11 Amazing Minecraft VR for 2024

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Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft like never before? Look no further than the 11 Amazing Minecraft VR for 2023. Virtual reality technology has revolutionized the gaming industry, and Minecraft is no exception. With these incredible VR experiences, players will be able to explore the vast landscapes, build impressive structures, and interact with their favorite characters in an entirely new dimension. Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft player or new to the game, the 11 Amazing Minecraft VR for 2023 will transport you into a world of endless possibilities. Get ready to have your mind blown and your gaming experience elevated to new heights.


The Mattel Minecraft Creeper 8.5" Figure allows you to bring the popular game to life. With large-scale figures, you can recreate the world of Minecraft in real life. The figures are based on the characters' signature in-game appearance and are poseable, with moveable arms, legs, and heads. Collect different figures to curate the perfect Minecraft collection. This Creeper figure is well-built and durable, with four movable feet and a 360-degree turning head. It requires no assembly, making it easy to open and play with. The toy is loved by kids and adults alike and is a great gift for Minecraft enthusiasts or collectors. Get ready for hours of fun and imaginative storytelling with this Minecraft Creeper figure.

Key Features

  • Recreate the world of Minecraft in real life
  • Large-scale figures for storytelling fun
  • Based on characters' in-game appearance
  • Poseable with movable arms, legs, and heads
  • Collectible – complete your perfect collection
  • Specifications

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Dimension: 4.63Lx2.50Wx12.00H
  • Pros

  • Well-built and durable
  • No assembly required
  • Great size for playing and displaying
  • Holds up well and can be posed in different positions
  • Ideal gift for Minecraft enthusiasts and collectors
  • Cons

  • Some customers may expect a larger size

    The Mattel Minecraft Creeper 8.5″ Figure is a must-have for any Minecraft fan. It offers the opportunity to bring the popular game into the real world, allowing for endless imaginative play and storytelling. With its large-scale size and high-quality construction, this Creeper figure is not only fun to play with, but also looks great on display. The poseable features and attention to detail make it a hit among both kids and adults. While some customers may expect a larger size, the overall quality and enjoyment provided by this toy make it a great purchase. Whether you’re a Minecraft enthusiast or collector, the Creeper figure is a fantastic addition to your collection. Get ready to embark on exciting Minecraft adventures with this well-crafted figure.


    The Minecraft Creeper Backpack TNT 5 Piece Set is the perfect accessory for all Minecraft fans. This awesome set includes a backpack, lunch bag, water bottle, pencil case, and a squishy Creeper toy. Made of 100% polyester, the backpack comes in a vibrant Creeper face print and is the ideal size for carrying A4 books, lunch, and PE kits. The bag measures approximately 16.5” tall, making it great for travels. With its cool all over print design featuring Creeper and TNT explosives, this set is a must-have for Minecrafters. It is officially licensed Minecraft merchandise, BPA-free, and of high quality. Suitable for ages 3 and older.

    Key Features

  • Awesome minecraft 5 piece backpack set
  • 100% Polyester video game bag
  • 16.5” Tall creeper green bag
  • Creeper and tnt explosive all over print design
  • Officially licensed minecraft merchandise
  • Specifications

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Dimension: 10.00Lx32.00Wx42.00H
  • Size: One Size
  • Pros

  • Includes all necessary items for a Minecraft fan
  • Large and spacious backpack
  • Cool all over print design
  • High quality and officially licensed merchandise
  • Perfect for keeping packed lunches fresh
  • Cons

  • Not very durable for heavy loads
  • Velcro on lunch box may not hold well

    The Minecraft Creeper Backpack TNT 5 Piece Set is a fantastic choice for any Minecraft enthusiast. It offers all the necessary items in one set, including a backpack, lunch bag, water bottle, pencil case, and even a squishy Creeper toy. The backpack is spacious and features a cool all over print design of Creeper and TNT explosives. Although it may not be the most durable option for heavy loads, it is perfect for carrying everyday essentials and packed lunches. Overall, this officially licensed Minecraft merchandise is of high quality and will make any adventure day out more fun!


    The Minecraft Backpack & Lunch Box 5 Piece Rucksack Bag Gift Set Merchandise is the perfect accessory for any gamer who wants to carry their essentials in style. This set includes a backpack, lunch bag, pencil case, keyring, and hand sanitizer dispenser, making it a great gift for birthdays or special occasions. Made from 100% polyester, the black and green backpack features Minecraft character prints and a spacious compartment for books and other items. The lunch box is designed to attach to the backpack and there is also a pencil case included. This officially licensed Minecraft merchandise has a high-quality finish and is great for traveling or everyday use.

    Key Features

  • Awesome Minecraft 5 piece backpack set
  • 100% polyester daypack set
  • 16.5” tall luggage bag gift
  • Featuring playable characters and enemies
  • Officially licensed Minecraft merchandise
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 16.54Lx12.60Wx1.57H
  • Size: One Size
  • Pros

  • Cool Minecraft design
  • Includes multiple accessories
  • Spacious compartment for books
  • Officially licensed merchandise
  • Ideal for traveling or everyday use
  • Cons

  • Some customers find it cheaply made
  • Lunch box insulation could be improved
  • Straps and buckles could be sturdier
  • Thin material for the backpack

    The Minecraft Backpack & Lunch Box 5 Piece Rucksack Bag Gift Set Merchandise is a must-have for Minecraft fans. While some customers have found it to be cheaply made and lacking in certain aspects, overall it offers a cool design and includes multiple accessories. The spacious compartment is great for carrying books, and the officially licensed merchandise adds to its appeal. Perfect for traveling or everyday use, this set is a great gift idea for any gamer.


    The Minecraft Squares Allover Print Backpack Bookbag is a stylish and functional backpack that is perfect for travel. It features adjustable shoulder straps for the perfect fit and zipper closures for added security. The backpack is green in color and has a dimension of 4.00Lx12.00Wx18.00H, making it a suitable size for both children and adults. With a customer rating of 4.8/5, this backpack has received positive reviews for its cute design, spacious interior, and durability. It also has a tech sleeve inside, making it convenient for carrying a chromebook. However, some customers have mentioned that the cup holders on the sides are a bit odd. Overall, the Minecraft Squares Allover Print Backpack Bookbag is a great choice for fans of Minecraft who are looking for a high-quality backpack.

    Key Features

  • Adjustable shoulder straps for the perfect fit
  • Has zipper closures
  • Great for travel
  • Specifications

  • Color: Green
  • Dimension: 4.00Lx12.00Wx18.00H
  • Size: One Size
  • Pros

  • Cute design with a treasure chest feature
  • Spacious interior with a tech sleeve for a chromebook
  • Durable and well-made
  • Fast shipping
  • Cons

  • Cup holders on the sides are a bit odd
  • Relatively high price

    The Minecraft Squares Allover Print Backpack Bookbag is a must-have for Minecraft fans who are in need of a reliable and stylish backpack. With its adjustable shoulder straps, zipper closures, and spacious interior, it offers both comfort and practicality. The backpack’s green color and Minecraft-inspired design make it visually appealing, while the treasure chest feature adds a fun touch. The tech sleeve inside is a useful addition, providing a secure space for a chromebook. However, the cup holders on the sides may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Despite its relatively high price, this backpack is durable and well-made, ensuring that it will last for a long time. Overall, it is a great investment for anyone looking for a high-quality backpack for school or travel.


    The ZEVREVS 11 Inch Creeper, Baby Pig, Baby Wolf, Enderman Plush Toys are the perfect gift for kids who love the game Minecraft. With a soft and comfortable plush filled with PP cotton, these adorable toys are great playmates for children of all ages. They are perfect for cuddling while reading, watching TV, learning, or sleeping. The plush toys are easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze. Whether it's for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or theme parties, these plush toys make a fantastic gift for fans of Minecraft. The set includes Baby Pig, Baby Wolf, Creeper, and Enderman plush toys.

    Key Features

  • Product Size: Baby pig – 8 inch, Baby Wolf – 10 inch, Creeper – 11 inch, Enderman – 12 inch
  • Material: Soft plush filled with PP cotton
  • Funny Design: Perfect playmates and cuddle toys for children
  • Easy to Clean: Hand wash or machine wash
  • Best Gift: Ideal for family, children, friends on various occasions
  • Specifications

  • Dimension: 2.00Lx2.00Wx9.00H
  • Size: 4 Piece Assortment
  • Pros

  • Soft and comfortable plush toys
  • Fun design for Minecraft fans
  • Easy to clean
  • Cons

  • Smaller than expected size
  • Creeper plush toy is tiny

    The ZEVREVS 11 Inch Creeper, Baby Pig, Baby Wolf, Enderman Plush Toys are a great gift option for young Minecraft fans. Despite being smaller than expected, these soft and cuddly toys are loved by kids. The plush toys are well-made and easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. The set includes popular characters from the game and makes a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or just to bring a smile to your child’s face. If your child loves Minecraft, they will love these adorable plush toys.


    The Fortunlla Axolot Plush Plush Stuffed Toy is a perfect gift for video game fans, especially those who love Axolots. Made with skin-friendly velvet and soft plush, this huggable toy provides a better skin touch. Its meticulous internal wiring technology ensures even filling that is not deformed and not afraid of squeezing. The cute cartoon shape and gentle colors make it irresistible. Suitable for all ages, it can be used for reading, watching TV, studying, and sleeping. The plush toy has long-lasting use without fading or odor, making it suitable for various settings like home, office, children's rooms, and cars. It can also be used for home decoration. This doll is a perfect gift for kids and friends who love the series, making it suitable for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, student graduation, and room decoration.

    Key Features

  • Filled with PP cotton filler, made of skin-friendly velvet and soft plush
  • Suitable for all ages, a great hugging toy for various activities
  • Long-lasting use without fading and odor, suitable for home, office, crib, etc.
  • Cute cartoon shape with gentle colors that are irresistible
  • Perfect gift for kids and friends, suitable for various occasions
  • Specifications

  • Color: B+p
  • Dimension: 1.00Lx1.00Wx1.00H
  • Size: 2 Piece Assortment
  • Pros

  • Soft and durable
  • Perfect Minecraft Axolotls
  • Well packaged and vacuum sealed
  • Better than expected quality
  • Great gift for kids
  • Cons

  • Some customers experienced tears and holes in the stuffed animals
  • Quality of the product is disappointing for some

    The Fortunlla Axolot Plush Plush Stuffed Toy is an adorable and huggable gift for video game fans, especially Axolot lovers. With its soft and durable construction, it provides a comfortable touch for all ages. The cute cartoon design and gentle colors make it irresistible, making it a perfect addition to any room or a great gift option for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions. While there have been a few quality concerns raised by some customers, overall, this plush toy has received positive reviews for its softness, durability, and cute appearance. If you’re looking for a charming and cuddly gift, the Fortunlla Axolot Plush Plush Stuffed Toy is worth considering.


    The OVITTAC Creeper Plush, Piggy, Skeleton Shooter, Little Spider Plush Game Plush Stuffed Toys are perfect birthday gifts for kids and fans. This 4-piece assortment features a creeper, little spider, piglet, and skeleton shooter. Each plush toy is designed on a 7"-11" scale, allowing fans to relive their favorite in-game moments. The soft and cute construction makes them suitable for fans of all ages. The toys are vacuum packed for shipping but can be easily restored to their original state by gently rubbing them with your hands after unpacking. Whether for playtime or display, these adorable plush toys are a must-have for Minecraft enthusiasts.

    Key Features

  • 1x Creeper
  • 1x Little Spider
  • 1x Piglet
  • 1x Skeleton Shooter
  • 7"-11" scale plush toy
  • Specifications

  • Color: 1
  • Dimension: 2.00Lx3.00Wx7.00H
  • Size: 4 Piece Assortment
  • Pros

  • Adorable plush toy for fans of all ages
  • Soft and cute construction
  • Can be restored to original state after unpacking
  • Cons

  • Very small for the price
  • Some may find them too small
  • Limited variety of characters

    Despite being on the smaller side, the OVITTAC Creeper Plush, Piggy, Skeleton Shooter, Little Spider Plush Game Plush Stuffed Toys are a great addition to any Minecraft lover’s collection. The plush toys are well-made, soft, and adorable, making them suitable for both kids and fans of all ages. The ability to relive in-game moments adds a touch of nostalgia to the experience. However, the size may disappoint some customers who were expecting larger toys. Overall, these plush toys are a win in terms of quality and value for money. They make fantastic birthday gifts or collectibles for any Minecraft enthusiast.


    The Minecraft Toys Fireball Ghast Figure is a must-have for fans of the popular video game. This collectible toy features a Fireball Ghast figure that comes with 10 red "fireball" discs. Kids can load the discs into the figure and watch as its mouth and eyes change expression when the disc is launched. The legs of the figure make realistic movements when held up, giving the impression of flying. This toy is a great gift for video gamers who love adventure and is suitable for kids aged 6 and up.

    Key Features

  • Based on the hostile Minecraft video game mob
  • Comes with 10 red "fireball" discs
  • Mouth and eyes change expression when discs are launched
  • Realistic character movements when held up to "fly"
  • Great gift for video gamers, ages 6 and up
  • Specifications

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Dimension: 0.79Lx0.79Wx0.79H
  • Pros

  • Durable and well-made
  • Exciting and fun for Minecraft fans
  • Realistic movements and expressions
  • Cons

  • Package may arrive damaged
  • May lose novelty quickly for some children

    The Minecraft Toys Fireball Ghast Figure is a fantastic addition to any Minecraft fan’s collection. With its realistic movements, changing expressions, and the ability to shoot discs, it offers hours of imaginative play. The toy is well-made and durable, ensuring it can withstand rough play. While some customers have reported damaged packaging, the product itself remains intact. The only drawback is that some children may lose interest in it quickly. Overall, this is a great gift for young Minecraft enthusiasts who love adventure and want to bring the game to life.


    The Disguise Minecraft Sword Costume Accessory is a fun and officially licensed product that allows fans of the popular game to bring the adventure into the real world. This toy sword is perfect for dress-up and make-believe play, allowing kids to immerse themselves in the world of Minecraft. The sword is made of solid, quality, thick plastic and has a teal, white, and gold color scheme. With its lightweight design, it is easy for kids to carry and use for imaginative play. The paint is durable and has held up well for many customers. However, some caution that it can be too hard and may cause pain if swung and hit someone. Overall, the Disguise Minecraft Sword Costume Accessory receives high praise from fans of the game.

    Key Features

  • Product includes: one toy sword
  • Minecraft (mojang)
  • Officially licensed product
  • Specifications

  • Color: Teal, White, Gold
  • Dimension: 10.00Lx1.00Wx21.00H
  • Size: One Size
  • Pros

  • Officially licensed product
  • Durable paint
  • Lightweight and easy for kids to carry
  • Cons

  • May cause pain if swung and hit someone

    The Disguise Minecraft Sword Costume Accessory is a must-have for any Minecraft fan. With its authentic design and durability, it allows kids to bring their favorite game to life. The lightweight construction and durable paint make it a practical choice for imaginative play. However, parents should supervise their children while using this toy to prevent any accidents or injuries. Overall, this accessory receives high praise from customers, and it is sure to provide endless hours of fun.


    Experience the adventure of Minecraft with the Mattel Minecraft Warden Action Figure! This 3.25-inch collectible toy is inspired by the popular video game and brings the character to life with lights, sounds, and attack mode. With two light and sound modes, including a warning mode and an attack mode, this action figure offers an immersive experience for kids who love exploration, creativity, and survival. The design and personality details stay true to the pixelated world of Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update, making it a must-have for Minecraft fans. Perfect for imaginative play and display, the Mattel Minecraft Warden Action Figure is an exciting addition to any Minecraft collection.

    Key Features

  • 2 light and sound modes
  • Warning lights and sounds
  • Attack mode activation
  • True to Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update
  • Adventurous fun for kids
  • Specifications

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Dimension: 0.79Lx0.79Wx0.79H
  • Size: 6 Inch
  • Pros

  • Lights up and makes noises
  • Moveable arms, legs, and head
  • Great sound effects
  • True to in-game appearance
  • Durable
  • Cons

  • Does not stand alone
  • Horns are slightly flimsy
  • Batteries may arrive dead
  • Packaging may come torn or ripped

    The Mattel Minecraft Warden Action Figure offers an exciting and immersive experience for Minecraft fans. With its lights, sounds, and attack mode, this collectible toy brings the popular video game to life. Its true-to-Minecraft design and durable construction make it a must-have for imaginative play and display. Despite a few minor drawbacks, such as difficulty standing alone and potential issues with batteries and packaging, the Warden Action Figure is highly recommended for its entertainment value and attention to detail. Whether for gifting or personal enjoyment, this action figure is sure to delight Minecraft lovers of all ages.


    The XSLWAN Creeper Plush Toys are a must-have for all Minecraft fans. This set includes a Creeper, Enderman, Baby Pig, and Baby Mooshroom Plush, allowing you to recreate your favorite moments from the game. The plush toys are soft and cuddly, making them suitable for fans of all ages. With a scale of 7 to 11 inches, these toys are the perfect size for play or display. Available in multiple colors, you can choose a plush toy that matches your style. Overall, these XSLWAN Creeper Plush Toys are loved by kids and adults alike, providing hours of fun and comfort.

    Key Features

  • 1x Creeper
  • 1x Enderman
  • 1x Baby Pig
  • 1x Baby Mooshroom Plush
  • 7"-11" Scale plush
  • Recreate your favorite moments from the game with this cuddly plush toy
  • Soft and cuddly construction makes it great for fans of all ages
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black, Pink, Green, Red
  • Pros

  • Suitable for fans of all ages
  • Soft and cuddly construction
  • Recreates favorite moments from the game
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Cons

  • Some customers received flat and cheaply made items
  • Smaller than expected for some

    The XSLWAN Creeper Plush Toys offer a delightful way for Minecraft enthusiasts to bring their favorite characters to life. Despite a few complaints about the quality and size, the majority of customers are highly satisfied with these plush toys. The soft and cuddly construction, along with the ability to recreate memorable moments from the game, make these toys a hit among fans of all ages. Whether you are a child or an adult, these XSLWAN Creeper Plush Toys will surely bring joy and comfort. So, if you’re looking to add some Minecraft-inspired cuteness to your life or surprise a loved one, these plush toys are a great choice.


    Buyer's Guide: Minecraft VR

    Important Note: Before venturing into the virtual world of Minecraft, make sure you have a compatible virtual reality (VR) headset and a powerful enough computer to handle the VR experience. Now, let's dive into the amazing world of Minecraft VR!In this buyer's guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Minecraft VR, from its features and gameplay mechanics to potential limitations and compatibility issues. So, grab your pickaxe and let's get started!

    Why Minecraft VR?

    • Minecraft VR offers an immersive and engaging way to experience the beloved sandbox game. Dive into the blocky world and feel like you're truly part of it.
    • The VR experience allows you to explore the vast landscapes, build intricate structures, and battle fearsome creatures like never before.
    • With the ability to use your hands and interact with the blocks, Minecraft VR brings a whole new level of creativity and interactivity to the game.

    Requirements for Minecraft VR

    • A compatible VR headset: Ensure you have a compatible VR headset such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Windows Mixed Reality. Check the technical specifications of each headset to see if it suits your needs and budget.
    • A powerful computer: Minecraft VR demands a potent system. Make sure your computer meets the VR requirements in terms of GPU, CPU, RAM, and storage.
    • Minecraft Java Edition: You'll need a copy of Minecraft Java Edition to access Minecraft VR. If you don't already have it, purchase it from the official Minecraft website.
    • Minecraft VR mod: Install the appropriate Minecraft VR mod, such as Vivecraft or Minecraft VR Mod for Oculus Rift, which are specifically designed to enable VR support.

    What to Expect from Minecraft VR?

    • Immersive Gameplay: Prepare yourself for a truly immersive experience where you become the Minecraft character. Interact with blocks, explore caves, and build structures with your own virtual hands.
    • Stunning Landscapes: Discover the beauty of Minecraft in a whole new way. Explore mesmerizing biomes, towering mountains, vast oceans, and intricate caves that feel even more realistic in VR.
    • Intense Battles: Combat in Minecraft takes on a thrilling dimension with VR. Engage in intense battles with mobs, strategically plan your attacks, and dodge enemies' strikes using your real-life movements.
    • Collaborative Building: Connect with friends or other players in multiplayer mode. Build enormous structures with enhanced teamwork and coordination, making the construction process even more enjoyable.

    Things to Consider

    • Motion Sickness: Some players may experience motion sickness or discomfort while playing Minecraft VR. If you have a history of motion sickness or a sensitivity to virtual reality, take regular breaks and adjust the VR settings to minimize discomfort.
    • Comfort and Safety: Minecraft VR requires you to move and turn your head frequently. Ensure you have enough space in your play area to avoid collisions and discomfort. Take necessary precautions to create a safe and comfortable VR environment.
    • Controls and Feedback: Familiarize yourself with the VR controls for Minecraft. Each VR headset may have different control schemes, so spend some time understanding how to navigate, interact, and use your tools effectively.
    • Hardware Limitations: Be aware that some VR headsets have limitations in terms of tracking accuracy and graphical fidelity. Research and choose a headset that provides the best balance between performance and cost based on your requirements.



    Q: Can I play Minecraft VR on any VR headset?
    A: Minecraft VR supports several VR headsets, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality. Ensure your chosen headset is compatible before diving into the VR experience.

    Q: Do I need a powerful computer to play Minecraft VR?
    A: Yes, VR requires a powerful computer to handle the demanding graphics and processing requirements. Ensure your computer meets the VR specifications provided by both the VR headset and Minecraft VR mod.

    Q: Can I play Minecraft VR with my friends in multiplayer mode?
    A: Yes, Minecraft VR supports multiplayer mode. You can connect with your friends or other players and enjoy collaborative building or engage in thrilling battles together.

    Q: What if I experience motion sickness while playing Minecraft VR?
    A: Motion sickness can occur in some players due to the immersive nature of VR. To minimize discomfort, take regular breaks, adjust the VR settings, and experiment with different comfort options provided by the VR headset.

    Q: Can I use mods or shaders in Minecraft VR?
    A: Minecraft VR supports certain mods and shaders designed specifically for VR gameplay. However, it’s important to ensure these mods are compatible with the version of Minecraft you are using and the VR headset you own.