Is the Apple One Subscription Worth Getting? Here’s the Truth

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If you are an Apple user, you know how useful subscribing to Apple services is. There is iCloud for file storage and syncing, Apple TV and Music for entertainment, and even Apple Arcade for games. But even if these services are convenient, there is no denying that Apple offers too many. So, how can you keep track of each one without getting confused? Thankfully, Apple offers the Apple One subscription.


Inside This Article

  1. What is Apple One?
  2. Apple One Inclusions
    1. iCloud
    2. Apple Music
    3. Apple TV+
    4. Apple Arcade
    5. Apple News+
    6. Apple Fitness+
  3. Apple One Subscription Tiers and Prices
    1. Individual
    2. Family
    3. Premier
  4. Is There an Annual Subscription?
  5. How Much Can You Save from an Apple One Subscription?
  6. Does Apple One Offer a Free Trial?
  7. What Happens to iCloud After Subscription?
    1. Existing iCloud Subscription
    2. iCloud Storage Upgrades
  8. On What Devices is Apple One Compatible?
  9. How to Get an Apple One Subscription
  10. Verdict: Which Apple One Plans Are Worth It?


What is Apple One?

Apple One is a subscription that bundles various services
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Ever heard of Apple One? If not yet, let us tackle what it is before we proceed with our Apple One review.

So, what is the Apple One subscription, and why is it important? Apple One lets you subscribe to more than one Apple service via a single plan. In general, it is more manageable and cost-effective than subscribing separately to multiple Apple offers. The former is due to the unified pricing and platform, while the latter is because an Apple One subscription comes with discounts and lower prices overall. The savings are Apple’s way of encouraging you to spend while giving you some benefits.


Apple One Inclusions

Apple One bundles various services, as mentioned. Those are Apple TV, Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Arcade, and more, depending on the subscription tier you pick. If you are deep into the ecosystem, you can even throw Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+ in there, too.

For new users, we will quickly discuss each of those services here. Feel free to navigate to the next section if you are already familiar with these.


iCloud is one of the most popular inclusions in Apple One
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You are probably using iCloud if you have an Apple product – the likelihood is higher if you use multiple iOS gadgets. It is great for saving and syncing files before and restoring your device’s data after a factory reset. Moreover, it is useful for families who want to keep all of their files safe in one place.

The 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB iCloud plans cost $1, $3, and $10 monthly, respectively.

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Apple Music

Apple Music has many subscribers, be it via Apple One or not
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Like iCloud, Apple Music is one of Apple’s most subscribed services. After all, it does have an expansive music library and is one of the largest streaming platforms worldwide. Furthermore, the music you can access on it is lossless and of great sound quality.

Apple Music will cost you $9.99 monthly. If you choose the family plan, you can get it for $14.99 per month.


Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is among the most enjoyable offers bundled with Apple One
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Apple TV+ is one of Apple’s ways of getting into the streaming service industry. So far, it is yielding great results for the company and even one of the most affordable options available. Apple TV+ costs $4.99 monthly, has a decently filled library of shows and movies, and is accessible to up to six members. You can also view all of its content in 4K (provided it’s a 4K movie) or download them offline.


Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a treat for gamers
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With the gaming industry making waves, online game streaming is becoming more mainstream. That is why Apple also has a gaming service — Apple Arcade.

Through it, you can access and download over 100 Apple Arcade games on your mobile device, Apple TV, or Mac. It only costs $4.99 monthly and, best of all, does not include any pesky ads. Like other services, Apple Arcade is also shareable among six family members.


Apple News+

Apple News+ is also accessible if you have an Apple One subsciption
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Apple News+ is a hit for Premium Apple users. This news service provides access to tons of premium magazines and newspapers and even has editor-curated content. It is great for you too if you want all the latest news – although it is not available worldwide. That said, Apple News+ is pretty expensive; you will have to shell out $9.99 monthly.


Apple Fitness+

Apple One may also include Apple Fitness+
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There is also a service for fitness buffs who want a good guide but are not comfortable with gyms. That is Apple Fitness+. The service is unique in the mobile workout industry, and it is obvious why. It provides guided workouts and detailed plans that work with the Apple Watch. The content is premium and high-quality, ensuring you can stay fit while at home. The service costs $9.99 monthly or $79.99 yearly.


Apple One Subscription Tiers and Prices

Pricing is different for each tier
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The Apple One subscription comes in various tiers, as mentioned. Those are Individual, Family, and Premier. Each comes with varying services and prices and targets different potential customers. Two of the bundles provide access to the essentials such as substantial iCloud storage, Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple Music. For a clearer picture, let us discuss each one at length below.


The first and least expensive tier is the Individual Apple One subscription. It essentially gives you access to all the basic entertainment services, including Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade. In addition, it provides you with 50GB of iCloud storage – enough if you need to sync files across devices. The Individual plan under the Apple One subscription costs $14.95 monthly.



The next most expensive Apple One subscription tier is the Family plan. It gives you and your family (maximum of six people) access to the same services as the Individual plan. Moreover, you get 200GB of storage instead of 50GB under this tier. This tier costs $19.95 monthly.



The most expensive Apple One subscription is called the Premier plan. It bundles all the previous services and adds Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+. Furthermore, it bumps up your iCloud storage to 2TB for up to six family members. However, it does have a pretty big price jump and will cost you $29.95 monthly.

Also, the Premier plan is not available everywhere, despite being a good deal for hardcore Apple fans. You may experience it only in 21 countries, unlike the previous tiers accessible in hundreds of nations.


Is There an Annual Subscription?

You might now be wondering why only monthly prices are stated in the previous section. Where are the discounted annual prices in this, you ask? Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an Apple One Annual subscription. Apple only offers the plans monthly and does not provide annual billing.


How Much Can You Save from an Apple One Subscription?

Consider savings when choosing a plan
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Despite Apple One not being offered as a yearly subscription, you get savings on each pricing tier. But how much does each plan let you save?

If you are diving into the standard Individual plan, you can save about $6 monthly. It is the best deal out of everything offered, but only if you are used to subscribing to services individually or interested in just one or two of those in the first place.

Going for the Family plan, meanwhile, will let you save $8 per month. The base subscriptions are no different from the previously discussed tier. However, it does unlock access for up to six family members. The savings are even more worth it if you divide the cost among your family or friends. Moreover, the plan expands your iCloud storage significantly, allowing you to get rid of almost all physical storage solutions.

The savings jump dramatically to $25 monthly if you opt for the Premier plan. The said tier unlocks two other services and an overwhelming amount of iCloud storage. Honestly, it is a great deal if you are truly using all of Apple’s services. The cost of Apple Fitness+ is greatly discounted through it and makes the Apple One subscription worth it.


Does Apple One Offer a Free Trial?

If you are still on the fence about diving head-first into the Apple One subscription, do not worry. A 30-day free trial of the service is offered, so you can just dip your toes in first. However, do know that the trial does have limitations. For example, it is only available for the Apple services you have not gotten a free trial before.


What Happens to iCloud After Subscription?

Given that iCloud is a common service Apple users subscribe to, you might also be wondering how the Apple One subscription affects an active iCloud plan. Moreover, what can be done if you need more storage but want to stay in the lower-tier plans? Keep reading to find out.

Existing iCloud Subscription

If you have an existing iCloud subscription and its offered storage is bigger than your Apple One subscription, you will receive a refund. Afterward, the iCloud storage that is left will be the allocation you got from Apple One. However, you can always expand the storage again even with the Apple One subscription as explained in the next section.

When the current plan and Apple One subscription’s iCloud storage are equal, you can keep both during the free trial. However, once the former is done, Apple will cancel your previous iCloud plan and keep the one in Apple One.

If your previous plan is lower than the new one in Apple One, you can keep both. Alternatively, you can opt to use only the amount included in Apple One by canceling or downgrading your old plan.


iCloud Storage Upgrades

You already know that each Apple One subscription tier has a designated iCloud storage limit. Does that mean you are forced to upgrade your Apple One subscription if you want more storage? No, you aren’t.

That is because you can purchase additional storage separately even with an ongoing Apple One subscription. Hence, even with an Individual plan, you can bump up the storage to the largest Apple offers – 4TB. The amount of storage you upgrade to is up to you, but each option has different costs.

You can also choose bigger storage amounts right off the bat when subscribing to Apple One. For example, you can opt to get 200GB immediately despite signing up for an Individual plan.


On What Devices is Apple One Compatible?

Already interested in Apple One? You can access Apple One subscription services on most Apple devices. These include the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, HomePod, Apple Watch, and the iPod Touch. Moreover, you can even use some services on non-Apple devices. For example, Apple Music on an Android device and Apple TV+ on another smart TV.


How to Get an Apple One Subscription

You can access Apple One through most of your Apple devices, but you cannot proceed with subscribing if you do not know how to do it. So, follow these steps on a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) now:

1. Head to the Settings app of your iOS gadget.
2. Tap on your name on the interface.
3. Hit “Subscriptions” afterward.

You can view your subscriptions from your iOS device's settings
Photo from Apple Support

4. Press the option labeled “Apple One”.
5. Select the plan you prefer.

Note that you do not need to cancel your past subscriptions if you subscribe to Apple’s services. Apple will automatically cancel them once your Apple One billing comes.

In case you do not see the Apple One subscription option on your device, update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You can try doing so from your gadget’s Settings interface; it is where you can look for a new software update.

Alternatively, you can also get the Apple One subscription through your Mac. Simply access your device’s “System Preferences” and click your Apple ID. Next, head to “Media & Purchases” and look for “Subscriptions.” Lastly, select “Manage” and search for the Apple One subscription offer. If you cannot find it, you have to update macOS to the most recent version or contact Apple Support.


Verdict: Which Apple One Plans Are Worth It?

The Apple One subscription is handy and cost-effective if you like what Apple offers. The Individual plan is tempting, considering it bundles all the entertainment services Apple offers. Through it, you are covered when it comes to TV, movies, music, and even games.

Apple One is even more inviting if your family uses all Apple devices and is already deep into the ecosystem. The Family plan is a good option if you do not mind going without Apple Fitness+ or Apple News+.

Unfortunately, the Premier plan is the hardest to justify because most people do not need the extra two services. It is only ideal for you if you already use the said Apple services and want a discounted price.

Also, if you see no use for Apple services, the Apple One subscription is not tempting. It makes no sense to invest in it too if you only want one or two services. In that case, subscribing to the services individually and not via Apple One is the right choice to make.