15 Best Photo Book Apps of All Time [Latest Update]

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Photo books are a compilation of photos where you, your family members, and friends would be able to capture and reminisce special memories. It immortalizes moments that you want to forever cherish in a printed photo book. Photo books are almost only available from desktop browsers, however, there are some companies who developed photo book apps that are mobile-friendly version of the desktop site. What’s neat about the best photo books is that their editors integrate social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram by allowing you to import photos directly taken from your phone. Some of the developers of best photo books allow you to create personalized and trendy photo books and then be printed and delivered within a short period of time at various affordable prices.

In this article, I have listed the top 15 best photo books of all time.


Top 15 Photo Book Apps Of All Time


1. Mixbook Photo Co.

Mixbook Photo Co.
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Mixbook offers the best photo printing app that lets you create the best photo books. They have numerous templates and layout which are all customizable, making it easier for you to choose and edit your design suitable for your own taste.

You can create the best photo books for every occasion using Mixbook. They offer a variety of designs of book covers and which you can all customize. You can choose from landscape, square, and portrait with different sizes.


2. Snapfish

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Snapfish is one of the best photo books app. It offers a much affordable service as compared with other apps. Snapfish allows you to upload your photos from your phone and start creating photobooks and other things such as puzzles, postcards, calendars, iPhone cases, and more. They also ensure that they offer personalized photo books with a rich and modern feel at a cheaper price.


3. Print Studio

Print Studio
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Print Studio is one of best photo books that highlights panoramic printing and provides high-quality print products. They provide various sizes and finishes including wide photo panoramas and classically designed photo books bound in hard or soft covers.

Print Studio offers a photo book in action through the 38 pages of glossy thick paper finish bound in a customizable hardback cover. Users can choose the layout including captions.


4. Walgreens

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If you are in a hurry and has a deadline in coming up with photo books, then Walgreens is the right choice for you.

You can easily access your stored photos on your device and upload and edit photos to make the best photo books via this app. Walgreens lets you choose different layouts and custom covers for your lay flat photo book. You can put at most 150 pages and unlimited number of pictures using premade templates or your own layout.


5. Shutterfly Photo Story

Shutterfly Photo Story
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Shutterfly offers the best photo books as it is considered as one of the best photo printing app in 2019. This app provides users the ability to upload, edit, and share your photos as well as print various products such as photo books with your images. Shutterfly also offers both free and paid layouts and graphic materials that will help you to personalize whatever photo ideas you have in mindmugs, bags, pillows, calendars, and more.


6. Printastic

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Printastic is an easy app that allows you to create the best photo books, canvas, magnets and more with their easy-to-use interface and smart tech using unique game-changing features. This app allows you to choose from your photos and lets you edit your photos with colors and captions. Printastic also constantly saves your creations so you could finish your work later.

You can choose from 4 book sizes with dozens of page and cover layouts, up to 1200 photos per book, making sure that you would be able to remember and savor special moments from your photo books.


7. CanvasChamp

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CanvasChamp offers one of the best photo books with a personal touch. You are in control of ensuring that your pictures are what you have imagined and designed. You can choose from their variety of options that customizes your photo books.

CanvasChamp lets you choose your photos from Facebook, Instagram, Camera Roll, and Take a photo. You can customize pictures by choosing their sizes, borders, frames, and templates. Photo books are available as square, landscape, and portrait, each with different sizes (4×4 up to 12×8) to choose from. You can also order right from the app and avail their amazing discounts and prices.


8. Nations Photo Lab

Nations Photo Lab
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Nations Photo Lab allows you to print your best photo books wherever you go. They offer archival quality pages that has hand-stitched binding and premium covers.

Nations Photo Lab ensures that your photo books will last with their double-thick thread, hand-stitched bindings, keeping books looking pristine for decades. They use archival quality, acid-free papers, making sure the integrity of photos will be sturdy even for 200 years. Photo books can be classic or lay flat depending on your personal choice.


9. SimplePrints

Photo by SimplePrints


Simple Prints is one of the apps that transforms your photos into a beautiful piece of art full of special memories. This app specializes in creating photo books, canvas print, and metal print that anyone can easily do. You can select from your Camera Roll, Take a New Picture, or pull your best photos from Facebook and Instagram to create the best photo books.

In creating the best photo books, SimplePrints offer 3 book types and sizes: 8×8 softcover, 8×8 hardcover, and 12×12 hardcover. You can use caption to customize you photos and make a collage for a creative look.


10. The Photobook App

The Photobook App
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The Photobook App is another best photo books app that lets you create photo book easily using your photos within minutes. You can put 20 photos or expand your photo book up to 80 pages.

You can choose your photos from your phone or Facebook and Instagram accounts then edit and organize your layout. Choose whether you want a softcover or a hardcover then that’s it. This app will then print and send your personalized photo books anywhere you are.


11. Bonusprint

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Create your photo books, calendars, wall art and on-the-go prints within minutes using BonusPrint. It has an easy-to-use creator tool that makes it simple to get your photos from your phone and into your home. This app has a Smart Assistant that automatically creates beautiful photo books within minutes while giving you the freedom to be creative. Their smart tech chooses your best photos and automatically creates the best photo books with beautiful layouts.


12. Chatbooks

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Chatbooks offers affordability of photo books straight from your phones. This app lets you to select photos from your Facebook and Instagram account as well as your phone gallery. Chatbooks lets you create and print your best photo books within minutes, wherever you are.

Chatbooks uses an easy and smart editor that will help you organize your photos to get all the pictures that you want in an album. You can choose to print a photo book or an ongoing photo book series where a new book is created every 60 photos.


13. Pixum

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Pixum is one of the best photo book apps that lets you order prints or make a custom Pixum Photo Book in just minutes. They offer the fastest and most convenient way of creating your personal photo products with high quality.

With a bit of “magic”, Pixum creates the best photo books based on your photos. You can add stickers, texts, or background colours for a personal touch. Pixum auto saves your projects and lets you continue editing your photos whenever you like. You can order a digital version of your photo books together with your printed copy so that you can enjoy them with your families and friends.


14. Mpix Tap To Print

Mpix Tap To Print
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Mpix is one of the free best photo book apps. It offers a high-end service that caters various types of prints and needs. They offer a lot of designs in personalizing your photo books. Mpix also offers a premium panoramic photo book where you can relive your favorite memories in a lay-flat panoramic photo book, with up to 100 pages of beautiful photos bound in a black linen cover.

The app lets you choose from your photos, select different backgrounds and layouts, and even add custom texts for a personal touch.

Mpix also has a new feature which is quick ordering where you can create the best photo books in minutes. They offer simple square books in 5×5, 8×8, and 10×10 sizes, with 1 to 4 photos per page and up to 100 pages.   


15. Photobook Worldwide

Photobook Worldwide
Photo by Photobook Worldwide


Photobook Worldwide is one of the best photo book apps that delivers your best albums worldwide. Yes, you heard me right, they deliver anywhere in the world.

Photobook Worldwide is free and user-friendly. It is easy to navigate and lets you import your photos from your device or social media accounts. This app has a photo editor that lets you edit your photos easily. Photobook has a shuffle feature that automatically arranges your photos in various layout options.


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