TouchRetouch App Review: Edit Your Photos Hassle-Free

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One of the biggest impacts smartphones have made is how it revolutionized photography. Today, whether it’s an iOS or Android phone, a great camera is a crucial feature considered by many before choosing which phone to get. Having high camera specs means great-quality images that can be uploaded and shared on social networking platforms instantly. Given the prevalent use of smartphones, app development has to adapt and deliver continuously. Among the greatest innovations made through app development is people’s ability to edit their photos within the palm of their hands, which leads us to the TouchRetouch app.

Just like any other mobile photo editing apps, the TouchRetouch app provides tools that can help enhance your photos by allowing you to erase unwanted sights and blending the background almost smoothly. With a 4.8 rating on App Store and over 500,000 downloads on Google Play, who wouldn’t be intrigued by this app? Hence, we’ve put together this review to help you decide whether TouchRetouch will be your new photo editing buddy.


What Is TouchRetouch?

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The TouchRetouch app is a minimalistic mobile photo editor developed by ADVA Soft, which is known for creating powerful yet easy-to-use apps.

The TouchRetouch app was originally designed for iOS operated devices, such as iPhone and iPad. It is simple editing software supported by smart photo processing algorithms allowing its users to professionally edit out unwanted details that clutter the composition of an image.

Soon after TouchRetouch’s popularity among Apple product users, ADVA Soft was able to launch the app for Android users. With this broader market, the TouchRetouch app now has a total of 500,000+ downloads.

Whether they’re new to the whole photo-enhancement software or their professional photographers, users are impressed with TouchRetouch’s sharp object-removal features.

Apart from having a smart interface, it offers user-friendly tools that, although few, are extremely helpful and almost instantly interpret your desired output while highly considering a close to perfect quality. With the tools TouchRetouch offers, you can create a more pronounced subject, making your photo more concise and pleasing to the eyes.

Unlike numerous photo editing apps that offer so many features, TouchRetouch erases any photo-cluttering content captured in your photo and does a pretty decent job at it.

If you’re looking for more photo editing apps, here is our review of Procreate.


How to Get TouchRetouch on Android and iOS Devices?

Eager to know how this retouch app works? Let’s, first, talk about how to get the TouchRetouch app.

TouchRetouch is available for mobile phones and tablets worldwide. To download, you need to either go to App Store or Google Play and ensure to free up about 23.8 MB of your mobile storage space.

TouchRetouch Android supports OS versions 5 and up. While for TouchRetouch iPhone, you’ll need to have at least iOS 12 or up.

Furthermore, this app is not free-to-use software. Anyone who wants to take advantage of its handy editing features must have to pay $1.99.

Get it on iOS

Get it on Android


What Are TouchRetouch’s Features and How to Use Them?

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Is it worth your money?

To answer this, we must first have to have a detailed understanding of how TouchRetouch works alongside its features.

The TouchRetouch app works either using its features individually or simultaneously. To better understand, we have broken down its features into four categories.


TouchRetouch Object Removal

This feature is the main highlight of the TouchRetouch app. With this feature, you can easily remove unwanted objects that can make your subject stand out and have a less cluttered composition.

To use this feature, start by selecting a photo from your phone gallery and select the “object removal” option. With this option, you have two tools to choose from, the brush tool and the lasso.

The brush tool is more commonly used for tracing smaller or irregularly shaped objects, while the lasso is used more often for encircling larger items with a slightly defined shape. But regardless, either of these tools will still work smartly.

Once you have selected the most comfortable tool, tap on that tool and trace or encircle the part of your photo you want to go. When you are done, drag your finger to “Go,” at the bottom right corner of the app, and that will save the changes you made for your photo.

Of course, with most smartphones’ screen size, TouchRetouch might not always do its magic the first time around. This means that you’ll probably have to use this feature a couple of times before getting your desired outcome for your photo.


Quick Repair

The TouchRetouch app also offers its users an efficient tool for removing micro imperfections on your photo; it is what the Quick Repair feature is all about.

This feature is the easiest and fastest way to make changes to your captured images. With this feature, micro-objects you want to erase can be eliminated with a simple stroke of the brush tool, and it evenly blends your photo’s background almost instantly.

Again, this feature alone will have its downside, that being only made for erasing small imperfections. This means that if you want to have more extensive content removed, the TouchRetouch app’s Quick Repair feature alone might not wholly work wonders, and the changes you make might be noticeably modified in a way that is not so appealing.


Line Removal

For quick removal of long lines, TouchRetouch helps its users quickly select the lines they want to be removed without requiring them to trace out each line correctly.

To use this feature, you’ll have to brush out the lines that you don’t want to be included in your image, and this feature removes these lines for you in an instant.

However, for complex backgrounds like ripples on the lake or walls with different paint patterns, you might have to do more tweaking or experiments with other retouch tools to give your background a more natural-looking view.


Retouch Handy Tools

Given the limitations of a photo editing app, users can only maximize what the TouchRetouch app offers. However, ADVA Soft still wants its users satisfied. With this regard, TouchRetouch added a few extra features to help its users with their editing better.

The quirky add-ons that come with purchasing this app are the following:


Magnified View

Using this feature allows its users to see the objects they are tracing on a magnified view. This is specifically helpful for contents you want to be traced as accurately as possible to better process the removal of complex objects and not disrupt the background too much.


Clone Stamp Tool

With this retouching tool, you can easily duplicate or copy your images’ elements to even out the blending of your background once you’ve removed an object. Aside from this, you can also use this cloning tool to add other items to enhance your photo.


Unlimited Undo/Redo Option

The TouchRetouch app, like any other photo editing apps, knows how frustrating it is to over-process or under-process an image. Thus, this is an added layer thoughtfully added by the developers of TouchRetouch to compare image processes as you go about your editing.


Before and After Preview

This tool is similar to the Undo/Redo retouch tool, in a sense that it allows you to preview past changes you’ve made quickly and back to the present edits you are making. This enables users to easily compare before and after processes to help them decide which better fits their vision of a good photo.


Rich Import & Export Functionality

The TouchRetouch app supports popular photography formats like JPG, TIFF, and RAW. This means that this integrated feature allows its users to import images with these formats or export these images, including editing logs made using this retouch app. Moreover, with this feature, you can share edited photos directly to your social media.


In-App Tutorials

How To
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Lastly, users are also given in-app tutorials, which they can view to further acquaint them with the different retouch tools and features available with the TouchRetouch app.


Pros and Cons of Using TouchRetouch

The TouchRetouch app, like any other editing apps, has its pros and cons.


Pros of Using TouchRetouch

If you’re an amateur photographer and don’t know anything about photo enhancement software, the TouchRetouch app is a good stepping stone. This retouch app is a handy and easy-to-use editing tool that results in almost par with Adobe Photoshop.

Like other mobile editing apps like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Express, the TouchRetouch app supports a wide range of picture formats; this means that you can access and edit more photos with this retouch app.

Moreover, the TouchRetouch app has a lot of helpful and powerful features. For $1.99 with tools that are limited but create great quality enhancements, it’s a great deal. For the price, you can edit like a pro and instantly upload it to any of your social media accounts.

Additionally, you can access in-app tutorials that guide you with TouchRetouch editing tools. They can also provide you with better knowledge about photo processing and composition enhancement.


Cons of Using TouchRetouch

Although it has smart features that can erase almost anything, TouchRetouch doesn’t work wonders when your background is more complicated. To edit out specific objects from your photo using the app’s retouch tools, you need to master the TouchRetouch cloning tool, which requires a lot of patience and the right judgment to choose which patterns are applicable to blend your background naturally.

Also, unlike editing apps like Photoshop Fix or Adobe Lightroom, the TouchRetouch app does not have functions that let you correct the lighting of the image or adjust image sharpness and contrast.

TouchRetouch is just merely a tool for removing unwanted objects from your photo.

Overall, suppose you want to subtly remove objects from your photo to emphasize your photo subject further. In that case, the TouchRetouch app can surely help with that for as long as your image’s background is not too complicated, and you don’t need any other tweaking with the exposure of your photo.


TouchRetouch vs. Other Photo Editing Apps

Smartphones being widely used nowadays to edit photos have encouraged more and more players within this platform — each providing varied features. To know whether TouchRetouch better fits your editing style and needs, here are some of its competitors.


Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix
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This retouch app is a free photo editor software. It has useful photo enhancement tools and features that are also easy to use.

With Adobe Photoshop Fix, however, other features are noticeably different than that of the TouchRetouch app. With Photoshop Fix, standard photo editing features like cropping, color saturation correction, and lighting exposure adjustments can be quickly done.

Other than these standard feats, small objects can also be instantly removed using Adobe Photoshop Fix. However, for more extensive content, users may need to take advantage of one feature. Which is Photoshop Fix’s collaborative feature with Photoshop and Lightroom to create a more impressive output.

The downside of using Adobe Photoshop Fix compared to the TouchRetouch app is the limitations on an image’s enhancement quality.

Although Photoshop Fix can also remove unwanted objects from your photo, it’s not as seamless as TouchRetouch’s output unless you’ll continue editing using Photoshop or Lightroom.

To use this collaborative feature, however, users must have an Adobe account, and they may have to jump from one app to another to get the job of decluttering their photo done. Whereas with TouchRetouch, removing an object requires careful tracing.



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Another competitor of the TouchRetouch app is the Pixelmator. This app is $4.99 and is only available via the Apple Store.

Pixelmator includes a repair tool feature that has the same powerful function as TouchRetouch’s object removal feature. However, Pixelmator provides more editing tools like filters, manual photo exposure adjustments such as Channel Mixer, Fade Option, Lightness and Brightness as well as Black & White adjustment, color correction tools, and perspective tools that allows its users to tilt images horizontally or vertically.


Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom
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Adobe Lightroom is also among the most popular photo editing applications. It offers a Healing Brush Feature, which allows consumers to remove distractions within a photo easily. However, to access this feature, users need to pay a $20 fee yearly or $2 monthly.

Other known editing app competitors like BeautyPlus, Facetune, and VSCO also offer object removal features; however, these are only limited to micro changes or small blemish removals.


What Sets TouchRetouch Apart From Others

It is an extensive toolset for retouching. It has the following features:

  • Healing brush for the removal of big objects
  • Quick repair tool for all those small objects
  • Clone stamp with different mirroring modes
  • A dedicated line removal tool that saves time removing unwanted elements

Conversely, TouchRetouch can be launched as a photo editing extension directly from your iOS photos app. It also supports it by saving the retouched photo as a new version over the original. This means that you can always refer to the original. TouchRetouch promotes a non-destructive workflow.


Is TouchRetouch Worth It?


Overall, the TouchRetouch app is a powerful object removal tool. For a one time payment of $1.99, you can enhance your photo by making it more concise. Whereas, for other retouch apps,  you’ll have to pay a lot more than $1.99.

Aside from its being affordable, it is also effortless even for those who are not good with photo editors. They can make outputs similar to professional photo-processing software.

TouchRetouch is also a good foundation for people who would like to pursue image processing tasks. This is due to how simple its retouch tools are but encapsulates the basics of image editing.

However, if you are more attuned to taking images with complex backgrounds. You might consider other editing apps to blend removed spots with your image’s background seamlessly.

So, if you are someone who deals with photo editing and wants to make your life a bit easier, then this app is for you. This app will make you feel like a pro photo editor. With just a few clicks and taps, voila! You can remove elements in your pictures and turn your photos much aesthetically pleasing.