Ting Mobile Review: Mobile Plans That Help You Save

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While most carriers do have a lot of options when it comes to the plans that they offer, some of them fall short in a couple of categories. Some carriers sacrifice price for function and vice versa in the guise of an “affordable” plan. Most carriers will promise affordability and function but only a select few deliver. Fortunately, mobile carriers like Ting Mobile provide plans with great inclusions at affordable prices.

In this article, we’ll be going through Ting Mobile’s mobile plans and see whether they do deliver their promise of functionality at affordable prices.


In This Article

  1. What Is Ting Mobile?
  2. Ting Mobile Plans
  3. Network Speed and Coverage
  4. Compatibility and Activation
  5. Customer Service
  6. What We Like About Ting Mobile Plans
  7. What We Don’t Like About Ting Mobile Plans
  8. How Does Ting Mobile Compare?
  9. Verdict


What Is Ting Mobile?

Ting Mobile logo
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Ting Mobile is a relatively small Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that provides its consumers with plans that are functional, unique, and affordable. Being an MVNO, Ting Mobile uses Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint to help them provide their customers with the excellent network coverage. By utilizing three of the country’s largest network providers, Ting Mobile users have larger mobile network access than other MVNOs, allowing them to provide better service than their competitors.

The network became famous for its flexible and customizable plans that allow consumers to pay for what they use. However, this has since then been replaced with more traditional plans. Nonetheless, the carrier still stays true to its promise of providing its patrons with affordable plans that are functional and won’t leave them hanging.

In summary, Ting Mobile is a mobile carrier that provides its users with plans that will help them save. The network only charges its users for what they consume, instead of a set cost that prevents their bills from sky-rocketing to ridiculous amounts. It’s also worth noting that the company is also known for its superb customer service which is better than most of their competitors.


  • No contracts and hidden charges
  • Great network coverage (works with Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint covered areas)
  • No limits on hotspots and tethering
  • Superb customer support
  • Early termination fee relief


  • Costly unlimited data
  • No physical stores
  • Unsubsidized mobile phones
  • Data deprioritization


Ting Mobile Plans

Ting Mobile’s biggest asset falls on its affordable and cost-efficient plans. As mentioned, the company used to offer their services on a “pay-as-you-go” scheme which is more customizable and flexible as it allows customers to only pay for what they consume. However, the scheme has since then been replaced with plans that are similar to the traditional mobile plans. The network separates its plans according to the amount of data that is allotted per plan.

Plan Texts and Minutes Data Price
Unlimited Optional $5/GB $10/mo
Set 5 Unlimited 5GB LTE/5G $25/mo
Set 12 Unlimited 12GB LTE/5G with Up to 8GB Hotspot $35/mo
Unlimited Unlimited *22GB LTE/5G with up to 12GB Hotspot $45/mo
Unlimited Pro Unlimited *35GB LTE/5G with up to 18GB Hotspot $55/mo

*Your data will drop to a lower speed after consuming LTE/5G data allowance until the next billing cycle.

Contrary to other networks, you won’t be charged additional fees for adding a line to your account. You’ll only pay for the cost of the plan that you will be availing of. Ting Mobile does not offer family plans and the like but they do offer a plan called Flex which allows for more customization.

The carrier’s cheapest plan is called Flex which starts at $10/month per line. This is also what consumers consider to be the unlimited data plan as you pay for the amount of GB that you consume a month. However, if you don’t consume any data and want a basic talk and text plan, your bill stays at $10/month and you will still have access to all plan inclusions including unlimited minutes and texts. If you do opt to purchase data under the Flex plan, it starts at $5 per shared GB and you can use the data for mobile hotspot as well.


Network Speed and Coverage

Ting Mobile Coverage
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As mentioned, one of Ting Mobile’s biggest assets is that it runs on the network of the three largest mobile carriers namely Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The network boasts fast LTE speeds and lightning-fast 5G where it’s available and if you have a compatible SIM card. Ting Mobile also boasts competitive international rates if you’re looking to go out of the country.

Since the network is an MVNO, it’s best to manage your expectations. While it does boast large network coverage, data deprioritization still plays a large role in enjoying the network’s services. Expect that your service will slow down at certain times, especially if the network is congested. It’s important to note that the data speeds of MVNOs will be deprioritized by the networks that they run on in favor of the customers who have plans on the major networks.

Unfortunately, Ting Mobile has yet to issue an official coverage map that shows the reach of their coverage. However, you can opt to check if the network is compatible with your area through the Ting Mobile website. Simply input your zip code or area code and they’ll indicate whether service is available for your area or not.

The same goes for their international calling and roaming rates. You’ll have to head to Ting Mobile’s website for international calls and roaming, input the country that you want to check for and their rates should show up if available.


Compatibility and Activation

Ting Compatibility
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Ting Mobile is ideally compatible with both Android and Apple devices. The carrier offers a little over 25 phones in their shop that you can purchase and pair with one of their plans. That said, you can use most phones with Ting Mobile.

If you’re looking to purchase a phone from them, take note that their phones are unsubsidized which makes them more expensive than phones from other carriers. Ting Mobile has quite the offering with phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G and the iPhone 12 on their roster. There are also cheaper options such as phones from Motorola that you can choose from. Notably, Ting Mobile also offers financing on a few of its devices so you can still get the device you want with 0% APR. Financing is rare in MVNOs which adds another unique point to the network.

You can also opt to bring your own phone to the network if you’re not looking to replace it yet. To check if your current device is compatible, all you have to do is to go to their compatibility checker and input your device’s IMEI, MEID, or ESN number.

To activate your account, all you have to do is to download the Ting Mobile app on your Android or Apple device. Alternatively, you can also go to the Ting Mobile website. From there, register your account, and you should be able to start using the service. You can also opt to transfer your old number to Ting Mobile by following a few extra steps that you’ll also find when you sign-up to activate your account.


Customer Service

One of Ting Mobile’s biggest assets is its customer service. They have a “No Hold” policy which ensures that all your queries will be answered immediately and you don’t have to wait for minutes in a queue. Their customer service system allows its consumers to engage directly with their agents so that they receive quick responses to whatever their concerns might be.

Further, there are also a couple of ways that you can contact the carrier. You can call their hotline, request assistance via chat support, or submit a request for assistance. These channels allow their patrons to easily reach the mobile carrier and they don’t have to wait minutes for it.

Unfortunately, Ting Mobile does not have any physical stores or physical customer service outlets. Everything is done through virtual transactions.


What We Like About Ting Mobile Plans

To wrap it up, here’s a quick rundown of the things that we like about Ting Mobile Plans:

  1. Great plan inclusions as it already includes unlimited talk and text as well as data allotment. You can even opt to avail of a plan without data if you’re not much of a data user.
  2. There are no contracts and hidden charges. Availing of a plan from Ting Mobile is straightforward and their prices are set at what is mentioned in their listing.
  3. You won’t necessarily run out of data. While most of their plans come with fast data, it does stop when you use it all up but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have data anymore. In the event that you do run out of the allocated fast data, you will just be reduced to 2G data until the next month.


What We Don’t Like About Ting Mobile Plans

While there is much to love about Ting Mobile, there are also things that might break the deal. That said, here are a few things that we don’t like about the network:

  1. Data deprioritization. While this is unavoidable in MVNOs, it still doesn’t help with the fact that you might lose data speeds if you opt to get a plan from Ting Mobile. It doesn’t affect the experience as much but if you’re looking for a network where you won’t lose data speeds, you might want to consider a major network.
  2. No family plans or bundles. Ting Mobile plans are already affordable as is. However, there will be families who are looking for bundles or plans that they can avail of for a certain number of lines. Such patrons might also be after the extra inclusions that come bundled with the plans that Ting Mobile doesn’t have.
  3. Expensive mobile phones. The network does offer financing for the phones in their shop but that doesn’t mean that it is made more affordable. As the phones are unsubsidized, there are cheaper options in the market. You might also want to consider bringing your own phone instead of availing of a new one if you’re looking to save.


How Does Ting Mobile Compare?

If you’re planning to get a plan from Ting Mobile, it would be a great idea to compare it with other carriers and MVNOs. That said, here are a couple of their competitors that you might want to check out for comparison.

Name Service Type 4k/UHD Simultaneous Streams Next Step
Unlimited Plan Unlimited data, minutes, messages, and hotspot usage $40/Month
One Line/User Unlimited texting and calling + $10 for 1GB Data $20/Month + Data
Unlimited Plan 2 GB of data with unlimited calls and texts $20/Month
Talk & Text Unlimited Talk and Text with unlimited extended home service + $5/GB of Data $15/Month + Data
Mint Mobile Logo
Mint Mobile
3-Month Plan Unlimited talk and text, 5G or 4G LTE $15/Month



Ting Mobile keeps its promise of providing its consumers with affordable plans. Not only do they keep their plans low cost like other MVNOs, but they also offer some perks that only major carriers have, like access to the latest phone models and reimbursements. It might be cheap and cost-effective for the most part, but be wary of its data charges if you’re looking to get the Flex plan as data with Ting Mobile can get quite expensive. That aside, Ting Mobile is a great mobile carrier to consider if you’re looking for a network that is cheap, reliable, and consumer-friendly.