Soraka Guide: How to Play the Best Healer in LOL Wild Rift

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Also known as the Starchild, Soraka is one of the Support and Mage champions in the League of Legends: Wild Rift for beginners because of her easy gameplay. First and foremost, her abilities are easy to master, focusing on supporting her allies, providing team buffs, and healing teammates. She also has good stun ability which stalls enemies and buys her and her allies time to attack or flee. However, playing Soraka also requires some in-depth game knowledge, such as laning and item build, to keep her alive in the game. In this Soraka guide, you will discover every must-know about this Starchild, ranging from item builds to best roles as well as champions that are weak with Soraka.

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Who Is Soraka?

Soraka in LOL Wild Tift
Photo by League of Legends: Wild Rift

In League of Legends: Wild Rift, Soraka is a wanderer from the celestial bodies beyond Mount Targon. She gave up her immortality to protect the mortal beings from their more vicious behavior and nature. Soraka endeavors to spread the virtues of mercy and compassion to every being she encounters, including healing powers to anyone wishing ill upon her. Despite witnessing the evils of the world, Soraka is hopeful that the people of Runeterra will eventually reach their full potential.

Soraka is an excellent and powerful champion when played as Support in the Dragon Lane since she has the Magic Damage feature. Her greatest asset is her efficient healing abilities. Soraka can perform vast amounts of healing between matches to retain her allies on the front lines as well as mid-fights to prevent her teammates from getting killed. Aside from that, Soraka provides numerous buffs with her healing abilities given her current item meta.


Soraka Guide: Talent, Skills, and Combo

Skills Effects


With 70% Movement Speed, Soraka runs at a faster pace toward allied champions whose Health is already below 35%

(1st Skill)

Upon calling, a star falls from the sky. It provides 60 Magic Damage and slows the opponents by 30% for two seconds.

If an opponent champion is hit, Soraka will earn Rejuvenation, restoring for 8 over four seconds.

After restoring an ally champion thrice, Starcall will have 40% damage in a wider scope.

Astral Fusion

(2nd Skill)

With Astral Fusion, Soraka can heal another allied champion for 80.

If Rejuvenation is active on Soraka, her allies will also earn Rejuvenation for four seconds.


(3rd Skill)

Equinox can set up a zone that initiates 70 Magic Damage and silences opponents.

The new zone will expire after 1.5 seconds, applying 70 Magic Damage and rooting for one second.



Ultimate will restore all allied champions for 150, increasing by 50% if the ally’s health is already below 35% Health.

Soraka is incredibly strong support that can silence and damage enemy champions in an AOE using Equinox and heal teammates regardless of location with Wish. With Soraka’s global healing power Wish, she can prevent her allies from getting killed or during battles to entirely shift the momentum. Due to Soraka’s squishy characteristic, stay further away and casts her spells from afar during ongoing battles and laning stages. Also, you have to follow the correct order for leveling and using her skills to make the most out of them.


LOL wild rift in-game
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Skill Leveling Order

In terms of the order of leveling Soraka’s skills, most players activate her Starcall ability first for poking enemies, followed by her second and third skills. However, it gets a bit tricky when you get to level four. You may choose to activate her ultimate next. But since it’s unlikely that your allies will need it in the early game, you may prioritize Astral Fusion especially if you are supporting your jungler. For the next level, you may already activate and max Soraka’s Wish ability for increased healing, followed by Astral Fusion, Starcall, and Equinox.

Depending on your playstyle, you may also follow a different order of maxing out your skills. Some high-ranked players like to prioritize Soraka’s Equinox because of its instant cast time and damage before adding points to her ultimate and other skills.


Skill Combos

Skill combos are another aspect of Wild Rift you get familiar with to make your champion robust. However, in Soraka’s case, there are really no strict combos to follow because casting her abilities is situational. That said, it’s important to know which of her skills to use in a given situation.


Combo #1: Skill 1 → Skill 2

This combo is very reliant on Soraka’s first skill. When it hits an enemy, Soraka will gain rejuvenation for a few seconds. On the other hand, her second skill heals an ally champion at the expense of her HP. Because of this, you have to make sure to hit her first ability before using Astral Fusion; otherwise, she can’t gain her health back and won’t be able to heal allies.


Combo #2: Skill 3 → Skill 1

This combo is best to use for escaping enemies with very low health. Soraka’s third skill can silence an enemy, which gives you a better chance of hitting them with the first skill for some damage. If the enemy is barely alive, using this combo can give you a kill.


Item Build

Soraka Build guide
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Item builds are also situational and depend on the game you are in or on the current meta. For this guide, we follow the recommended build for Soraka.

1. Ardent Censer

  • Ardent Censer provides Soraka’s healing powers with an extra effect known as Censer, granting you and your teammates with bonus Magic Damage and Attack Speed to your targets.
  • If you have allied AP champions with numerous kills during early games, you can also purchase Staff Of Flowing Water.

2. Ionian Boots Of Lucidity

  • Ionian Boots Of Lucidity offers both spell haste and ability haste, reducing the cooldown of your summoner spells and abilities.
  • The boots can be paired with Shadows Enchant as an upgrade for your additional scouting abilities. Locket Enchant is an essential item for shielding all allies around Soraka. With Redemption Enchant, you can scout an area and provide healing and AoE damage after a delay.

3. Harmonic Echo

Harmonic Echo adds an extra layer of healing to your Astral Infusion every time the Harmony is already maxed out. Unlike Wish, your Harmonic Echo can heal a maximum of four champions.

4. Athene’s Unholy Grail

Athene’s Unholy Grail also adds another layer of healing to your Astral Infusion. However, it’s only applicable for a single ally and the extra value depends on the damage you’ve applied to your opponents.

5. Rabadon’s Deathcap

Rabadon’s Deathcap’s high AP stat will increase your healing and damage abilities.

6. Protector’s Vow

Protector’s Vow will activate a shield when you or a nearby teammate is damaged.


Runes and Summoner Spells

Aside from using items, runes and spells are an essential part of League of Legends because they can further enhance your champion’s abilities. You can pick four runes and spell items for your champion at the selection lobby before spawning to the game.

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Soraka rune guide
Photo by League of Legends: Wild Rift
Primary:  Aery
Secondary  Weakness, Loyalty, Manaflow Band

Using the recommended runes for Soraka never gets old. For her primary rune, Aery would enhance her damage against an enemy and protect her allies. For her secondary runes, you can pick Weakness to impair enemy movement and make them take five percent move damage for the following five seconds. Next, you can choose Loyalty for bonus armor and increased magical resistance for you and your nearest ally. Lastly, Manaflow Band to increase your resource for casting skills every time your hit an enemy.


Summoner Spells

LOL Wild Rift Summoner Spells
Photo by League of Legends: Wild Rift

Summoner spells are as important as runes in LOL Wild Rift because they can aid your champion and your allies in the direst situation. You can pick two summoners spells in the game.

For Soraka’s spells, you can pick Dash and Exhaust. Dash, which is useful when escaping from or chasing an enemy, would allow her to teleport towards an aimed direction. The Exhaust, on the other hand, impairs enemy movement by 20% and increases their damage dealt by 40%. You may switch this spell with Heal to allow Soraka to gain back some health while trying to heal allies at the most crucial moment.


Tips, Tricks, and Guide When Using Soraka

Our Soraka guide is not complete without sharing the best practices when carrying the character. We summarize the general tips and tricks to help you get started with one of the best Support champions in Wild Rift.

  1. Soraka’s Starcall skill will provide excellent vision. If you’re precise at targeting opponents and positioned at the non-mirrored area, you can easily steal the vision plant of the enemy without warding.
  2. Due to Soraka’s squishy characteristics, Keeping, Visioning, and Positioning you and the entire team alive are crucial. That said, you must master how to find the ideal position of Soraka.
  3. Playing as a duo will help you perform better. Follow-ups on a more aggressive Soraka can win lanes quicker regardless of the lanes.
  4. Predicting the movements of other players using Equinox is crucial. When mastering it, it’ll be considered a snare, not a silence. It is an important game-changer in objective matches as well as a nuisance for early game battles.
  5. Activate Starcall slowly to your benefit. Since Soraka’s CC potential is often underestimated, use this Support champion to your advantage.
  6. Vision is crucial to every Support champion’s priority. Hence, you should be mindful of your map and learn how to warn your teammates of possible dangers with pings and wards.
  7. Identify an effective player or a potential carry. Prevent them from getting killed as much as possible since they are crucial to help you win games.
  8. Soraka’s Astral Infusion prioritizes the lowest HP. If you require instant healing, simply tap the affected ally. On the other hand, precise healing requires smart aiming at your allies instead of tapping them.


General Play Style

Early Game

Good healing abilities and efficient pokes are the early game strengths of Soraka. Only a few champions can survive HP trades in a Soraka bot lane. Soraka will also have good chances of winning the game if the opponents don’t have any good all-ins.

Avoid spamming Soraka’s 1st Starcall since it is your lifeline in the laning phase. If you can target the 1st Starcall, you can destroy the opponent and utilize the 2nd Astral Infusion on your ADC with minimal consequences. The ideal time to target your opponents with your 1st Starcall is the moment the opponent’s ADC moves near the wave to the last target minions.

If you don’t have any Rejuvenate buff from the Starcall, utilize Soraka’s Astral Infusion cautiously. For crucial times, preserve your Equinox for disengaging and securing kills. Command your ADC to provide you with Honeyfruits. That said, you cannot provide healing powers to your allies if you don’t have enough HPs.


Mid Game

During Soraka’s mid-game, you can roam between different lanes while putting wards. Although it is risky, it is essential in keeping the entire team alive while retaining map advantage. If you’re the winning team, prioritize your carry with pocket healing using Astral Infusion. If you have an effective jungler, you can assist them in bullying opponents. Overall, Redeeming Enchant, Wish, and Astral Infusion are essential during mid games.


Late Game

As soon as you’ve reached mid-game until late game, Soraka will be the primary target of the enemies when the fight starts. Due to your healing powers, the opponents will have a more challenging time eliminating your teammates. Hence, they will come after you as their main target and use their powers to eliminate you first.

That said, always position Soraka in a safe location that is distant from her opponents. It is perfectly fine to join the battle a little late since your ultimate skill can reach long-range areas. Soraka’s passive will award you with extra movement speed when moving towards your allies.

When using Soraka’s ultimate Wish, avoid utilizing it with your ally who has the Astral Infusion. If possible, utilize Wish to heal different allies. The only exception is using it on your priority ally/ADC who requires emergency healing.


When to Pick Soraka In LoL Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift is an addicting and extremely amusing game to play with, especially if you have a champion role that 100% resonates with your gaming style and personality. However, picking the best champion according to your preference can be daunting. Depending on what type of role you want to assume, you can find the ideal champion with a distinct game style.

Soraka is your best champion to play if you want to help your allies when it comes to healing and shields. Aside from that, you can also apply a little bit of damage to your opponents. If you prefer a champion who can affect any location on the map, then Soraka should be your first priority.


Champions That Soraka Is Good Against

In League of Legends: Wild Rift, Soraka is strongest against the following champions:


Lux | The Lady Of Luminosity

League of Legends: Wild Rift Lux is considered a Burst champion often positioned in the Middle Lane. When playing Lux in the Middle Lane, she can apply a lot of damage to her opponents. Some of the best Item Builds for Lux include Luden’s Echo, Gluttonous Greaves, Awakened Soulstealer, Morellonomicon, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and Void Staff.


Annie | The Dark Child

League of Legends: Wild Rift Annie is another Burst champion often positioned in the Middle Lane. She has several Crowd Control abilities and will mostly perform Magic Damage. Some of the best Item Builds for Annie include Rod Of Ages, Ionian Boots Of Lucidity, Infinity Orb, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Morellonomicon, and Void Staff.


Lulu | The Fae Sorceress

League of Legends: Wild Rift Lulu is labeled as an Enchanter champion often positioned as Support in the Dragon Lane. The Fae Sorceress is an overall excellent pick and will mostly perform Magic Damage like Annie. Some of the best Item Builds for Lulu include Protector’s Vow, Ionian Boots Of Lucidity, Staff Of Flowing Water, Ardent Censer, Athene’s Unholy Grail, and Harmonic Echo.


Counters to Soraka

If you want to have a higher chance of winning against Soraka, here are some of the best counters to Soraka.


Blitzcrank | The Great Steam Golem

League of Legends: Wild Rift Blitzcrank is considered a Catcher champion often positioned in the Dragon Lane as Support.  He offers several Crowd Control abilities and often performs Magic Damage. Some of the best Item Builds for Blitzcrank include Zeke’s Convergence, Ninja Tabi, Protector’s Vow, Dead Man’s Plate, Randuin’s Omen, and Warmog’s Armor.


Sona | The Maven Of The Strings

League of Legends: Wild Rift Sona is an Enchanter champion often positioned in the Dragon Lane as Support. The Maven of the Strings is an overall excellent pick and will mostly perform Magic Damage. Some of the best Item Builds for Annie include Protector’s Vow, Ionian Boots Of Lucidity, Ardent Censer, Athene’s Unholy Grail, Harmonic Echo, and Force Of Nature.


Janna | The Storm’s Fury

League of Legends: Wild Rift Janna is labeled as an Enchanter champion often positioned as Support in the Dragon Lane. The Storm’s Fury provides numerous Crowd Control and will mostly perform Magic Damage like Annie. Some of the best Item Builds for Janna include Harmonic Echo, Ionian Boots Of Lucidity, Staff Of Flowing Water, Protector’s Vow, Ardent Censer, and Athene’s Unholy Grail.


Carry Soraka in Battles

When you want to assume the role of a support champion who can offer a variety of utilities and keep their allies alive, Soraka is the recommended champion for you. However, due to her minimal Magic Resist, Armor, and defenses, you should play Soraka in a few normal games as a dry run before progressing into ranked competitions. Once you have already tested everything you can do with Soraka, she is one of the most efficient and powerful end-game supports. Soraka offers unlimited healing powers and while she is around, no allies will be killed with her support.

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