Genshin Impact Characters Age, Birthday, and Height [Guide]

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If you’re a big fan of Genshin Impact, then you might want to dive into the traits of each character. It’s a natural response, especially since the game contains an ensemble of characters you can and cannot play. That’s why we are providing all of the Genshin Impact characters’ age and heights for avid fans of the game. Keep reading to find out more.


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Genshin Impact Characters Age

Determining the ages and birthdays of Genshin Impact characters isn’t exactly easy. That’s because MiHoYo hasn’t released a lot of information related to these traits in their characters. However, we can approximate how old most of the characters are based on lore, comics, artworks, and character selection screens.

In addition, MiHoYo has categorized its characters according to three life stages: child, teenager, and adult. Therefore, we can narrow down Genshin Impact characters’ age with the age range of each category.

With that said, remember that most of the ages we will give in these lists are not exact. Even though we say their ages are defined, they may not be canon. Moreover, the age of Genshin Impact characters will fall into an age range instead of one specific, precise number.

Hence, we might not be able to say exactly how old Klee or any of the other characters are. Nonetheless, we can give a decent estimate.

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Genshin Impact characters Fischl, Xinyan, Kaedahara Kazuha, and Mona flying
Photo by HoYoverse

Genshin Impact Characters Characters With a Defined Age

Without further ado, here are the Genshin Impact characters’ age ranges. We’ve arranged the list from youngest to oldest so you can see the progression.

10-14 yrs 15-17 yrs 18-20 yrs 21-30 yrs
Klee Amber Cyno Arataki Itto
Barbara Gorou Beidou
Bennet Kazuha Diluc
Chongyun Keqing Eula
Collei Kuki Shinobu Jean
Dori Shikenoin Heizou Hu Tao
Fischl Sucrose Keaya
Kamisato Ayaka Yoimiya Kamisato Ayato
Noelle Kokomi
Razor Kujo Sara
Sayu Lisa
Xiangling Ningguang
Xingqui Mona
Xinyan Rosaria
Yunjin Shenhe
Tartaglia (Childe)

Notes on Specific Characters

While most of these characters have an approximate age, some do have a solid basis that makes their age clearer. For example, Kaeya and Diluc might be around the same age according to events stated in the game and manga.

In addition, when Jean was a knight, Diluc was her superior. This is why she calls him “senpai” (a Japanese term referring to more senior members) even though Diluc quit the Knights. This could mean that these two characters are close in age, with Jean being 21 at most.

Meanwhile, Barbara and Jean are sisters, with Barbara being the younger of the two at 16-18 years old. Fischl’s age is also no less than 16 because she acquired Electro Vision when she was 14. The story has alluded to the fact that no Electro Visions have come out in the past 2 years, making Fischl’s age more defined.

Furthermore, Ninguang’s character was in her “early years” a decade ago when an incident happened. The way this was phrased hinted that she was younger than 18 a decade ago. By now, she’s at least 28.

On the other hand, Xingqiu stated that he learned martial arts when he was young — and that was 7 years ago. His best friend, Chongyun, is also likely his age or at least close to his age.

MiHoYo also adds updates to the game that change specific characters’ ages. For instance, Tartaglia (Childe) was 14 when he became a warrior. He was the youngest Harbinger at the age of 18. In the version 1.2 update, his status switched from teenager to young adult, making him older than 19.


albedo genshin impact
Photo by Hoyoverse

Genshin Impact Characters Age: Characters With an Unclear Age

How Old Is Albedo?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to determine even the approximate age of all Genshin Impact characters. This is also true for Albedo, the homunculus that was made by alchemist Rhinedottir. His age is completely unclear because we don’t know the exact date he was created. From his appearance, he could be around 17 to 20 years old.

Based on what we can gather from the lore, however, it’s likely that Albedo was made after the Cataclysm. Nonetheless, we can’t give an age because we don’t even know if he ages in the same way as humans. Hence, fans will have to be content with not knowing how old he is.


How Old Is Dainsleif?

Looks can be deceiving, so you can’t trust youthful appearances to determine Genshin Impact characters’ age. This principle is precisely what you must apply to Dainsleif.

From his appearance, you’d think he’d be roughly 30 years old. He certainly doesn’t look like he’s anywhere past 35. However, Dainsleif is at least 500 years old because he was alive even during the Cataclysm. With that said, it’s unclear if he’s just over 500 years old or even older.


How Old Is Dottore?

Based on the lore, Dottore seems to be at least 100 years old. That’s because he’s thought to be an old Harbinger. Moreover, many fans believe he has made various versions of himself — each with a different age. This would explain why his character looks different in published Manga releases compared to videos like “A Winter Night’s Lazzo.”


How Old Is Ganyu?

Like Dainsleif, Ganyu, the half-qilin, appears to look youthful. However, as we previously stated, you can’t base a Genshin Impact character’s age on their appearance. Ganyu may look no older than 25, but she’s certainly much older than that.

Ganyu is known to have lived for thousands of years. We know this because she fought in the Archon War which was over 2,000 years prior. She also signed a contract and engaged in battle next to Rex Lapis.


friend option genshin
© Screencasted from Genshin Impact

How Old Is Paimon?

From her appearance, Paimon looks to be 5 to 7 years old and she could be the youngest on the list of Genshin Impact characters age. She even talks like a child, unlike most other characters. However, Paimon’s knowledge makes her unlikely to be a 7-year-old child.

She knows so much about the world MiHoYo has created. For example, she knows its history and understands things in a way that most toddlers cannot at their level of intelligence. Hence, we can’t truly pin down how old Paimon is.

Perhaps this is appropriate, considering she’s more like a fairy than a human. One thing is for sure: the developers do not want to confirm her age because it is never given.


How Old Is Qiqi?

Not all Genshin Impact characters age the same way. For example, Qiqi is, technically speaking, no longer aging. This is because time stopped for her over 100 years ago when she passed away. She’s simply been evading the other side since she died.

However, we can guess how old she might be just by looking at how mature or immature her physique is. While it’s not always a good way of determining a Genshin Impact character’s age, it’s all we can use. And from the looks of it, Qiqi might have died when she was more or less 10 years old.


venti banner
© Photo from the Genshin Impact Fandom Wiki

How Old Are Raiden/ Venti/ Zhongli?

These three characters are all timeless, having participated in the great battle 2,000 years prior. Hence, we can presume that these characters are at least 2,000 years old, give or take a few years. However, MiHoYo has suggested that Zhongli is even older — though we don’t know by how much.

On the other hand, Venti’s character appears to be roughly 15 years old based on appearance. However, he was an elemental being over 2,600 years ago. Meanwhile, fans estimate that Zhongli is much older — even older than 6,000 years old.

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How Old Is Scaramouche?

Unfortunately, Scaramouche doesn’t age the way other Genshin Impact characters age. That’s because he isn’t human. Instead, he’s a puppet made by Raiden Ei. We don’t know when he was created exactly. However, we do know he was thrown away not long after his creation — with another puppet replacing him.


How Old Is The Traveler?

Genshin Impact characters and the game itself joke about how The Traveler isn’t of drinking age fairly often. Hence, it’s safe to assume that The Traveler is a teenager that’s approximately 15 to 17 years old. However, we can’t know for sure how old they are because they’re not native to Teyvat.

With that said, remember that The Traveler has battled with the ancient god in an attempt to leave Teyvat. That battle was also called a great war that transformed the world. However, it’s never revealed what the war specifically pertains to. It could have been the Archon War or something else.

Regardless, The Traveler is known to have traversed thousands of various worlds before this one. Hence, the player’s character might be over 3,000 years old or older, even if they look young.


How Old Is Xiao?

Like the Archons, Xiao, an Adeptus member of the Yakshas, might be over 2,000 years old. He certainly seems like he would be old enough to have participated in the great Archon War with Rex Lapis.


How Old Is Yae Miko?

The Cataclysm is a great marker for determining a Genshin Impact character’s age range. This is also the case for Yae Miko, Raiden Ei’s friend who was alive when the Cataclysm occurred. As a result, she should be over 500 years old — though we can’t tell exactly how much older.


How Old Is Yanfei?

From the appearance of this half-illuminated beast, Yanfei seems to be around 15 to 20 years old. However, it’s said that she was born during peaceful times. This means she was possibly born anytime after the Archon War, though it’s still unclear when her birth was.


Genshin Impact Characters Birthday (Sorted by Month)

While we can’t estimate the exact year of birth, we do know which day of the month each Genshin Impact character was born. HoYoverse was kind enough to release the official dates for all the beloved characters.

As players, you should look out for these dates as each Genshin Impact character sends out birthday mails with rewards and items on their special day. You can also make postcards or greetings for them when your favorite characters’ birthday comes around.  Here are each character’s birthdays arranged by month.

Note: we didn’t include The Traveler on the list because his/her birthday will be based on the player’s birthday.



  • Thoma – January 9
  • Diona – January 18
  • Rosaria – January 24



  • Beidou – February 14
  • Kokomi – February 22
  • Bennet – February 29



  • Qiqi – March 3
  • Shenhe – March 10
  • Jean – March 14
  • Noelle – March 21
  • Ayato – March 26



  • Aloy – April 4
  • Xiao – April 17
  • Diluc – April 30



  • Gorou – May 18
  • Yun Jin – May 21
  • Fischl – May 27



  • Itto – June 1
  • Lisa – June 9
  • Venti – June 16
  • Yoimiya – June 21
  • Raiden – June 26
  • Yae Miko – June 27



  • Barbara – July 5
  • Sara – July 14
  • Hu Tao – July 15
  • Tartaglia (Childe) – July 20
  • Klee – July 27
  • Yanfei – July 28



  • Amber – August 10
  • Ningguang – August 26
  • Mona – August 31



  • Chongyun – September 7
  • Razor – September 9
  • Albedo – September 13
  • Ayaka – September 28



  • Xingqiu – October 9
  • Xinyan – October 16
  • Sayu – October 19
  • Eula – October 25
  • Liona – October 25
  • Kazuha – October 29



  • Xiangling – November 2
  • Keqing – November 20
  • Sucrose – November 26
  • Kaeya – November 30



  • Ganyu – December 2
  • Zhongli – December 31


genshin impact characters
Photo from miHoYo

Genshin Impact Characters Height

genshin impact characters height
Photo by Cellular News


Like Genshin Impact characters’ age, determining their height isn’t straightforward. For the most part, the community has data-mined the information from various sources. Fans have also taken other works like comics, artworks, and cinematics into account to determine each character’s height profile.

However, what makes the height of Genshin Impact characters easier to estimate is that the game’s mechanics adjust based on character height. For example, characters who are taller can generally walk, run, or sprint much faster than shorter characters. Hence, you should use a tall character — someone of Zhongli’s height — if you want to prioritize speed and pace.

The heights of Genshin Impact characters on this list may not be completely accurate as their shoes, including heels, were accounted for. Hence, the height listed here may or may not exactly be when a character is without any accessory.

Character Height (Imperial) Height (Metric)
Klee 4’2” 127cm
Diona 4’5” 134.6cm
Qiqi 4’7” 139.7cm
Kate* 5’0” 152.4cm
Fischl 5’0.5” 153.6cm
Hu Tao 5’1.5” 156.2cm
Barbara 5’2” 157.4cm
Xinyan 5’3” 160cm
Albedo 5’4” 162.5cm
Mona 5’5” 165.1cm
Beidou 5’8” 172.7cm
Rosaria 5’9.5” 176.5cm
Lisa 5’11” 180.3cm
Diluc 6’1” 185.4cm
Tartaglia (Childe)

*Kate isn’t a character that’s currently in Genshin Impact. It’s an unofficial name given to The Traveler in the game’s beta.


Genshin Impact Characters With Estimated Height

genshin impact characters height featured
Photo by Cellular News


Like the Genshin Impact characters’ age list, we also have a separate list that includes only approximate heights. This is because not all characters have definite heights in the game.

However, we were able to estimate undefined characters’ heights based on their character models. These characters, and their corresponding approximate heights from shortest to tallest, are as follows:

Character Height (Imperial) Height (Metric)
Sayu 4’6” 138cm
Yun Jin 5’1” 155.5cm
Ayaka 5’2” 158cm
Gorou 5’3” 161cm
Aloy 5’4” 162cm
Shenhe 5’5” 165.1cm
Yae Miko
Raiden 5’6” 167.6cm
Sara 5’8” 172.7cm
Ayato 5’11” 180.3cm
Thoma 6’1” 185.4cm



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Determining Genshin Impact characters’ age and height isn’t that important to the gaming experience. It’s only essential knowledge if you truly want to maximize a character’s pace and speed while playing or fighting enemies. Nonetheless, it’s certainly fun to be able to get to know the characters more. That’s especially true if you’re a big fan of the game and cast.