How To Change Auto Lock On IPhone 13


If you're wondering how to change the auto-lock settings on your iPhone 13, you've come to the right place. The auto-lock feature is designed to conserve battery life by automatically locking your device after a period of inactivity. However, you may want to customize this setting to better suit your preferences. Whether you're looking to extend your screen timeout or conserve battery power, understanding how to adjust the auto-lock duration can significantly enhance your iPhone experience. In this article, we'll delve into the step-by-step process of changing the auto-lock settings on your iPhone 13, empowering you to tailor your device's behavior to your specific needs and usage patterns.

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  1. Disabling Auto-Lock
  2. Changing Auto-Lock Time
  3. Using Guided Access
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Disabling Auto-Lock

Disabling the auto-lock feature on your iPhone 13 can be beneficial in certain situations, such as when you’re reading a lengthy article or following a recipe in the kitchen. By turning off auto-lock, you can prevent the screen from dimming or locking automatically, providing uninterrupted access to your device.

To disable auto-lock, begin by unlocking your iPhone and navigating to the “Settings” app. Once there, scroll down and tap on “Display & Brightness.” Within this menu, you’ll find the “Auto-Lock” option, which controls how long your device remains active before the screen dims and locks. Tap on “Auto-Lock” to access the available time intervals.

Next, select “Never” from the list of auto-lock options. This will effectively disable the auto-lock feature, allowing your iPhone 13’s screen to remain active indefinitely until manually locked or powered off. Keep in mind that leaving the screen active for extended periods can consume more battery power, so it’s advisable to re-enable auto-lock when it’s no longer needed to conserve battery life.


Changing Auto-Lock Time


Changing the auto-lock time on your iPhone 13 can be a convenient way to personalize your device’s settings to better suit your needs. Whether you want to extend the time before the screen locks or shorten it to conserve battery life, the process is straightforward and can be adjusted to your preference.

To change the auto-lock time on your iPhone 13, start by opening the “Settings” app from your home screen. Once in the Settings menu, scroll down and tap on “Display & Brightness.” This will bring up a range of display settings, including the “Auto-Lock” feature.

Tap on “Auto-Lock,” and you will see a list of time intervals ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, as well as “Never.” Select the desired time interval that best suits your preferences. For example, if you want your iPhone screen to stay on for a longer period before auto-locking, you can choose a longer interval such as 3 or 5 minutes.

Once you have selected your preferred auto-lock time, simply exit the Settings menu, and your changes will be automatically saved. Your iPhone 13 will now adhere to the new auto-lock time you have set, providing you with a more customized user experience tailored to your specific usage habits.

Using Guided Access

Guided Access is a powerful feature on the iPhone 13 that allows you to limit the device to a single app and control which features are available. This can be particularly useful in educational or business settings, as well as for individuals with disabilities. To enable Guided Access, go to Settings, then Accessibility, and select Guided Access. From there, you can turn on Guided Access and set a passcode to exit the mode.

Once Guided Access is enabled, you can start a session by opening the app you want to restrict and triple-pressing the side button. This locks the iPhone into the selected app, preventing the user from accessing other areas of the device or making unauthorized changes. You can also disable specific areas of the screen by drawing circles or shapes around them, further customizing the experience.

Guided Access can be particularly beneficial for parents who want to control their child’s access to certain apps or for businesses that want to restrict the use of specific features on company devices. It provides a level of control and security that can be invaluable in various scenarios, making it a valuable tool for iPhone 13 users.


Changing the auto lock settings on your iPhone 13 can greatly enhance your user experience by allowing you to customize the device’s behavior to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a longer auto lock duration for convenience or a shorter one to conserve battery life, the flexibility to adjust this setting empowers you to optimize your iPhone usage. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily tailor the auto lock feature to align with your specific needs. With greater control over your device’s auto lock function, you can enjoy a more personalized and efficient iPhone experience.


Q: How do I change the auto-lock settings on my iPhone 13?

A: To adjust the auto-lock settings on your iPhone 13, navigate to “Settings,” tap “Display & Brightness,” and then select “Auto-Lock” to choose the desired time interval.

Q: Can I set a custom auto-lock time on my iPhone 13?

A: Unfortunately, iPhone 13 does not support custom auto-lock times. However, you can choose from the available preset intervals, ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, or opt for “Never” to disable auto-lock altogether.

Q: Will changing the auto-lock settings affect my battery life?

A: Yes, adjusting the auto-lock settings can have an impact on battery life. Setting a longer auto-lock time may result in increased battery consumption, while a shorter interval can help conserve battery power.

Q: Why does my iPhone 13 keep reverting to the default auto-lock time?

A: If your iPhone 13 keeps reverting to the default auto-lock time, it might be due to a software glitch. Try restarting your device or updating to the latest iOS version to resolve this issue.

Q: Can I disable the auto-lock feature on my iPhone 13?

A: Yes, you can disable the auto-lock feature on your iPhone 13 by selecting “Never” in the auto-lock settings. Keep in mind that this option will prevent your device from automatically locking, potentially leading to unintended battery drain and security risks.