.

Life Goals also lets you jot down your insights and progress about a specific goal and upload relevant photos in Journal mode. Furthermore, you can list your affirmations and life purpose on the app to keep yourself going. Occasional self-motivation doesn’t hurt after all.

Interested? Speed up your journey to your life-long dream via Life Goals today. This Android exclusive will not cost you anything unless you buy its in-app offers.

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7. Tally: The Anything Tracker

Tally tracks your goals by the numbers
Photo from Reflectly ApS on App Store

Do you achieve goals better by the numbers? If yes, your ideal vision board app could be this entry called Tally.

Tally is a favorite tool for iOS users who want to set and get achievements defined by figures. Say, you want to finish reading 10 books or save $10,000 in a week, month, or year, the app can do the math for you. It displays your real-time statistics just like a digital vision board.

If you are not impressed yet, know that Tally also incorporates a fun feature – one that lets you send your future self some words of motivation, time capsule-style. Also, it can be used on your Apple Watch easily, like how you launch your favorite Apple Watch games, so you do not miss tracking your progress even when on the go.

Start counting your steps to success with Tally today. It is free with in-app purchases on the App Store.

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8. Higher Goals – Goal Setter & Habit Tracker

Higher Goals makes use of colorful bar graphs to show your status
Photo from Mindful Suite on Google Play Store

No goal is too high to reach with this vision board app that excels in analytics, Higher Goals.

If you love seeing graphs on a physical bulletin board for your tasks, you will like those as well on this vision board app. Higher Goals has colorful bar graphs with percentage-based trend reports that change in real time as you move toward goal completion.

Other than what is mentioned, the app lets you add your photos to commemorate your milestones – be those about wealth, health, career, family, or personal aspirations.

The free app is already useful, but you can subscribe for a fee. That is in case you want to get extra features or support the development of Higher Goals.

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9. Artful Agenda

Artful agenda is a calendar that doubles as a vision board
Photo from Artful, LLC on App Store

A vision board is better with specific dates. Just like how deadlines can get you serious about projects at work, goal completion target dates can make you strive harder for the better. So, the best calendar apps that can double as vision board apps are also qualified to be on this list. One of those that caught our eye – and might catch yours, too – is Artful Agenda.

Artful Agenda is not your ordinary goal planner. It bears a scrapbook aesthetic thanks to customized font styles, fun stickers, colorful highlights, and patterned backgrounds. What’s great is that using all of those features to come up with a calendar-style vision board does not make the interface cluttered. You can still clearly see the goals you set on each date box and view the list format under the calendar portion.

Additionally, Artful Agenda is like the vision board app picks we’ve featured due to the motivational quotes you can get and schedules you can set.

Best of all, the app can be synced with your Apple, Google, and other calendars. Get more information about it through the buttons here.

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10. Miro: Online Whiteboard

Miro: Online Whiteboard is great for team use
Photo from RealtimeBoard on Google Play Store

Is there a vision board app that is great for you and some workmates or teammates, you ask? Yes, and one of the unique ones is Miro: Online Whiteboard.

Miro is an app great for reaching a goal through teamwork. It is different from a serious work or project tracker app, which many employees might fear. It is the fun version of your stressful or boring cork- or whiteboard at the office or school.

Through the app, you can add group goals creatively: use photos, hand-drawn charts, colorful sticky notes, and unique layouts to go with your scribbled text and uploaded files. What you might like best, though, is that the digital board supports chat window-like pop-ups on notes so you can talk to your team in real time.

Miro: Online Whiteboard is free for Android and iOS gadget users.

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11. My Vision Board – Visualize Your Dreams

My Vision Board lets you get creative
Photo from Magnetic Lab on Google Play Store

Want a vision board app spruced up by fun stickers and emojis, beautiful backdrops, stylized text, or even voice recordings? Try My Vision Board, an Android exclusive.

Although the app lets you personalize your vision board, it does not compromise on other features its competitors also offer: a user-friendly interface with goal status indicators and deadline countdowns, logs for life purposes and affirmations, and background music.

All in all, the app is a decent pick if you want some freedom when it comes to designing your vision board.

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12. Vision Board by Psect

Vision Board is minimalistic in design and function
Photo from Psect on Google Play Store

If you want more vision board apps that are simple and straight to the point, add Vision Board by Psect to your list. It does not even need a creative name or be loaded with extra features to attract users. It is just there on your Google Play Store saying “Hey, I can do the job.” Period.

True enough, the app has a good rating on the official Android store that matches the other all-in-one entries we have featured even if it is too basic. Vision Board lets you input the goal you envision and an optional description for it. You may sort and track your entries afterward via the tags and board or list view. Alternatively, you can just wait for the notifications from the app regarding the goal status. Also, there is an option to pattern- or fingerprint-lock the vision board app or share its contents with your trusted friends online.

Vision Board by Psect is probably the fastest app here for logging your goals. If standard features are all you need anyway, we think this free option can already be the best vision board app for you.

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13. Canva

Canva lets you make your own board
Photo from Canva on Google Play Store

If you’ve read all entries on our list, you already came across some vision board app picks that offer a certain degree of freedom when it comes to designing your board. But what if you want full customization? Make a DIY vision board via Canva.

If you’re not yet familiar with Canva, know that it is among the most popular graphic design and photo editing tools for mobile nowadays. That is due to how easy it is to create digital material in-app – customized images, banners, ads, and vision boards included! You will be surprised that there are already templates you can use or edit for your DIY vision board.

We have an in-depth tutorial about the Canva app we think you should check out. But before you become a pro through our guide, get yourself the app first via the buttons below.

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Dream On and Reach Your Goals

The best vision board app options are not only here to help you visualize your hopes and dreams in life. You might not realize it on first use, but these can even make the path to your goals shorter by keeping your efforts and well-being in check and encouraging you to get going. So, dream on and strive to follow what you have set on your vision board app to reach your goals in no time!