Twitter Alerts Launches In UK & Ireland, Pushes Critical Tweets To Users

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Twitter Alerts has recently been launched in the UK and Ireland, offering users a powerful tool to stay informed about critical events and emergencies in their area. With this new feature, users can opt to receive notifications from verified accounts during emergencies, natural disasters, or other significant incidents.

Twitter Alerts allows authorized organizations, including emergency services, government agencies, and nonprofits, to send out important information and updates to users who have subscribed to their alerts. By providing real-time updates through tweets, Twitter Alerts aims to help people stay safe and well-informed during crisis situations.

With its wide reach and instant communication capabilities, Twitter has become an essential platform for disseminating vital information. By introducing Twitter Alerts, the platform aims to further enhance its role in emergency communication, enabling users to receive critical tweets directly to their devices.

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Overview of Twitter Alerts

Twitter Alerts is a powerful feature that allows users to receive real-time updates and critical information directly from trusted sources. Launched in 2013, Twitter Alerts was initially designed to help during emergencies and crisis situations, enabling organizations to send important notifications to the public.

With Twitter Alerts, users can subscribe to specific accounts and receive alerts as push notifications or SMS messages, ensuring that they stay informed about the latest developments. This feature has been instrumental in providing timely updates during natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other emergencies, helping users make informed decisions and take necessary actions.

One of the key benefits of Twitter Alerts is its ability to filter out a large volume of information and deliver only the most critical updates. By subscribing to trusted accounts such as government agencies, emergency management organizations, and credible news sources, users can receive reliable information directly on their mobile devices.

Twitter Alerts also offers an additional layer of credibility as alerts are sent by authorized accounts that have been verified by Twitter. This ensures that users receive accurate and verified information, reducing the risk of misinformation and rumors during crisis situations.

Moreover, Twitter Alerts allows users to choose the type of alerts they want to receive based on their geographic location. This feature ensures that users receive the most relevant and timely information specific to their area, further enhancing the usefulness of Twitter Alerts in emergency situations.

Overall, Twitter Alerts provides a valuable service by delivering important updates and critical information directly to users, helping them stay informed and safe during emergencies. By leveraging the power of social media, Twitter Alerts has become an essential tool for both individuals and organizations in times of crisis.

Expansion of Twitter Alerts in UK & Ireland

In an effort to enhance emergency communication and real-time information dissemination, Twitter has announced the expansion of its Twitter Alerts feature to users in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland. Previously available only to select organizations and officials, Twitter Alerts now enables individuals to receive critical and important updates directly from trusted sources during emergencies and other significant events.

The introduction of Twitter Alerts in the UK and Ireland signifies Twitter’s commitment to fostering a safe and informed environment for its users. By providing instant access to verified and reliable information during emergencies such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or public safety incidents, Twitter Alerts enhances the effectiveness of emergency response efforts and enables individuals to make informed decisions.

Twitter Alerts functions through a notification system that pushes critical tweets from authorized organizations and officials directly to users’ mobile devices as SMS messages or push notifications. This ensures that users receive timely updates and essential information regardless of their presence on the Twitter platform.

By expanding Twitter Alerts to the UK and Ireland, Twitter has paved the way for individuals in these regions to stay informed and connected during emergencies. Users can choose to receive alerts from a variety of sources, including law enforcement agencies, emergency management organizations, government departments, and NGOs, among others.

The expansion of Twitter Alerts in the UK and Ireland offers several key benefits. Firstly, it allows users to receive accurate and trustworthy information from official sources, eliminating the potential for misinformation and rumors. Secondly, it enables individuals to customize the types of alerts they receive, ensuring that the information is relevant to their specific location and interests. Lastly, Twitter Alerts facilitates a sense of community and collective action by encouraging users to share and retweet critical messages, thereby amplifying the reach and impact of important information.

To subscribe to Twitter Alerts in the UK and Ireland, users can follow a simple process. On the Twitter mobile app or website, navigate to the profile of the authorized organization or official you wish to receive alerts from. Click on the bell icon next to the “Follow” button and select the option to enable notifications. Once activated, users will start receiving Twitter Alerts from that particular source.

How Twitter Alerts works

Twitter Alerts is a feature on the Twitter platform that allows users to receive real-time updates during emergencies or crisis situations. It is designed to provide critical information quickly and efficiently to those who subscribe to the service. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how Twitter Alerts works:

1. Identification of trusted organizations: Verified government agencies, emergency management organizations, and humanitarian organizations can enroll in the Twitter Alerts program. These organizations are recognized as trusted sources of information during emergencies.

2. Activation of Twitter Alerts: When a crisis or emergency situation arises, these trusted organizations can activate the Twitter Alerts feature for their tweets related to the incident. This ensures that the information is highlighted and delivered to users who have subscribed to receive alerts from that specific organization.

3. Notification to subscribers: Once a trusted organization activates Twitter Alerts for a specific tweet, users who have subscribed to receive alerts from that organization will receive a notification on their mobile devices. The notification may include a distinctive sound or vibration to ensure it grabs the user’s attention.

4. Visible Alert badge: The tweets that have been activated as Twitter Alerts will be marked with an “Alert” badge, making them easily distinguishable in users’ timelines. This badge helps draw attention to the critical information being shared by trusted organizations.

5. Pushing critical updates: By leveraging Twitter’s push notification system, users will receive these critical updates directly to their devices, even if they are not actively using the Twitter app. This ensures that important information reaches users as quickly as possible.

6. Engaging in the conversation: Users who receive the Twitter Alerts can engage in the conversation by retweeting the information, replying with questions or additional information, or sharing the news with their followers. This helps spread the information further and facilitates a wider reach in times of crisis.

7. Curation by trusted organizations: Verified organizations have the ability to curate the Twitter Alerts feed, ensuring that only accurate and relevant information is shared. This helps prevent the spread of misinformation during emergency situations.

Twitter Alerts serves as a vital tool to disseminate critical information during emergencies, enabling users to stay informed and make informed decisions during crisis situations. With its timely notifications and trusted sources, Twitter Alerts plays a crucial role in crisis communication and public safety.

Benefits of Twitter Alerts

Twitter Alerts is a powerful tool that brings several key benefits to users. These benefits have made it a valuable resource in situations where instant and critical information is needed. Let’s explore some of the advantages of using Twitter Alerts:

1. Real-Time Updates: With Twitter Alerts, users can receive real-time updates on critical information directly to their mobile devices or desktops. This means that important alerts, such as emergency situations, public safety information, or breaking news, are delivered to users as soon as they happen. This allows users to stay informed and take immediate action if necessary.

2. Customizable Notifications: Twitter Alerts offers users the ability to customize their notifications based on their interests and preferences. Users can choose to receive alerts from specific organizations, government agencies, news sources, or influential individuals. This level of customization ensures that users receive the most relevant and important information that aligns with their needs.

3. Credible and Verified Sources: Twitter Alerts verifies the accounts of organizations and agencies that provide critical information. This ensures that users receive alerts from credible sources, reducing the risk of misinformation or false news. By relying on verified accounts, users can trust the accuracy and reliability of the information they receive through Twitter Alerts.

4. Instant Accessibility: Twitter Alerts provides a seamless and instant way to access critical information. With a simple notification, users can quickly view important updates without the need to search for information or wait for news reports. This fast and convenient access enables users to stay informed and make well-informed decisions in a timely manner.

5. Wide Range of Applications: The benefits of Twitter Alerts extend to various industries and fields. From emergency services to public safety agencies, government organizations, news outlets, and local communities, Twitter Alerts has proven to be a valuable tool for disseminating critical information. It has become an essential resource during natural disasters, emergencies, and other urgent situations.

6. Engagement and Interaction: Twitter Alerts provides an opportunity for users to engage and interact with organizations and agencies. Users can express their concerns, seek clarification, or provide feedback directly through the platform. This two-way communication fosters a sense of community and collaboration between users and organizations, strengthening the overall effectiveness of Twitter Alerts as an information-sharing platform.

How to subscribe to Twitter Alerts

Subscribing to Twitter Alerts is a straightforward process that allows you to receive critical tweets from selected accounts directly to your mobile device. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to subscribe:

  1. Open the Twitter app on your smartphone or log in to your Twitter account on the web.

  2. Go to the profile of the account you want to receive alerts from. This can be a government agency, emergency services, or any other trusted source that provides critical information.

  3. Click on the bell icon next to the “Following” button. This icon signifies the Twitter Alerts feature.

  4. A pop-up notification will appear asking you to confirm your subscription. Click on “Turn on” or “Subscribe” to proceed.

  5. You will now receive alerts from the selected account directly to your mobile device. Depending on your notification settings, you may receive push notifications, text messages, or both.

  6. If you want to unsubscribe from Twitter Alerts, simply repeat the above steps and click on the bell icon again to turn off the alerts.

It’s important to note that Twitter Alerts are specifically designed to deliver critical and time-sensitive information during emergencies or other significant events. By subscribing to trusted sources, you can stay informed and receive real-time updates that can help keep you safe and informed.

Keep in mind that not all accounts have the Twitter Alerts feature enabled. Only select organizations and individuals have access to this functionality. However, more accounts are being added over time as Twitter continues to expand the availability of this feature.

So, whether you want to stay updated during natural disasters, public safety incidents, or other emergencies, Twitter Alerts is a valuable tool that can provide you with important information directly from trusted sources.

Subscribe to Twitter Alerts today and never miss critical updates from the accounts that matter to you!


In conclusion, the launch of Twitter Alerts in the UK and Ireland marks a significant step forward in delivering critical information to users in real-time. With this new feature, Twitter users can now receive important updates and notifications from trusted sources directly to their mobile devices. Whether it’s emergency situations, natural disasters, or breaking news, Twitter Alerts ensures that users are informed and prepared. This feature not only enhances the overall safety and security of individuals, but also promotes a sense of community and collective awareness. By harnessing the power of social media and mobile technology, Twitter Alerts demonstrates the potential of leveraging digital platforms for the greater good. As Twitter continues to innovate and improve its services, we can expect even more advancements that will further enrich our online experiences and keep us connected to the world around us.


1. What is Twitter Alerts?
Twitter Alerts is a feature on Twitter that allows users to receive critical and important information from verified sources. It helps users stay informed during emergencies, natural disasters, and other significant events.

2. How does Twitter Alerts work?
Twitter Alerts works by allowing verified accounts, such as government agencies, emergency services, and key organizations, to send out important updates marked as alerts. These alerts are delivered directly to users who have opted in to receive them, helping them stay informed in real-time.

3. How can I sign up for Twitter Alerts?
To sign up for Twitter Alerts, you need to follow the Twitter account that sends out alerts. When you visit their profile, you will see a bell icon next to the “Follow” button. Simply click on the bell icon to enable alerts from that account.

4. Can I customize the type of alerts I receive?
Yes, you can customize the type of alerts you receive on Twitter. When you follow an account that sends out alerts, you will have the option to choose whether you want to receive all alerts or only specific categories of alerts, such as weather, public safety, or transportation.

5. Is Twitter Alerts available in my country?
Twitter Alerts is currently available in select countries, including the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Twitter continues to expand the availability of this feature to more regions over time.