What Is Postini?

What is Postini?

What is Postini? – Definitions

What is Postini?

Welcome to the “Definitions” category on our page! In this blog post, we will dive into the world of Postini and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what it is and how it works. Postini is an email security and archiving service that was acquired by Google in 2007. It offers organizations robust protection against email threats, such as spam, viruses, and phishing attacks, while also providing powerful tools for archiving and compliance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Postini is an email security and archiving service
  • It offers protection against spam, viruses, and phishing attacks

The Benefits of Using Postini

1. Enhanced Email Security: One of the primary benefits of using Postini is the enhanced security it provides for your organization’s email communication. By leveraging advanced filtering techniques, Postini effectively detects and blocks spam, viruses, and other malicious content before it reaches your employees’ inboxes. This ensures that your team can focus on the important emails without being bombarded by unwanted or potentially harmful messages.

2. Reliable Email Archiving and Compliance: Postini goes beyond simple email filtering and also offers reliable email archiving and compliance features. With Postini, you can store and access your organization’s email data securely in the cloud, providing a central repository for all communication. This makes it easier to search and retrieve emails when needed, ensuring that your business remains compliant with regulatory requirements and legal obligations.

How Does Postini Work?

The workings of Postini can be summarized in a few steps:

  1. Email Routing: When an email is sent to your domain, it is first routed through Postini’s servers for analysis.
  2. Email Filtering: Postini’s advanced filters scan the email for spam, viruses, and other threats, based on predetermined policies.
  3. Quarantine or Delivery: Depending on the analysis results, the email is either quarantined (if it is flagged as spam or suspicious) or delivered to the recipient’s inbox.
  4. Email Archiving: Postini’s archiving feature ensures that all incoming and outgoing emails are securely stored in the cloud for easy access and compliance purposes.

By leveraging this process, Postini provides businesses with a robust email security and archiving solution that protects sensitive information and helps maintain regulatory compliance.

In Conclusion

Postini is an invaluable email security and archiving service that offers businesses an enhanced level of protection against threats, such as spam, viruses, and phishing attacks. It also provides reliable email archiving and compliance features necessary for regulatory compliance. By utilizing Postini, organizations can ensure the security and integrity of their email communication while also maintaining a centralized repository for storing and accessing important emails.