How to Make a Bed in Minecraft (Any Color You Want)

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In many games, sleeping and eating are unnecessary. However, in survival and simulation games like Minecraft, they’re essential. Even non-player characters (NPCs) sleep within the game. You can, too — but you’ll need a bed. We will walk you through how to make a bed in Minecraft in any available color you want, so you can skip the night and stay safe from Minecraft mobs.


Inside This Article

  1. What’s the Use of Beds in Minecraft?
  2. How to Make a Bed in Minecraft
    1. Gather the Things You Need
    2. Follow the Crafting Process
  3. How to Make Colorful Beds in Minecraft
    1. Make Dye Using Items
    2. Dye the Wool Block
    3. Craft the Bed
  4. How Do I Put a Bed Down in Minecraft?
  5. Do Minecraft Beds Generate Naturally?
  6. Where Should I Use a Minecraft Bed?
  7. When Can I Use a Bed in Minecraft?
  8. Other Facts About Minecraft Beds


What’s the Use of Beds in Minecraft?

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Are you a new Minecraft player? Before you jump into more complex things like trying popular Minecraft farm ideas, it’s good to start with the basics, such as learning how to make a bed in Minecraft.

With that said, you might be questioning how necessary a bed is. Is it only to make the simulation feel realistic? Are there other uses that make learning how to make a bed in Minecraft useful in the gameplay?

Creating a Minecraft bed doesn’t only make the game exciting and true to life. It has important functions for newbies and experts alike. For example, sleeping in beds lets you pass the time more quickly. It helps you avoid nighttime inconveniences such as skeletons.

Additionally, learning how to make a bed in Minecraft helps you create different spawn points. That means you don’t need to spawn at the default point every time you die. Your character should appear a few blocks away from your bed unless something is blocking you.

The new spawn point isn’t just great for traveling long distances from the default point. It also lets you immediately continue what you were working on before you died. Of course, if you die far from your bed, you’ll still need to travel far to return to your last location. But at least it won’t be as far as the default spawn location.


How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

It's easy to learn how to make a bed in Minecraft
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Are you already excited to enjoy the perks of having a Minecraft bed? Here’s the full crafting recipe and tutorial for the must-have starter furniture.

1. Gather the Things You Need

You’ll need to prepare a few materials before you practice how to make a bed in Minecraft. Thankfully, they’re not that difficult to find in the game’s world. Here are all the items required for the Minecraft bed recipe.


Wood in real life is essential for crafting many kinds of furniture, including beds. The same is true if you’re learning how to make a bed in Minecraft.

You can find wood in just about every area on the basic map. So, look for nearby trees and chop them. You can use nearly any tool or weapon — even your hands.

If you’re playing in survival mode, know that the chopped trees will scatter wood across the area. You’ll have to gather the scattered pieces before you can use these items and craft the bed you want.



Beds wouldn’t look very comfortable if they didn’t have any soft padding or texture. That is why wool is essential if you want to learn how to make a bed in Minecraft and proceed with creating the item.

You can easily obtain wool from sheep. However, you will need shears to get them from wild sheep. Otherwise, you’ll need to kill them mercilessly and gather their remains and wool. You can also get wool if you already have an automatic wool farm.

Alternatively, you can take wool from villagers. A few of the said NPCs even have decorative wool blocks. The villagers won’t get angry if you get their wool, so you can take as much as you need.

You can also craft wool. You’ll only need four pieces of string for it. However, you’ll have to obtain the string drops from spiders. Once you have enough string, you can craft wool using the crafting grid.


2. Follow This Crafting Process

Now that you have wool and wood, you can experience how to make a bed in Minecraft. Take note that the basic bed you can make is white. We have another section for how to make colorful beds in Minecraft, so keep reading after this tutorial. With that said, here’s how to craft a basic bed:

1. Navigate to your crafting grid.
2. Drag one wood block to a square in the crafting grid. Note that one wood block yields four wood plank blocks.

How to make planks
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3. Move the four wood plank blocks to your inventory.
4. Use your crafting table and place the wood planks on its middle-left, middle, and middle-right squares.
5. Put wool blocks on the top-left, top-middle, and top-right squares. All must be of the same hue.

How to make a basic bed
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6. Transfer the newly created bed into your storage slot.


How to Make Colorful Beds in Minecraft

If you want a colored bed that isn’t too common, you can learn how to make that bed in Minecraft. There are additional steps to take before you get to make the said furniture, though. That is because most wild sheep come in black, gray, light gray, brown, or white. Hence, the usual bed you can make will be white, gray, black, or brown.

Fortunately, you can easily dye the wool if you gather the right items. When you have the requirements, you can head to the crafting table or furnace.

1. Make Dye Using Items

Different dye colors in Minecraft
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Here are the available dye colors in the game and the items you need for them.


For black dye, place one Wither Rose or Ink Sac in one square of the crafting table. If you want dark gray, you’ll need one Black dye and one White Dye in the first two empty squares, respectively. You can also choose a lighter gray shade to dye your wool.

However, there are multiple methods to achieve the light gray dye. Firstly, you may add an Azure Bluet in the first slot. You can also add one Gray Dye and one White Dye in the first and second squares, respectively. Alternatively, you may place one Black Dye and one White Dye in the first two slots.



You can produce the light blue color through two methods. The first is by placing a Blue Orchid in the crafting table’s first empty square. Alternatively, you can add one Blue Dye and one White Dye in the first and second slots, respectively.

If you want the regular blue hue, you’ll need to transfer a Lapis Lazuli to the first empty square. A Cornflower placed on the same spot may do, too. For Cyan, you’ll need one Blue Dye and one Green Dye in the first and second slots, respectively.



The brown color is easy to make. You’ll only need to add one Cocoa Bean to the first empty slot of the crafting table. Alternatively, you can find sheep with brown fur to get brown wool.



You have four methods to get the color Magenta for your wool. The first is by placing one Allium or Lilac in the foremost empty slot of the crafting table. Alternatively, you can add one Blue Dye, one Red Dye, and one Pink Dye to the first three squares.

Transferring a Blue Dye and two Red Dyes to the first three slots and one White Dye to the middle-left slot will achieve the same result. Adding one Purple Dye and one Pink Dye in the first two squares will yield magenta, too.

For red, you’ll need to place either a Poppy, Red Tulip, Beetroot, or Rose Bush in the first slot. On the other hand, the pink color requires one Pink Tulip or Peony in the first square. Like with the other tertiary colors, you can add Red and White Dye in the first two slots to get pink.

Meanwhile, Purple will require one Blue and one Red Dye in the first two empty squares.



The color green is unique in that you’ll need one Fuel and one Cactus to achieve it. Moreover, it’s distinct from the other colors because you need to use the furnace to craft it. All the other colors only require the crafting table.

For lime, you may add one Green Dye and one White Dye to the crafting table’s first two empty slots, respectively.



For the color orange, you can place one Orange Tulip in the foremost square. Alternatively, you may get the orange dye with one Red and Yellow Dye in the first two slots, respectively.



The color yellow requires either a Sunflower or a Dandelion in the first empty slot. Like most hues, you only need to use the crafting table to create this color.



If you cannot get white wool, you can create some white dye. Do so by putting one Lily of the Valley or one Bone Meal in the first empty square of the crafting table.


2. Dye the Wool Block

Once you have the right dye color, you can dye the wool you have. Just follow these instructions to proceed:

1. Approach and access the crafting table.
2. Add a wool block on the top-middle square. It isn’t required to be white; you can dye any wool you have.
3. Place the dye to the left of the wool.

How to make wool in other colors
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Alternatively, you can hold the dye in your character’s hand and use it on any sheep. The dye will alter the sheep’s color, allowing you to shear colored wool.

And here’s a bonus tip: you can try breeding colored sheep even if they don’t have the same fur color. That way, you don’t need to dye wool next time you need a colored one!


3. Craft the Bed

Now that you have your dyed wool, you can follow the same steps in our basic bed tutorial. But remember to use your colored wool instead of white wool to generate a bed of your desired hue.


How Do I Put a Bed Down in Minecraft?

Once you have your bed, you can easily place it in the overworld. You can do so by transferring your bed to your hotbar first. Afterward, select the bed and follow the directions below:

1. Find an appropriate area, a space equal to two blocks.
2. Once you’re satisfied with the location, tap on the area.

Afterward, you should have successfully placed your bed in the right position. You can sleep on the bed by tapping on it.


Do Minecraft Beds Generate Naturally?

You don’t always need to learn how to make a bed in Minecraft to sleep within the game. That is because the game does spawn beds naturally in various places. Those include logical places like villages and igloos. Some places even naturally spawn colorful beds and don’t require dyes.

For instance, igloos can normally spawn red beds. Meanwhile, you’ll find white and yellow beds fairly easily in Plains villages. You may also see red, yellow, and orange ones in the Savannah villages.

For cooler tones, you can go to the Snowy Taiga villages in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. These usually house blue or purple beds. The Snowy Tundra villages also spawn blue beds, along with white and red ones.


Where Should I Use a Minecraft Bed?

You can place the bed on any flat surface equivalent to two blocks, as mentioned. Additionally, keep the surrounding two to three blocks empty. Make sure you don’t cram various items near the bed or else you’ll have difficulties getting to it and suffocate while getting up.

We also recommend keeping your bed in a safe place. That is because, when monsters are too near, Minecraft will restrict players from resting. This means it is ideal to keep the bed far from hostile mobs — at minimum, eight horizontal and five vertical blocks away.

Moreover, if your bed gets damaged while you’re asleep, the passage of time will be canceled. Hence, you truly need to place the bed in safe places just like in the real world. For example, in houses or fortresses.

Finally, we urge you to only place beds in the overworld. That is because beds in the Nether or the End are useless. Sleeping in those beds will cause them to explode and you will die within seconds. The explosion is even worse than that of TNT blocks, so keep your distance.


When Can I Use a Bed in Minecraft?

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Unlike those in the real world, Minecraft beds only let you sleep in them during the night. Hence, you can’t take naps during the day to make the time pass. You’ll need to wait until the sun touches the horizon or when the sky darkens before sleeping.

However, some exceptions do exist, like when there is a thunderstorm outside. That is when the weather is rainy, and there is lightning or thunder in the atmosphere. If the conditions are correct, you can pass the time by sleeping in your bed.

And again, the bed must be in a secure (enclosed and bright) environment. Otherwise, hostile mobs could wake you and push you out of your bed.

Also, note that you can only sleep in unoccupied beds. If another player or villager is already sleeping in a bed, you can’t occupy it. That is unless you knock the villager out of bed. However, you can only knock villagers, not other players, out of beds.

Lastly, you can only use a bed if you are clear from all status effects that are dealing damage to you. You can’t sleep right after being poisoned or when you’re burning.


Other Facts About Minecraft Beds

Beds are interesting furniture in Minecraft, and they have a few more mechanics that you should keep in mind. For example, sleeping in a bed only takes five real-world seconds to pass the time. This is true for both the nighttime and thunderstorms.

Secondly, if you’re playing Minecraft cross-platform or in multiplayer, all of the player characters need to be in bed to pass the time. The Java Edition makes this a little more forgiving, requiring only a majority to be in bed.

Thirdly, beds decrease your fall damage by 50%. Of course, this only takes effect if you land on them from high points. Moreover, beds near a zombie villager will make that NPC turn back into a villager much quicker.

Finally, because sleeping in a bed sets your point of respawning, you should only do so if you’re alright with respawning in its location.


Making a Minecraft Bed is Easy

Learning how to make a bed in Minecraft isn’t difficult. You’ll only need to gather a few basic items. Once you get the hang of it, you can make more creative items in the game. You might even learn how to make a bunk bed by yourself in Minecraft by using other blocks to stack your beds.