How to Make or Find a Saddle in Minecraft [Ultimate Guide]

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A saddle is one of the unnecessary items in Minecraft that you would want to have regardless. With this item, you can tame, ride, control horses and other Minecraft mobs like donkeys, mules, and even pigs. You can opt out of this activity, but seasoned players would know that traveling across the Minecraft domain by foot is hard and time-consuming. Because of the game’s open-world environment, you are better off using Minecraft saddle to get a ride.

It’s totally understandable for new players to ask how to make a saddle on Minecraft; after all, there are a lot of items to craft in the game and they can be confusing. So, in this article, we thought of walking you through the process of obtaining a Minecraft saddle.


Inside This Article

  1. How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft?
  2. How to Get a Minecraft Saddle in Creative Mode?
  3. How to Obtain Saddle in Minecraft Survival Mode?
    1. Find Saddle in Nether Fortress
    2. Collect Chest Loots in Dungeons
    3. Loot from Desert Pyramids
    4. Find Saddle from Villages
    5. Catch a Saddle by Fishing
    6. Get a Saddle by Trading
    7. Kill Mobs to Get a Saddle
  4. How to Use a Saddle in Minecraft
  5. Takeaway


How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft?

Minecraft Horse in saddle

If you are wondering how to make a saddle in Minecraft, the answer is you don’t. It’s not like a Minecraft Stonecutter that you have to craft on the crafting table or a Minecraft Armor that you have to forge. Instead, you can easily find, gather, and stack up saddles for future use. However, the process of obtaining it is different when you are in creative and survival mode.


How to Get a Minecraft Saddle in Creative Mode?

It can’t be any easier to obtain a saddle in Minecraft Creative mode because it is right on your inventory menu already. Of course, there is still a slight deviation when gathering the item on every edition.

  • Pocket Edition: Look for the saddle under Tools/Equipment. You can type it in on the search bar to find it.
  • Java Edition: Saddle is located in the Creative Inventory Menu under Transportation.
  • Consoles and PC: Look for the saddle under Equipment.

Take note that there’s no limit to obtaining a saddle in Minecraft although you can’t gather them in bulk. You have to do it one at a time.


How to Obtain Saddle in Minecraft Survival Mode?

There are more ways of obtaining a Minecraft saddle when you are playing in survival mode. You can get one from chest, fishing, mob loots, and trading. That said, gathering saddles is also harder to execute in survival mode because your chance of getting them depends on pure luck.


1. Find Saddle in Nether Fortress

Minecraft Nether
Screengrab Photo from Minecraft

Exploring the Nether fortress is the best way to get saddles in Minecraft because its chests have a 35.3% chance of containing them. That’s said, it’s also hard to execute – let alone dangerous – because you have to explore the vast Nether realm where the fortress is located.

To get into the Nether, you need a Nether Portal – an entry point that looks like a magical door. If you don’t have this yet, you can build one using Obsidian blocks.

You are lucky if the Nether Portal spawns you right to the sight of a Nether fortress, but this rarely happens. The best way to find one is to explore while dealing with the hostilities of the realm. In the caves and cliffs update, Nether Portals spawn on the positive side of the x-axis. So, you must move north or south, depending on where the positive x-axis is heading, to find the Nether fortress and eventually collect a saddle.


2. Collect Chest Loots in Dungeons

Dungeons are a good place in Minecraft to try your luck and find a saddle. Inside these tiny underground rooms are a chest or two that contain some precious items including the one you are looking for. However, finding dungeons in Minecraft can be a challenge because they spawn anywhere and there’s no command to locate them.

Since it’s located underground, the best way to find dungeons is through mining. Dungeon walls are made of mossy and regular cobblestone, so unearthing them could mean you are headed in the right direction.

You must also be wary of the monsters that spawn inside these rooms that may try to get in your way. Defeating these vicious mobs is your goal to safely collect the loot from the dungeon chest.

Once you are able to open the chest, you can simply add the items you need to your inventory. Dungeon chests in Java Edition have a 27.9% chance of containing a saddle and 28.3% in Bedrock Edition.


3. Loot from Desert Pyramids

Chests from Desert Pyramids also have a decent chance of containing a saddle — 23.5% to be precise. However, this structure is rare and only spawns in desert biomes. It is also hard to notice because it blends into its environment. If you are lucky, finding the Desert Pyramids’ chest is the best thing that can happen because it contains many items players need for progression. To find the pyramids, you can build towers to get vantage points and scout the land properly.


4. Find Saddle from Villages

Chests from villages may also contain a saddle, although chances are lower than of the dungeons and Nether fortress. In Tanner, there’s only a 17.3% chance that a chest will contain a single piece of the saddle. The rate is even lower in the Weaponsmith and the Savanna house chest with only 16.2% and 11.3%, respectively.


5. Catch a Saddle by Fishing

Fishing in Minecraft
Screengrab Photo from Minecraft

Other than fish, throwing your fishing rod in the waters may also catch other Minecraft items like the saddle. This is a rather obscure way of getting one and the odds are not good either, but it won’t hurt to try this method.

You can start by tossing your fishing line into the water – whether artificially or naturally generated water. The bobber will sink when you caught on something, so start reeling in the line. If you are lucky enough to catch a saddle, it will automatically go to your inventory.

You can increase your chances of getting a saddle by fishing by using the Luck of the Sea enchantment.


6. Get a Saddle by Trading

You may get a saddle by trading with leatherworker villagers. However, they must be master-level to be able to trade a saddle. If you find low-level leatherworkers, you may trade smaller items with them first until they reach the required rank.

Leatherworkers will always trade a saddle in Java Edition and 50% of the time in Bedrock Edition. Unfortunately, you can’t trade a saddle with leatherworkers in Minecraft PE.


7. Kill Mobs to Get a Saddle

Minecraft ravager (left) and Minecraft strider (right)
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Lastly, you can kill mobs to get a saddle. Specifically, you would want to defeat a ravager and a strider because they drop saddles upon death.

Ravagers are hostile mobs that look like cows. They attack by ramming your head, so it’s best to form a distance while you try to defeat them with a bow. They may also spawn ridden by pillagers. In this case, focus on the ranged mobs first before you knock the ravagers out. Ravagers will always drop a saddle upon death.

Striders, on the other hand, are mobs that appear in the Nether. There is a small chance that it will spawn ridden by a zombified piglin, which means it will have a saddle mounted on its back. Upon death, that saddle has an 8.5% chance of dropping and will increase by 1% per level of looting.


How to Use a Saddle in Minecraft

You can use a Saddle in Minecraft to ride the following:

  • Striders
  • Horses
  • Donkeys
  • Mules
  • Skeleton horses
  • Pigs
Minecraft inventory
Screengrab Photo from Minecraft

You can tame these animals, except the pigs and striders, by repeatedly trying to mount on them. They will buck you off at first, but keep trying until small red hearts appear – this means you have successfully tamed the animal.

You can instantly ride horses, donkeys, and mules after taming them without a saddle, but you won’t be able to control where they go unless they are saddled. You can put a saddle on them by selecting the item from the hot bar. You may also unequip the saddle from the animal by removing it from the inventory slot.

In terms of striders and pigs, you need a warped fungus and a carrot on a stick respectively to tame them. They will behave similarly to horses, donkeys, and mules when they have their saddles on. However, the only way to reuse a saddle from striders and pigs is to kill them.



It’s impossible to make a saddle in Minecraft and finding one depends on your luck plus a little hard work. Thankfully, there are more than enough ways to get this item in the vast, open-world sandbox game. If you are a new player, we hope that this guide helps you get your first saddle and first ride. Be sure to also check more of our Minecraft Guides that can help you with your progression.