The Best AirTag Wallets to Get in 2022

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AirTags are one of the more popular fads these days, and it is not hard to understand why. The Apple AirTag, if you did not know, is Apple’s newest tracking tech, first released on April 30, 2021. Powered by Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology for communication, AirTags are compatible with any iOS device running version 14.5 or later to track just about anything. People love to stuff AirTags into anything important that might get lost, including wallets. That said, you cannot just shove an AirTag in your wallet and call it a day, especially if you want to keep your wallet intact. Because of that, there are specially-made AirTag wallets that already have a slot for these useful tags. To help you choose from them, here is our list of the best AirTag wallets to get!

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Inside This Article

Can You Put Apple AirTag in Wallets?

You can just buy an AirTag and shove it into your wallet, but is it really wise to do that? Women’s, and especially men’s, wallets are usually made of easily foldable material like leather or fabric. Due to this malleability, the milk cap or Pog-sized AirTag will easily deform any wallet it is placed into. So, how can you have an AirTagged wallet? Simple — get a wallet with a built-in slot for your AirTag!

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How Does AirTag Work in a Wallet?

AirTag is not a GPS tracker; it works through Bluetooth and UWB. Both of them are wireless technologies that do not need a GPS or WiFi connection to work. Because of that, an AirTag will work inside your wallet, underground, and even inside tunnels! That said, AirTags have one weakness — it still needs to have a compatible iOS device near it to work. After linking the AirTag to your iPhone or iPad, the AirTag then connects and sends out its location data to any nearby iOS device. That “pinged” device then updates the AirTag’s location on the Find My app for you to view.

The simple answer to “how does AirTag work in a wallet” is that it asks nearby internet-connected Apple devices to update their location on the Find My app.

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The Best AirTag Wallets to Get in 2022

Before we begin this list of the best AirTag wallets, we have to talk about wallet types. With the rise of “minimalist” wallets, we will classify them into three types of wallets — conventional, slide, and case.
Conventional wallets are the traditional bi-fold wallet your dad probably has; stuffed to the brim with old receipts. Slide wallets, on the other hand, look like they are just half of a conventional wallet with the slots turned vertical. Finally, case-type wallets are more akin to metal card cases with a money clip for your bills.
For this list of the best AirTag wallets, we will add the brand and type of each wallet model. We will also give a short description of what we like about each wallet. Do remember that these wallets do not necessarily have the AirTag installed, and you would need to buy your AirTags first. Without further ado, here is our list of the best AirTag wallets!


Brand: Ridge

Wallet Type: Case

Who has not heard of the Ridge wallet at this point? After an aggressive influencer marketing spree in 2020, Ridge wallets have been ubiquitous in any modern wallet list. That is still the same with this list due to Ridge’s Carbon Case smart wallet kit. Compared to the other AirTag wallets on this list, the Ridge Carbon Case Smart Wallet kit is actually a set of a normal carbon Ridge case with an AirTag protector clip included.

While it may not be integrated into the wallet itself, there is no question about Ridge’s production quality. Should any problems arise, though, these will quickly be solved by Ridge’s own lifetime warranty. If you want something that is not just the best but hardy and resilient too, Ridge’s Smart wallet kit might be for you!


Brand: V1CE

Wallet Type: Case

V1CE’s AirTag RFID Wallet is another great case-type AirTag wallet. A good alternative to Ridge’s wallet, V1CE’s wallet has one big thing going for it — RFID blocking. Aside from the AirTag slot, this wallet blocks your credit cards from RFID skimming and similar scams. Made out of real leather and carbon fiber, its slim design can take a beating while still protecting your cards and cash.


Brand: Spigen

Wallet Type: Case

Well known for their phone cases and accessories, Spigen also dipped their hand into AirTag wallets. Our best choice pick, the Wallet S, is made of polycarbonate and an Aluminium+Zinc alloy. Light and easy to carry, it also has RFID blocking protection and a carabiner so you can hang it anywhere!


Brand: Geometric Goods

Wallet Type: Conventional

The first conventional AirTag wallet on this list, Geometric Goods’s wallet is made of premium Italian vegetable-tanned leather. Because it’s handcrafted and naturally tanned, this wallet is a perfect example of the word “premium”. Compared to conventional wallets, though, this one has an AirTag slot hidden behind a leather flap and closed by a short Phillips screw. If you do not want to let go of traditional wallets but want an AirTag slot, you cannot go wrong with this one.


Brand: Ekster

Wallet Type: Slide

Ekster is a rather new wallet brand created by two Dutch guys through a Kickstarter. That said, their wallets have consistently been innovative and robust. Their AirTag Wallet is actually a modified version of their flagship product, the Parliament wallet, with a slot for the AirTag. Aside from its aluminum cardholder, it also has an RFID blocker and an ergonomic hand-friendly design.


Brand: Typecase

Wallet Type: Conventional

A brand dedicated to pioneering mobile productivity, Typecase has been making cases for Apple products and the Oculus Quest 1 and 2. So, it is not odd that they also made an AirTag holder, this time embedded in a wallet. This wallet is your traditional bifold wallet available in black or brown leather. It also has RFID blocking and 11 card slots aside from the usual bills pocket at the back. The best part, though, is how its AirTag slot does not bulge out of the wallet compared to its competitors.


Brand: Muradin

Wallet Type: Slide

Another good AirTag wallet is Muradin’s tactical bifold wallet. While it may not be a conventional bifold, this model is not as minimalist as Ridge’s wallet either. It has an aviation-level aluminum frame with a spring-locked design between the two folds covered by a nylon material. The AirTag itself is held on a band that presses the wallet’s cards and cash into place.


Brand: WXM

Wallet Type: Case

WXM’s alternative to the Ridge wallet is their carbon fiber wallet. Sleek and spartan, it has an included RFID blocker and an aluminum alloy frame with a fabric cover made of 100% carbon fiber. At just 4.8 ounces, it won’t bulge out your pants. That said, its AirTag holder does bulge out its front side compared to the others on this list.


Brand: Hiram Leather Studio

Wallet Type: Conventional

If Geometric Goods’s conventional wallet was a little too “premium” for your pockets, Hiram Leather Studio has a good alternative. Their leather slim wallet is a slight hybrid between conventional and slide wallets due to its money clip design. That said, it functions similarly to conventional wallets, and its AirTag slot looks like it belongs there as a nice wallet buckle.


Brand: Anovus

Wallet Type: Case

Another RFID-blocking wallet, Anovus’ minimalist case design is simple and easy to understand. This AirTag wallet holder has a push tab on its left side to bring up its card container, good for five cards and space for a few more cards inside the flap. Its AirTag is stuck outside the wallet in a small pull-button pocket you can easily open.


Brand: Raptic

Wallet Type: Case

Finally, the last item on this AirTag wallet list is Raptic’s tactical wallet case. A bit of an odd item, it has a fully functional multitool with two screwdrivers, a wire cutter, a ruler, and a mini prybar. The wallet itself can only carry up to four cards and a small number of bills before it gets filled. Meanwhile, the AirTag is encased into the wallet and the multitool and bulges out a little at the back.


AirTag Wallets List – Special Mentions

For those who wholly refuse to get a new wallet but still want an AirTag in it, there are a few alternatives to getting a specially made wallet. The best alternative is to get a card case for your AirTag. These useful cases not only protect your AirTag but also turns it into a thicker credit card that fits in your current wallet!


Brand: Nomad

Nomad is one of the more popular Apple accessory makers out there with their iPhone, iPhone, and AirPod case lines. While Nomad does not have an AirTag wallet on offer, they have the next best thing — a card for AirTag. Similar to the other cases on this list, the Nomad Card protects the AirTag with its polycarbonate frame. Combined with a soft TPU surface and easy insertion/removal of the AirTag with a snap-in mount, the Card for AirTag is only 10 credit cards thick.

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Brand: Spigen

With a similar idea to Nomad’s Card for AirTag, the Spigen Air Fit is meant to be an alternative to their AirTag wallet. Built to have two layers, the Air Fit lets an AirTag comfortably sit in its enclosure. Aside from its wallet-friendly size, it also has an included carabiner, so you can hang it off other items you want to track.



The last item on this special mention list, KOFAIR’s wallet case holder for AirTag, is another great alternative if you want to attach an AirTag to your existing wallet. While it looks similar to Spigen’s Air Fit, it is only made of one solid ABS plastic sheet. This means you only “pop” AirTags in or out of the card instead of having it secured inside.


AirTag Wallet FAQs

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There you have it — our list of the best AirTag wallets on the market right now. While physical wallets are still quite important, there are also a lot of wireless pay options out there. From Fitbit Pay to Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, you have a lot of contactless paying solutions to choose from. However you want to pay for things, just don’t forget to use a good budget app to keep your finances in order!