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Growing your Instagram account but can’t seem to get enough interaction? That is a problem many budding “influencers” face when using Instagram to reach out to people. Although Instagram works best at promoting visually appealing posts, captions on content are still needed to improve audience engagement. However, it might be challenging to come up with enticing captions. Enter Instagram caption generator apps – tools an aspiring influencer like you can use to tailor-fit your message and generate hashtags that will ensure your posts go viral.

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In this article, we will be providing you with the best Instagram caption generators to help make your posts trending and your account grow fast.

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Why Use Captions for Instagram Posts?

The captions you use can make or break your social media success. An example of a caption that may result in you asking who unfollowed you again on Instagram is a one-liner quote irrelevant to your posted media. That does not elicit the interaction you need to go viral on the platform. So, what makes an Instagram photo or video caption good?

A good photo or video caption is written like an essay but on a smaller scale. It should have an introduction or catchy statement, body text, and a closing statement. The said parts of your text should only be two to three sentences at most to ensure you don’t lose your followers’ attention. The body should contain important information if you are promoting a product or a destination. Meanwhile, your closing statement or conclusion should include a call to action or even a question asking for opinions or suggestions. That will make it clear that you are communicating with your followers and encouraging audience engagement.

Additionally, do not forget to incorporate hashtags after your message. Hashtags are great in-app tools to help Instagram catalog your post and find the right audience for it.


Instagram Caption Generators to Try

It might be easy for some people to formulate captions for social posts. But let us admit it — not everyone is capable of coming up with enticing messages. Hence, below are some of the best Instagram caption generator apps and online tools to get those interactions going and your account growing.

1. Caption Plus 6. Threads from Instagram
2. Preview App 7. Caption Expert for Instagram
3. Caption AI 8. Capshun
4. Kapwing 9. Caption Writer for Instagram
5. Clips 10. QuinSta


1. Caption Plus

Banner photo of Caption Plus for Instagram
Photo by CaptionPlus from Google Play Store

Caption Plus is artificial intelligence (AI) powered tool that can give you more than 15,000 caption suggestions depending on what you are posting about. Not only will it recommend the right caption you can use for your photo uploads; it will also suggest hashtags for better visibility on the platform. Simply upload the photo you wish to share on Instagram, then the app will automatically provide you the appropriate caption and hashtags to use.

The app has other impressive features, too. There are Space Adder, Creative Fonts, and Grid Maker, which help you maintain a specific look for your Instagram feed. The good captions combined with good profile aesthetics will get you more engagements and followers on the platform.

Caption Plus is only available for Android devices, but there is a CaptionPlus website iOS users can use to generate captions and hashtags.

Download Caption Plus for Android


2. Preview App

The Preview App is an online caption generator all Instagram users like you can take advantage of. It is free to download and use on your device, thus accessible to anyone looking for a caption to entice followers on Instagram. As regards its core feature, the caption generator can yield more than 3,000 captions, including quotes, puns, wordplay, captions dedicated for selfies, and many more.

Using the app is easy:
1. Upload the photo from your gadget.
2. Once the upload is completed, tap the Caption icon on the app’s interface.
3. Tap Find Captions, then tailor the search by using keywords if you want.
4. Select the captions you wish to use from the list generated.

Preview App also has features you can buy to make your quest for Instagram captions and account growth easier.

Download Preview App for Android

Download Preview App for iOS


3. Caption AI

Photo of Captions AI Instagram caption generator app
Photo by from Google Play Store

Caption AI is a mainstream Instagram caption generator app. The AI in this app suggests the most engaging captions you can use when you run out of ideas for one. On top of that, the app also helps you choose the best hashtags to catalog your posts and reach the right audience.

The app might not be new, but it is amazing how its developers constantly update the captions library. That means you will always have something new to use based on the photo that you plan to upload on Instagram.

On top of the ease at which you can generate captions, you will find navigating through the rest of the app’s features convenient. Moreover, the app is 100 percent free on Android and iOS devices.

Download Caption AI for Android

Download Caption AI for iOS


4. Kapwing

Kapwing Instagram Closed Caption Generator
Photo from

Have you noticed that Instagram has gone beyond being a photo-sharing app? In the latest version of the platform, you can upload mini vlogs through IGTV and Instagram Stories. As an influencer, having more means to convey your message to your followers is important. That is why subtitles for video content are as helpful as photo captions. Subtitles are like captions but the words generated are exactly the words you are saying on the video. Adding subtitles seem to be less complicated than making captions, but it can be easier — thanks to tools dedicated to making those.

Kapwing is among the top platforms that can auto-generate closed-caption subtitles for your Instagram Stories or IGTV posts. It lets you instantly get your finished output straight from your Android or iOS devices. Simply upload your videos and the online application will automatically yield some captions for you. You may then make some alterations if the auto-generated caption is misspelled or wrong. Also, you are allowed to adjust the font style, size, and color to customize the appearance of the text on the video.

Since 2019, watermarks have already been removed on the outputs of users utilizing the free version of the tool. That is great. But if you want to expand your online video-editing workspace, you can go for Kapwing’s pro version.

Generate Captions via Kapwing


5. Clips

Clips App as Instagram Caption Generator
Photo by Apple

Clips is a pre-installed video editor on Apple devices. It is probably one of the easiest apps to use if you want to auto-generate a caption for your Instagram videos.

The way this app can be used as an Insta caption generator is pretty straightforward. Firstly, access the app on your gadget and tap the star icon in the lower right corner. Next, select the callout icon to open your captions menu. Set how the captions should appear on the screen before tapping the display. Lastly, long press on the red button to record the video the captions should be placed on.

Note that the caption tool in Clips can only be used when recording a live track. That means the tool is inaccessible on pre-recorded videos, so make sure to use the app when you want captions on videos you are just about to make.

Clips, including its caption feature, is 100 percent free for iPhone and iPad users.

Download Clips for iOS


6. Threads from Instagram

Threads for Instagram App
Photo by Instagram, Inc. from Apple App Store

Threads is another decent and effective Instagram caption generator to use when you want to add captions or subtitles for your Instagram Stories and IGTV posts. In a way, it is similar to Clips. However, the Threads app allows you to generate captions for pre-recorded videos in your camera roll. On top of that, you can also change any word that may come out incorrectly as a result of the auto-generated text. That is a huge plus considering you do not want your caption and video to be out of sync.

A bonus feature users might enjoy when using Threads is the video and message chat with other Instagram users regardless if they are on Threads or not.

Download Threads for Android

Download Threads for iOS


7. Caption Expert for Instagram

Banner photos of Caption Expert App for iOS
Photo by Shakd, LLC from Apple App Store

Caption Expert is a one-of-a-kind Instagram caption generator app on mobile. Among the entries we have listed here so far, Caption Expert for Instagram is the only one that supports mood caption. That means you may select a caption that will highlight the mood of your post – a fun way for you to further interact with your followers and somehow make them feel that you care for them, too.

Caption Expert also has a few features found in other apps, including its caption categories, user-friendly interface, and low device storage consumption.

Download Caption Expert for iOS


8. Capshun

Capshun is another trending app useful for when you have writer’s block. Whether you believe it or not, you will never run out of options when you use this app that has more than 50,000 captions in its library.

Capshun is also one of those mobile applications that are AI-powered; therefore, it will recommend captions and hashtags that will surely benefit your post. Moreover, Capshun is 100 percent free – and free of interrupting ads! But perhaps what you would like about this app the most is the collaborative element. You can write and submit a caption you thought of yourself for a chance to have it featured on Capshun’s social media profiles.

Download Capshun for Android


9. Caption Writer for Instagram

Banner photo of Caption Writer App for iOS and Android
Photo by Jumpstrap, LLC from Apple App Store

If you are one of those influencers used to writing lengthy captions on your posts, you’ll surely enjoy using Caption Writer. This app is fun to use, having support for font style changes and millions of hashtags. That means you can highlight words and add line breaks where necessary, and get the right tag for your audience niche. The text generated from this app can also make your profile section on Instagram more attractive.

What we like about this app, which you might like as well, is that you can write a caption when an idea hits and save it for later use.

Download Caption Writer for Android

Download Caption Writer for iOS


10. QuinSta

Photo banner of QuinSta for Android
Photo by justapps from Google Play Store

Last but not least in our list is QuinSta, a decent Instagram caption generator tool that will help make your post go viral.

Essentially, this app performs nearly the same way as the other apps featured. But what is its edge, you ask? It can highlight your post among the other posts on your feed by using its captions and hashtag generator feature. Speaking of captions, this app creates a tailor-fit caption that is different from normal photo posts and video posts. Because you have access to unique captions, that means you can prevent Instagram’s algorithm from identifying your posts as spam. On top of that, you can take advantage of the different font styles in this app, use the grid feature to further add hype to your feed, and many more.

Download QuinSta for Android


Final Word

Many Instagram influencers try to get as many interactions and followers not only due to fame but because that is the new way to monetize social media presence. If you are one of them, Instagram caption generator apps are just one of the many tools you can use to improve your reputation on the platform. There are other useful services, including those that let you schedule Instagram posts, to further enhance your Instagram presence and grow your account. Whatever your goal is or your tool of choice when using Instagram, every like and follow you get makes you feel good and that you are one step closer to social media success, right? So, better work on those catchy captions and trending hashtags now to get more audience engagement and make your posts go viral fast!