How to Get Primogems Fast in Genshin Impact [15 Ways]

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Looking to unlock more characters, weapons, and useful items in Genshin Impact? You must learn the best ways to farm for Primogems first. This crucial in-game currency is arguably the most essential – yes, even over Starglitter, Stardust, and Mora. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list detailing just that. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Primogens fast within the game.

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Inside This Article

  1. What Are Primogems For?
  2. How Much Do Primogems Cost?
  3. How to Get Primogems Fast for Free?
    1. Complete the Prologue and Tutorial
    2. Invite a Friend to the Game
    3. Explore Teyvat for Chests
    4. Explore More Waypoints
    5. Login Bonuses
    6. Complete Daily Commissions
    7. Complete Quests
    8. Level-Up Adventure Rank
    9. Collect In-Game Battle Pass
    10. Updates and Server Down Giveaways
    11. Use Promo and Redeem Codes
    12. Clear the Spiral Abyss
    13. Earn Achievements
    14. Keep Up With MiHoYo’s Events
    15. Can You Get Primogems Without Paying?
    16. Complete the Hangout Series
  4. Can You Get Primogems Without Paying?


What Are Primogems For?

Genshin Impact Primogems
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Genshin Impact is a free, open-world game reminiscent of Breath of the Wild’s open-air gameplay mechanics. However, unlike Nintendo’s proprietary game, Genshin Impact is available for free. As a result, numerous in-game currencies and microtransactions plague the game and can significantly impact your gameplay experience.

Primogems are just one of Genshin’s currencies but it’s arguably the most important. That’s because Primogems can be used to refill Original Resin, purchase Genshin Wishes and Fates, and obtain Battle Passes. We’ll provide a detailed list of spending opportunities below.


Genshin Wishes

Wishes are certainly the main reason why people would want to learn how to get Primogems fast. That’s because it’s what determines your loadout in terms of characters. Of course, you can pull constellations from duplicate characters through events. However, you can more consistently do so via Wishing.

Alternatively, you can make Wishes by using Starglitter and Stardust on Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate. However, not everyone will have this available and it also has a limit.


Original Resin

If you’re satisfied with your Genshin Impact characters, you might want to focus those Primogems on getting other things. For example, good equipment, experience scrolls, and other items are also crucial parts of gameplay. This means you’ll have to refill your Original Resin a lot if you want to progress much faster.

Yes, this will cost Primogems. It’ll take approximately 50 Primogems just to refill 60 Original Resin. This will earn you roughly 30 XP scrolls for characters and 300 XP for Adventure Ranks. However, do note that the price will increase and it could cost you 100 Primogems a pop. Hence, it’ll become more costly long-term and isn’t always worth investing in.


Battle Pass

The very first Battle Pass within Genshin Impact is supposed to be easy for early players. However, with life as busy as it can be, it’s not always feasible to complete all the missions. That’s why learning how to get Primogems fast is such an important part of the game.

Primogems can help substitute for the missions that you miss. We don’t recommend using your precious Primogems on this. However, we do understand that sometimes it can be a necessary evil.

Nonetheless, don’t make it a habit as it can easily chew through your stock without you noticing it. You’ll probably want to save those Primogems for something more important – like Original Resin or making Wishes.


How Much Do Primogems Cost?

Genesis Crystal to Primogem ratio
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Primogems, like many other in-game currencies in free-to-play games, can be bought. Sure, you can farm for the resource and earn them through in-game activities. However, it will take a lot of grinding just to get a substantial amount. If you want to know how to get Primogems fast, the honest answer is by buying them from the store.

Firstly, you can purchase Primogems by buying currency packs like Blessing of the Welkin Moon. It costs $4.99 and provides 2,700 Primogems so you don’t need to farm too much. However, do note that the distribution of these Primogems will be spread out over 30 days. Hence, you can’t access them all at once. Moreover, you can only purchase this bundle 6 times.

Apart from this, you can also purchase Genesis Crystals to exchange for Primogems. Thankfully, the ratio is 1:1, so one Genesis Crystal is equivalent to one Primogem. As of the time of writing, these are the real-world prices of Genesis Crystals within Genshin Impact:

Genesis Crystals Price
60 $0.99
300 $4.99
980 $14.99
1,980 $29.99
3,280 $49.99
6,480 $99.99

This does not include the extra crystals and initial purchase bonuses you may get.

Top-Up Genesis Crystals


How to Get Primogems Fast for Free?

You might not want to spend real-world money just to get in-game currency. We understand. After all, gaming companies can close their servers anytime, so it’s not always a worthy investment. Thankfully, the game isn’t completely unreasonable and there are free methods on how to get Primogems fast. Here is a list of the activities you can engage in to do just that:


1. Complete the Prologue and Tutorial

You can earn Primogems fast even in the early game? The simplest way for new players to farm Primogems is by completing the prologue and tutorial. That’s because completing these quest lines and activities rewards the player with automatic Primogems. These can act as your initial spending money to help you get better items later in the game.

If you skipped all these in the past, you can go back to it and get some Primogems. Simply log in to your account and open the Game Menu. Choose “Archive” and then “Tutorials.” Afterward, all you have to do is read through these tutorials and you can collect free Primogems.

Do note that each tutorial only yields one Primogem. It’s not that much if you would think about it, but it’s better than nothing.


2. Invite a Friend to the Game

Lots of games give away rewards to players who invite their friends and Genshin Impact is no different. That’s right. Aside from you can play Genshin Impact multiplayer with the afterward, inviting a friend is one of the best methods how to get Primogems fast. However, keep in mind that it’ll only reward you if your friend enters the game. Sending the invite on its own is meaningless and won’t count.


3. Explore Teyvat for Chests

Genshin Impact Chest
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One of the best methods on how to get Primogems fast is certainly exploration. That’s because the game inherently rewards players for the act. Throughout Teyvat, you can discover numerous chests with all kinds of rewards. The most common one provides low-level resources like food.

However, if you chance upon higher-level chests (ex. Exquisites), you might find a couple of Primogems. Best of all, these come for free as long as you’re thorough in your exploration. It’s certainly one of the best ways to farm Primogems – although it’s not always consistent.


4. Explore More Waypoints

Apart from world exploration, you can also discover more Waypoints within Genshin Impact. Doing so will help you fast-travel throughout the world more easily and even yield 5 Primogems each. Sure, the yield is minute compared to other farming methods listed here.

Nonetheless, opening Waypoints is a reliable method how to get Primogems fast. You never know, saving up those small amounts of Primogems could make all the difference in unlocking your favorite character.


5. Login Bonuses

A lot of free-to-play games provide login bonuses to encourage users to log in. These “stimulus” rewards will then encourage them to stay and spend their rewards. The same is true for Genshin Impact and it’s one reliable method on how to get Primogems fast.

Of course, Genshin Impact’s login bonuses don’t always provide the same type of reward. Nonetheless, developers would sometimes sneak in a few Primogems in these daily check-in bonuses. Make sure to log in every day and check out the Events page every time. Otherwise, you might just miss out on a couple of free Primogems.


6. Complete Daily Commissions

Genshin Impact Daily Commission rewards
Photo by r/Genshin_Impact on Reddit

Like most free-to-play games, Genshin Impact comes with daily missions. These activities help pull you into the game and keep you engaged as a player. However, they do take time and effort so it’s understandable why not everyone fulfills them. This is why Genshin’s developers like to reward players who complete these tasks with – you guessed it – Primogems.

Now, it may not be the best method to get Primogems fast. That’s especially true because Primogems aren’t always the guaranteed reward. Thankfully, the developers were kind enough to indicate what rewards you’ll get through the Journal under the description. Hence, you can weigh the pros and cons and ascertain whether the commission will be worth your time.

In addition, don’t expect that Daily Commissions will reap you tons of Primogems at once. The game will only reward a few at a time – although they will add up over time.


7. Complete Quests

In-game quests are one of the most reliable methods to earn in-game currencies and rewards. However, not all of them will yield the same kind. Certain in-game quests like the Story Quests or Archon Quests do reward players with Primogems.

Moreover, some World Quests or Event Quests also provide Primogems – but they’re not as guaranteed. That’s because some of these quests also offer different types of rewards, so they’re not as consistent as other quests. Nonetheless, make sure to diligently watch for these and complete them either way.


8. Level-Up Adventure Rank

Apart from completing daily missions, you can also level up your Adventure Rank and finish investigations. As you finish every chapter, you’ll be able to earn a couple of Primogems each time. Moreover, opening chests and finding enemies also gives you other benefits like earning experience points (EXP). It’s also a great way to complete your Adventurer Handbook’s challenges.

Apart from this, Genshin Impact also rewards players with milestone-based Primogem awards. For example, you can earn 50 to 100 Primogems just by reaching Ranks 20 and 25. With that said, it’s certainly worth it to invest in leveling up your ranking if you want more Primogems.


9. Collect In-Game Battle Pass

Genshin Impact Battlepass Level
Photo by r/Genshin_Impact on Reddit

If you want free Primogems from Battle Pass, you’ll need to purchase the Gnostic Hymn one specifically. Afterward, you have to level up the pass and reach level 50. Then you can reap a large amount (680) Primogems for your trouble along with a couple of Intertwined Fates.

Apart from this, certain Battle Passes within the game also reward players with a fixed amount of Primogems. However, do note that this number will vary. Moreover, it won’t reward you for each level – only certain levels provide this perk.


10. Updates and Server Down Giveaways

Genshin Impact is a popular game, and as such, its developers are constantly updating it with new content. That’s great news for fans of Genshin who are heavily invested in its world and gameplay. However, the downside to this is that sometimes, the server will go down to update the game.

Now, you might think server downtimes are nothing but an inconvenience. However, they do present an opportunity because they’re one decent method on how to get Primogems fast. That’s because the developers of the game usually provide free Primogems to compensate users for the inconvenience.

Of course, the amount you get will only be a handful. Nonetheless, the method is reliable and free so make sure you check in every time there’s a new update.


11. Use Promo and Redeem Codes

Redeeming Primogems code and promotional items is one great method how to get Primogems fast. It’s reliable and guarantees you even a small amount of the in-game currency.

Of course, gaining these codes isn’t easy nor can you consistently farm Primogems this way. However, it’s certainly an opportunity you should take if you happen to gain legitimate Genshin Impact codes. One code will also yield about 30 to 100 at a time so they’re worth looking for.


12. Clear the Spiral Abyss

When you’re just starting in Genshin Impact, earning Primogems is fairly easy. The developers make it a painless and straightforward process and almost shower you in the currency. However, the game treats this more as stimulus giveaways to reel players in. Once you’re hooked and in later game stages, Primogems start to become more scarce.

In this case, we recommend reaching Rank 20 and accessing the Spiral Abyss. This is a special in-game dungeon that can give as many as 300 Primogems in rewards for each level. Of course, you’ll have to clear each floor with a 9-star rating to do so. Moreover, the awards are only given once so you can’t infinitely grind one floor to farm for Primogems.

Nonetheless, if you’re up for a challenge, the Abyss is a reliable method on how to get Primogems fast. Just make sure you’re well-prepared before you enter the dungeon.


13. Earn Achievements

The sense of pride you get from completing achievements isn’t the only reward in Genshin Impact. That’s because finishing an achievement can earn you Primogems as well. It’s one of the game’s best ways to motivate players to keep clocking in those hours. However, do note that earning a significant amount from this source alone will take time.

If you’re up for earning five to 20 Primogems for each achievement, though, feel free to do so. It’s certainly reliable and consistent especially because there are hundreds of achievements in existence. Just make sure you’re willing to grind away for that free in-game currency.


14. Keep Up With MiHoYo’s Events

Primogems from Events
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MiHoYo, the creator of Genshin Impact, has an active social media account. It might be worth your while to check their accounts from time to time just to watch out for rewards. This is because sometimes they do post occasional giveaways and events for doing certain things within the game. Make sure to keep an eye out for this as it’s one surefire method on how to get Primogems fast.


15. Complete the Hangout Series

Within Genshin Impact, there are what you’d call the “Hangout Series” events. This simply allows players to have a great time with beloved in-game characters. It also lets you earn valuable rewards if you unlock different endings and achievements. Make sure to check in on this specific event so you won’t miss out on potential Primogem rewards.


Can You Get Primogems Without Paying?

Yes — it is possible to earn Primogems without paying.  The best method how to get Primogems fast is certainly by paying real-world currency. However, just because it’s the easiest way doesn’t mean it’s the only way. There are plenty of other methods you can utilize as well.

The first and most reliable one would probably be gaining rewards from Daily Commissions. Progressing through the game and leveling up your rank also works well. Moreover, you can encounter Primogems in the wild as you play by discovering chests, Waypoints, dungeons, and domains.

In addition, the more you play, the more you get a chance at earning more. That’s because leveling up in rank also earns you Primogems – as well as completing activities like the Spiral Abyss. Moreover, playing more will also help you steadily earn Primogems from achievements, login bonuses, and daily commissions.

MiHoYo also offers more peripheral ways to earn Primogems like inviting friends and participating in events. Promo codes, giveaways, and rewards from updates are also viable options though they’re more intermittent.


The Bottom Line

There are several methods on how to get Primogems fast and it doesn’t always require payment. Sure, buying the in-game currency is the fastest and most straightforward way to do so. However, you’re not limited to just that. There are a lot of ways you can farm for Primogems – although admittedly, they do require time and effort. Nonetheless, if you want better in-game characters and items, MiHoYo certainly provides players with viable methods.