Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Accessories You Must Have

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is not just some of the most expensive phones to get, they are arguably the best ones as well. They get our approval in every way: it’s a good camera phone, a capable 5g mobile phone, and a phablet that is as good as a computer.  You can better accentuate its premium feel by pairing it with one or two Samsung Galaxy S21 accessories. But, picking the best to get can be a little hard due to the massive selection of accessories for S21. So, we are here to help.

Here are the best and most essential mobile accessories you should get for the Samsung Galaxy S21.

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  1. How to stream movies?
  2. What Samsung S21 Accessories Are Available?
  3. The Best Samsung S21 Accessories On The Market
    1. Stylus – Samsung S-Pen
    2. Wired Charger – Samsung 25W Travel Charger
    3. Wireless Charger – Anker 15W PowerWave Pad
    4. Bluetooth Headphones – Sennheiser Momentum 3
    5. Bluetooth Speakers – Anker Soundcore 2
    6. Phone Stand – Omoton C4
    7. Phone Case – Samsung S21 S-View Flip Case w/S-Pen
    8. Bluetooth Keyboard – iClever BK08 Bluetooth Keyboard
    9. Trackers – Samsung SmartTag
    10. Smart Watch – Amazfit T-Rex Pro
    11. Portable Powerbank – Romoss Sense 8P+
    12. Device Sanitizer – PhoneSoap 3
    13. Waterproof Phone Pouch – Stash7 Waterpocket
    14. Selfie Stick and Tripod – Fugetech FT-569
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What Samsung S21 Accessories Are Available?

s21 accessories
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While the S21 may be the premiere smartphone for 2021, it doesn’t mean it has everything out of the box. Following the examples set by Apple, Samsung has also started to strip away even the essential accessories that one would get for free. This affects all models of the S21, including the S21 FE base model. Citing it as a way to “cut down on e-waste,” Samsung has shipped out their S21 boxes with only a compatible USB Type-C connector. This means that you won’t have the previously standard wall charger and wired earphones that used to come with the smartphone box.

With that, let us talk about accessories — what Samsung S21 accessories can you get on the market? There is a treasure trove of accessories you can get for your S21. You can get everything from styli, wired and wireless chargers, GPS trackers, Bluetooth headphones, smartwatches, and everything in-between. While Samsung does make a lot of these, some third-party options are better and are compatible with the S21.


The Best Samsung S21 Accessories On The Market

For this list of Samsung S21 accessories, we will present our best pick for each category. We will also give a short explanation of why we chose it. While there are a lot of different places to get these accessories, we will add some Amazon links to each item so you can take a look at the listings yourself.


Brand: Samsung

Samsung Note users are familiar with the joy of using a stylus pen. But since they ditched the series, they added S Pen support to its flagship S21 series instead. While the S-Pen is only compatible with the S21 Ultra, this handy gadget does transform the S21 Ultra into one of the best smartphones with a stylus.

The standard S Pen for S21 Ultra is one of two Samsung-branded styli that you can purchase as an add-on — the other being the S Pen Pro. Offering 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity with a pen tip of just 0.7mm, you can draw, write, and sign with absolute accuracy. Those that want this accessory should look at our phone case pick as well for a good case and styli bundle.


Brand: Samsung

Perhaps the most essential Samsung S21 accessories for your phone is the wall charger. We feel that this should have been part of the set out of the box. Whichever version of the S21 you have, Ultra or otherwise, all of them are fast-charging 25W compatible. If you are wondering which charger is best for Samsung S21, this has to be the 25W Travel Charger. Using this full charging potential, you can fully charge your S21’s 5000 mAh Li-ion battery from empty in just a little over 1 hour (around 1:20 hours). With the Samsung 25W Travel Charger, you would not have any worries about compatibility with your phone; nor would you experience problems with poor quality wires and exploding chargers.


Brand: Anker

Out of all the Samsung S21 accessories available, the Anker 15W PowerWave Pad may be one of the most versatile. Does S21 have wireless charging? Not only can you charge your S21 with the PowerWave’s wireless 15W Qi-charger, but it can also charge your other devices as well!

While traditional USB Type-C wired charging is still faster with its 25W capabilities, PowerWave’s wireless charging does offer a few benefits. The largest benefit is a big reduction in the wear and tear your wire experiences. Considering how wires are the likely failure points to charging, a stationary wireless charger can work longer than wired ones do. Another benefit is that you do not need to juggle between different wires while charging. So, long as your devices are Qi or wireless charging capable, you do not need to worry about USB types anymore.

Brand: Sennheiser

“Does the Samsung S21 come with headphones?” Nope, it does not. Thankfully, one of the big shots in the audio industry, Sennheiser, also makes good wireless headphones. The Sennheiser Momentum 3 is one of the many compatible Samsung S21 accessories but stands above the rest with its quality. It’s one of the few Bluetooth 4.0 headphones that make use of advanced multipoint technology. This handy piece of tech lets you connect with your phone, smartwatch, tablet, or computer two at a time. It means that you could be listening to music from your PC while receiving push notifications from your S21. Aside from that, the Momentum 3 is the epitome of quality with a battery life of 17 hours, three noise cancellation modes, and a Type-C port.


Brand: Anker

You already have a pair of headphones, but you might also need a speaker. As one of our choices for the best Bluetooth speakers under $50, the Anker Soundcore 2 packs a big punch. Not only does the Soundcore 2 have a solid 5,200 mAh battery (200 mAh larger than the S21’s), but it also has IPX7 protection. This means that the Soundcore 2 can handle a little rain while still busting out the beats for a full 24 hours. Whether you are heading out to the beach, chilling at home with friends, or having a backyard BBQ, the Soundcore 2 would not let you down!


Brand: Omoton

Like many people, you probably do not want to just leave your phone on a table or desk somewhere. Instead, you want to have a phone stand that can protect your smartphone from scratches. The Omoton C4 is one of the perfect Samsung S21 accessories to solve those issues. Made of cut aluminum with rounded edges and covered with anti-scratch padding, the C4 is made to last. Heavy enough to not easily topple over, the C4 can handle the S21 and heavier smartphones like the Galaxy Note. We consider the Omoton C4 as one of the best phone stands around, one you wouldn’t regret trusting your phone to.


Brand: Samsung

What smartphone is complete without its case nowadays? With the wear and tear phones experience in our pockets or purses, it’s no wonder Samsung have made cases for their phones. As we said earlier, the S21 S-View Flip Case is bundled with the S-Pen, a perfect fit for S21 Ultra users. While the included S-Pen is a good deal, the flip case itself is quite good. Its main feature is the flip cover’s transparent window that lets you control calls, music, and apps without opening it. Aside from that, it also has an S-pen holder that is flush to the phone but easy to reach.


Brand: iClever

With our fat grubby fingers, there are times when it is quite hard to properly press a phone’s on-screen keyboard. These situations are where the iClever BK08 Bluetooth keyboard comes in. Instead of smudging your S21’s screen with your thumbs, the BK08 gives you a bigger surface to work on. A portable 65% QWERTY keyboard, the BK08 also has a sensitive touchpad. While already one of the best Bluetooth keyboards for your smartphone, the BK08 also works with PC, Mac, and Linux. With a solid aluminum body and 60 hours of working time, the iClever BK08 might be your new typing friend!


Brand: Samsung

A common scenario for people is their home and car keys, suitcase, or wallet getting lost at the worst times. This specific problem can be solved with a few of these Samsung S21 accessories.

The Samsung SmartTag is the equivalent of Apple’s AirTag. It was made to make sure your stuff would not get lost again. The device connects to your S21 through Bluetooth and is controlled by the SmartThings app. After “tagging” each of your SmartTags through the app, it appears on the map and shows where they are at all times. Aside from that, you can also use it to find them by using the alarm. Whether you are using it to find your lost stuff or to keep tabs on pets, a few of these can make your daily life much easier.

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Brand: Amazfit T-Rex Pro

While there are a lot of different smartwatches out there, nothing comes close to a good tactical smartwatch. The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is guaranteed to be rugged, robust, and hard to wear down by its military certification (MIL-STD-810 (G)). Compared to mere fitness trackers, the T-Rex does not just have equivalent trackers as it also has more features. These include 40 hours of continuous GPS usage, more than 14 professional exercise modes, and are rated waterproof for up to 50 meters or 5 ATMs. This watch connects with the S21 through Bluetooth and works with Amazfit’s Zepp app.


Brand: Romoss

One of the best power banks and portable chargers, the Romoss Sense 8P+ is a perfect addition to this list of Samsung S21 accessories. Aside from its portability and weight, the Sense 8P+ also has a large 30,000 mAh battery pack. This pack is six times the 5,000 mAh the S21’s battery has. It means the Sense 8P+ can recharge your phone from 0% charge at least five times! If that is not enough, the Sense 8P+ can also use its Fit-Charge technology USB port to charge your phone at 17.1W, a far cry from the usual 2.5W most power banks give out.

Brand: PhoneSoap

In this day and age where germs and bacteria are a concern, UV phone sanitizers are an essential part of safe everyday gadget use. When it comes to Samsung S21 accessories, the PhoneSoap 3 more than plays its part to protect its users from these microscopic pests. Through the use of its patented UV technology, the PhoneSoap 3 can kill up to 99% of bacteria and germs on your device. Compared to other brands, the PhoneSoap 3 has a 360-degree UV light coverage meaning every inch of your phone is thoroughly cleaned. Aside from your S21, it can also clean any other device that fits in its cleaning bay, like smartwatches or SmartTags. Besides its cleaning power, you can also use a wired charger to charge your device while it is being cleaned.


Brand: Stash7

While the Samsung Galaxy S21 models have quite high IP ratings at IP68, it does not mean you can chuck it into the sea and expect it to survive. For trips to the beach and the pool, or for people who want to use their phone in the shower or bathtub, a waterproof phone pouch is a must. While there are a lot of different brands and models out there, the Stash7 Waterpocket stands head and shoulders above the rest (if a bit pricier than most.) Not only does it have three layers of protective plastic, but it also has a 40-inch long marine-grade shock cord and metal carabiner to ensure a good grip. If you are going anywhere near a lot of water, you cannot go wrong trusting your S21 to the Stash7 Waterpocket.


Brand: Fugetech

Now for our last pick for this list of Samsung S21 accessories, the Fugetech FT-569. While we already suggested the Omoton C4 as a nice phone stand, it cannot serve as a proper phone mount. With people occasionally using their phones for work or school Zoom meetings and video calls, it is no surprise you would need something better to mount your phone on. A combined selfie stick and tripod, the FT-569 gives the S21 the stability to let its quad 108MP, 10MP, 10MP, and 12MP cameras a time to shine. Combined with its included Bluetooth remote, your phone would not just make for a great video recorder — it would work as a wonderful camera too!



And there you have it — a list of the best Samsung S21 accessories you can get for any of your needs. But what is a good phone without a good internet connection? Wherever you go, you should have a good mobile hotspot available. To have that, you should take a look at some of the best mobile WiFi hotspot plans.