Funko App Review & the Appeal of Funko Pop! Figures

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Some of us like to collect things to satisfy our happiness, until collecting becomes a hobby. One of the best collectibles that are popular not only with kids but also with adults is the Funko Pop. Most people spend time, money, and effort to complete their Funko Pop collection. However, many of the collectibles are not available or just available for a limited time only. Fortunately, there’s an app that can satisfy every collector’s needs. Funko App will help you complete all your collections.

With a wide variety of available collectibles, you can choose the ones that are complete. You can have a wish list of what you lack for your collection, and they can be made available. With that, this is an ideal app for fanatics and collectors around the globe.

We will talk about Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, what the Funko App is, and some of its amazing features.


What Are Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures?

at Are Funko POP! Vinyl Figures?
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Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures are collectibles or toys that are nonrealistic. They have a pair of large, black eyes that are widely spaced on the face with a certain width. Moreover, their bodies are not proportioned. The size of the head is noticeable because they are two-thirds the size of their body. They are based on the Japanese style popularly known as chibi, which means small and cute.

These distinct and adorable bobbleheads are the perfect collectibles. They have a wide range of licensed brands and pop culture characters giving you a huge variety of choices. They are divided into Heroes, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Sesame Street, and My Little Pony. Also, they feature a multitude of people’s favorite characters from movies, animation, television, movies, and even pets, sports, and classics.

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Why Are Funko POP! Vinyl Figures Very Popular?

These are very popular firstly because every box of these collectibles perfectly fits into someone’s shelf or cabinet. They can be conveniently stacked very high on a wall for the box can sit after and over another. Also, they are available in wide varieties of collectibles making sure that you can have not only a character from a series but all of them. Just like that—you name it, and you’ll have it. Besides, they have more than a thousand of licensed properties. Moreover, you can get anything in custom.

In addition to this, they are very simple in terms of their structures. There is also cuteness in every design, and most are interesting. Furthermore, you can find any type of Pop! Vinyl figures in any kind of fandom. Once you buy one of these items, you will surely get hooked and buy more until you have your own collections. More importantly, they have the staying power, in a way that they are popular forever, and they are so cool to collect.


Variants of the Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Common Varieties

  • Super-sized figure stands either 6” or 10” tall. It is larger than the standard Pop! Vinyl figure which is only 4”.
  • Invisible figures are technically not invisible but are translucent.
  • Sepia gives a reddish-brown tint to the figure.
  • Vaulted figures are those figures which Funko stopped producing, so they are placed in a box. However, if they are to be revived, there will be another version of the items.
  • Scented figures have their own unique aroma.
  • Pop! Rides are figures that are riding on a vehicle or the characters as they were featured in the film, series, or video game.
  • Movie Moments of some figures particularly came from the iconic scene from a TV series or a movie from where the characters were featured or seen.


Exclusive Varieties

  • The metallic figure has a shiny coating of paint over the item or on any part of it.
  • Flocked figures have an interesting texture when you see and hold them. There’s a furry or fuzzy skin on any part of the figure or all of the items.
  • Glow in the dark figures.
  • Black and White figures have a color scheme of grayscale with a cool monochrome design instead of being colorful.
  • Patina figures have a greenish or brownish film on the bronze surface of the figure.
  • DIY figures are painted white, so you can paint them whatever color you like and however you want them to look.
  • Colorway makes the figure differ from its usual color with the use of a particular color scheme.


What Is the Funko App?

What Is The Funko App?
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The Funko App is the first and only official collection tracker for Funko products. It is an all-new mobile experience that includes the largest, verified, and licensed Funko collectibles. Moreover, it helps collectors or fanatics to easily search or keep track of their growing or old collections as it is hard nowadays to keep track of chased variants, new releases, retailer exclusives, and limited products.

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Features of the Funko App


Pop Price Guide

Pop Price Guide lets you check the value of your collectibles based on the updated price. It supports multiple major currencies as well.

Migrating Collections

Migrating Collections lets you move your wish list using the app’s tool. If you already have a Stashpedia account, you can log in with your Stashpedia account, and you can have all your previous items along with your collections and wish lists.


Exploring Catalog

This function allows you to search, scan, and discover for you to easily find your preferred collectibles. Moreover, as Funko announces new items available daily, you will be updated straight on the app.

Managing Collections

Managing Collections lets the old collectors or the newly impressed ones easily manage their growing collection. Also, you can add items to your collection and use your account through multiple devices.

You just need to make an account, and it easy to do. Just make a password with your e-mail, and you are all set. Besides, you can track the value of all your collections and wish lists.


Funko Blog

Stay updated with the latest news and feeds from the Funko blog and the latest Funko products. You can also manage your account.

Other Features

Other useful features include a product scanner that lets you add new purchases to your collection.

The app even lets you create your own avatar via Pop! Yourself.


How to Get Funko App on iOS And Android

How To Get Funko App On iOS And Android
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Funko App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

Get it on Android

Get it on iOS


How to Use the Funko App?


The Home Screen

After downloading the app, you can now enjoy using it. On the home screen, you will see the latest additions of everything that has been added. As mentioned above, everything that is announced on the Funko website or social media will be updated straight on the app. You will also see the things that were just recently released. Moreover, some options will help you organize the latest additions, they can be arranged alphabetically or by their price.



The search feature lets you find your favorite Funko Pop. Use the search bar to look what you are looking for. Then, the app will automatically show everything related to the Pop.


Barcode Scanner

The app allows you to use the camera as a barcode scanner. Just focus the camera on the barcode of your Pop, and you will see the name of the pop, its price, and when it was released. Afterward, you can add to your collection or wish list. Press the “Add to Collection” or “Add to Wishlist” buttons to accomplish this.



On the collection part, you will see the price of your every collection. Moreover, you can organize your Pops based on their prices ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive, and vice versa.



In this part, you can search for different things according to their categories, brands, or even the exclusive variants.


Wish List

This will allow you to place POPs that you would like to add to your collection.


Purchasing on Funko Online Shop

When you want to make a purchase, you can create an account or just purchase via guest checkout. To place an order, you can go to their website and select the items you wish to purchase. Then, select the “Add to Cart” option. Just follow the checkout process on the page. Payments are processed during the checkout, and they are accepting credit card payments and Amazon Pay. The credit cards include Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.


How to Migrate Your Collection


On the home page, you will see a link that will lead you to the details of the Funko App. Look for the link on how to migrate your collection. Click on the link to continue the process.

On the migration page, log in using your Funko account. Upon logging in, you will see your collections and wish lists. Then select the “Import” option to proceed. You will then see unique and duplicate items. Click on “Review More” to thoroughly check your collections. If you are done with the checking, click “Finish.” after finishing the importing process, the importing or migration, open your Funko App, log in with your Funko app, and you will see all your collections and the PPH or price value.


Why Should Collectors Download the Funko App?

Collectors need to download this app to keep track of their collections. It will help them to easily search the items that they want to be part of their ever-growing collections. Moreover, with its more than 17, 000 Funko verified collectibles, the app includes the largest catalog of Funko products that can be easily searched.

Also, you can scan barcodes to have information about the items and directly add them to their collections and wish lists. Not only that, it can help to track collection, lets to manage your information, and make a Pop! Figure of your own version.

In addition to this, the app is made by collectors for collectors. Having the same feelings about the collections, they know the struggles of collectors, so they made the journey easy for each other. Moreover, by partnering with PPG, they will be able to know not only the values of their collections but also of the trending products as well. They can also discover new and vaulted Funko products that can be added to their collections and wish lists.

Collectors will really benefit from this app. And why is that so? Aside from satisfying their hobby of collecting, they can get the limited edition of some figures with the help of this app. Having these limited-edition figures, they will gain in the future as their values will increase by then.


Other POP Collection Apps


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It is the number one destination for collectors. Also, this app offers pricing and lets other people to see the exhibition of collections. It houses a large selection of vinyl toys and comic books that helps increase the thrill of your interest and passion. There are rare, unique, and peculiar items up for browsing, buying, selling, and trading. Moreover, it has curation services. This allows collectors, hobbyists, and fanatics to trade their collectibles. Besides, buying and selling of wanted items will be much easier. Additionally, this app lets collectors and buyers connect online.


Whatnot: Funko Pops & FiGPiNs

Whatnot: Funko Pops & FiGPiNs
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If you are looking for the safest and easiest way to buy and sell collectibles, including Funko Pops, FiGPiNs, Funko Sodas, and more, this is an ideal app for you. You need not worry about the authenticity and condition of what you are going to get, for Whatnot is inspecting everything for you. Moreover, you will be sure that you won’t get a fake item or a product that is not in good condition. Also, you won’t get scammed. In everything about their service, you got their back.

In addition to this, it is built for collectors. It has tools, which help to collect easier for them. Furthermore, it is boasting with a catalog that features thousands of authentic products covering popular licenses. Also, it has a vast catalog of grails, chase pops, The Funko Shop, exclusives from SDCC and NYCC, and a whole lot more.


The Grail Hunter

The Grail Hunter
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This is the ultimate app for Funko POP! Collectors. If you have a Funko POP! In mind, you can just simply pick it, and you will see its price. You will also see all the listings of that particular POP! on eBay that has a lower price compared to the present one. Moreover, you can save your preferred item to your Wishlist and you will get a notification when it becomes available or listed on eBay. Also, you will be notified about the auction and if the bids are still lower than the current value.

Additionally, the app automatically updated the pricing and gives detailed information about the POP! that you’ve always wanted. You won’t miss a collection with this amazing app.


Funko App: Download, Collect, Enjoy, And Make Money!

Fanatics and collectors are always after the things that they love most. They try to find ways to get all of them. However, it is not always that easy to find things that can satisfy them. Nevertheless, there are apps that offer products and services that suit our preferences. One of these is the Funko App. It helps fanatics and collectors to track their collections. Also, they are given an idea of how much they will spend on a particular item. Moreover, they can get to know the value of their collection.

With this app, people can monitor the collectibles available, they can purchase them instantly, they can enjoy the fun of seeing their collection, and they can even earn money as time passes by. However, for the collectors and fanatics, they are not always after the money. They are after self-satisfaction and fun.