Permanently Banned from TikTok? Here’s How to Get Unbanned

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Being permanently banned from TikTok is a nightmare for users of the app. That is especially true if you are a content creator who relies on a following for your source of income. However, while being permanently banned from TikTok is supposed to be irreversible, there might still be hope. Sometimes, you might even be able to appeal — although granted, there is no guarantee of success. Wondering how you can do this? Read on to find out what to do if you are permanently banned from TikTok.


Inside This Article

  1. What Will Happen if TikTok Bans Your Profile?
  2. Why Does TikTok Permanently Ban Accounts?
  3. Can Permanently Banned TikTok Accounts Be Restored?
  4. How to Reverse Your Permanent Ban on TikTok
    1. Make a Convincing Appeal
    2. Reach Out to TikTok’s Customer Support
  5. Until When Does a Permanent Ban Last?
  6. How to Avoid Being Permanently Banned on TikTok?


What Will Happen if TikTok Bans Your Profile?

Being permanently banned from TikTok removes access to your profile
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A lot of people know how to use TikTok’s basic features. Everything from the app’s interface, how to make posts, or how to delete your TikTok account is relatively straightforward. However, there are some things about the app that isn’t as well-known. For example, TikTok verification is still a mystery and there is no easy way to get verified.

In addition, getting your account or profile back after being permanently banned from TikTok is also not common knowledge. Not everyone knows what happens to banned accounts, either. What goes on when TikTok bans your account, then? On TikTok, getting banned could mean several things. That is because the app has different levels of account bans.

For example, a shadow-ban is a shallow means for TikTok to ban an account. You will still be able to make posts and comments and use the app regularly. However, your content will have limited exposure for about 14 days.

Sometimes, TikTok will also ban users like you from live-streaming or commenting. This usually happens when someone has said something wrong or harmful in a previous stream or comment. However, this ban is temporary and lasts only 24 to 48 hours.

Apart from these, TikTok could also give a temporary ban for violating its app’s policies. You will be able to recognize your account’s suspension if your profile’s data (e.g. followers, likes, following) are blank. Moreover, TikTok will notify you of the temporary suspension.

Finally, a permanent ban is the harshest punishment for anyone who violates TikTok’s terms of service repeatedly. This suspends your account’s activity indefinitely. Whenever you go to your profile, you will simply get a notification that your account got a permanent ban. You won’t be able to create posts moving forward.


Why Does TikTok Permanently Ban Accounts?

Users who have faced the problem always ask the same question: “Why am I permanently banned from TikTok?” There are several answers to that, as explained below. Also, any of these could be behind your indefinite suspension.


1. User is Not of a Suitable Age

For one, TikTok immediately bans users who are under the age of 13, even if they circumvent the barrier by lying about their birthday or age. In the past, TikTok was found to have issues as regards the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. TikTok allowed users, even under the age of 13, to engage with its content. But since TikTok faced the settlement with FTC, the app has modified its terms of service; therefore, the age restriction is in place.


2. Usage of the App Has Been Abused

Making a living as an influencer is hard because growing an audience takes time and effort. This is precisely why a lot of people use workarounds to speed up their way to the top. Some people buy followers while others use third-party apps to artificially boost their numbers. However, this is against TikTok’s policy and can result in a permanent ban.


3. Someone Reported the Account

If someone reports you once or twice, you might get a temporary ban. TikTok could also remove your content from the app. However, if you become a repeat offender (e.g. someone reports you several times), you will get permanently banned from TikTok.


4. Community Guidelines Got Breached

TikTok’s community guidelines are straightforward and the app clearly states what are prohibited on the platform. Some of those include content that is violent or incites violence in its audience. Others include the promotion of eating disorders, illegal acts, self-harm, harassment, and hate speech. You can also get a violation for threatening the safety of others on the app.

Note that the chances of being permanently banned from TikTok do not rely on the number of offenses committed. That is because if the app’s moderators deem your actions harmful enough (even on the first offense), they will skip the temporary ban entirely. Therefore, it is always important to be careful and mindful whenever you post content on the platform.


Can Permanently Banned TikTok Accounts Be Restored?

Recovering a pemanently banned account rarely happens but is possible
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TikTok bans that are permanent are more often than not, irrevocable. However, sometimes, this does depend on which term or policy you were violating. For example, if your only reason for being permanently banned from TikTok was the age restriction, it is easier to contest.

On the other hand, if you were violating the app’s community guidelines, the chances that your appeal will be approved will be slimmer. You could try appealing to see if that works. However, you will have to make a convincing argument for why you should not be permanently banned from TikTok. Otherwise, you might need to use a different account and start from scratch.

Do note that TikTok sometimes bans a device’s IP address. If this happens, the gadget user won’t be able to log in or even create a new account with said device. Sure, you can also try to appeal so that TikTok can reconsider its decision. That said, there is no guarantee the moderators will allow this to happen. In such cases, your only option might be to use a VPN to bypass the restriction.


How to Reverse Your Permanent Ban on TikTok

banned tiktok
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There are different methods that might help TikTok reassess your case and reverse the decision. We discuss each of them below.


Make a Convincing Appeal

Appeals may be approved or rejected
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Being permanently banned from TikTok usually means there’s no going back. Nonetheless, you can try to appeal despite the slim chances if you truly feel you had no fault. To do this, just follow these steps:

1. Open the TikTok app.
2. Tap the Appeal button on the pop-up notifying you of the ban.
3. Fill out the form given.
*Be sure to include your username and add any relevant attachments to back up your case.
4. Hit Submit to send your appeal.

If the pop-up does not appear, you can use this alternative method:

1. Launch TikTok from your gadget.
2. Tap your profile picture.
3. Select the icon on the upper-right portion.
4. Navigate to Settings & Privacy.
5. Scroll down and hit Report a Problem.
6. Select Account and Profile.
7. Choose Profile Page and select Other.
8. Click on Need More Help and then create a report.
9. Tap Appeal or Report.


Reach Out to TikTok’s Customer Support

Reach out to customer support for any concern
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If appealing does not work, you can also contact TikTok’s customer support through Of course, you will have to make a written appeal and explain why you might need a revocation.

Make sure to provide your username and attach evidence to support your appeal. For example, if you have come of age, you can provide a certificate or any other proof to validate your claim.

Apart from this, you can also briefly explain what went wrong and why you should not be permanently banned from TikTok. We recommend reviewing TikTok’s community guidelines and terms of use so you can effectively quote the sections you are appealing to.

In addition, make sure to be polite as you write your appeal. It may not guarantee a revocation but the alternative – being curt and rude – won’t help your case.


Until When Does a Permanent Ban Last?

If your ban is temporary, then it won’t take too long. Shadow-banned accounts only stay in that status for about two weeks (14 days). If your account got a live-streaming or commenting ban, it should be up again in about one to two days. Temporary bans also last for the same amount of time.

On the other hand, if you have appealed after being permanently banned from TikTok, you aren’t guaranteed revocation. Moreover, TikTok’s customer support usually responds within one to five working days.

You will have to be a little patient and wait until their team gets back to you. Nonetheless, getting a response does not guarantee TikTok will lift your ban. In fact, people who have been permanently banned from TikTok rarely get their accounts back.


How to Avoid Being Permanently Banned from TikTok

There are things you should and shouldn't do to avoid a TikTok ban
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Being permanently banned on any social media platform is a tough situation to be in. You might lose your hard-earned following or interactions with fellow users in a blink of an eye. Thus, it is better to do everything you can to prevent the ban from happening in the first place. Here’s how:

1. Make Sure Everything’s Legal

It can be tempting to post something illegal to get clicks and views — but it is not worth it long-term. That can land you in jail and get you permanently banned from TikTok. Those 15 seconds of fame are not worth it, so don’t post or send anything that is prohibited by the law.


2. Don’t Try to Hack TikTok

The app strictly prohibits hacking attempts. If you engage in such activities, TikTok’s algorithm may immediately block your IP address. In addition, TikTok may file a lawsuit against you for violating the platform’s security policy.


3. Follow the Age Restriction and Protect Minors

Just because social media platforms are easily accessible, does not mean everyone is recommended to use them. Younger audiences may not be as wise or discerning as people who are older and more experienced. Thus, malicious, misleading, or violent content can influence them easier. If you are underage, trust us when we say you should wait until you are of age to use the app. After all, you do not want to be permanently banned from TikTok and have to appeal when you are 14. If not and you only know there are minors (within the age limit or not) among your TikTok audiences, avoid posting content that is inappropriate for them.


4. Don’t Threaten, Blackmail, or Give Hate Speech

Threatening or blackmailing other users, even if it is a joke or prank, can result in you being permanently banned from TikTok quickly. Posting hate speech versus people, ideals, or groups have the same aftermath. Apart from getting a bad reputation in the TikTok community and the restrictions, you may face legal action with your post or message used as evidence.


5. Avoid Spreading and Triggering Violence

The platform considers the propagation of violence as a major offense and has its “eyes” carefully watching out for possible offenders nowadays. That is because it has already been used in the past to spread and trigger violence — which smudged its reputation, of course. So, make sure your content isn’t graphic and doesn’t include deadly weapons and blood that promote harm to oneself or other people.


6. Don’t Engage in Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has become a big deal ever since the dawn of social media, and we can see why. It is especially easy online, considering people can hide behind anonymity. Moreover, people online usually bully or encourage bullying strangers they will never encounter in real life. As a result, TikTok has flagged the activity as a serious breach of its rules, which is also the reason you should avoid doing it.


7. Stop Spamming and Disseminating Fake News

Spam has always been problematic on apps like TikTok. Thus, the app will ban people who try to “flood” others with content to force any form of engagement. It may also happen if you repeat an activity too many times (e.g. watching the same video repeatedly).


8. Avoid Posting Nude or Vulgar Content

The app does not tolerate posts with sexually-explicit content, even with a person’s consent. You could face a lot of consequences when found violating the rules regarding this. You will have your content hidden, receive notices of suspension, and become permanently banned from TikTok.



Unlike temporary bans, permanent bans are not easily negotiable. All you can afford is to appeal for a reversal and hope that TikTok sees your point of view. However, it might be a long, difficult, and potentially fruitless battle so take measures to avoid suspension.